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on April 21, 2018
one of the sexist movies i have ever seen.the star,yulia marachuck looks like a young bridgett Bardot and is just as sexy.The movie starts with her walking through the park with short skirt blowing high as she flirts with everyone.The young starlett is starring in a play in london and her jealous straight arrow boyfriend who she loves dearly is back home in Italy i think.She has many sexual adventures caused by her constant flirting.there is no x rated sex but there is plenty of full nudity.her boyfriend who wants her exclusively breaks up with her when he comes to london and finds out but soon realizes his mistake and decides he is willing to take her back even with her many sexual adventures.For those who know tinto Brass,the director you know he has a butt fixation but in this his best picture his fixation isn't evident.the movie ends where it started with yulia going through the park to reunite with her boyfriend
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on January 27, 2014
Carla's story is his classic T & A "sexuality without any sense of guilt" or "being ashamed." Its a modern love story when Carla travels for work to London. She misses her boyfriend Mateo all along, who becomes jealous when he finds her old love letters. She soon finds "moments of happiness"(flings) with her lesbian landlord. They have dalliances at a naked sauna and pool with 20 naked women and later a cheeky sex party. (A fantasy environment with no STDs, HIV risk, or condoms). The Russian-born "Blonde" actress literally bounces her "absolutely natural sensuality" all over Hyde Park thong-less. She is usually naked or in translucent tops. Carla admits to her several flings and natural desires, and Mateo realizes she deserves forgiveness and his love. As Tinto Brass says, "natural sex is the best source of pleasure", without the "taboos and prohibitions..." Cheeky is an almost " Must-See" Brass film like his "Voyeur"--a complete package like "The Dreamers" with a young Ava Green. Cheeky is an excellent couples film with a good storyline--whether straight or gay.
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on November 12, 2012
Im an UN-fan? lol, of all things in the genre "romantic comedy". I would rather slice my wrists than watch anything with jennifer anniston in it, much less the mind numbing "Sex in the City" series or movies. Then somehow, I run across "Cheeky". Some things were obvious right away: this was not an American made movie, given our "heightened sensitivities" as a culture, regards anything sexual. Hollywood would never make this movie, parents would hide their children for months, therapists would be called immediately and the morals police and lawyers would salivate in taking the producers to court. People would object, (watch it tho, lol), and call it porn. The FCC would sue and parents would hide it along with their guns, in locked safes.
Why all this? Because the camera doesnt flinch. People dont shower wrapped in giant towels; people have genital, OMG and hot girls are a delight to watch. What I saw was sexually graphic, but this folks, to me, was not porn, it was a wide open, fun, romp and a real sexual, romantic comedy. I LOVED THIS MOVIE! It will never win an award, but if you want to watch a completely sweet, light hearted, cute movie with an amazing female lead who just happens to have a body to die for, and a playful attitude that would freak most americans out, this is it.
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on November 26, 2016
This is a comic movie, rated R or NC-17. It is about romance or sexual adventure of a pretty young woman. In order to find her job career, she leaves behind her old village, parents and boy friend. All erotic scenes are soft core. Very often, she displays her bottom without pant. Attention to those men under 35, I guess. Playing herself in the bedroom, Passing through a public park, Coupling with the real estate female agent and later, her ex-husband, Seducing the boatman in a river, Taking a naked massage after a public bath, Chasing and playing naked with a young man on a deserted beach. She is quite an exhibitionist posing lower half naked most of the time. Learning her hot story one after another, her boy friend first became angry. What is the outcome? Kill her or Love her more? Go watch this movie.
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on November 5, 2011
It's strange to read all those reviewers complaining about "lack of depth","silly plot","weak story", this film.If you are looking for "depth" and "clever plot" - STAY AWAY FROM Tinto Brass movies at all and go to Ingmar Bergman,Luchino Visconti or Alfred Hitchkock (whom I personally like very much too!) instead.But if you want something that is totally different from "clever" erotica ("Emanuelle","Jamon,Jamon" and the like)of Bigas Luna,really stupid flicks of Russ Meyer or perverse S/M escapades of Jess Franco or Walerian Borowczyk,then Brass is the best choice.It is this charm of a teenager's "silly" erotic phantasies and dreams in his best films that are SO ATTRACTIVE.It's a world of pagan love rites,peeping pleasures and secret phantasies, brought by the gifted director to the screen, that is totally devoid of any moral,religious or social conventions.To immerse into this strange,illogical,absurdly naive, but very sweet world sometimes is really a pure joy! No other film-maker does it better than Mr.Brass.AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PORN! Even in the most explicit scenes!
I just agree with several other reviewers claiming that this movie is not the best of his efforts.To taste his best work fully take "The Key", "Miranda", "Paprika", "All Ladies Do It" and "The Voyeur".Amazing,sweet stuff!
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2014
Tinto Brass is an interesting individual (can't help but consider him an Italian Russ Meyers). Myself, I tend not to compare directors, but just judge their individual efforts!

