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on October 1, 2012
There are no words that could possibly give this double stroller justice. I first purchased the KeyFit 30 carseat in the Fuego color and fell in love with it immediately! It is the lightest, thinnest, and nicest car seat I have ever owned and we have six children so we have seen our share of carseats. I decided to buy this stroller because I have a two year old and a newborn. Best 300 bucks I have ever spent. Yeah, it is slightly heavy, but it's a double stroller and it's not like you are going to carry it around. It has a huge undercarriage for plenty of diaper bags, shopping bags, or whatever you want to put in it. It is very easy to fold with the lever and unfold. You can put an infant carrier in the front or the back, two infant carriers, or just have it for two toddlers. The seats are really nice and comfy. The fabric is great! It comes with a bar you can put in the front or you can put the two detachable cup holders in the front. The lock on the back wheels works together, you lock one side and it locks the other. The canopies are also detachable and extremely nice. I simply can not express how fabulous this stroller is! My husband wasn't too thrilled about paying 300 for a stroller, until he opened the box, took five minutes to put it together, and then also fell in love with it. It is also highly rated by consumer digest.
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on December 9, 2010
This is an excellent stroller if you have twins and two Chicco key fit carseats. I orginally purchased a snap n go double, but found that the carseats don't really "snap" into it, and the whole thing felt too rickety for my comfort. So, after much research, I found this stroller, which is the only stroller to accept two keyfit carseats. They really do snap right into place, and are as easy to put in and out of the stroller as they are to place in the car. The red color is great, and while the stroller itself is pretty big and heavy, I can lift in in and out of the back of my Honda CRV with no assistance (I am a petite person). If you have a small trunk though, it might not fit. Other big pros are: standing fold, large, easily accessible basket, cup holder for mom, and a quick fold and unfold handle. The only big con is how difficult it was to put together in the first place- make sure you read the directions! Anyway, I think it will also be great when the kids are older to sit in. Highly reccomended.
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on August 9, 2010
Everything written on the positive side it's truth, but...

It doesn't fit well in al vehicles. I have a Mazda 3 and wont get in the trunk, my wife has a VW Jetta (Bora) and it doesn't get in in a symetrical way, meanning it goes like in diagonal, so it leaves you like a triangle space to place grosaries or bags.

My previous stroller was a Chicco Cortina, you will get the same reliability. It's very easy to place the car seat in the front or rear part of the stroller.
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on April 26, 2011
I purchased this stroller based on reviews from other parents on Amazon and consumer reports. I am soo happy I made the right purchase. I just love the stroller. I am a first time mom and had twin girls. I purchased the car seats to match the stroller too and am super happy with all three items.

I love the stroller because it handles great, it turns very easily and it is heavy enough to hold my little precious girls, BUT it is not too heavy to lift up and put in the trunk. The assembly was super easy. I basically took it out of the box, installed the four wheels, unfolded it, put the car seats and we were ready to go out for a walk. The instructions are very easy to understand and follow.

The basket under the seats is roomy enough to hold my purse or my babies diaper bag. I hope my babies enjoy the rides once they are big enough to sit on the stroller without the car seat.

I just absolutely love the stroller.
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on March 7, 2011
I have researched for weeks about a double stroller for my 3year old and newborn. After looking and trying out many in the stores, we decided to purchase this one on amazon after seeing it in the store. It is by far the best stroller out there. WE orginally thought the sit and stand strollers would work best, but decided to spend the extra money which has paid off!. It is very easy to fold up and put away in your trunk. I have a small car and this stroller fits perfectly. Very light/easy to steer especially when my 30lb 3yr old is in the front. love how the back seat reclines to a flat position. I definitley reccomend this stroller to anybody with 2 small kids.
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on August 13, 2012
I just got my Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller today and I am INCREDIBLY impressed with it! Not only did I receive my shipment internationally in less than a week (thanks Amazon!!), it was pretty easy to put together-- and I'm 9 months pregnant! Just be sure to follow the instructions and you should have no issues. It feels really sturdy without being too heavy, it folds down very easily and it is actually more compact when folded than our current single stroller! I'm happy to report that my Milano infant capsule fits in securely without having to recline the rear seat. This is a huge relief as we do not own a Chicco Keyfit Carseat! There's even a handy little compartment on the parent tray to hide your iPhone! We're so pleased and my 18 month old son loves it too!
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on March 2, 2011
Speaking as a person who's had a single Chicco stroller (loved it) and a Double Jeep Stroller (clunk, heavy, only 1 cup holder for the kid in front, and doesn't steer well AT ALL!), this is double stroller perfection! It's the stylish, lighter weight, easily maneuvering Chicco single stroller - TURNED DOUBLE! This thing is brilliant! I'm 22 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and I can still whip this thing (carefully so as not to pull a tummy muscle of course) in and out of my 2000 Toyota Avalon trunk without a single problem. In fact, once you get a system going, you can have it half open before it even hits the ground!

