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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 14, 2016
This is the 2nd Cheetah TV Wall Mount that I have purchased. This one was purchased for my Vizio E-50 TV (50"). The mount comes with everything you need to install for various VESA mount configurations. What I recommend you use with the install is a stud finder, drill, and associated bit/screw bit.
I also installed the Datacomm 50-3323-WH-KIT behind the TV for cable management so that I could run the include 10' HDMI cable and power inside the wall versus having the cables hang down from the TV. You can't beat this mount for the price; it's sturdy and the viewing angle is adjustable. Because it's in my bedroom, I do have it an angle, which puts the top of the TV about 4.25 inches from the wall. Even at this angle, you can't see any of the cables as you enter the room (the include velcro cable management ties work perfectly.

Like most Amazon shoppers, I count on honest, unbiased reviews. I hope you have found this review helpful in making your purchase decision.
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on April 3, 2012
I rarely write reviews, but I have been installing HDTVs for over 5 years and I am constantly getting questions from people asking which wall mount they should buy. Without exception, I refer them to Amazon and Cheetah Mounts. I've used over a dozen of these mounts for installations, and other than the built-in level being NOT trustworthy, this is a great mount and should work for just about any TV in the 32-65" range. I have used this to mount anything from lighter LCD/LED displays to large heavier plasma TV's and it supports all of them just fine. I have also used other expensive wall mounts in the past and so I can provide a comparative review.

A lot of the reviews say the Cheetah mount looks cheap or flimsy. In comparison to the more expensive mounts, I would agree with that observation. However, when you understand the physics of what the wall mount is actually doing, you'll realize that a bulkier mount really isn't giving you much additional support in a fixed or tilt mount application. That's because contrary to popular opinion, the wall mount isn't really carrying the entire weight of your TV - in fact, with the exception of articulating arm mounts, it's actually not even carrying a majority of it. When the back bracket is installed across two studs (which is absolutely the way it should be done) and the bolts are firmly attached, the bracket, wallboard, and studs become tied together as one cohesive unit. This allows maximum load transfer between the wall mount and the studs, which leaves the studs bearing most of the weight. This concept applies the same whether you use a Cheetah mount or a more expensive mount.

I am not saying that the more expensive mounts that use thicker gauge steel aren't stronger than the Cheetah Mount. I would definitely wager that in a side-by-side test with increasing weights, the Cheetah Mount would probably fail before any of the other mounts I have worked with just based on the gauge of steel differences. But, we're not talking about hanging your Ford Focus on the wall...we're talking about hanging a flat-panel TV and at the end of the day, the mount either holds your TV on the wall or it doesn't. And, the Cheetah Mount does a fine job doing that. This particular Cheetah mount is rated for 32"-65" TV's up to 165 lbs, and I cannot attest to the validity of that because you'll be hard-pressed to find any flat-panel display that comes even close to 165 lbs. The heaviest TV I have ever mounted in the 32" - 65" range is a 65" Panasonic plasma that weighed 100 lbs, and that is considered to be one of the heaviest TV's out there. This mount handled that TV perfectly fine.

A few pieces of advice regarding working with the Cheetah Mount:

1) As mentioned, do not trust the level that is built into the bracket - I have had some that were OK and some that were way off. The separate 6-inch level that is included is sufficient, but if you have a 2-ft or 4-ft level, you'll be most assured of being level.

2) If you don't have a stud finder, invest in one (you can use the money you saved buying this bracket vs. a more expensive one). If you have a stud finder, make sure the batteries are good. The bolts used to attach the bracket to the wall are large, so you want to hit close to the center of the stud to get maximum hold.

3) Connect the cables to the TV before hanging it. You may have to have a 3rd person connect the cables just as you are raising the TV. Once the TV is on the bracket, it will sit so close to the wall that it is almost impossible to maneuver cables around.

Long story short, if you're skeptical trusting your $1,000+ investment to a $25 bracket, don't be. This thing will work just fine, and you'll be patting yourself on the back that you spent so much less on your wall mount than your friends!
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on August 26, 2016
I would have given this 5 stars if it hadnt been for one bolt that I just couldn't get screwed in properly. It wasn't a load bearing bolt, so it was fine, but it still was a little frustrating, given that this was the FIRST time putting it together.

