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on June 6, 2014
I was really excited to get this mount for my 4k TV, and spent a lot of time getting it installed just right. I was very disappointed that the TV tilts downwards when it is on the mount. I am a mechanical engineer and now I am considering shims to get the tilt out. The whole mount is pretty well made, except for the part the TV hangs from and the mounts that attach to the TV. If it were a minor tilt I wouldn't be bothered, but it is not minor, very distracting. After all the positive reviews I didn't think I could go wrong, perhaps this is a new design?

The TV looks like it will fall off, I am seeing lots of one star reviews now so something is wrong with the latest version of this mount.


I replaced this wall mount with this: The new VideoSecu mount is superior in every way to the Cheetah. The attachment clips to the TV are twice as wide and heavier gauge than the Cheetah. For $25 more this mount blows away the Cheetah unit.


Carol with SPN has sent a replacement for this unit I am awaiting delivery and will update when I get the new unit.

While it did take some time for them to respond, they seem to really eager to rectify the situation.


SPN did finally send the older version of this mount and now I know why everyone was raving about this mount. It is superior in every way, pre-assembled, heavier gauge metal for the TV clips, and a solid plate to hang the TV off of.

I don't know why they would sell two mounts that are vastly different under the same model number.


I have posted two photos showing the difference between the two units being sold under the same model number. SPN is anxious for me to improve my star rating for this mount, but I let them know that as long as they are selling the inferior unit under the same model number I am reluctant to change the star rating.
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on September 4, 2009
Load testing it (215 lbs!) - [...]

WOW. I bought a cheetah mount that only tilts for my 52" SAMSUNG LCD TV. But the configuration of my living room/kitchen area had me thinking I'd rather go with an articulating wall mount, so I can turn it if I'm cooking or if I have people over on the sectional sofa I can turn it that (the opposite) way. So I bought this puppy (I kept the other tilting-only mount for my bedroom LCD TV which I haven't purchased yet). After taxes and S&H, it came out to $106. A similar product at BestBuy and hhgregg costs well over $300 (bestbuy has some that articulate and tilt that are up to $750!!!)

I'm a civil engineer, I work on designing things as a career. When I opened the box and saw the structural bulk of this thing, I was very impressed. I knew my brand new TV would be secure hanging from this thing. It came with a BUNCH of extra hardware in case you needed to use it (I ended up using the screws they supplied for the connection to the TV, since mine were too short). I also used their spacers to help ensure full thread engagement.

I wanted to install the TV on the wall and run the cables through the wall, so I had a lot of work cut out for me. Also, I live on a first floor condo unit, so my studs were in groups of 3 and only 12" apart. So I had to cut a whole in the drywall and add another adjacent stud to it. The lag screws they supplied are more than efficient. Just be sure to have the right sized screwdriver head to avoid stripping the heads.

Once I got the TV up I load tested it. I brought it out about 3/4 the total extension distance and first pulled down on it a bit. Then I slowly transferred all my weight to the mount. I heard a little bit of stress in the wood, but after all 215lbs of me was hanging from it, I knew that my 66 lb tv would be just fine. It's only upon writing this review that I see it's rated for 180 lbs. so it's a good thing that I didn't see that before load-testing it. even though, being an engineer and all) I know things are derated all the time. The instructions were a little fuzzy, but it's still pretty easy to not screw up.
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on October 23, 2011
Easily Holds my 60" plasma. Tilts and swivels just like it supposed too. Took me about 45 minutes to get the mount up and on the wall (by myself) and another 10 minutes later we hung the TV. Some have mentioned in previous reviews that it doesn't move very easily. This can be adjusted by slightly loosening one of the ny-lock nuts on the swivel points. I wanted mine to be a little stiff, but not quite as stiff as it came. The adjustment was easy.

Some folks said that it didn't swivel to one side as far as they wanted. This is dependent on the size of the TV (how far it extends on the side of the mounts). A smaller TV will get more swivel before it contacts the wall, than my 60" does. I get about 20 degrees of swivel at full extension.

Some of the folks complained about the instructions. I didn't see any issue with them, but I only checked them to see what the plastic spacers were used for (rounded back TV's - most won't need them.) For those that didn't like the instructions, let me briefly describe the mount process. It should be noted that I went out and bought my own mounting hardware (lag bolts, 8mm hex head bolts, washers and lock washers) Also, if your studs are more than 18" apart the mount won't work for you.

- Find the stud locations with a good stud finder (I use a Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Electronic Stud Finder ).

- Make your measurements for how far up on the wall you want the top of the mount and mark location.

- Take a 2 foot level to your height mark and scribe a level line across where the studs are located.