That said, "Cheeky!" is an entertaining romp from Italy to London!

I could almost say "Sex Comedy", I actually found a message in the movie...

"If somebody truly loves you, don't question (or doubt) it!

This movie's English Translation is...adequate, but I liked it nonetheless...

Finally, the females in this, I've said

If you can get it for undet $20/US, purchase it!

I rate this movie Four Stars! (I actually DO like this one...)
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on March 22, 2013
If you don',t have this movie in blu-ray, get it right away. The picture clarity is outstanding.The dvd isn,t bad, but the blu-ray is much better.This movie is filled with beautiful women and they,re naked almost the entire movie.The sex isn',t graphic, but extemely close. Camara angles and dialogue make up for what you don,t see.The women were physically appealing to me because they were very curvey, and they all had natural breast.I was particulary attracted to Cheeky,s girlfriend, the one who was trying to find Cheeky an apartment.She was very attractive, and again, not big but had curves on top of curves.
'' This movie is a comedy. But let's not kid ourself, this is not what you're getting this movie for.Amazon
got this movie to me in about 3 buisness days. Don't give it any thought,get this .It's worth every penny!
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on March 25, 2015
My husband definitely liked it. He might of liked something a little more explicit but then he would have been watching without me! The female characters are stereotypical (i find that a bit insulting) but they are not demeaned or degraded like the really X stuff or even 9 1/2 Weeks. A lot more nudity than 9 1/2 weeks but more female audience friendly. If you are looking for something spicy for a night a home with your best guy, Cheeky is a good choice!
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on March 7, 2012
This is about the English language version. It really is very nicely dubbed, and I understood more than I did of the Italian version, which I borrowed from Netflix. But this is a movie you have to own!

When the English version Cheeky! (Unrated English Version) arrived I was disappointed to find that the picture quality was not as good as the Italian version I borrowed from Netflix, which might have been Cheeky! - Unrated. Since I just had to see all those gorgeous scenes clearly, I decided, as a compromise, to buy the works of Tinto Brass Vol. II, The Tinto Brass Collection, Volume II Uncut & Uncensored, and I am happy to report that the picture quality is EXCELLENT, and of course no English censorship.
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on February 7, 2015
I'm now getting whatever Blu-rays I can of my more cherished section of my movie collection - and that certainly includes Tinto Brass movies. I already had Cheeky! on DVD and it is among the more explicit material that Tinto Brass has done. It's mostly soft core with very explicit and pervasive nudity (not just full frontal but underneath and from behind too), but there are scenes that go beyond soft core (for instance in the party scene, there are some close-up finger insertions with one particular lady) and I was looking forward to seeing this at the full quality that was shot on film.

I'm happy to say the Blu-ray looks excellent, very nice detail and it's exactly the same movie as the DVD - all the explicit stuff I expected to see is still there. I hope some of the other titles will be done this well too.
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