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on July 8, 2015
I needed to find a sturdy bra for my foray into running here and there back in 2011. The bra did the job for my little one mile jaunts around the neighborhood. Fast forward to my marathon training in 2013/2014. I decided to order this bra in a smaller size because I trusted its performance when running smaller distances and decided it would be best to wear what was most comfortable for me.

I have never been disappointed in this bra, ever. Yes, it takes some maneuvering to get it on and off after every workout/run, but what do you expect for a powerback bra? I've gotten pretty good at taking the bra off after a sweaty workout, too. I bend myself over and reach behind and wiggle it off. Works for me! ;)

This bra got me through a 5K, 10K, 15K, two half marathons, an 18 mile race, and the LA Marathon. I racked up over 400 miles of training with the bra. That's a lot of running. It was breathable and kept my chest in place while running. I bought a new one in a smaller size because with all that running, I lost some of my chest. For super aerobic workouts, the bra is a bit more bouncy, but for hours and hours of jogging, the bounce is minimal. I have noticed that over time, the bra becomes easier to take on and off and that's expected, due to the amount of workouts and running that's done. I'm ordering my 4th bra and am very happy that I'm still able to find it since from what I've heard, it's no longer manufactured. This makes me sad because I haven't found anything that remotely comes close to this one. So, off I go to buy a few extra ones to stockpile when I can't find it anymore. It will be a sad day when that happens.
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on April 18, 2012
I have 4 of these at home, and just ordered more. They are very supportive, and yet still give me a rounded shape, not smashed flat. As a larger busted woman, I wear these a lot, not just for working out. They are fairly comfortable if you order up a size (they run a bit small).

As for all the people who have a hard time putting them on, I found the trick:

1) fasten the hooks first !!
2) put the bra on over your head, with your arms through the shoulder straps just like a solid sports top/bra
3) tuck your breasts one at a time into the cups as the way to get the band down into place

Works like a charm and eliminates the need to hook it behind your back or twist it around (ouch), or struggle to get your arms through the straps and up over your shoulders.

You have to put it on over your head anyway, and leaving it unhooked really does not give you much extra room. Hooking it first is the way to go.

To take the bra off, you can unhook it first if you can reach the hooks in back. Otherwise, just take it off hooked also.
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on April 8, 2014
My daughter and I have been on the look out for a full figure, support sports bra. I was a little cautious about the underwire part, but was willing to give it a try. Who knew the under wire & cup size would be the least of our problems. I'm fairly flexible but getting this thing on felt like a warm up for some sort of martial arts. My daughter, who is a bit more endowed than I am (40D), couldn't get it over "the girls" easily. Once on, both of us felt that it would be uncomfortable in most strenuous activities.

I gave it 2 stars because although we did not like it, others might. We're both built sturdy, so perhaps someone with smaller shoulders and upper body build might find this easier to wear.
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on May 31, 2013
I'm a 34DD, so it's hard to find adequate sports bras for less than $50. I gave this one a try based on the good reviews, but I didn't have high hopes since other Champion bras I've tried have been terrible. This one is much better than I expected. It provides enough support for running, but I don't choose it for my longer runs because it's not very comfortable.

The sizing is fairly accurate, which was a surprise: I have another Champion sports bra (I think it's the "Double Dry Distance") that's supposedly a DD but is actually more like a C. The cups on this one are definitely big enough; they're actually a little bit baggy on the sides. Somehow the bagginess doesn't detract from the support. I guess most of the support comes from the underwires.

The shape of the underwires is my main problem with this bra. They come up very high in the middle and they're very close together (you can see that clearly in the picture). Since my boobs are sort of wide-set, this isn't ideal for me, but it's not terrible either. The wires also come up very high on the sides; they're a little uncomfortable under my arms. (Again, probably because of my wide-set boobs.) Because of the discomfort, I don't use this bra for long runs, and I always slather on a lot of Body Glide [...] under it to avoid chafing.

A lot of people commented that the bra is hard to put on--which it is--but that's totally standard for a supportive sports bra. I've had much worse, actually.

In summary, this bra will be great for you if your chest is the right shape for it. (If you're not sure and want to find out, the guide at is really helpful.
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on January 25, 2014
I wear a 34DD. Good thing #1 about this bra: I found it almost impossible to fasten myself the first time I put it on. (It's that snug.) Taking it off the first couple of times was also difficult. I like that, because my sports bras/minimizers stretch out pretty quickly, even when hand-washed and line dried. Good thing #2: it's comfortable and minimizes without flattening. Bad thing: I DON'T like the fact that not many of my tops cover the straps at the shoulder. The cross-back style keeps the straps where they belong, but positions them high on the shoulder. As a result, they show under any neckline wider than a crew neck.
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on September 6, 2013
If you don't read any review, please read mine.
Okay, let me start off by saying the tag on the product states, molded cups for shape and support...couldn't be FURTHER from the truth. There is very thin material for the molded boob cup. Very thin. Unless you enjoy having your nipples paraded DO NOT BUY this bra!
I chose to go up a size and width larger than my standard bra size because I figured multiple washings/dryings involved. Had I not done that I wouldn't have been "slipping" it on at all. Smashes boobs big time. That's why they aren't going anywhere. I wore it just to go upstairs to put my kids down for a nap and I thought my blood supply was being cut off. The thought of actually attempting to wear this during a long run was an excruciating thought.
I purchased two and I will definitely be returning them right away.
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on November 17, 2013
The Hate: This bra is a demon to get on. It's tight, you've got to pull it over your head, then try reaching the very center of your back to do the three hooks. Yeah right! I'm typically successful in fastening one of the hooks. After that, I'm all like, "I'm going to the gym. Ain't nobody got time for that!" Getting the bubs in place is also a little tricky, especially if you're bigger chested. I'm a 34DD, so there's some lifting, pulling, tugging, etc. involved in getting situated. But, hey, now for the good news.