- Find the center of the stud.
-- I use a blunt tip, finishing nail tap holes in the wall till you find the edges.
-- The blunt tip is so it doesn't damage water or electrical lines.
-- Once you find one edge, the other edge will be about 1.5" the other side of it.

- Mark the center of your two edge marks on the scribed level line. This is where you will drill your pilot holes.

- Take your level and scribe a vertical level line down from each of the above locations.

- Determine the correct size bit to use for the lag screw you are using.
-- I used 3/8" x 2.5" lag screws and used 7/32" drill bit for pilot holes.

- Drill the top 2 pilot holes (at least 1/2" shorter than the lag screw length).

- Mount the rack to the wall with the top 2 lag screws. (Leave it just a bit loose)

- Check the level and tighten the screws.

- You should see the vertical lines in the holes for the lag screws, drill the 2nd set of pilot holes at those locations and put in the bottom lag screws.

- Extend the mount to its full out position.

- Adjust the tension on any of the ny-lock nuts at pivot points.

- On the face where the TV mounts there are 5 bolts. Put a level on the plate that holds the TV. Loosen those bolts and adjust for level if necessary.

- Install the tilt lock screws to TV hanging brackets.

- Mount the hanging brackets on the TV , with lock washers(see TV user guide for mounting screw diameter and depth).
-- Mine were 8mm and needed a mounting depth of 10mm - 16mm (.39" - .63") . Adjust depth with washers if needed.

- Use the plastic spacers of you have a rounded back TV.

- Hang the TV, move left or right to center on wall mount.

- Tighten screws on bottom of TV hanging brackets to lock into place and prevent it from coming off.

It looks great on the wall and the 5" off set gives the set a true floating look on the wall. My TV weighs 84 pounds and the mount doesn't even groan or squeak when it is being moved.

A rare 5 star review from me. There might be better TV mounts out there, but at this price point this is an awesome mount. I should also note this is my second Cheetah mount in the house and when I need another one I will be buying this brand.
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on April 1, 2009
I recently purchased a new 42" plasma TV for my living room: the Panasonic TC-P42X1. I bought the TV with the intention of hanging it above my fire place, but was shocked to find out that an articulating mount at Best Buy was $300! So I did what any sane, sensible American would do; I told Best Buy where to stick it and went to browse on Amazon.

After some consideration and reading all of the reviews for various mounts, I decided to go with this Cheetah two-arm articulating mount. Not only was the price less than half of the Best Buy mount, but I also liked the idea of two arms holding my brand new TV.

So I got the mount and found that it was really easy to install. I don't see what all the fuss is about with the directions being "difficult". I think it helps if you have a technical mind (I'm an electrical engineer) because I had no problems with the directions at all. There are no assembly pictures in the directions, so if you are a visual learner, that might be why it's difficult.

Now, on to the mount. It's of very, very, very solid construction. It is made completely out of a steel frame and steel hardware. I had no trouble hanging the mount on my wall studs (and yes this mount is made specifically for 16" spacing, but can go up to about 18"). I would recommend picking up some new lag bolt hardware to hang the mount on the wall, though. I got some 1/4" lag bolts with lock washers from Lowe's pretty cheap. I would also suggest getting a second pair of hands to help you mount this beast. It is quite heavy.

I would also recommend tightening all of the hardware that comes pre-assembled on the mount BEFORE YOU HANG THE MOUNT. I say this because I did not do this and I noticed that one of the bolts that holds the arm was on its way to falling off after I had the mount on the wall and the TV hung. And it's rather difficult to get on those bolts and give them a good torque-ing.

But the action of the mount is fairly smooth. It is a little difficult to move the TV where you want it, but once it's there, I have no worries about it falling down. And the range of motion is superb for my use. I'm able to swing the TV screen approx. 60-70 degrees in either direction.

Now my one complaint about the mount (and the reason behind the 4.5 of 5 stars) is the way the TV sits on the mount. The mount comes with two brackets that attach to your TV and then the TV hangs on the mount via these brackets. The only thing that holds the brackets to the mount is the weight of the TV and a metal bar that runs along the bottom of the brackets to keep the TV from tilting off. This would be okay if I wasn't moving the TV constantly, but I find that with this setup, whenever I push my TV back flat against the wall it always moves a little bit on the mount. It's a little unnerving and a little annoying too since I like the TV to be in the center of the fireplace.

Other than that, the mount is very solid and I would certainly buy one again if I needed to get an articulating mount.
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on June 1, 2012
I've NEVER written a negative review on a product i my life. Here is what happened.

I have a 55" Sony, and it weight less than 60 pounds. I thought this mount would be perfect.... and at first it was. Got the mount fast, and installation was pretty easy. However, after about 6 months, I noticed the mount had a SEVERE downward slant. The metal itself was bending from the weight, and the joints looked like they were starting to warp. I took a bunch of pictures, sent them into support, and never heard back.

