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on April 19, 2014
We bought this grill to replace an old worn out Charbroil that wasn't infra red. Although we thought that it would make some difference in steaks, we didn't know just how much difference it would make. Wow! The steaks were tender as always, but had more flavor and were juicier than ever. We like our steaks between medium and medium well. They cooked for seven minutes and were perfect. The gauge for each burner keeps the entire grill a consistent temperature which is also a big plus. We are definitely pleased with our purchase.
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on June 23, 2013
This grill does a very good job keeping the moisture in grilled food, and after dozens of uses, have yet to experience a single flare-up as we know them. When grease drips through to the burners, you get a quick sizzle for a fraction of a second, followed by a puff of smoke, and that's it. No big flames, like our old grill would make. Ours arrived with a few very minor dents and scratches, but the way the grill was packed, it wasn't on any surface one would normally see, so we aren't worried about it. The way the grill was packed, they had the front doors, and the ;pieces of the cabinet where the bottle is stored closest to the box. The box must have gotten bumped somewhere along the line, because we got a few dents and scratches in those pieces, The way the pieces were situated, all the damage can only be seen from the inside of the cabinet area where the propane bottle goes. I consider that to be smart packing, to keep the lid, side shelf & burner, and the areas you see as safe from damage as possible. While not happy about it, any damage was confined to areas you can't see once the grill is assembled.
To the grill:

Warms up relatively quickly
No flare ups
Keeps the juices in the meat better than grills I have had in the past
The grilling surface is made of formed sheet metal, with very small holes in it, rather than a metal grate, so there is no fear of anything falling into the burner area.
A temperature guage for every burner, located at burner level, rather than a single thermometer in the hood.
It also seems to be much less affected by the wind. We have grilled in wind gusts strong enough to push us off the deck, and into the house to eat, but the grill was hardly affected.

Can be hard to clean. However, the grilling surfaces can be run through a dishwasher to soften everything up, which helps a lot. Not as fast & easy as brushing off a wire grate, but a scraper formed to fit the grooves comes with the grill, which helps.
Smokes quite a bit more than our old grill, but I think that is maybe the trade off for no flare ups.

Construction is about average for a grill. It is not flimsy, but if you also won't mistake it for a high end grill. It is probably one of the better built ones for its price point. One bit of advice, spend the few extra $$$ like we did, and get the one with the all-Stainless grill surface, well worth it, in my opinion. I think the burners themselves are Stainless, on all the Char-Broil TRU Infrared grills.
I give it 3/12 stars for construction (more than adequate, but not overbuilt either), 4 1/2 stars for how well it grills (very easy to get food thoroughly cooked without drying it out once you use it a couple times) and 3 stars for ease of assembly. While the directions are easy enough to follow, you need to go over everything a second time, because there are bolts they tell you to leave a little loose, to make it easier to put together the next steps, but never say when you should tighten them fully. I didn't keep a mental note of the ones left loose, and wound up going over all of them just to be sure. If I remember right, it takes a #2 phillips, a #3 phillips (a #2 will work if its all you have, but be careful as the tip fits the screw heads a little loose, and can slip), and a 7/16" open end wrench. You almost have to use an end wrench, as there isn't a lot of clearance for anything else to fit in the areas you need to get the wrench into, to tighten the bolts. One nice plus, is that all the nuts, bolts, and screws are in a blister pack, with a cardboard back, and the specs for each are written on the back of the cardboard, which corresponds with the location of that hardware piece. For example, if you need a 1/4 inch nut, you cut the cardboard along the indicated lines where it says 1/4 inch nut, and there they are.

UPDATE: after using this all summer, I'd say maybe 3 times a week, my initial impressions still stand. It does an excellent job grilling, keeps the juices in the meat better than my old grill, and we have found it works very well on fresh vegetables, using a veggie basket.
So, after a summer of use, it worked with no problems, does a good job grilling, is almost impossible to get to flare up, even when cooking bacon, but still smokes more than my old grille, and the grates are a pain to clean. Good thing that it came with a scraper shaped to fit the profile of the grates exactly, because the ribs are deep enough they are hard to get into with a grill brush.
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on July 29, 2013
First off, I'd like to compliment the excellent service I received from Amazon when I discovered my grill was damaged on arrival. I unpacked all the many pieces of the grill to facilitate assembly -I'd done this sort of thing before- and was distraught to find two major pieces with significant dent damage. I immediately phoned Amazon and the young man who politely took my call seemed eager to assist. I described the problem, and he at once suggested I send the unit back for a replacement. I countered that getting it back in the box in which it shipped would be next to impossible given the precision nesting of the packed pieces, and the box going to pieces as it was emptied. I stated that I could probably tap out the dents if I kept the unit. He then immediately offered me a LARGE partial refund which I gladly accepted. After a little careful metalwork with mallet and wood blocks, I had the bent pieces functional and acceptable, if not absolutely perfect. After that, assembly went as directed with no hitches. It took me about 90 minutes not counting the phone time or metalworking.. One step required two people to align the heavy grill with the base, and my wife helped with that.

