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on July 15, 2013
Edited October 2013 to say: We've used this grill nonstop all summer, and it's been great. Five stars plus!

Original review
I'll admit, when I ordered this for The Boyfriend's birthday, I was a little nervous. My past experience with men and gas grills was an entree into PTSD, what with all the flames and swearing.

But this went much more smoothly. The grill arrived via 2-day shipping (love Prime!) and all the pieces were there ... except the instruction book. Resourceful girl that I am, I found it online and printed out a copy.The grill itself was easy to assemble, and really didn't need a second pair of hands, though that would have made a couple of steps easier. Start to finish it took me about an hour, and that includes having to re-do a couple of the steps when I made a mistake due to unclear diagrams in the booklet.

The only completely confusing thing (if you're not terribly familiar with gas grills) was how to attach the Venturi clip, which was not explained very well in the directions at all (and called something different in the parts list), nor depicted clearly in the diagrams. I ended up Googling it and found that others had faced the same issue - so for anyone looking for that info - the Venturi clip looks like a stretched out paper clip. You slip the straight end into the little hole in the burner tube, then pull the clip like a spring until you can hook the other end over the gas pipe toward the front of the grill, like a hanger over a rod. The idea is that the clip keeps the burner tube in place against the gas pipe.

So. Aside from that, the grill works like a charm, and I haven't had to cook dinner in the kitchen since last week. Everyone wins!

Seriously, this was a great price for a nice grill.
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on February 9, 2013
Good product, good price. The item is of fairly lightweight construction compared to our Vermont Castings this one replaces. The VC was twice the heft, but it was originally twice the price. Assembly was straightforward. Our 12 year-old son who is an expert at Legos had no problems following the instructions. With a Quality Control spot check here and there by dad. First meal was fajitas for lunch. Was nice to cook the onions on the side burner outside and not stinking-up the kitchen for once. This is a very nice and modern looking grill you will be pleased with. I expect we probably won't get more than 2 to 3 years out of it, but that is a lot of grilling for this household.
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on January 13, 2013
The value is excellent. For the small price I paid, I have a large, easy to light, well temperature controlled grill. Lots of BTUs for cooking a thick steak beautifully. This is a hot grill, be easy on the high settings. The four burners, running front to back, and allow you to utilize only a part of the cooking area so you can save on propane. The body is lightweight, yet solid. The side-burner feature might be one you don't often use, but is terrific when you do. My only complaint is in the assembly. As with many assembly required items, you expect the instructions to be very clear and these have some minor gaps that you can figure out, but add time to the assembly process. A few of the nuts and bolts are located in difficult to handle spots. My assembly time was twice what the instructions indicated and I am a "handy" guy. But, once assembled, I was very glad to have it, happy with its look and function, and more than satisfied, considering the price.
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For the last 13 or so years, I've lived in an apartment complex where I wasn't allowed to have a grill. I moved into a house just a couple of months ago and one of my top priorities was finally buying a gas grill. I started looking for one in October, thinking I'd find a good clearance sale during the winter - I was wrong.

I originally planned to get a smaller grill that but after looking at grills online and locally for four months, I realized that for only $50 extra, I could get a larger grill that would be great for cookouts.

That was why I chose the Char Broil T480 4-Burner 48,000 BTU Gas Grill, with Sideburner, model 463440109. I also liked that I could order it from Amazon using my Amazon Prime shipping and have it delivered directly to my home. Buying the grill locally would have been a challenge as I wasn't sure I could fit one in my car and although I have a friend with a truck, he lives an hour away from me.

I have to admit, when the grill arrived and I unboxed it, I was a little daunted at how many pieces there were to assemble, but I've put together my entertainment center, bookcases, desk and more and have found that as long as the instructions are good, I have been able to do all of it by myself. Often, I find assembly instructions list the tools you will need to have handy at the beginning, which I find very helpful so I can make sure I have everything I need before I begin work. Char Broil did not provide this handy information, which disappointed me. However, I can say now that the only tool I needed was a screwdriver, although I found my FLASHLIGHT handy when working with the screws underneath the grill.

One of the first steps is setting up the legs with the bottom shelf and the middle wire shelf. This is when I realized the left leg was broken. One of the posts on the leg was bent inwards all the way down, just enough so the bottom shelf wouldn't fit between the two posts on the left leg. Although I know Amazon has an excellent return policy, returning the grill wouldn't be easy as I would either have to get the grill in my car to drop off at a UPS location or stay home from work to wait for the UPS to pick up, and neither solution was a great one. So I called Char-Broil, only to find the help line closes at 6:00 PM on weeknights. Luckily the next day was Saturday and they were open from 10-3. I was very pleased when I spoke with the Char-Broil customer service agent. He readily agreed to send a replacement part to me under the warranty and waived the standard shipping fee since it was a brand new grill. I spoke with him Saturday and the part was delivered the following Tuesday. Score 1 for customer service!

Tuesday evening I began assembling the grill. The new leg worked very well and most of the installation went well also. There were some hiccups where the parts referenced in the instruction were called something different there than they were in the parts list or were just not listed at all in the parts list, making it difficult to determine what part I should look for. For instance, steps 7 & 9 reference a `fascia', but I had no idea what that was and couldn't find it in the parts list. I finally realized it is the front panel on the side shelves. The real problem came when I reached step 10, where I was instructed to hook a `burner clip' to a sideburner tube and around the `manifold'. Lacking a clear photo of the burner clip, which was not listed in the parts list, I tried to fit another unidentified part to the sideburner tube while also trying to figure out what exactly the `manifold' was. I finally gave up and called customer service again the next day. The woman I spoke with was just as nice and helpful as the man I spoke with the previous weekend. It took a few minutes of conversation but she finally realized that I was describing a part that was not the burner clip. She described the burner clip to me, and I looked for it when I got home that evening. As it turns out, the `burner clip' in step 10 is called `Venturi clip' in the parts list. Without knowing what it was supposed to look like, I would never have connected those two names.