Finally, I got in touch with someone (I don't think its fair to call out names in this) who agreed the unit looked faulty, and "said" she sent out replacement pieces. About a month later, I still had not received my replacements, so I called in. Even though I live in LA, and they had the correct address, they shipped them to AZ. They said they were shipping out another set. Another month goes by, and I still don't have them. So I call in again, and now they are saying they cant' help me, I'm outside my 1 year warranty, and that I should take this up with Amazon.

Bottom line... the mount doesn't' hold my TV. It doesn't swivel well, as the joints are all bent. My TV is well within published specs... so the solution is a waste of money. On top of that, the company's policy is terrible, and even though they committed to sending a replacement (which I have no idea if that's true, as they won't provide tracking) they are now backing out on this. And finally, they are based in Puerto Rico on a internet connection, making it nearly impossible to understand them.

So, if you have a TV, and it weight more than 20 pounds, I would NOT trust this mount. Your TV will sag within months, and mine has dropped over 4 inches since installation. That is a LOT for a TV... especially when you install it to line up with furniture etc..

Hope this helps... but it's a disappointment, as I really thought this would be a great solution.
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on August 31, 2013
This is a completely different product than the one listed. They revised it to cut costs and now it's flimsy. Brackets come in multiple lightweight pieces. It's impossible that Cheetah really believes the bracket you hang the TV on could hold 165 lbs. My 50" plasma weighs 97 lbs and when we went to hang it, it started bending the thin metal bracket before we even let it hold all the weight. That's not surprising, considering I can easily bend the bracket with my bare hands, and I don't even lift, bro.

It's really shady that they completely changed the mount and kept the same model number. The old version clearly had 1 piece heavy duty brackets to connect the mount to the wall on one end, and the TV on the other. Save yourself some grief and go with another brand. This will not hold your TV.

Update: I was contacted by Cheetah, and they say they have asked for the new model back from Amazon and asked Amazon to only sell the old model. Apparently the reviews got through. It sounds like they are scrambling to fix the problem, which is encouraging. If you order this product, I would certainly make sure that the one being sent is the old model that matches the pictures here on Amazon. They also offered me a discount on my next Cheetah mount, which I certainly appreciate. If I see that this problem gets solved, I may give them another chance, since their older customers seemed satisfied.
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on October 19, 2013
The mount pictured in the product description is not the current design being produced and sold. If you perform a quick Google search of the Model No. APDAM2B, you will find that the design has changed significantly...and definitely not for the better.

What you are lead to believe with the description is that both supports (back one mounted to the wall & the front one holding the mounts connected to the TV), are made of solid, stamped metal plate. Instead, the new design utilizes a series of small angle bars that the user must screw together. The most disturbing joint is located in the middle of the horizontal span where the articulating arms are mounted. This design will not support anywhere near the advertised 165lbs. Another recent reviewer describes the mount yielding at around 60lbs.

Also to be noted is the reduction of all the support arms. As seen in the picture that I am uploading, both the two arm assemblies performing the articulating feature as well as the two arms being screwed directly into the TV have been reduced in plate thickness and dimension.

Overall, what you see is not what you get. The most popular review of this item appears to have won favor because it was written by a Structural Engineer. Well, this is another review written by another Structural Engineer, and it strongly advises that you stay away from this item because of Cheetah's new design.

There are several company's producing this exact same TV mount (most likely coming out of the same factory), and I will be choosing a "brand name" different from Cheetah that doesn't resort to a new design in order to save a few dollars on materials knowingly commit false advertising in the process.

Side note: Amazon was quick to provide a full return, and even a $5 credit for the inconvenience after some discussion with their representative.
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on January 9, 2015
Well, I learned a very valuable lesson with Amazon and items that have a ton of positive reviews. I usually read the "recommended" reviews, or the ones deemed "most helpful". That method has lead me down the wrong road on this mount. On this item all of the reviews I read and everything else looked excellent: the price, durability, the quality, etc. It looked like a win-win, so I moved forward with the purchase. When the mount arrived, I begin to assemble it, which seemed to be a bit much, there was a lot more assembly that I would have imagined. During the install I discovered that I was missing a few pieces of hardware, specifically a few washers, and a spacer. Not a huge deal, I had some extras that I was able to use. I finally got the mount up, and it seemed very solid, so I hung my 58' Samsung Plasma on it (weighs 140lbs), and the plate that the TV hangs from flexed/bent to the point to where my TV had an obvious downward tilt. I made all the adjustments I could in an attempt to straighten it out, but I was finally able to determine that the material that the mount was made of could not adequately support the weight of my TV.

