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on August 20, 2013
This grill works wonderfully. It has three burners under the hood and an additional burner on the left side as well as a tray on the right side. I have been very happy with how the grill operates and cooks. I love medium rare steak and every time I cook my 1" thick steak two minutes on one side, four minutes on the other, and then two minutes back on the first side I get a perfectly done piece of meat. Brats sit nicely in the grooves. There is also a warming grid above the main three burners that I use for vegetables, potatoes, etc. The burners light with an electronic ignition.

My main complaint with the grill was the assembly. Unfortunately holes didn't line up exactly right so assembling the grill was extremely difficult , the explanation of hooking up the side burner wasn't clear (I was able to find answers by searching the various web help sites), and popping in the warming grid was an exercise in frustration. I definitely would suggest finding someone to professionally assemble the grill.

Nevertheless we got the grill built and going in a long afternoon, so the worst was behind us. Now we just enjoy the food we cook! We've only used the grill for two months, so if anything changes I'll update this review.
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on May 7, 2015
This is a good looking grill! It took me about 3 1/2 hours to put together. Keep in mind, that was with several sanity breaks and the help of a not so helpful 3-year-old. It would have been nice to have an extra set of adult hands but I was able to do it by myself after finding the proper tools in my not so tidy garage (next purchase: Garage Organizer). There are no words in the instructions, just pictures. They got the job done, but some of the steps were a bit (or a lot) confusing. Still not sure what the loopy clamp thing is for. The cooking surface measures 16 inches x 27 inches incase there's anyone out there in Amazon land wondering. This doesn't include the space on the top rack. I'll update again again once I have used the thing a few more times, but so far so good
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on July 7, 2014
This is an amazing grill I purchased for use for Independence Day and it looks great once assembled. While I wanted to purchase a more expensive line, I had never tried infrared cooking before, only using direct flame from propane. I read the little booklet that came with it about using different types of heat levels and direct and indirect cooking for different meat types and it was spot on. All of my meats (steak, chicken, hamburger, hot dogs, etc.) were tender and juicy with that beautiful seared look I only received in good restaraunts before and with no flare-up. The family was absolutely impressed with the taste and I do not see myself ever going back to direct flame or conventional grilling. The bonus was the amount of room I had to cook and the side burner where I cooked onions and peppers in a pan rather than cooking inside the house, like usual.

Now for the bad: as others have stated, the assembly instructions leave a lot to be desired. For the most part, the instructions were fine (a decent level of reading schematics is a good idea as a novice probably should not try to put this together), however, in the beginning of the instruction manual, pictures show how to mount the grill on top of the stand facing one way and show it facing the other way later. I had to do detective work and figure out the problem because the electrics were not lining up properly in my original configuration. Be sure to look ahead in the manual and verify you are placing the actual grill on properly before tightening down (hint: the open end of the stand faces the rear for tank installation). Trust me, it will save you some time and effort (and probably less declaratives will leave your mouth).

Also, two thermometers worked and one measured the heat way too high (the one too high was the one where the grill section was actually turned off).

Although it took me about three hours total to put together, some of that was due to me emplacing the grill on the stand backwards. And although that was irritating and one of the thermometers seems useless, I still give it 5 stars due to the way it grilled and made the meats so tasty. For a great tasting BBQ, this grill is perfect and I am enthralled with it.
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on September 14, 2014
This is the best grill I have ever had. The secret is the grill plates you cook on. Other than that, it is just very much like any other grill. You can buy grill plates for your old grill to do almost the same thing but they do not do as well as this grill BUT will give you better cooking until you can step up to this grill. Cleaning is easy. Just put the burners you used on high for about 10-15 minutes to burn off dripped food with the lid closed then. Turn off burners and open lid and let cool. About 10 minutes. Then use the scraper provided to remove what is left onto your lawn. I bought a horizontally spiraled brush (goes over and between the ridges and into the valleys over the width of the spiral you buy) to use after scraping to complete the job. You can even remove the flame shrouds to clean them (wash) and wipe the interior. Other than putting the burners on high to sear the meat, this grill cooks everything evenly and juicy on the low setting AND quicker than your old grill so there is a learning curve here. The temperature gauges are a plus as well as the locking wheels and it rolls easily. The grease cup works great but just make sure the wire holding the cup is bent straight to allow the grease to drip down it into the cup. Use stainless steel handi wipes to wipe the outside (everything) down and it will look like new. The only time you will need 2 people to put this grill together is when you lift the top section to place it on the bottom section. Make sure you put the caster wheels with the locks on the same side as the burner knobs so that the locking wheels will be in the front. The knob panel is in 3 parts and the screws provided to link the two end pieces to the center piece may be the only place you might become a little frustrated putting this jewel together.
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on October 14, 2014
When the summer heat made it too unbearable to cook inside we knew it was time for a grill. Ever since my neighbor lit her apartment on fire barbecuing on her patio I've been nervous about barbecues in general. Our condo is a split level with the kitchen upstairs so the only logical place for a grill is on our upstairs balcony. When I read about reduced flare ups with the infrared grills, I knew this was the direction I wanted to go.

