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I purchased this item in the Arugula color 7 months ago. I was using it today and just realized I have never written a review for it. I purchased this chopper mainly to cut onions. I absolutely hate, hate, hate chopping large onions! Not only is it time-consuming but I cry like a baby when chopping onions and I almost need onions regularly while cooking. So I was thrilled when I discovered this product! After 7 months, this chopper has been holding quite well for me, although today I experienced a slight anomaly in the string pull, it wouldn't pull all the way for 2 seconds but worked when I tried again.
- Excellent chopper for hard vegetables such as onions and potatoes. If you see my two pictures with the before and after chopped onions, it took me literally 7 seconds to chop them into small pieces (I counted the seconds). I'm not an athletic person at all and I have average strong lady hands. When chopping onions manually, it would take me several minutes including the breaks to cry and wipe my eyes.
- Because I can chop onions quickly with this chopper, I don't cry anymore
- I have dishwashed every part of this chopper and it has never caused me issues. This is important for me as I also dislike manual cleaning. So I can just put all the part in the dishwasher and forget about it.
- Storage: It's a small chopper that can easily be tucked away anywhere. Or you can choose to have it stand somewhere in the counter as It looks aesthetically pleasing.
- Manual: This may or may not be a pro for you. However I have so many kitchen gadgets that require to be plugged in and I have limited plug-in points in my kitchen. Therefore it's a relief to have a product that does not require any electricity.

- While I love this chopper, it is certainly not versatile. It will not properly chop small vegetables properly. For example, I have been unlucky with chopping garlic. When it comes to garlic, I have to use my garlic press. It also does not chop wet vegetables. I once pushed my luck with a tomato and the outcome was a mess.
- The string requires some pulling which is fine for most ladies. However it might be an issue for senior people, people with arthritis or people with weaker grip etc.
- For those of you who hate to add items in your dishwasher, this chopper becomes an additional item to dishwash after every use. Or for those of you who manually clean utensils, this chopper becomes an additional item to manually clean after use. You also have to be very careful to not cut your hands when cleaning the blades.

When pulling the string for chopping, don't be afraid to pull the string about 7-10 inches away from the chopper. I have realized that the chopping is better when the string is pulled further away. However don't pull the string too fast either. I suspect that the string is not the most resistant quality and it can damage the string.
Bottomline I am very pleased with this chopper as my two main requisites were satisfied (one that quickly chops onions and one that didn't require to be plugged in). I recommend this chopper but make sure you know that this chopper is not versatile and has its pros and cons.
I hope my review was helpful.
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on April 19, 2011
We had a chef'n herb mincer which was similar to this product, but a lot smaller. My hubby used it to chop greens for our tortoises and it made the chore a lot easier. He was pretty upset when the herb mincer broke so I went on Amazon to find a surprise replacement. The only thing I found that was close was the VeggiChop. I am so glad that I ordered it! Not only does it hold a lot more of the greens than the herb mincer, but it also chops or minces onions, garlic and just about anything else in seconds! We have even used it to chop tomatoes without turning them into a pulpy mess. I can fit a whole large onion (quartered) in this thing and there are no more watery eyes to deal with! I was curious as to the capacity of the bowl because it oddly has no indication of that in the product description that I saw. I was able to fit 3 cups of liquid in the bowl, so that at least gives some idea of its size.. The plastic circle that is used as the handle to pull the string is very large and easy to grasp. We really love this chopper so much that the only problem we've had with it has been sharing it with each other :)
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on October 20, 2016
I bought this for my sister as a wedding present. I had already bought her a fantastic knife set from amazon for her bridal shower, so I just needed a small something so I didn't show up empty handed. When I asked her what she wanted for her wedding gift she said an onion chopper. She is not a cook by any sense of the word, so this thing really didn't have to be amazing for her to find it useful. I read all the reviews of several choppers as well as watched several videos. Now, please understand. My sister is a woman/child. Yes she is nearing 30 but she wants to find something fun in order to use it (even kitchen appliances). So... enter a pully thing chopper. How could that not be fun. About a week after her wedding I was at her house... I said.. Ty.. how was the chopper have you used it? She said OMG that thing is amazing!! 3 pulls and everything was chopped. She said that her (new) husband had to tell her that it was time to stop with the pulling before the onions were liquefied. The funniest part of this story is my mom had just spent the better part of an hour chopping veggies at my sisters house (before I arrived). Only to find out later that there was a miracle chopper on site. So it seems that not only is this extremely effective, it is also very fun to use. I think that the lid that comes with it for storage is a great bonus. Needless to say.. my mom is probably getting one for Christmas. LOL
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on December 31, 2016
I filled this chopper with various foods and it chops them all great. Onions, tomatos, garlic, carrots, celery, etc. Add seasoning before chopping and it mixes the seasoning really well when chopped. Absolutely perfect for making salads, dips, sauces, etc. The pull handle never got stuck, twisted, or anything. The lid snaps on tight and the extra storage lid is convenient when storing left over salsa dip. Really handy kitchen item.
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Top Contributor: Petson December 3, 2017
Excellent chopper. Works great, only takes a few pulls. I use this for onions, peppers, garlic, and making salsa. You still have to contaminate your fingers and nose by peeling and cutting onions into chunks to put in, but there is no alternative unless you can afford to hire a personally chef. I put the whole ring/lid in the dishwasher (at my own risk, it's not supposed to) and everything is easy to clean. I've been using this for two months and blades nice and sharp. You occasionally get one or two pieces of too large barely chopped onion or whatever, but I'm totally satisfied with this product. My mom tried mine and wants one of her own for Christmas.
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Let me tell you about a tool that no kitchen should be without. I first tried the Tupperware version a couple years ago, and when I looked online for one, the price was way more than I was willing to pay. So I looked around on Amazon and decided to take a chance on this less expensive model. I give it 5 stars! The bonus is that it's bigger than the Tupperware model, and the handle is easier to hold onto when pulling.

