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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 9, 2014
First, an important note: Amazon has a policy of combining ALL reviews of ALL formats of a movie title and posts on all those formats. So, it is important to sort reviews by "Current first" and then look to see which format the review is commenting on (it's there). As of today there are over 1300 reviews posted under this title but none - to my knowledge - are of the new 2014 Blu ray version Diamond Edition of this wonderful musical. So this may be the first. Also be aware that - to my knowledge - the Amazon Instant version may include the newly restored print (which is on the new BD set - but does not contain any of the "Bonus material" which - as you will see here - is SUBSTANTIAL. With that said, on to the review.

It honestly is not good use of your time for me to discuss the film itself here. For that, you might want to choose "Most Helpful" and read those reviews. So I won't discuss the plot, musical number, etc here if they were on the earlier releases. Also, you should know that there are two discs in the new package. One is a standard DVD and is virtually the same as the previous DVD release with a full length Director's Commentary and a featurette on going from the Broadway stage version to the film version. Plus there is one song that was deleted from the film. Heck that is a lot of bonus material....... But wait.

The other disc is a Blu ray which contains the gorgeous new "HD" print with even better sound. (Since, when I watched the original DVD of this film, it was on a standard-def TV I wasn't seeing much anyway. Now with my larger 42-inch HD screen it looks great. But that's not all. The package cover states that there are "Over two ours of NEW bonus material". I wasn't sure if this was a ploy - after all the film runs just under two hours - but they were right. The BD disc contains a new multi-part documentary that covers nearly all aspects of the film (casting, screenwriting, costuming, and auditions) and runs 2 hours and 20 minutes! The longest section is the 33-minute one on casting each major actor. All of them were recently interviewed as well as the creative team. Yes, there are obviously clips from the film to illustrate the comments but the interviews take up most of the time. I will warn you that this is a "love fest" and you will hear nary a negative comment. You will hear a lot of "he/she was PERFECT", "He/she is astounding" and "he/she is a remarkable singer/dancer/actor". It's almost too positive and the superlatives fly a bit too often. But you will certainly know more than you ever expected to about this film and Broadway musical fans will love every minute of it. But that's NOT all the "bonus material". Really! The BD has a slew of "extended musical numbers" and a few "rehearsals" too. If I counted correctly, there are nine of these, each running about 3- minutes except for the jail cell number which goes on for eight minutes. Because Director Rob Marshall often cut action into the musical numbers, we can now see them without interruption. (Side note - if only Francis Ford Coppola would release the music and dance numbers he filmed for "The Cotton Club", this reviewer would be a happy camper. It's never been released and the editing in the film destroys the performance by music legends.)

So there you have it. Would I recommend that those who have the prior DVD "upgrade" to this new set? If you are a music theater or Hollywood musicals but, ABSOLUTELY - both for the print and the ne bonuses. If you have only seen the film in the theater or on Amazon Instant, and liked it, then yes too! You'll have a better understanding. Then if you had a previous configuration, pass that one on to someone who hasn't seen the film and you just might introduce them to what a film version of a Broadway musical should be!

I hope you found this review both informative and helpful.

Steve Ramm
"Anything Phonographic"
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on April 18, 2017
This movie is classic. I love the theater and the music to this as well. If you have not seen this well you are seriously missing out on a wonderfully played production. Renee Zellweger narrows down the role of playing victim to a t. Katherine Zeta Jones knocks this movie out of the park. And Richard Gere is charming and amazing well being pretty truthful for a lawyer. This movie is so awesome you will not want to miss a minute of it. All I got to say is grab your friends and your family and make it a fun singing and popcorn eating night.
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FAVORITE MOVIE!!! I know this movie word for word!!! If you like musicals you better grab youre popcorn, drink, blanket and pee now cus you will not want to miss a thing!!!! I normally do not buy movies but this one I had to grab and add it to my collection!!
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on November 18, 2013
.. the truth? Atypical! ;-)

It's about time they made a really good musical film.

