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on September 8, 2013
So I read a TON of reviews and tried 3 different products before going with the Anker 9port + charge port. I have a few 3.0 devices and a few others (2.0). I was having trouble with another hub where I had a USB HDD that kept disconnecting under heavy load. I tried two others but kept having different issues, disconnects, speed, random errors about devices not working properly. They all went away with the Anker 3.0 9-port.

- Every port works together with out issue
- Power brick is small enough and has enough cord to keep the desk looking clean (I used Velcro and put mine under a desk)
- Errors related to devices not working went away
- Under full load nothing disconnects or spins into oblivion.

- Slick, small, light but solid.

- Ports are close together so chubby devices will eliminate an extra port.

- Power light seems to glow brighter on the side than on the top.
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on August 16, 2013
I compared the D-Link USB 2.0 7-Port Hub to the Anker Uspeed USB 3.0 9-Port Hub and the Satechi 12 Port USB Hub for the purpose of mining Bitcoins with ASICminer - USB ASIC Bitcoin Miners. The Anker is considered the "gold standard" but is pretty expensive: more than $8/port. The D-Link works out to less than $4/port. The Satechi works out to almost $2/port.

For the tests, I used an Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit Desktop system with an Intel motherboard. Each hub was plugged into a USB 3.0 port. I compiled cgminer and libusb on the machine. Without compiling libusb, I found you can't get full speed out of the ASICminer.

The Anker Uspeed USB 3.0 9-Port Hub can run 10 miners. The miners are detected as soon as cgminer starts up and quickly stabilize at full speed. I've run 10 miners on the hub for several days in a row with no cooling issues and almost no . The hub actually will work powered off the motherboard. The power supply for the hub is a separate power-brick with standard 2-prong plug.

The D-Link USB 2.0 7-Port Hub can run 7 miners. About half the miners are detected on start up and the rest show up on the first hot plug sync. The miners take several minutes to stabilize in speed. One port seemed to have higher hardware errors. I suppose it's the sideways orientation of the miners, but I had to set a fan blowing across the miners to get them to stabilize properly. The power supply is an integrated power transformer. The two-prong plug is oriented at a 90-degree angle.

The Satechi 12 Port USB Hub appeared to be able to run 12 miners. Only one miner was detected at start up. The rest took several minutes but eventually popped up. Once the miners were detected, it took a fairly long time to stabilize. I almost gave up on them but after about 10 minutes, cgminer reported all 12 miners running near full speed. There were fairly high hardware errors on several ports but the throughput levelled out at full speed. Ultimately, the blocks submitted to the pool must not have been accepted. None of the miners seemed to be submitting good blocks. Seemed to work but didn't.
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on April 8, 2015
Over the years I have bought a number of these multiport usb expanders. They have all eventually failed. Either they didn't supply enough power or some or all of the ports just stopped working. So only time will tell with this one. So far I like this product. It is a little pricey, but I decided to spend more in hopes of a more long term solution. I wanted enough ports to meet all my needs with one product. I am currently using 6 of the 10 ports (camera, printer, jump drive, small form factor usb powered external drive, etc.) and everything is working fine. I'm not using the higher powered port for anything, yet. I like having cables ready for use when plugging in camera/phone to do transfers. The small size is nice: I used 3M removable adhesion strips to stick it to a wall nearby: this seems like a logical common approach where you would want the power cord and PC link to come out of the bottom; oddly that makes the unit upside down. If it keeps working, I'll consider it a good value for the money.
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on October 17, 2016
Worked for two days. Contacted manufacturer services and got the run around, same questions in three emails with no help!
I upgraded my original post of 1 star to 4 due to Anker's response to my dissatisfaction.
Review is updated after Anker contacted me regarding their poor service response. I should clarify that when I originally contacted Anker about this item only working for two days. Their correspondence seemed like they were playing games i.e. asking the same questions over and over. They were focused on my house power being wrong or my connections causing the issue. They continually missed the fact that it did work, stopped, all signs of power were nonexistent except the spark that was evident every time I plugged the DC power into the USB device.
They finally got the message and sincerely apologized for the earlier poor service and broken item. They sent me a new USB unit which I am currently using without any issues for over 4 weeks now. The unit seems to function as it should. If their original responses had been as good as their final response I would rate the unit 5 stars.
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on July 1, 2017
I withheld my review for a year just to test it out. And it did failed me, in 3 months time. The other slots at one time or another will work or will not work, the charging slot just the same...I kept on inserting and reinserting and still the same. So I called customer service and they replace it and shipped me a new one. I could have given them 1 star review or none at all, but I factored in these 2 reasonings above anything else. Anyway, no things made by men are perfect, all has flaws. Here are the reasons (in my experience, which maybe different from what you have). A.Whenever you not using the Anker, unplugged it just the same when you shut off your computer or other appliances, when not in use. And it will work for a long long time, as my old one is still working at this time. Just unplugged Anker when not in use. B. The customer service are wonderful, They listens and will help whenever possible. I hoped this helps.
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on September 13, 2013
I purchased a 10 port Satechi 3.0 USB hub and when I received it, some of the ports did not work. Now this was on a Friday around 4:00 pm when I let them know and they resent a new one within an hour so that I could get it on Monday so I thought that service is great and it was. When I got the new one I setup my hard drives but when I would check the system report it would show that some of the hard drives were working 3.0 but some of the others showed 2.0 so I changed the ports over and over until they all showed they were on 3.0. A week later the same problem happened again.