The Love: Once it's on, you're not going anywhere. I ordered 4 different bras (hallelujah, Prime!) and this one was by far the winner. The underwires on all the others just got pushed out, resulting the dreaded uni-boob that you're trying so desperately to avoid. This bra keeps them separated so you don't have that river of icky sweat running down your cleavage. It also has all kinds of vents and mesh to aid in keeping the sweat buildup to a minimum. I wear it to Crossfit, so I sweat!

I ordered another one of these bras so that when I shower after my workout, I just take it in the shower with me, soap it down and let it air dry. This helps keep it elastic-y. I also felt like the DD allowed for a little too much wiggle room, so I switched to the D cup. It's more smashy, for sure, but there's absolutely no painful bouncing - even while jumping rope!

Definitely recommend, but you may need a roommate or significant other who is not too groggy in the morning to do up the back.
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on January 14, 2014
I've tried many sports bras for my rather ample bosom and always ended up with the same back hurting, modesty shredding, uniboob black eye experience. I wore bras that were one size too small and doubled up just to get the support I needed for running or sprinting. Trying to get two sports bras off of two very large boobs is much like what I imagine wrestling a monkey in a barrel going over Niagara falls falls would be like. This aspect of my workout routine changed when I decided 1. I need to spend the cash for the support and modesty I need and 2. See if there was a decent sports bra with an underwire. I found it here in the magical world of amazon. This bra is a marked improvement, by improvement I mean it's like monkey wrestling in a barrel WITHOUT going over Niagara Falls. It has the standard sports bra strap structure but the part that goes around the rib cage and under the girls has three hooks. There is no way in the world to put this sucker on with out practicing your best reverse eagle yoga moves. You can bend over and still it will be a challenge to get those 3 tiny hooks together, but it can be done, they may be off by one but, like most things a good stretch of the shoulders beforehand and some practice and you will get better at it, if not a lil winded. The first time I put it on I panicked as it felt like a straight jacket and was so winded I thought who needs gym after this fit of contortionism. Anyway, once I got it on and strapped in, I did the usual heave of each breast into their proper placement above the bottom band and immediately noticed how well this Amazonian breast shield of a sports bra lifted and separated the girls giving both their own separate baby bjorn cradling upon my rib cage with mesh panels for added cooling and immediately improved my posture. The support continued without issue throughout my CrossFit workouts. My girls remained happily ensconced in their boobie-bjorns until I had to figure out a way to voluntarily dislocate at least one of my shoulders to unhook the padlock for bra hooks at my back. I them chuckled at the thought that this must have been the panic my boyfriend must have felt when he got to second base and failed to smoothly execute the "behind her back bra snap" move when he realized he was dealing with not one or two, but three industrial hooks to unsnap. Overall this bra does the job and then some, I highly recommend this product.
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on March 6, 2014
I absolutely love this bra. I'm a 36-DD, so I tend to be really picky about my bras, and this one is great.
Of course, you're wondering why I only gave it 4 stars, then. It's because of the support. Don't get me wrong, this bra is really quite supportive, but not enough to be what I would consider a "high impact" sports bra. I can't use it for running or jump roping.
But, I've used the Enell bra for the past 7 years, and that is a wonderful high impact bra, which I do use for running and jumping.

But this Champion Powerback Underwire sports bra is perfect for medium impact activities, bicycling, yoga, etc. And even better: This bra makes me feel attractive when I wear it. Which is not something I typically think about when I put on my workout clothes, but anyone who is well-endowed and has experience looking for supportive sports bras, typically the best you can hope for is bulky and restrictive.
But not this bra! It conforms to my shape, moves with me without making me feel like I'm bouncing all over the place, and yes, it makes me feel sexy in my workout clothes.
As long as you don't expect it to keep you perfectly still while you're running, you will love this bra. I know I do!
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on December 1, 2013
I recently started running and was over the doubling up on the shelf sports bras for support. This bra offers great support and was really simple to put on (one review I read mentioned something about how complicated it was to put on). I found that I didn't have any trouble. I did have a couple of complaints about comfort though and strongly recommend that you take another reviewer's advice and try it on. First problem I had is the picture is deceiving or must be for a small(er) cup size. I had the 42DD and the underwire is on the side of my body ~2" below my armpit and pokes/rubs into the underside of the upper arm. Secondly, the cup of the bra is cut fairly high, it hits me just below the crease/bend of the shoulder joint (sorry if that's not the best description). Thirdly, it seems like it is too short in the back (clasp hits me too high in the back) or the shoulder straps don't loosen enough for me. For reference, I'm 5'11". Finally, the bra seems to spread my breasts farther apart than I appreciate. I can place my hand flat against my chest between them. (The "finally" comment is more about aesthetics than comfort and I'm at the gym, not an awards show, just FYI...)
OK, still reading? :).
I would recommend this bra as long as you know the drawbacks on the comfort. It's is tolerable for me for a 45-60 min run.
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