Once I had the correct part, it wasn't difficult to insert the Venturi/burner clip where it belonged.

The manual estimates it will take approximately 45 minutes to assemble this grill. It took me approximately 2 hours, probably a little more if you count the time I spent trying to figure out the burner clip issue. Of course, I have never assembled a grill before and expected it to take me about twice as long as estimated, so that doesn't bother me.

I have to say, Char-Broil could do their customers a better service by being consistent with the part names in the assembly instructions - the name used in the parts list should be the name used in the step. Also, all parts should be pictured in the diagram - there were several that were not pictured. Lastly, it would be a nice touch to add a tip to the beginning listing what tools you will need for assembly.

That said, I've now had to call their customer service line three times and will say without reservation that they provide absolutely top-notch customer service at their toll-free line. My only complaint there would be that I wish they were open a bit later on weeknights and on Saturdays.

After completing the assembly, I was excited to use the grill. My first attempt at lighting the grill proved unsuccessful - at least using the ignitor. I was able to light the grill using a long match, however. When I finally had a weekend day that was nice enough to pull the grill outside and take a good look at the ignition problem, I finally saw the issue. Somehow I got it in my head that the first burner is the ignition burner. When using it in the dark at night, it was harder to see the words "ignition burner" under the SECOND burner. In the daylight, sitting eye-level with the burner knobs, it was easy to see. Once I used the correct ignition burner, it lit using the ignition button without issue.

But how does the Char Broil T480 actually cook? VERY well! The four burners give you plenty of control over the temperature in all four quadrants of the grilling area. The racks are different than what I am used to - instead of wire-type grilling racks, it has racks that are like inverted v's. Supposedly they cook better, and while I can't compare them to the older wire type models, I can say they cook very well.

There is a nice sized warming rack above the grilling area, so you can remove items from the cooking area but still keep them warm. The left side of the grill has a burner where you can cook with a pot or a pan. This burner has a lid that turns it into a standard shelf when you aren't using the burner. The right side has just a standard shelf.

I keep the grill in my garage and wheel it out to the walkway when I cook with it. It rolls very easily across my gravel driveway and the concrete walkway.

Despite the issues I had with the assembly, I am very pleased with this grill and even more pleased with Char Broil's customer service. If I ever need another grill, I will definitely consider Char Broil again, and I do recommend the Char Broil T480 to anyone needing a grill now.
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on September 14, 2017
Decent gas grill for the money. I converted mine to natural gas for convenience and it worked well. It would lite, stay lit, and cook burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak, whatever. the side burner was great for boiling shrimp or other things that would leave a lingering smell in the house. The grill lasted 4 years and I tossed it about the time we moved. It was far too rusted to spend any money on repairing it
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on August 3, 2010
The only disappointment with this grill is that the grease tray area is not removable like my previous Charbroil grill. My previous grill had an entire tray with a grease collector that also slid out of that assembly. It made for really easy cleaning. I'm wondering how I'm going to clean this one without removing all of the burners. Except for that this grill is a great bargain. The stainless steel burners are so efficient I have to cook with them turned down to almost off. Really can't go wrong with this deal from Amazon. I saved over $30 on this deal as compared to where I almost ordered it at Sportsman's Guide.
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on June 10, 2012
This grill is really not bad at all for the price. I keep all 4 burners turned to the lowest setting most of the time and cook chicken, burgers, corn, dogs, etc with ease. Setup was easier that most grills I have purchased, the entire firebox section was already completely assembled when shipped, so all you have to do is put together the legs and propane tank holder, set the firebox on top, and attach the shelf and burner. I would estimate about 30-45 mins spent on setting up. Some few items were a little dented when I opened the box, but you can't even tell unless you are really scrutinizing it, and the thing is made for outdoor grilling so it's not a big deal. If I have any trouble with rust or anything else in the future, I will update, but for now I am a happy camper.
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on April 2, 2012
I shopped around a lot and think this grill gives the most for the money...I picked it up when it was a "deal of the day" at $149.
I haven't had a chance to cook on this yet so I can only comment on delivery and assembly-
The grill assembly was very easy- instructions good and parts well organized. Unit appears very sturdy (although nowhere near as sturdy as a Weber)My only complaint is the grill cooking rack is formed metal instead of solid bars- that makes it lighter weight so it moves and rattles. I still have to see if it noticeable when cooking.
Delivery was fast-although the cardboard box was pretty banged up and re-taped when it arrived- I was worried that it may be a return unit and would be missing something. Everything inside was fine -it was brand new and still packed well in the original formed styrofoam. I guess it so heavy that the outer box gets pretty abused during handling.
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on June 24, 2013
Burners give off a tremendous amount of heat. For a grill around $200, you can't beat it. I've cooked on this grill almost everyday since I received it at the end of May. Placing all 4 burners on high will generate temps in excess of 650deg in very short time. Assembly took aout 1.5hrs, and there are some tough screws to put in place. But, it's sturdy and holds a good amount of food. I highly recommend this if shopping in the $200 price range.

Only drawbacks are that there are no hooks to place tools, or storage under grill. Also, I wish this grill came with stainless steel grates instead of ceramic. I'll be purchasing those seperately soon.
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on December 20, 2012
It's winter time so I have not had to use this product yet. I'm giving this review based on how easy it was to set up. I read the other reviews and many have said it was difficult to set up. In my opinion, this was very easy to set up. You'd have to be an idiot for not knowing how to read the instructions and set this up....
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