I decided to try another brand and bought the Anker 9 port 3.0 Hub. When I hooked that one up everything came up as 3.0 and no matter how I switched the cables and it came up perfect every time. I am so happy with this product I bought another one.

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on April 8, 2017
I bought this hub for my wife's 2011 MacBook Pro. It worked great for several months with her scanner, a postage scale, UPS, printer, and two different backup disks. Unfortunately for us, after years with no problems the good old MacBook Pro started having video problems, and we eventually got a new 2016 MacBook Pro. For those unfamiliar with the new MacBooks, Apple has "upgraded" to the new USB Type C ports. A USB-C to USB3 adapter was needed to attach any non USB-C device, including the hub. At this point we started seeing "Disk not properly ejected" messages referring to one of the backup disks attached to the hub. This happened only occasionally, and only when the computer was waking from sleep mode.

With so many different pieces to the puzzle, Anker support was uncommonly helpful in diagnosing the problem. It turned out that this problem occurs with certain Seagate and Western Digital USB disks (not all models, so the problem is hard to isolate). Anker ended up issuing a full refund. Don't you wish you got such service from your local cable company?
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on September 23, 2017
My first thought upon opening the box was to send it back.
I needed a hub that could handle a lot of equipment and it does.
I also needed a hub that could be mounted to a panel inside the equipment it is servicing. Sadly it does not have any mounting brackets.
I decided to try it out anyway and I was pleasantly surprised with the hubs performance.
I loaded all 10 ports with various different equipment.
6 radio panels, two button control panels and two input output boards.
Everything runs perfectly with no dropouts. Not one dropout in many hours.
I have a lower watt industrial hub that is constantly dropping ports.
I will be replacing that hub as well.
The unit itself is very small and light weight and it comes with a power brick and instructions.
Installation was straight forward and easy.
Another reviewer stated that the ports are extremely close together and I agree.
If you have wide plugs you should consider a different model.
I overcame my mounting problem with 3m double sided tape.
I know that the tape won't last long because of the heat inside the cabinet but it will work until I come up with a permanent solution.

All in all this is a great 60 watt powered usb hub and I'm glad that I didn't send it back.
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on June 5, 2017
I like this charger for three reasons: the first is that it has a long, detachable USB cord. The one I had on my previous USB hub was shorter and was permanently connected. It was too short and hung from the edge of my laptop, causing the wire to fray. This model has a longer cord.
The second reason I like it is for the many slots it has. For me, having a slimmer computer means that almost nothing is included in my computer, so I have several external components. You would be surprised at how many USB slots fill up, especially when you are trying to do a project like download files from you camera's SD card to an external drive, etc. At times on my old hub I had to unplug things and plug in something else, and I was limited in how far away things could be.
The last reason I like this is for the phone charger. This frees up one more plug on my power strip.
I think I would have preferred having an extra slot for an SD card on this, and to me it seems a little expensive for what I got - I mean, after all, it is just a row of USB slots, but I'm not sure how much it cost to produce - but as far as functionality it fits my needs very well.
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on May 26, 2017
This is actually not the first Anker product I have owned, a while back I bought another USB splitter but it was significantly smaller, it only had four ports and no power input, mostly for thumb drives. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of that splitter and when I got a new computer which unfortunately did not have as many USB ports even the extra ports proved to be not enough so I bought this one. This is a high-quality splitter, 3.0 just like the old one but now I have 10 ports and it's not draining the power from the computer (which can actually damage the battery if too much is draining). The first thing I did with it was test it out by plugging a bunch of different things into it.

Everything works great, my only complaints are that there is no to turn on and off the power and it heats up my drives. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, and it still isn't enough to even knock off a star but having a switch would be good considering one of the things I have plugged into it is a computer fan that my computer sits on top of and it has a light. It would be nice to be able to switch the power off so it isn't always on even when the computer is off, however you can simply unplug the power cord when you are not using it, which is what I plan to do. It pumps so much power to the splitter (which is great for charging) that it quickly heats up my thumb drives. This is a little bit concerning but nothing bad has come of it yet.
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