The box and contents are all presented very well. Everything did need to be assembled, but the instructions were nice, and the extras that came with it were just a bonus!. I was able to easily use the level to make sure the mount was straight on the wall. The extra HDMI is nice, but I ended up not using it just because its so thick. I prefer thin flexible cords. There's no reason to make them bulky when its a digital signal. Its either 100% or zero, so might as well go with the smallest most flexible I could find.

I used the kit to mount my 48" tv onto the wall above my fireplace. I also mounted a floating shelf below it to hold my XBOX and cable box. The whole setup just looks great. Especially with the colored LED lights I added to the tv. I've gotten tons of compliments.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the set. I'm sure my bolt issue was just a one off, and in the end, it didnt affect anything. Also, for the price, and for the extras you get, it would be REALLY hard to find anything better out there.

EDIT: I'd just like to say that after writing this review, a representative from Cheetah Mounts reached out to me to address my concerns. I could not be more impressed. Not only did they send me a partial refund for my purchase, due to the slight trouble I had with the stripped bolt, but they actually sent me an entirely new mount at no additional cost. The mount they sent was an upgraded version of this that includes side to side tilt and telescoping as well. Though it was a bit more work to put it together, I could not be happier with the new mount and the customer service team at Cheetah. They went WAY over and above my expectations, and I absolutely LOVE the new mount. Just to clarify, I'm changing my review from FOUR stars to FIVE due to the outstanding customer service and satisfaction team. A++++ guys! Thank you so much!
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on November 9, 2015
I was very skeptical because it was so cheap and thin looking compare to all those thick, monster-truck like mounts. I did see there was over 1,000 positive reviews & couple people who explained why this is still strong because of all the angles they made it to reduce metal and etc. So I decided to try it knowing that Amazon Prime is always on customer's side. :)

It took me a while to do this because this is my first big sized mount I ever did. This is a great mount with EASY disengage pull button and makes it look super nice!!! (see pictures)

But here's why it didn't get 5 star
- Upon opening the box, I noticed that one end of the frame is bent as shown on picture. After discussing with my friend who does a lot of these things, we decided that this probably would not effect integrity of the unit + I already got the space ready which takes a while to do... lol
- Their screw that holds two metal together is not very strong. There's 6 screws total that holds metal frame together in the middle and they wont' tighten very well, meaning I wanted to make sure it's nice and tight and when I tried tighten to my satisfaction, one of them got completely lose. and they did NOT provide extra screws on those whcih they should. So did resolve it by removing washer on that one screw to tighten it.

So I think overall quality is there but they didn't spend as much on those little pieces. But after i built it, i did plenty of testing to try to bend it and picking up TV by hand holding on to the frame only and it seems to be strong enough.

So the TV is up. (55") and it looks real nice. I'll update if anything changes on this but I think this is a good purchase!
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on March 21, 2014
The mount is great and very good quality. For the price I don't think you will find a better product for small TVs. One think to note, if you are mounting a 32" TV, you don't have to use the entire frame, just use half of the horizontal pieces, otherwise the brace will be visible from the side because the entire brace assembled is as wide as a 32" TV. I uploaded couple of images so you can see how the 32" TV is mounted with just half the horizontal frame.
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on July 28, 2016
I was looking to center my 55" LG with VESA 400x400 on a 50" space (tv is 49" wide) between the curtains in my living room. The catch is that there's a stud dead center between the windows, with studs standard-spaced 16" to the left and right. I read dozens of reviews and some have said the mount won't span three studs (to ensure it's centered) and mounting it off-center wouldn't give enough space to slide the TV into the location it needs to be. Even with that in mind, I went ahead and ordered this, figuring I'd need to mount this with bolts to a stud, and buy toggle bolts or drywall screws to anchor the other end of the mount to the sheet rock.

Thankfully, I was able to mount this exactly as I wanted with only the parts included in the box. It is attached to two studs with 4 of the bolt provided and even included the screws needed to attach the tv to the mount. There are tons of extra parts with this mount. It even comes with drywall anchors if you need them.

To install, you will needs a stud finder, a ratchet and sockets (8mm and 13mm if I remember correctly), and a screwdriver.

