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on October 7, 2015
Addendum: Edited -This program WILL run on newer MAC OS's all the way up to El Capitan! See Comment at end of Review for details!
This is the LAST Chessmaster Program that will STILL run in MAC OS X --as long as its Ver.10.6.8 'Snow Leopard' --which is the LAST Mac OS that Apple supported the use of the "Shell" Program known as "Rosetta" in, which must be installed to allow Chessmaster (and most other Legacy MAC programs that needed Power PC Processors) to run inside the "Shell" Program known as "Rosetta" When you first try to run Chessmaster (or any other 'legacy' Mac Program) a message will appear saying 'Rosetta' is needed to run that program, would you like to install 'Rosetta' now? Click 'yes' and it will quickly download from Apple and install. On a strange side note about 'Rosetta' is that this program does NOT show up ANYWHERE after its installed! There is NO program "Rosetta" in any directory on the computer, and it does not show up as a running 'process' in any Utility Program! (which means it would be impossible to "uninstall" Rosetta) What I have determined through testing, etc. is that this Rosetta "Shell" Program, which, through Software, is emulating a Power PC environment, to permit Chessmaster to run, is ITSELF consuming a TREMENDOUS amount of Computer Resources, CPU Processing Power, memory. etc. and consequently, when running CHESSMASTER, you SHOULD NOT be RUNNING ANY OTHER PROGRAM simultaneously!!! That's why other reviewers are complaining about crashes, freezes, etc. I tested this program on an early 2009 MacBook Pro with 2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 'Penryn' Processor and 4 Gb RAM (the max supported in that computer) and with several utility programs, was able to determine that Chessmaster / Rosetta were consuming up to 100% of the computing "Processes" --and at least 50% of the processor's 'activity' --causing processor to heat up considerably, often approaching 80* C (176* F), resulting in computer's fans running at MAXIMUM speed of 6,000+ rpm ! ! When I get a chance, I'd like to try this program on an early 2011 Macbook Pro (LAST Model that came with Snow Leopard) which has an even faster Processor and twice as much memory, and see if it runs any better, hopefully not taxing the Faster Processor as much! I am puzzled by some Reviewers that claimed they were able to run this program under MAC "Lion" and "Mountain Lion" -allegedly facilitated by some sort of mysterious "patch" reportedly obtained from some vague source... if legitimate, why isn't this information listed on the support website? (all they have there is the Ver. 1.1.3 'update' download) I would LOVE to be able to run this program under 'Lion' or 'Mountain Lion' -but will believe when the alleged "patch" is forthcoming! Many negative reviewers also complain about the nusance "copy protection" imposed by program not running unless DVD is in the drive... Yes, its annoying, but as some reviewers have noted (admittedly, this is a small consolation), once program launches and is running, you CAN remove the disk from the drive (which I do, to save wear and tear on the drive, which would keep spinning) So, all in all, I like all the tutorials and features available in this program, and am glad I can still run it on some 2011 and earlier Apple Computers with OS 'Snow Leopard' It is a shame there is no comparable Chess Program currently available that will still run on the newer MAC OS's (although a Bear Bones, Scaled Down Chess Program IS included in all the MAC OS's and also in Windows 7)
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on April 7, 2013
CM 9000 is the last upgrade of the Chess Masters for Macintosh.
I purchased the product from in 2005, January. Thanks
And this is why. There have been complaints that CM 9000 will not work on Lion or Mountain Lion.
The product will work with Mountain Lion.
This is what has to be done. 1. Contact Feral, the company that produces CM9000.
2. Locate your CM 9000 purchase receipt. retains your copy in Your Account.
3. Print the receipt as a PDF to your computer.
4. After the company contacts you, submit as requested an attachment of your CM 9000 purchase receipt.
5. Feral will contact you on how to get the game to run on Mountain Lion.
What is known is that the current update 1.1.3 will need to be downloaded.
As with the Windows version, to play the game you will need to place the DVD in the drive.
If you do not own a copy of CM9000 buy it from as indicated saves your receipt in case you need it.
As to who used CM, The late Grandmaster, Larry Evans. The product will play a game either on low or high level. You decide.
The product teaches. (Josh Waitzken). Included in CM9000 are famous games. If you need to learn how to play this is the product to buy.
If you know how to play on a high level, this product is just right for you.
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on June 7, 2013
You can't play it without the disk present. Not just during installation, but every time you want to play. So if you want a chess program that you can put on your MacAir and carry around with you, this is not the one for you.

If you're desperate, though, I should note that the disk is only necessary when you first start up the program. If you then close the lid and eject the disk, the program will still be playable when you reopen the lid, even though the disk is not present.