Setup was easy although there was a lot of laughing between the husband and I as we tried to follow the pictures. (Seriously, words would've made it easier but it wouldn't have been near as much fun!)

So far, we have grilled steaks 3x, chicken 2x, and smoked ribs on it. We've also done potatoes and corn. The grill is super easy to use and cooks super fast. 1/2" steaks take about 7 minutes.. Throw on a rub with a little oil, sear on each side for 3-4 minutes and you have a perfectly medium rare, juicy steak.

I highly recommend purchasing a smoker box. I smoked ribs for 3 hours and the result was amazingly tasty.

Due to a number of comments about rust, I also purchased a cover which we keep on anytime the grill is not in use. We live less than 2 miles from the beach so I expect we'll see some weathering over time but so far, so good.
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on February 1, 2015
Ok, maybe a bit hard to clean, but this grill is great. Assembly took me about 2 hours (did it alone but I don't recommend this as the top is quite heavy and if your not used to lifting heavy things you will need someone. The grill is outstanding. I have cooked chicken and steak on it and it is better than any grill i have used in the past. Seems hard to ruin food in this grill. Once the char marks are there, its cooked and cooked well. Food is juicy and I would absolutely recommend.
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on November 7, 2015
Love our charbroil! It did arrive in a huge box that was a bit heavy and took all morning to put together, so definitely plan accordingly if you want to use it right away. I use it at least once a week and can't believe I waited so long to get one. The top rack is great at slow cooking or keeping my items warm. I make sure to get the grill very hot for a good caramelized sear and then close the lid for a bit. I have now made ribs, steaks, and burgers all are carmelized on the outside and still very juicy inside.

The only thing I am uncertain about is cleaning the grill. It came with a handheld scraper that does work after the grill has cooled down a bit. but then all of the remnants are at the edge and i need to scoop it out, which can be a bit messy. I have purchased a grill brush, but I was concerned about ruining the finish on the grill plates. Once cooled down you can remove the plate and clean but that makes it a lot of work.

**Also we missed that the grill does not have doors for storage underneath, there is room in the back that is open, but I am not sure if it's safe so I do not use it to store anything.

I like the size and the btu's satisfy time and ease of cooking. Having the extra side tables are great for placing the pans, sauces, etc near by. We live in a somewhat foggy area so we did purchase the cover as well to help prolong its life.

Overall definitely recommend and have been very happy with my purchase
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on May 5, 2015
This is a pretty decent grill for the money. It seems to be built fairly sturdily and should last a good while. Although they're rarely all that accurate, I like that it comes with individual thermometers for each burner so you can get an idea of how hot each area is relative to the others. This is my first "infrared" grill and I remain skeptical as to how that will work out. As others have noted, the grates to not clean easily as there is nowhere for residue to go. Effectively cleaning it will require removing the three grates every time, meaning added work. It remains to be seen if that work will be outweighed by the benefit of what appears at first glance to be something of a gimmick.