In use the grill works amazingly well. It is easily the best gas grill -best ANY grill- I've ever owned. I purchased the special brush which matches the pattern of the grill surface, and it makes clean-up a breeze. I find it easy to keep the surface oiled with PAM spray grill oil. I heat the grill before use to burn off the old oil, then spray again just before cooking, and once more after cleaning. All-in-all it's a great grill! The thermometers at grill level really help to fine-tune each burner.
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on May 11, 2016
This is my first infrared BBQ. I've used it several times and I love the way it cooks meat. The advertisement said juicy meat...less time and less gas. I agree. The first thing I cooked was a 1 1/2" thick Porterhouse that I seasoned with some salt, cracked pepper and a touch of ground garlic. I also prepared some other steaks for grilling too. Searing them was a dream. The 700 degree temp was perfect and cooking time was really reduced too. The steaks came off the grill and they were perfect medium rare after about 5 mins per side and they were restaurant quality and very juicy and evenly cooked. The next time I put it to the test. I cooked some hamburgers and was waiting for the flare up that I was so accustomed to with my previous BBQ. I kept waiting and watching for that inevitable flare up where the flame just ruins them and turn them into hockey pucks. Didn't happen. I am so impressed with this grill!! My only complaint is the temperature sensors which were advertised to indicate the temperature of that burner....not true. The sensors are front mounted into the face of the grill above the knob and don't indicate the actual temp of that burner. Other than's a great cooking experience.
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on September 12, 2014
Gorgeous grill! Cooks like a dream! Faster cooking and juicer meats, as advertised. Yes, you have to clean the grill plates after each use to prevent grill holes from being clogged for the next use. So what? Cleaning cooking devices and cookware are just a necessary and important fact of life. The metal-bristled brush is very effective at getting most of the crud off. Clean it while the grill is still warm and most comes off without a hassle. Nice feature that it has a drip pan that is easily removed and cleaned. Purchased grill cleaner to use on the plates. Made clean up even easier. Highly recommend this product. I am thrilled with mine.
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on September 11, 2014
I have owned this grill for about 2 months and we have been using it about 2 or 3 times a week. When it first arrived, I noticed the words "Char-Broil" and "PERFORMANCE" on the outside of the box. At first I thought I had received the cheaper "performance infrared" model I had seen at Walmart stores, that has the black coated cooking plates with holes, instead of the stainless steel plates. I contemplated sending it back to Amazon and getting a different one. However, when I opened the box and saw the stainless steel cooking plates I knew I had the right one.

The Stainless Steel Lid, doors and control panel are a really nice touch. Then when you see the stainless steel Tru-Infrared cooking plates you know right away this a higher quality product. It does actually cook better than any grills I have used previously. Just like they claim, It provides a more evenly heated surface and cooked meats are juicier and tastier when cooked properly. You only need to get the grill really hot before cooking on it. That way you sear the meat on the outside which seals in the juices, then cook it just long enough to suit your taste on the inside. I shopped around on the price and I purchased the three burner gas grill plus the side burner, so I didn't pay any more than the cost of other nice grills, plus I got the benefits of the Tru-infrared cooking system. The only downside to it, the cooking plates are a bit hard to clean by hand, but the last time I cleaned them I used a 3400 psi Pressure Washer and it did a pretty nice job. I needed a new gas grill for a long time and I am glad I waited until I did my research and found this one. This grill has met all expectations. I would recommend this product to others.
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on February 7, 2016
Great cooking concept& no flare ups& cooked food faster & leaves meat much more juicy,only negative is cleaning it! Because of cooking surface being more of a solid metal with pencil tip size holes in it I suggest pulling up some you tube videos on easiest way to clean because it doesn't take but 1-3 uses(depending on if you dry rub or liquid marinade) will clog holes! I have not done ribs yet covered in bar-b-Q-sauce but can only imagine,it will need a good cleaning. I think in summer it will be much easier by simply taking out cooking grates & spraying with easy off & spraying off with garden hose or just with garden hose,the tool they give you is good but I can already see that the tips wearing down because it's just made of made in China galvanized
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on January 5, 2014
I looked at many grills and reviews before buying this Char Broil grill. I was intrigued by the infrared grilling technology as I had always used regular gas grills in the past. I am definitely glad I tried this grill - it has been extremely easy to grill all types of food - grilled to perfection as they say. In fact I always get compliments whenever we have friends or family over - I'm sure the grill is the biggest contributor to the complements. It is very easy to clean with the removable grates as well. The only complaint is the remote starter sometimes won't fire right away - more an issue with the battery connection I'm sure as the grill usually fires up on the first start even in colder weather. That being said when we ordered the grill from Amazon it arrived damaged - discovered that only after it was mostly assembled. Amazon did make it easy to return however. We had company visiting from out of state so we ended up buying the same grill locally and sending the damaged one back to amazon. I don't recall the exact date we purchased the grill but it has been 3 or 4 years now and I still love it.
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on March 14, 2013
Never had a BBQ like this one, where you can't see the flame and there is never a flare-up. Didn't know what I was missing. Not easy to put together, but well worth the end results. Will never buy the other type again.
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on December 14, 2015
Nice grill! Took a while to put together but realized it is made with somewhat quality parts. New to cooking with Infrared. It seems to cook food better and you don't get flareups like the traditional gas grill. Well let me rephrase that you do get flareups but the infrared plates keep the fire from coming up to your food. The only thing I don't like is cleaning. It does come with a scraper that fits the grilling plates profile but it's hard to get that excess food that you scrape up out. Other than that I really like it. I would recommend Infrared over the traditional type.
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