The only downside is I couldn't figure out a tidy way to hide the release cords. They have cute little blue pawprints as pull-tabs, and three small velcro-like straps are included to help tie up cables in the back, but the pull cords are 16" apart on a 400x400 VESA so it was hard for me to secure them together. I ended up just sort of tucking them up and behind the tv.
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on August 27, 2016
APRIL 2017 EDIT: Revising my review. Same Amazon ASIN B0012S4APK product number. Same Manufacturer's APTMM2B product number on the box. ACTUAL PRODUCT IS VERY DIFFERENT. I've purchased sixteen of these mounts in the past 12 months. I will now be looking for another model to purchase.

The wall part is a large section and small section, instead of two equal width sections. Overall is a bit narrower than the old one making it difficult to mount 60mm wide VESA TVs, plus mounting slots are spaced farther apart making it trickier to mount onto studs. Also, the vertical VESA sections have only one hook per side and the metal appears thinner, so I have no confidence in it supporting the same 165 pound rating as the one with twice the hooks. I ended up borrowing one of the previous mounts from another location. If Amazon won't take this back, I'll use it for a much smaller TV.

In attached photos, the top item is the old one that everyone gave good reviews on. The bottom one is what we are now receiving. I see some other reviews indicating that I'm not the only one this has happened to.

------ OLD REVIEW ------

PRO: Great value for what is included. Does what it claims as a TV wall mount. Flexible for different TV sizes. Includes everything necessary. Strings/handles to unlatch are super handy. Adhesive magnets are handy and are a nice touch, though they aren't very powerful as magnets. Very sturdy once completely put together and wall mounted. Very small packaging for cheap shipping and easy storage before using.

CON: Included accessories of dubious value. Sure, HDMI cable is long and looks nice, but the sleeving makes it super stiff. The included levels aren't 100% level. I got several of these mounts, and the levels don't all agree with each other, or with a level purchased separately. They are _close_ but not quite. The tilt is either almost-but-not-quite upright, or a fixed tilt amount. You can't quite get it completely vertical. Because it is adjustable width for different TV sizes, the connecting part in the middle makes it not completely straight. All of the several mounts I bought have the middle part where it attaches together closer together than the ends.

Overall, because I'm buying the mount and not the accessories, very much worth the money.
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on April 7, 2015
Cheap and effective mount.
This mount has to be built as it came in 6 pieces but that didn't bother me. For some it may be an issue.
I installed this mount on my wall to be used with a Samsung 40" LED Smart TV. There is plenty of space in the center of the mount for my cable box, power outlets, and HDMI/Cable/Internet cables.
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on April 17, 2015
This is a great mount, was easy to assemble and is strong. IMPORTANT NOTE: It holds the TV very close to the wall, nearly flush. If your TV has connections where the cables would stick straight out toward the wall, I highly recommend right-angle adapters for your cables. I needed one for the antenna coaxial so it wasn't pinched against the wall.The included mounting hardware covers virtually all common wall types (I installed on brick). You cannot beat this mount for the price, considering it comes with a level and a good HDMI cable.
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on December 1, 2016
• Easy to assemble with minor caveat described below.
• Best bang for buck I could find after weeks of research/comparison.
• The included level, HDMI cable, and magnetic strips to hold release cords behind TV are great!
• The tilt provides just enough of an angle to comfortably watch from an average height couch that sits about 8 feet away from the TV.
• Holds TV very securely if you screw into studs. They include drywall sockets, but I would highly recommend only using studs for any size TV. Most negative reviews and fallen TV examples I saw were from people who used the drywall sockets. I believe Cheeta Mounts shouldn't even include them to discourage drywall as even being an option, but mount at your own risk.

• Back piece (part that screws into wall) is comprised of 8 pieces that all screw together. This did not seem to cause any lack of structural integrity once assembled, but it did make it tricky to level. I'm OCD about this kind of stuff. I'd say the whole process took me an hour to fully mount and 50 minutes of it was trying to perfectly level the TV. Even if you measure out all the dimensions and drill with perfection, it was literally impossible for me to fully level. Granted, I got it to look visually perfect when a tool isn't used to measure. But knowing that bubble wasn't perfectly centered killed me a little inside. I eventually got over it with only minor PTSD symptoms. Maybe you'll get lucky, but if not this stand is still worth it. Any tilt is barely noticeable to the naked eye.
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