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on August 18, 2017
I'm ancient, I'm a home cook, and I'm thrilled with this knife sharpener. The Chef's Choice 120 is my third generation of knife sharpeners. I bought it because of the Cook's Illustrated/ATK recommendation. My previous sharpener was the inexpensive Accusharp, also purchased because of a CI/ATK recommendation. DO follow the exhortation of so many previous reviewers: read the instructions! I've done so, and have very slowly progressed with sharpening of all those of my knives which need sharpening. The result is that they're not quite at the Bob Kramer stage (using one's chef's knife to separate a rope of hemp with one swipe), but they're much sharper than they ever were with the Accusharp, and perfectly sharp to equal safe kitchen use. The instructions that come with the Chef's Choice are both incredibly comprehensive and incredibly easy to follow, so DO read them carefully. Photo: first-generation hand-held stone, purchased circa 1970. Note the curvature. I spent an entire paycheck to buy my first Sabatier and, after a decade or two, it ended up similarly curved. However, I still keep the stone because it's invaluable for sharpening the outrageously dull knives in a church kitchen!
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on June 12, 2011
I had previously and happily owned a Chef's Choice 3 Stage Diamond Hone. I published a favorable review of it online, yet after 10 years , one of the honing pads came loose and it was unusable. I received this product as an early Father's Day gift. The best price we could find was here. The shipping was free & and it arrived on time.

The new Chef's Choice Diamond Hone is even better than the older model. From long experience, I easily created a burr in stage 1 and effortlessly, languidly, continued through stage 2. The stropping and polishing in stage 3 was new, but the techniques/mechanics of the operation were the same. The big point here is to read the instructions thoroughly, probably more than once if you are new to this. It is actually simple to do and I could easily teach anyone in person how to do it, but reading and learning by yourself is a bigger challenge. Take your time and practice, learn, and enjoy the process! Once you get it, it only takes 2 or 3 minutes to make a dull knife wickedly sharp.

As a retired catering chef, I own an array of commercial grade cutlery, from inexpensive to somewhat expensive. Some of my knives are 20+ years old and all are, once again, capable of gliding through the food I am carving, slicing and dicing. No more pushing and forcing these knives to do the work - it even sounds different cutting with a razor-sharp knife! I had to slow down and re-acquaint myself to using these sharp, sharp, SHARP blades.

I would have given this product five stars, except it claims to sharpen serrated knives. Sadly, this is not the case at all. I tried sharpening 2 of my serrated knives and could discern no difference. What this product does, it does exceptionally well, but it does not do all that it claims to do.

March 2017 - This product is still working fine!
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on June 22, 2017
This sharpener seems to work well. While I enjoy sharpening knives by hand, when it's time to process chickens and wild game, I decided those knives were better served using this sharpener. I was spending too much time doing all those knives by hand. We are not using high end kitchen knives so they don't hold an edge for a long time. This sharpener is easy to use and my wife takes care of keeping them sharp. After initially sharpening them, she uses then 2nd and 3rd slots during subsequent sharpening sessions. This seems to work the best for our knives.
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on January 14, 2017
Not quite as nice as an edge as what I could formerly achieve with a 3-stone oil stone and a diamond hone, but close enough. When one can nicely sharpen ever knife in the house in just a few minutes (from very long to even short paring knives) when having only the experience of reading the directions, one is very pleased.
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on September 5, 2016
I have always kept my knives sharp with a two-sided stone and a steel. My stone broke so I looked for an electric alternative. I chose this model based on reviews and the price. This is an amazing little machine! I used to take five or so minutes to re-sharpen a chef's knife. I sharpened all of my kitchen knives, six in all, to a great edge in less than 20 minutes. I have not yet tried this on a serrated blade.
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on January 18, 2017
I was packing it up into the box to return when I finally broke down and read the directions. I was leaving out the most important part which is establishing the burr which essentially turns into the razors edge.
It does take some practice
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on January 28, 2016
I've owned every gadget possible for sharpening kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, etc. This is by far the best, most consistent sharpener I've ever used. Everything from my Henckels and Wustof's to my Swiss Army knife haven't been this sharp since new. I use to think I got my knives sharp by hand but this is much, much better as well as faster and easier. Depending on the type and use of the knife you can choose which stages to use which is extremely useful. For instance my hunting knives are perfect after the first 2 stages without using the strop. For kitchen use we mostly use the 2nd and 3rd stages. For razor sharp edges a few extra passes over the strop does the job.