I fully understand that I have a VERY heavy TV, but my TV is well within the supported specs, so for this mount to perform in this manner is completely unacceptable. So once I discovered this, I was very disappointed. The mount came a day later than the "guaranteed delivery date", it was missing hardware, and it did not perform as advertised. So afterward I went back on Amazon to look at reviews again, but this time I sorted by "Newest first". Once I did that, I saw pretty much all 1 star reviews. Apparently the manufacturer started using cheap materials about a year ago, and the quality of the current product is extremely poor as opposed to the construction that it used to have prior. All of the positive reviews are from a year + ago, look at all the newer reviews of this item, it is complete garbage.

**UPDATE** 4/22/2015
Shortly after I posted this review, I received a call from the folks at Cheetah. They reached out without me requesting a call or anything like that. They seemed concerned about the issue. They sent me a new mount, one that is clearly better built, and more suited for a heavy TV. They did this free of charge, so that's great. It's been about a month since I've had the new mount up, and it seems to be solid. I'm very happy with the new mount and I'm going to change my rating from 1, to 3 stars. The reason I'm not giving it more is because I shouldn't have had to go through the hassle of what I did with the initial mount that they sent me. I'm happy they made it right, but that does't fully excuse them for advertising a mount that has a certain capacity, then sending one that is far inferior and not up to specs. If I hadn't read all the other reviews of the same thing I would chalk it up to getting a defective unit or something like that. But this has been a known issue, and it doesn't appear that Cheetah has done anything about it. So I'm very happy about all the follow ups, and the replacement mount. I'm not happy about the hours of time that I had to invest in the initial mount, all the phone calls and e-mails, all the time invested, etc. That's why this gets 3 stars.
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2012
Everything about this Cheetah Mounts articularing full-motion dual-arm mount really has been excellent: the instructions are well written, you get a variety of extra screws and connectors in case your TV lacks what you need, and the free level plus the level built into the unit plus the free HDMI cable are a nice bonus. The articulations are designed to pull out from the wall, sit as far in as possible (see some of the many customer-posted pictures here), and then swivel horizontally. The vertical tilt is controlled by hand-tightened release knobs on the back just behind the TV: loosen, set, tighten back again.

I installed the Cheetah Mount into the studs using pre-drilled holes (and if you're new to that, they explain how to do it, too) but the mount can also be made to a concrete wall. Although it's a two-person job, I managed to do it all myself in about an hour and a half, deliberately being slow and double-checking stud-finds and measurements. I do not recommend trying to use this for any TV without going into at least one stud if you're not going straight into concrete. The plate is generous enough to reach out to a 24" stud distance if you need it, and for me the plate worked just perfectly at my sometimes-16" wall.

What keeps this unit from being perfect is the fact that your TV may not mount level: like many reviewers here, I was surprised to find the backplate level, the arms level, and then the piece connecting the TV to the arms to be completely incapable of being level: my 39" brand-new TV sits with about a 1/2" drop to it. I can live with this, but some may not be able to. Small levels like the one in the plate and the freebie handheld one are nice, but you really want to use something larger for mounting and just use the hand-level to spot-check.

Not everyone has a level problem, so you may be lucky. Some reviewers had an arm-joint or two be fitted too tight, but I didn't have this problem either. Instead I have a solid (if a bit tilted) mount that holds tight and moves well, and for that I'm happy.
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on November 9, 2012
The mount is "rated" for well over 100 lbs, but it doesn't hold my 94-lb TV without tilting forward. It also tilts side-to-side if the TV isn't perfectly centered on the bracket. And before anyone asks, the mount was perfectly level (well, as perfectly as a bubble level - not the included cheap one - can tell) before hanging the TV on it (I checked level by rotating the level 180 degrees until the bubble stayed in the same spot in each orientation), and the wall is not bowing perceptibly from the weight. The back plate is securely screwed to the wall studs at all four locations and remains level/vertical the entire time.

When I remove the TV, the bracket returns to level. The problem is that the sheet metal lip onto which the TV hooks hang bends forward once the TV is hung, and there is no means provided for leveling.

Also, the four bolts that adjust side-to-side level after the mount is attached to the wall utilize plastic washers (must be decorative; whoever heard of plastic washers for weight-bearing connections?) that deform terribly once you tighten the adjusting bolts.

The bracket also has no means to prevent the TV from sliding sideways off the mount; the rail onto which the hooks hang have no stoppers, screws, or any means of securing sideways motion on the bracket. Who would want to entrust their expensive equipment to such a design?

I'm terribly disappointed in the unit, and I'm dismayed that I'll have to pay shipping and "restocking" fees for a mount that is not capable of its advertised functions.
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