My only real complaint right now is the assembly and instructions. They both leave something to be desired as it took me about 1 1/2 hours to get it done. This is principally because the instructions are difficult to read, particularly when it comes time to put the grill portion onto the stand. I ended up screwing the grill onto the stand only to have to remove it so that I could run the gas hose properly after realizing it wasn't in the right spot. I also had a minor issue getting the side burner to seat as it really should be placed *before* screwing the valve to the front panel (so there's room to maneuver). There's also some loop spring type thing that is completely inexplicable. It goes somewhere under the side burner around the rear of the valve, but I could not figure out where or what to connect it to as the instructions just point in a general location so I gave up. The instructions also indicate that the two casters with the lock mechanisms are placed on the rear of the grill. I have no idea why it would have it setup that way as they're much more useful in front. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until the grill was put together. Finally, the very flimsy plastic nut that holds the "AA" ignitor battery was broken when mine arrived. Not a big deal, but a minor annoyance.

Overall, though, I'm fairly satisfied with this grill and hope that it will see several seasons of use. This is not "heavy duty" or stainless steel, though, so don't expect it to last a lifetime. Like most grills, it will eventually rust.
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on June 8, 2014
I am updating my review...this is the greatest grill. I cook on it all the time, even in the winter. I have now given it 5 stars and only need to add one thing for potential buyers. You have to make one commitment when you purchase this grill. That is you must clean the grates
often. I put down newspaper in the garage and spray them with oven cleaner. Then I put them through the dishwasher after I clean off the oven cleaner. If you don't keep them clean the grill won't work as well. Worth the work. Makes the best pork loin I have ever tasted.

I was so excited about this grill arriving. It was packed well and it took my significant about 3 hours to assemble,and he said the instructions were all pictures which at time were hard to follow but over all it was time consuming but not overly frustrating. I cleaned it with oil, seasoning it for it's initial use. I made country style spare ribs which were to die for! Maintenance is everything for the infrared grills and I knew this before purchasing and made that commitment to clean it after every use and cover it. What has kept me from giving this 100% five the grates do not fit perfectly, leaving a little uneven surface for grilling and 3 spots on the grill where there was spot welding done and the paint either was overlooked or didn't stick. For almost 400 dollars which is nearly the same price I paid for my should be perfect, but being the realist I am, I was not surprised. It is a beautiful looking grill...shiny and handsome. I will update my review as I use it, chicken thighs that I have brined overnight!!! YUM!
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on June 22, 2015
This is literally the best grill I've even owned. I have been grilling for over forty years. I've used everything from Hibachis to numerous charcoal grills to various propane grills. This one is head and shoulders above the rest.

Our old no-name grill bit the dust after only two years. We decided to bite the bullet and get a solid, name brand grill. We read about IR grills and decided to give this a try. We no longer have any children at home. We also normally buy 1" - 1.5" steaks and share them, so a three burner grill is all we really need.

The grill was delivered to our front porch. We got it into the family room where I assembled it. It took about three hours to put together. (WARNING!! Make sure you attach the top half to the bottom half in the correct orientation. The open side of the bottom where you access the propane tank goes in the BACK!)

We cooked our first steak on it last night. The results were incredible!!!

We patted the steak dry (a 1" ribeye) and sprinkled some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper on it. Their booklet suggested brushing some high-smoke oil on the steaks, so we sprayed a little canola PAM on it. We heated the grill to 500 degrees and on went the steak.

I prefer my steaks medium to well done. My wife prefers them well-done. So when we share a steak, we generally cook it medium-well to well done. This steak was well-done. Normally that is a recipe for a dry(er) steak -- NOT THIS TIME!! It came out so juicy and tender, it was unbelievable. I was all prepared to put some steak sauce on it, but the steak was so flavorful and so juicy; it would have been a sin to do it.

Both my wife and I were raving about how that steak was the best we've had in years, if not ever. We can't wait to try chicken, ka-bobs, pork chops, and other things on it. They even suggest trying fish and vegetables. I'm also eager to try buffalo on it. That is a very lean meat that normally must be cooked medium-rare at the most. It makes for a difficult meat to get right.

Bottom-line: This grill may cost a bit more, but it's well worth it! If you want the best steaks in your life, try it!
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