It would work fantastic for pureeing foods for beginning eaters, or for blending fruits/juices for popsicles. I've made small batches of dip, salsa, and guacamole with mine, but my main use is mincing ginger and garlic for stir fry.

It is very sharp! I cut my finger pretty deep on it once, and it hurt for several days! Respect it, and love it!

This is the link on Amazon:

Here is the Tupperware model I originally thought I wanted, until I found the one I eventually bought, and love! Granted, the one at this link isn't quite as pricey as when I first researched it. The one I found at the time was $65, which is completely ridiculous, and this one is $37.82 (still too high when you can get a better one for half!) with 2-day shipping for Prime members:

And my granddaughter really enjoys making informational videos, so I'll try to attach ours! I guess I can't upload a video using the app, so here is a link to where I originally posted it.
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Top Contributor: Babyon September 9, 2017
This chopper is amazing!! I love cooking, but used to absolutely HATE chopping onions... until someone gave me this chopper! Now I simply have to quarter the onion, throw it in the chopper, pull the handle about 10-15 times, and they're ready to be used! No more teary eyes or spending a long time chopping onions. The cup is big enough to fit a whole onion... I think the capacity is 3 cups. There's tons of other uses to this as well... you can chop pretty much anything from herbs, veggies and fruits, to making salsa and guacamole.

The blade, the plastic container and the storage lid are dishwasher safe, which makes for an easy clean up. I usually just wipe the lid clean, since I'm almost exclusively using it for onions.

This is the second time I'm purchasing this same chopper, the first one broke after about 4 years of use. I used to wash the lid in the sink with my other dishes though, and I think the cord on the inside of the lid must have deteriorated and come apart, because nothing happened when I pulled it. So make sure to only wipe the lid clean. Although, to be honest, this chopper is so amazing, it's totally worth replacing it every 4 years if that's what it takes!
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on April 8, 2017
The idea of this chopper is excellent, however because the directions won't allow me to properly clean it after use I wasn't able to continue using it. If you're planning on just chopping dry items like nuts, etc., this is ok. But be wary of chopping veg that becomes wet. the bottom of the lid gets stuck to the container and it will be hell to open. The chopper will be great the first few times you use it, but after a few months, good luck. If you don't mind using a dirty chopper -- you'll be surprised at how nasty it gets underneath the plastic that covers the lid. this is the area that the instructions say that shouldn't be cleaned or soaked. I personally like clean, so this chopper isn't for me. Will look for another chopper and just use the plastic container. It was a $20 learning experience. Good luck.
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on December 3, 2017
Perfect Chopper, fourth one I have bought. I love it so much I give it for gifts. Everyone loves it. I gave one to my niece and her Dad liked it so much I got him one too! The more you pull the ring the finer the chop. I use it for salsa, carrots for salad topping, celery, onions. If you need it chopped this is your easiest solution. It comes with a top if you want to use for storage of the chopped food if not clean up is easy. Just wipe and put away the top and wash the bottom as you would anything else. Why lug out a food processor when this is s easy peasy!
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on November 28, 2014
WOW! Whomever invented this should be proud of themselves. I wish it had been me. :) This is a GREAT little gadget!

1. The sweeper arm on the bottom prevents chunks of food from getting stuck under the chopping blades. No more fishing out and re-chopping! Food items are evenly chopped. I'm totally chuffed over that bottom sweeper feature.

2. No electricity needed! It's small enough to be easily stored.

3. The pull action is so smooth and easy that my bum shoulder doesn't have any problems with it.

4. I have tiny hands, but even my hubby's big hands easily fit into the big pull ring. A young child, with supervision, would find it easy to help in the kitchen.

5. I can't believe how easy this is to use, and how evenly it chops various items. It's easy to clean, too: water and a tiny bit of dish soap; with a few pulls, it's clean.

My stupidly expensive Cuisinart food processor is such a piece of crap (so poorly designed) that it's going right to the thrift store -- this week. I'm sticking with my Chef'n from now on.

It'd be great to have a taller version with maybe 3 or 4 sets of blades, or a larger diameter one with longer blades, but I'm thrilled with this one. If a bigger one comes out...I'm buying it immediately! In fact, I'm buying two of them, or more. I got 2 of these, but am going to order 2 more for Christmas gifts.

No, I wasn't paid to write this review, I wasn't asked to do so, and haven't a clue who benefits from it. I just know a good product when I meet one, as do most of us. I can't say enough about this little gem -- I hope it's sturdy enough to hang together well for a good while. It's a GREAT little product.

UPDATE: 1/11/2016
I can't believe this much time has passed since my review in 2014, but this little food chopper is just as sharp as it was the day we opened it. I know I said that I hoped it would hang together for a good while: looks like it's doing just that. :D We still use it a LOT, fling it in the dishwasher, and it's ready to go. I love how it's compact enough I can store it in one of my bottom kitchen drawers and leave plenty of room above it.
UPDATE: 12/12/2016
Nearly a year after my last update - and it's STILL super-sharp, tough as can be. It's beautifully made - I love it.
UPDATE: 01/06/2018
Wow. It's STILL super-sharp, going into the 4th year of heavy home use (purchased 26th Nov., 2014). I'm seeing a lot of "wanna-be" copies of this pull chopper, but none seem to have the generously sized blades as this little work horse from Chef'n. Once again - kudos to the manufacturer! Ya done good. :)
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