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on October 10, 2014
I use this cheesecloth to make cheese, and I am comparing this product mostly to cheesecloth shipped from specialty cheese shops. Generic, so-called "fine", cheesecloth purchased much earlier through Amazon would rate 1 or 2 on my scale.

Like others, I am pleased to use unbleached cloth. The mesh size is as specified, and is good for making cheese. It would work even better, and in particular the cheese would eject more easily from the mold, if the thread were thicker, but the cheese knitted and drained properly, so I'm satisfied. I have used up about one square yard and so far have not noticed any defects in the weave.

As I cut the cheesecloth, I seemed to get more loose pieces, and this cloth runs a little more easily than I'm used to when I pull a thread . On the other hand, when I demolded the wheels, I had to remove only a few loose threads from the cheese, and that's the more important thing.

Like the inferior generic stuff I had bought earlier, but unlike the specialty stuff I have been using, this cloth comes well folded. This is important to me, because I make four rectangles each week, each 8.5 x 14.5 inches. The 36-inch wide material, folded twice, makes this particularly easy, but only if it's well folded. I cut off 14.5 inches, refolded this piece quickly to remove a couple of small unwanted folds, and then cut out all four pieces at once. Fast; almost as fast as I boil the water to disinfect the pieces.

Cheesecloth is in theory reusable: wash in cold to remove the bits of cheese, then in hot soapy water to finish. However, I doubt my ability and patience to remove every bit of old cheese, so I use fresh cheesecloth every time, boiled just before use. So price is important, and this cheesecloth I can afford.

I'm wrapped only 8 small wheels of cheddar so far. Perhaps I'll update this review after I gain more experience.

10/25/2014: After 16 wheels, I'm downrating from 4 to 3 for the presence of lint, despite the "lint free" claim on the box. After I gave the manufacturer a chance to explain otherwise (no response yet), I've concluded that a few small pieces of cotton can separate from the cloth and end up on food. These particles are hard to see in the cheesecloth itself, easy to see on creamy white cheese wheels, but perhaps hard to see on most foods. I think another reviewer, complaining about lint among other things, rated this product lower. The lint doesn't bother me as much. I need to inspect wheels carefully anyway after demolding, and removing a few particles of lint takes only a few extra seconds per wheel. Not annoying enough to return my unused package, but probably enough to prevent me from buying again.

10/25: The manufacturer has fully refunded my purchase, so now my cheesecloth is free. No need for that really, but I think it shows that they want satisfied customers. See the comments for more.
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on May 3, 2014
This stuff is worlds better than the loose-weave cheesecloth I was buying from my supermarket's kitchen tools aisle. My main use for cheesecloth is straining homemade nut milks and this product works perfectly in that regard -- absolutely no pulp gets through! It worked so well for nut milks that I decided to try it for straining cold-brew coffee and once again, it performed perfectly. No grounds got through at all, and the cheesecloth was so much faster than my previous method of straining cold brew through an actual coffee filter. I've also used it to squeeze the water/juice out of shredded vegetables such as zucchini, and it works great. It's so durable that you can wash and re-use it multiple times, which makes it a fantastic value. The Brighenti company emailed me through every step of the ordering/shipping process, and since receiving the product they've emailed me to make sure I was happy with it, including recipes and tips for using the product. Outstanding all the way around. Highly recommended!
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on June 1, 2014
I got this for my daughter, who uses a lot of cheesecloth for a variety of recipes but could not find it locally -- fine woven and unbleached. The price was special, too, and it was delivered two days after my order -- even with Amazon Prime, I sometimes get a bit anxious.

Just as I'd hoped, my daughter was delighted to get it, and the first thing that impressed her was its size. With the difficulty of finding the best cheesecloth, she liked knowing this would last for awhile.

Oh -- and with some questions about it, I emailed the company. The care they took to be sure I was happy, was a welcome surprise. With malls and even downtown businesses' being taken over by national retailers, personal attention can be rare. (Sometimes I think about finding our streets' suddenly being returned to "real" owners who know that their customers valued the same personal attention as Brighenti shows.)

All this for cheesecloth???

Yes indeed. Ease of use, and tough-but-fine-textured cloth are as important to proper food preparation as the edible ingredients.

It's good to know where to find it.
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on December 15, 2014
Let me start by saying I'm new to the cheese-making game but this cheesecloth here is NICE!
Its 5 yards. you can cut that and still have more than enough to make a whole bunch of other things
My family used it to make mascarpone and it was delicious. Over the christmas holidays, we are gonna make more cheese.
You can also wash this cheesecloth and re-use it so it pays for itself basically after a few uses.

Not only that, there are Brighenti representatives who are e-mailing to make sure that I am completely satisfied with the product. They even gave me a few cheese recipes (which is nice because I'm still learning everything).
Great product and you have representatives trying to make me happy. What's not to love? I would give it six stars if I could but I can't so five will suffice.
I recommend this product whether its making cheese, tofu, or yogurt or whatever it may be. In conclusion you cannot go wrong with the Brighenti Cheesecloth.
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on November 30, 2014
I soaked it in olive oil and covered the turkey with it prior to roasting. The cloth allowed the skin to stay moist and not burn. When removed for the last hour the browning was completed. This did everything I hoped it would, and there is plenty left for the future. I recommend this product highly.
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on April 3, 2015
We've used this cheesecloth several times now, and so far each use has been great! The only cheese we make is paneer for Indian cooking (haven't branched out to other cheese yet). We don't reuse the cheesecloth so I can't speak to how it holds up to washing. The cloth is definitely a high quality weave, is strong and doesn't break with pressure. It doesn't leave residue and the ends don't fray much, so for the everyday cook this is great stuff!
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I ordered this for cheesemaking. It can be difficult to find the exact right thing when shopping on the internet. This was a coarser weave than what I had hoped for. But now I know more about grades and won't make that mistake again.

It is still good for other things, but not the cheesemaking.
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on December 26, 2014
This Brighenti Cheesecloth is so much better than what I can find locally. The mesh is fine enough that a single layer is all that's needed instead of doubling or tripling the layers, so it goes a lot further than your ordinary cheesecloth. This cheesecloth is much better than I expected. I will be buying from Brighenti Culinary in the future. Thanks!!
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on June 24, 2014
The few times I've needed cheesecloth, I've had to search and search in the horrible cavern that is the Giant Box Store. But no more! AND even better than the ease and convenience of ordering online, the cheesecloth itself is unlike any cheesecloth I've ever found before. It's got a fine weave, so I need fewer layers. It's soft, which I'm sure my yogurt appreciates. It's highly durable - I've washed it out and reused it a few times already. I don't know how this company will stay in business -- I may never have to re-order! They even send you recipes via e-mail. I can't wait to try them! I swear, I might make a scarf out of a portion of it. Or swaddle myself. It's Just. That. Wonderful.
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on January 25, 2015
I use cheesecloth for food preparation and in my artwork and this is the best I have ever purchased. It is an excellent quality (actually to nice for the artwork!). It has a very fine weave and it is soft.
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