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on April 16, 2013
The charger comes with a 3A fuse, so if you put just 2 1A phones, you won't be able to charge anything else off USB, and if you plug anything over 1A in the cigarette lighter plug, it should overwhelm the fuse and burn it.
Pretty lame if you ask me.
I Emailed the seller since he replied to a few comments and encouraged people to Email if there were problems,, and I got no answer.
I'm not impressed.

In the meantime, still looking for a 4A charger with 4 1A 5V plugs...
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on February 22, 2012
I use this in my Audi A5 It chargers my
1. Galaxy 2
2. iPhone 4s
3. Transformer Prime
4. iPad 2
in the USB
and in the other slot i charge my
5. Radar

It works well it not a super fast charge la the Fast Chargers that some sell but it charges at normal speeds all my devices

I got one that works i read many reviewers that seem to have a bad unit. So if you get one bad just change it but it's worth it when it works

I am also happy to report that it fits in the snug area of the 2012 A5 so buy with confidence.
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on April 8, 2015
The charger works good enough. I haven't plugged more than 3 devices into it.

I have stopped using it though as I had my phone plugged into it, and then a mini-to-mini cable into my aux port of my car stereo and I could heard a whine (alternator charging). I do not hear that whine with other car chargers.

I have a second cigarette port in the back, so I put the device there so the kids can charge their devices there, and my phone is plugged into a different charger in the front. Problem solved, but not as I had hoped as this is a long device that now protrudes straight out near knee level in the back of my car, and I can see it either breaking in half or worse, cracking the cigarette port of the car caused by an errant foot/knee,
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on December 17, 2012
I've had this product for 4 months now. I was more than hesitant to buy after reading some of the reviews. But for the price I really couldn't go wrong. So I bought it. It's worked perfectly for me. I drive for 90% of my work day so I use this to charge my work phone and personal phone throughout the day. My partner also does the same. We have had all four outlets charging at once on a few occasions, but for the most part there is always at least two devices charging at the same time. I've even used it to charge up my 7" tablet while charging two phones. I've still yet to have any problems with it. I will say that it does heat up quite a bit while its charging these various devices but the fuse has yet to burn out. Based on how much I use it and how well its worked for I would have to give it 5 stars and recommend it. It's really a fantastic product.
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on March 16, 2011
Seems to work ok except I have a small 12V led light that normally plugs into my exsiting ciggy lighter to charge all the time. This ciggy opening has no fingers to grip the barrel and my light has no 'spring fingers'. I've experienced this as a common problem with different devices, some fit and others fall out.
If your ciggy device plug has 'springs' on the side it should work. The barrel is completely smooth. I'll keep it in the glove box for USB charging use as needed.

I don't care if the USB charging rates are different as long as it charges. I got it for emergency use.
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on August 12, 2011
The blurb says "great for charging iPhones, iPods, GPS..." NOT!!!! Do not buy this!! I would have given it ZERO stars but Amazon won't let me. Even though it has a 3 amp fuse the converter only allows it to supply each port with .5 amp, not enough to charge any modern USB devices which all require 1 amp. It will NOT power my TomTom GPS, my Samsung phone, my Phillips MP3 player, my LG phone, or anything else I have plugged into it. I threw it in the trash. Other reviews told me this in advance, but the blurb said otherwise and I believed the blurb. I will not be buying any further products from this seller because of the deceptive advertising. I'm still looking for a 4 port USB charger, darn it.
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on January 8, 2014
I feel bad giving this product 2 stars because it did work. But it's made of cheap plastic and broke when the cord got snagged while in use. I ordered another one, and the same thing happened.

It's the only one I can find on Amazon that converts to 4 USBs while still keeping the cigarette port I need for my GPS (at least at this price) so I'm considering getting another and just being extremely careful. But I also wonder if I'd be better off just paying a little more for quality. Which is what I recommend you do unless you're one of those people who keeps your car immaculate (not that mine's terribly messy, but my 45lb 'lap' dog likes to sit up front with me right where the cords meet).
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on June 13, 2011
What a concept. Charging 4 USB devices AND a 12 volt pass-through! If only it worked as well as it sounded like it would.

First-off, each port MIGHT reach the spec of 500mA, but one port can't supply enough for higher-power devices. I have a Palm Pre Plus, and the ports can't supply enough power to feed the Touchstone inductive charger, which is what I was planning on running off it. It also takes longer than normal for the phone to recognize charging when directly connected via USB.

Not all is lost, though. The phones do charge, and my iPod nano works flawlessly. It thankfully no longer has the annoying buzz it had when charging off a wall charger connected to my portable inverter. Speaking of which, it very quickly blew the under-sized 3A fuse for the 12V port just from starting with no load. I replaced it with something *substantially* larger, and it's fine. My Touchstone now runs fine off a wall charger connected to the inverter. But how inconvenient is that? 12VDC to 120VAC to 5VDC to inductive AC coupling, converted back to 5V on the phone... certainly not a staple of efficiency.

I'd like to see a multi-port USB charger that can deliver 1000mA+ to each of it's ports to charger hungrier devices like tablets etc, and maybe even a chip to prevent Garmin GPSs from going into PC mode. I was hoping this device would be all that, and it partially is, but falls far short.

EDIT: It's a little late now, but after I replaced the fuse, the unit unsurprisingly let the smoke out. Why someone would make a product to supply a 12V device and not build it robustly enough to handle the 10 amps that a 12V port is designed to supply is beyond me. It's a good thing this unit is off the market.
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on January 1, 2016
Well made! The little side grips that keep it in the socket really grip, so it works well. The compact design is nice. I like the light to let me know that everything is properly charging. This is the third of its type for me, so I have a few to compare it to. It is the best yet!
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on February 1, 2014
Cons: This little power plug adapter has a heavy duty look and feel, but it has a small, low amperage fuse installed in its side that is only 2-3 amps. If you exceed this, which is easy to do, it will pop that fuse. It's easy to over load this device. Mine is now in the garbage.
It says: "safety fuse for worry free charging", and that's nice and all but how many times have you blown your device from an overpowered USB port? Pro tip: you can't. That fuse is to protect the under-capable circuitry inside the device itself. There is already a fuse on your 12v power plug in your car. The 12v power plug in this is integrated to use the tiny fuse they installed- so if you use anything in that 12v plug, it will pop that fuse. It was 2013 when I bought it, and nearly every small device I have is USB powered- short of my laptop. Pros: it has 4 USB ports
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