It's got the same brilliant one-hand opening mechanism (I still need to use 2 hands to fully click it open, but I'm not complaining!). I mean, the ease of use of this beautifully constructed contraption is amazing! While the new zippered basket is a nice feature, I'm not a fan of stuffing the diaper bag in there, when the car seat is in, so I just use a bag that has stroller clips. But I can easily slide other little shopping bags or out-and-about items in the zipper compartment. Plus, you can drop things in the basket from in between the two strolling seats, which is even easier to me.

Did I mention that this thing holds 4 cups?! There's two up top, and you can attach two to the front seat! I leave them in the trunk for the stage my children are in right now. But today, for instance, my toddler needed a place to hold her fries, and I needed a place for my infant's snack and my own water. I just attached one in front for the toddler, and we were off on our mall trip! Later, I clicked one button and popped it right off into the trunk. Then, with one click (yes, seriously, one easy click and one hand), I folded the whole stroller down and threw it in the trunk!

Sizing: It fits perfectly in the back of our 2010 Chevy Traverse, without folding down the seats, which means I could easily turn it sideways with one seat down and still have storage space. It sits in my 2000 Toyota Avalon at just slightly off of 180 degree angle, which leaves room for junk behind it and a week's worth of groceries in front of it, with room to still stack stuff on top of the groceries if I were so inclined.

I don't know about any of those high falutin' $500 and up strollers, but I know for this price range (YOU SAVE $30 ON AMAZON THAT you will not save at BRU or any other website, because Chicco never puts their stuff on sale), YOU CAN NOT BEAT THIS STROLLER, especially for those of use who bought Chicco car seats and can't fit them into those nice Graco duoglides! THIS IS CHICCO'S DUOGLIDE, with a much slicker more timeless design!!!
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on April 15, 2011
We bought a Cortina Together Double Stroller for our two little ones (ages 1 month, and 18 months) when we realized that the logistics of hauling around two children with a single stroller was a nightmare. We bought this to replace our Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system, so getting something that worked with our existing infant car seat was important.

Our initial impression was not very good. There was a manufacturing defect where two screws that were supposed to hold the handle on were way short and it was coming off. I replaced these screws with longer ones, and now it works just fine. This is a big solid stroller. Don't expect it to fit in your Miata. It's also very heavy and is an effort to lift into the back of our Highlander. That being said, it is very well built and extremely comfortable for our children.

Now that we have used it for a while, we would not be able to live without it. Our kids love it, and the ability to take both of them somewhere with a single stroller is very important. It holds a lot of stuff underneath, turns well considering it's size, and has decent sun shades that are adjustable. There is plenty of growing room for our oldest son. I can see ourselves using this for quite a while to come.

Our only real complaint (besides size, weight, and price) is that the belts in the front are a bit loose and difficult to adjust properly. I've had this problem with our other Chicco stroller, so it's not unique to this model.
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on October 20, 2011
My wife & I purchased this double stroller for the single fact that we could use our existing KeyFit baby carrier/seat for our newest addition, while accommodating our older child. So far it's ease of use and extra storage has been exactly what we were looking for! The bottom zip-open storage area allows for us to pull our "larger" diaper bag in and out without having to move the seating positions of either child. My older child loves riding in the front to see everything in front, while we have our youngest in the KeyFit closest to us facing rearward. If I were to put a word of caution to anyone reading this, it's simply be aware of the size of this stroller! It is not small by any means even folded up. When open it's like driving a flat-pallet-like cart just because of how long it is. You get used to it after a while though. Folding it up is a little chore as well. It's technically not required, but we tend to remove the front cup holders and front shade just because it folds up better and fits easier in our vehicle. Finally, double check the weight to make sure you're comfortable with some heft. A little weight doesn't bother me or my wife, as we think it adds to the quality & life of the product.
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on June 5, 2011
I just ordered the Chicco Cortina Together double stroller last week and all it took was one use for me to really dislike this stroller. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a one month old. We went to the zoo and I was very disappointed with this stroller. The stroller is long and somewhat heavy. I own a Dodge Magnum, which is a station wagon. The stroller was very difficult to put into our considerable over sized rear hatched trunk space. I really struggled with fitting it into the trunk space. I am VERY disappointed with the stroller hoods!!! I bought this stroller to use it in the summer time and the stroller hoods do NOT give adequate coverage to protect the children from the sun. I had to use a blanket to cover my one month olds legs because the rear hood isn't long enough and the front stroller hood is definitely NOT long enough to cover and shade my 3 1/2 year old who sat in the front seat. The stroller moves nice, but it definitely has two downsides to it...The hoods are NOT long enough and the stroller does NOT fit in my rear hatched trunk. I am back on Amazon shopping for another double stroller.
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