That other reviewer was right, though: it clearly doesn't work well on a Mac. All sorts of hangups and software conflicts.
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on December 20, 2010
After playing one match, Chessmaster for Mac wouldn't work anymore. I wrote the company which sent me an email giving me a fix suggestion and saying, essentially: we really don't know why the problem exists. So Sorry. (Earlier I had bought Chessmaster 6000 for Mac...ebay, unopened package. It didn't work either.) My next email to them was ignored. We all know this is a great game, but it really doesn't work with Mac. And, someone, please tell me how they get away with such shoddy technical support? Wouldn't I love to sell a product which, if it doesn't work, well, too bad.
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on September 10, 2014
This is listed as a program that works on the Mac. I have had so many problems trying to get this to run on my Mac. I consider myself to be a technological savvy person. I was disappointed with this product. I do NOT recommend this product. You WILL be disappointed. It was a complete WASTE of money!
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on January 3, 2013
This is the worst chess software. I am writing this in year 2013, I have latest Mac book pro. I was too excited to get this software but as soon as I loaded the software my disappointment know no boundaries. I have used other chess software in 2007 or in 2006. Much much better then this useless software. In other software the the graphics were too too too good. I could change angle of chess board increase or decrease the size of chess board; the chess sets were much better then this one, and had much better 3d effects. Adding to that this software hangs up any time.

Please please do not buy this money westing and disappointing software
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on December 8, 2013
I does not work, I have a Mac pro purchase 3 years ago, I was not able to install it, finally I took it to the Apple store today to get help, the guy say the disc is too old for my kind of mac, he kept going with techie stuff, the bottom line is it does not work on my Mac.
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on March 30, 2016
It does not work on my computer since it is very old program for the OS that I use!!! So, this is a big tragedy for me. You must have written prerequisites for the customers. I am using YOSEMITE OS. My mac says this game is appropriate for previous mac systems. I don't know how you could make it up???
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on April 16, 2012
Have been a fan of Chessmaster since versions 2000 & 3000. Since my versions won't work on my W7 machine, and definitely not on my MACs, I was a bit disappointed in reading the reviews stating it wouldn't work on latest MAC OS. I emailed the vendor directly asking for clarification on this, and they pointed me to a patch from their website. So with a possible patch, I decided to order this game, and finally arrived. I was able to install without issue, and following the inst. on how to get the patch, I was able to install and run on both my Macbook Air Intel dual core, running OS 10.7.3, as well as Imac running 10.7.3. Not sure if it's patch related, but I also am not having to rely on having the DVD always in. Once I installed to the Applications folder, and downloading & installing patch, I am able to FINALLY play this great game again - without issue.

For those who have the latest OS, but have been apprehensive about getting this game, go for it. Patch provided by vendor works, and no need for cd once it's installed.

Inst. I received from vendor that worked for me are:

Thank you for your interest in Chessmaster 9000.

In order to play this game within the latest Mac OS 10.7 Lion, you will first need to ensure that the latest Intel version of the game is launched, as Lion does not support PowerPC applications.

You may download the patch from: [...]

In order to apply the patch, please open Applications/Chessmaster9000. In this folder will be several files. Drag the 'Chessmaster 9000' application file to the trash. Now, copy your downloaded Chessmaster 9000 1.1.3 app from the EN folder and paste it into your Chessmaster application folder.

Once this has been done, you may launch the game.

If you continue to experience problems after carrying out the above, please attach a support report to your reply - this is generated on the Support tab of the pre-game options window.

Best Regards,


David Joost
Customer Support Specialist - USA
Chicago, IL Satellite Office
Feral Interactive Ltd. - London, UK
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on January 3, 2011
Having converted to a Mac 2 years ago, had been looking for teaching-type chess program I could continue to play and stay fresh-minded. Chessmaster 9000 definitely has the same tools as the PC-version, but the gameplay isn't the same. The program is really slow (and nothing else is on our Mac), and it is really ANNOYING that you can't re-size the viewing window. Still, the worst is that the program PAUSES when you switch to another active window. What's the point of having the best tool in Chessmaster (game analysis/annotation), if you have to have chessmaster active the whole time! And even when not switching to a different window, if you analyze with more than 15 seconds per move, it freezes when you try to start the replay with comments! UGH!!

Overall, the program has the same tools, but unless you have a powerful Mac (lots of RAM, HD space), or you ONLY want to play the chessmaster game (avoiding all multitasking opportunities), pass on this game, or buy a $250 PC laptop with the PC version of chessmaster.
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