Pros: This blu-ray is accompanied with several audio tracks. Blu-ray PCM 5.1 channel 24 bit, AAC Compressed Dolby Digital 16 bit, PCM 2.0 channel 24 bit, PCM 2.0 channel 16 bit .

Cons: About the only musical performed without interruptions, appears to be Cell Block Tango. This Blu-ray version (and likely DVD versions as well) do not include the musicals in their entirety without interruptions. The musical features included are a split view of their making and final performances with director and actor comments. With the availability of the PCM 5.1 24 bit audio streams, it would have been really nice to provide the musical performances so people would not have to also buy the CD soundtrack. Or, the CD/DVD soundtrack should have been included with the movie!

For people whom purchased the Blu-ray and you're computer literate, can likely extract the Cell Block Tango audio using the following after legally copying the relevant audio stream. In other words, 1380 is the start position and 18480 (start pos + t offset) is the ending position. (Otherwise if you're wanting the audio only musicals, will need to also buy the soundtrack CD.)

ffmpeg -i stream.wav -ss 1380 -t 460 -acodec copy CellBlockTango.wav

When dealing with music Blu-ray media, I usually extract all available stream types (ie. PCM 5.1, PCM 2.0 24 bit, PCM 2.0 16 bit, AAC/AC3/A52 Dolby/DTS) and divide each song into their individual tracks. I do this for all my music media, and reserve hunting for the original media for Movie DVD's and Blu-rays, with Blu-rays being optional as I have no choice but to convert them as I use Linux. (God how I dislike Blu-ray media and HDMI! But am pro copyright here as people have to make a living.)
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on April 1, 2017
This musical comedy is about a girl who wishes to be a celebrity who committed a murder and was arrested.
Throughout the story, she works with a lawyer to "troll" or "bs" her way through the legal system by making use of the media.
As this is a musical, there is indeed acts throughout the show matched by pretty good music.
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on February 21, 2017
A fast-paced, irreverent farce on trial by publicity. The dancing and singing integrated perfectly with the story. The frenetic pace sets the mood for the 1920's synical lost generation and "all that jazz".
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I choose this rating because the movie is good. What I like about the movie is that winner of six Academy Awards (2002) including Best Picture and starring Academy Award, Best Actress nominee and Golden Globe Best Actress winner Renee Zellweger, Academy Award Best Supporting Actress winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, Academy Award Best Supporting Actress nominee Queen Latifah, Golden Globe Best Actor winner Richard Gere and Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor nominee John C. Reilly Chicago is a dazzling spectacle cheered by audiences and critics alike! At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart both find themselves sharing space on Chicago's famed Murderess Row! They also share Billy Flynn, the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends. But in Chicago, there's only room for one Legend! Also starring Lucy Liu. What I dislike about the movie is that I wanted to see more of it. I would recommend this movie to other people.
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on October 5, 2017
Came from the UK, will not play on any device. Supplier shipping info did not show this. No way to contact supplier.
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on July 2, 2014
This movie just gets better ever time I watch it... It just doesn't get any better than this. It just couldn't have been this good on broadway... no way... I heard Jodie Foster asked if she had ever had aspirations to appear on broadway? She replied,
No, absolutely not, broadway is so one dimensional. You've probably got 3 or 4 different sets in which to perform and that's it !
I was never more aware of that statement when I went to see Mama Mia on the stage... I think there was 3 different sets on the stage.
The actors and actresses were trying to compensate for the lack of scenery and it was just pathetic...
Buy this movie you will love it again and again. Renee stole the show from Catherine
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on December 9, 2014
Probably the best American musical show since "A Chorus Line". A plot filled with intrigue, lust, greed and glitz. Sensational choreography and razor-clean editing in the Diamond edition. Clearly Renée Zellweger is the "Hart" of the production, with Richard Gere playing a truly slick and sleazy trial lawyer. My favorite is Queen Latifah's "Mama". So many great moments. Worth renting or purchasing. But definitely not for the kids to watch.
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