Customer Reviews: Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (2nd US Edition)
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on August 29, 2013
I have just bought this brand new 3rd edition and compared it with my 1st edition. They are almost exactly the same, even down to the page numbers. This is an old scam by textbook publishers, but usually they will at least change around the table of contents and put in new diagrams, photos and tables. Not so with this title.

And if the 1st and 3rd editions are almost exact copies, then I'm sure the 2nd edition would be fine too.

Also, do not think that you need to buy the "Custom Edition" for your school, it's just the campus bookstore's and publisher's way of keeping you off Amazon and charging you double for an already overpriced book.
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This is a new textbook for general chemistry. Yes, there a quite a number of general chemistry texts and they all cover roughly the same general material. They differ more in how they organize the material, illustrate it, and their method of helping the student develop a solid understanding and command of this basic material. The student not only needs to learn the basic facts of chemistry, she needs to learn how to think about it so when she looks at the world, she can see and understand the issues as they relate to this vital science.

Dr. Tro begins this book by explaining how the text was developed and provides instructions for the student on how to make the most of the book. I liked this a great deal. He starts the book by providing what he thinks is the most important scientific idea in all of human knowledge: "the properties of matter are determined by the properties of molecules and atoms". From there he builds all the principles taught in general chemistry. He also define chemistry as: "the science that seeks to understand the behavior of matter by studying the behavior of atoms and molecules".

Each chapter is organized in a similar fashion and a great deal of emphasis is placed on making the illustrations demonstrate a principle - a process - rather than an isolated picture. Tro also has interesting articles of chemistry in various fields in different chapters and he often introduces ideas with practical issues that will likely matter to the student.

For review, at the end of each chapter he goes over the key concepts taught, the key equations and relationships discussed, and the key skills that the student is expected to have learned. He provides exercises to test one's mastery of the material that the student can answer for himself. The problems are organized by chapter topic. Those listed with blue numbers have answers provided in the back of the book. There are also cumulative problems that build on skills learned previously, challenge problems, and conceptual problems that go a bit further than the minimum requirements of chapter mastery.

Besides Appendix III with selected answers, there are others with key equations, useful data, and a glossary. And there is a good index, as well.

I think it is a handsome and very useful text for teaching and learning general chemistry. A general reader could benefit from studying from it because it is clear and engaging enough that one can work through what is being taught.
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on December 7, 2008
This is an excellent book that gives wonderful examples that clarify confusing concepts in chemistry. Granted, this book does have a few things that are less than desirable (exothermic/endothermic reactions are confusing because Tro does not clearly define what the "system" is; wave diffraction is confusing but that is really a physics topic, etc.). However, the way Tro sorts out problems (sort, strategize, solve, solution, check) is amazing. To truly reap the benefits of this incredible book though, the serious student should purchase the instructor's solutions manual (all reveiw questions and every problem at the end of each chapter). The link to buy this solutions manual is:


Well worth the cost for serious chem students!
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on May 7, 2009
As a beginning chemistry student this spring, I loved this book (1st edition) initially. The first 5 chapters were clear, easy to learn from, with excellent questions in the back of the book. I really enjoyed it. But then, the book really fell down. It would have made sense to include balancing in acidic and basic media in the earlier balancing discussion, rather than burying it in chapter 18. The text made little sense, and was rather dull, and then the examples did not enlighten. The problems in the back of the chapter were no help on the exam. From there through chapter 10, our class ended up veering away from the text material, so that now, in orbitals and Lewis dot structure, I'm using the web, rather than the textbook. Thank god for Google books and Wikipedia and all those who've generously posted study material out there. Further, it should be noted that there are wrong answers periodically throughout the books, and scientific notation and rounding is inconsistently applied. I suspect a revision or two, with someone rewriting several chapters entirely will make this an excellent text.
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on September 1, 2013
Sigh.. almost 200 dollars down the toilet. I also compared this book to my 1st edition--about to chapter 11; it was about 98 percent identical. The only things that seemed to have changed were the font sizes and the colors used in some of the pictures.. the information was the same. Yeah, like that should ever warrant spending almost 200 dollars. Don't buy this book
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on September 9, 2011
I used this book for General Chemistry 1 and 2, and overall I think it's an awesome textbook. Though some of the explanations are a little vague, Tro did a really good job providing pictures and examples. My advice, though, take Intro to Chemistry if you haven't had chem in a while because this textbook builds on what you already know about chemistry. If you can't remember how to balance redox reactions or chemical bonding, don't skip ahead of yourself. Tro explains it well enough, but it's not from the top as if you've never seen the material before. As to MasteringChemistry, it was alright. Sometimes it was confusing, especially when you have to write out the entire equation digitally. Took us forever! It does provide a lot of practice problems, which is what is needed for chemistry. Great for individual and classroom study!
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on January 20, 2010
This textbook is FANTASTIC! My favorite feature in this textbook are the examples. Each example is written step by step with instructions on one side, with the problem worked out next to it. After each example is a practice problem which enables the student to reinforce the new techniques using a similar problem. I had a very enthusiastic professor for Chemistry, who had difficulty communicating the subject as English was not her primary language....this being said, this textbook made it easy for me to get an "A" in the course, and also served as a good foundation for my future Chemistry courses. Honestly, a student could easily learn Chemistry from this textbook with little or no assistance from their instructor!!
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on October 2, 2013
If you're chemistry challenged, like me, this book is great, because it breaks everything down so it's easy to read and understand. My teacher is very hard to understand, so this book really helps me understand things.
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on October 27, 2013
This book has an incredible number of errors amongst the answers provided at the back of the book. It is difficult to know if you are doing something correctly, when multiple "answers" are wrong in every single chapter. I have even taken my questions in and worked problems with my professor to insure that I am not the one making the mistake. They really need to edit more carefully in the future. It is extremely frustrating, and is to the point that it is inhibiting my learning. The author has a ton of books out- it really makes me think his priority is churning out books as quickly as possible, not providing a high quality learning material. The chapters are written fairly clearly, on the other hand.
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on October 3, 2013
I love this book. Normally, I am not too good at chemistry. After reading the chapters and understanding the material written in this textbook, I am doing excellent in chemistry. I definitely recommend this book to any person who wants to learn chemistry. It explains different situations and problems sublimely.
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