There is a big price difference between the various colors. If you want one of the more expensive colors you might consider the 2 stage models since the first stage sees little use. I went with the cheapest color model 120 which was only $20 more than the 2 stage. Do your research on the chef's choice website to be sure you buy the right model for you.

Additionally this is the same sharpener as the Wustoff electric sharper without the Wustoff name stamped on it.
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on December 14, 2013
Purchased this a couple years ago after doing a lot of research. I'm not disappointed. I have an older set of Old Homestead knives. They were serviceable but not great, as I struggled to keep them sharp with various hand sharpeners or stones. Since using the Chef's Choice sharpener, they are so much better. I suppose an expert could do a better job with stones and professional tools, but for me it is great to keep nice sharp knives with very little effort.

The first sharpening with this product took a while to set the dual-bevel. The first course slot sets a shallower bevel, then the second slot cuts a steeper final bevel. The final stage de-burrs that final edge. The first stage removes metal aggressively to get that first bevel and takes several passes if your knives are old. I only used that the first time. Then the second and third stages bring the razor edge.

After that, I re-sharpening occasionally but only use the last two stages. In only a few passes the knives are back to excellent condition. The edges hold nicely.

My only problem is that I'm now spoiled. It is so frustrating when I help cook at someone else's house and have to use dull knives. Now I bring my knives with me, or take my Chef's Choice to sharpen their knives just to avoid the frustration.
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VINE VOICEon April 16, 2006
Nothing beats a good whetstone, but you need to not only know how to use one correctly and hold your blade at a very precise angle, but you also have the time to do it right. I originally bought the (much) cheaper two-stage Chef's Choice sharpener which was great for quickly and accurately honing cheap kitchen knives. I've even used it on machettes, anything with a flat grind can be sharpened with these things...

Since upgrading to high-end Shun knives, however, I was uncomfortable with the amount of metal the old one removed and the rough finish it left. After heavy daily use, a manual honing rod simply isn't always enough to keep your blades razor sharp so you'll either need a whetstone or a mechanical device. Dull knives not only work poorly, but they are dangerous to use as well. I've tried the Lansky rod system but it's very hard to hold certain knives in the clamp, which also leaves scratch marks. Not an acceptable solution for $125 plus blades. Sooo, I've upgraded to this device to supplement my whetstone.

This one costs three times as much as the two-stage model, but it works at least three times better. Gradations between the hones is excellent and the third wheel leaves a nice smooth finish. After the initial sharpening you'll probably never use the first one again on any given knife but it's nice to have available. The guides work very well too, helping you maintain a consistent, accurate grind. The down side is that you cannot sharpen hunting knives, daggers, or other blades with a diamond grind or large center spine. Anything flat-, tapered, or hollow-ground works fine. Be cautious not to remove too much material with repeated use though--the diamond hone wheels are very quick and efficient, sometimes more so than you'd expect... They seem to hold up quite well over time too.

All in all I'm glad I bought it. Still need to do things manually from time to time depending on the type of blade and how delicate I need to be, but this really is a top of the line sharpener. Recommended.
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on February 1, 2015
I, like others who have written a review, learned to put a keen edge on on anything that cuts over the last 60+ years from my first pocket knife to fine kitchen cutlery, saws, planer blades, and anything that must be sharp to be effective using stones, devices, jigs, gadgets, et al., and yes, I can shave the hair off my arms. However, manual sharpening, even though enjoyable, is very time consuming and I just don't want to spend the time anymore. The Chefs Choice 120 will do an excellent job on all your fine knife edges if used properly. IMPORTANT: Read the owners manual, take your time, and use a gentle hand. The benefits of three facet blades far outweigh single facet stone ground edges.
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