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on October 12, 2015
Let's be clear- I personally do not love this book. I personally am so and totally beyond over this book. I personally don't understand why anyone's writing about the alphabet in a coconut tree. I personally am a bit concerned that all of these little ones are running free up a coconut tree with no supervision. I personally think "a" has a bit of an attitude. But my 2.5 year old LOVES it. Beyond loves it; we have TWO copies of this book. I have one in my room on her shelf and she has one she's loved to destruction in her bedroom. She can kinda "read" it- she can tell you the entire story even if it's not in front of her. And she loves that all of the letters are in the back. I'm fairly sure I can thank this book for the fact that she knows her upper case and lower case letters. Every bedtime ends with this story ( I don't even read it anymore- I have it memorized.) There are no fights when the lights go off because the sun goes down on the coconut tree.
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on September 21, 2016
My 3 month old is captivated! I'm not sure if she's making the connection to the letters, words, or the fact that I'm reading it, but she scans every page! The board book is sturdy and easy to handle, so I let my girl hold it and play with the pages as well.
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on July 24, 2016
This is one of the greatest children's books of all time. My children love this cute little rhyming tale about all of the letters in the alphabet. We have owned both the board book and the paperback version, and in my experience, by the time that children are able to really enjoy this book, they are able to handle paper page books. My favorite part of this book in the alphabet pages at the beginning and end. This is always a perfect time for me to review the alphabet with my children WHILE pointing to each letter as we sing it. This helps eliminate the confusion of "LMNOP" being one letter! haha
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VINE VOICEon March 20, 2015
This is one of my wife's favorite books to read to our two girls (they love it too). The only copy we had was in a big anthology of children's stories, so I purchased this copy to have a version that's a bit easier to read, and I'm so glad I did.

Some of the board books we've purchased in the past have turned out to be abridged versions of the book, and I was concerned this one would be too (especially for less than $5) since one other reviewer mentioned she'd seen an abridged version of the board book. The one we got from amazon, though, is the full book.

Our anthology has two two-page spreads on each page, which is great for fitting a lot of kids' stories into one book, but somewhat reduces the visual impact of the book. The board book, though, features color illustrations that go right to the edge of the page. I was surprised to see how much more impactful the illustrations are when presented this way.
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on January 7, 2005
My 18 month old son loves this book so much that he has me read it to me 3-4 times in a row everytime we pick it up. I myself have a lesson to learn from this book. The lesson provided is to keep getting back up even though you've fallen and that everyone falls sometimes. My son literally cries when the letters come falling down because he can relate. He sniffles at the next page when the mamas and papas come and hug and dust off their babies, and by the time we make it to, "M is looped, N is stooped, O is twisted alley-oop, skit skat skoodle doot, flip flop flee", he is laughing and giggling. And he smiles in the end when the letter 'A' triumphs in a final and sucessful climb in the moon light. The ryhyming and word play are fun and charming. Nowhere have a found anything that takes a child through the emotional trama of failing and then helps them up and out of it, giving them courage to try again (and they learn the alphabet at the same time!). This book belongs on everyone's shelf. I don't care how old you are. It's a life lesson we all need to learn.
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on September 2, 2010
I'm pretty sure this is our fifth copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. My toddler twins fell in love with this book more than a year ago, but we had the hardcover edition (twice). The hardcover edition is great for older kids but the little ones would accidentally tear the pages as they turned them. We went through two copies of that edition and then we found the paperback edition and the shorter board book. The board book was great but only had half the story so the kids would get upset whenever we'd read it to them. The pages in the paperback edition turn more easily and don't stick together, so the kids had an easier time with it, but we were always worried it would get damaged.

I found this book - the full story in board book format - and knew it was perfect. It's held up remarkably well. We try to teach our kids to be respectful of books but it's not easy for two two-year-olds to be gentle. They're hard on everything and books are no exception.

Both kids read this book to themselves. We keep it down on a low shelf so they can reach it because it's sturdy enough that it would take some serious work to tear it up.

This is a great book to teach little ones the alphabet. For my two, the story doesn't end until we sing the ABCs while looking at the letters on the last two pages.

I'll be buying two more copies - one for my grandson and one for my nephew. It really is a book that every little one should own, and this board book is the best copy of the book I've found.
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on April 30, 2015
I first heard of this book when a mom was reading to her child out loud. My husband and I thought, what a weird book about coconut trees and alphabets. We thought she made it up.

Enter baby and when we shopped for books this was a bestseller. We bought it and couldn't believe that was the story the mom recited! To my surprise, it was the only book that held my newborns attention. To this day -- now 6 months -- she is still captivated by the book images and rhythm. Favorite book for baby!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 14, 2013
I started reading this book to my son when he was about 1 and I probably read it literally hundreds of times before he tired of it around age 2-1/2. He LOVED the bright, blocky illustrations and the sing-songy rhythm of the words. I found it helps to add sound effects where they seem called for; his favorite part was when all the letters fall out of the tree, possibly because I made all kinds of "aaaaaah! I'm falllllling" and crashing/breaking noises. I also added moans when the banged-up letters picked themselves up.

You can also make up a singsong tune for the text if you get bored after reading the book to your children by the hundredth or so time. In fact, a CD came with the paperback when we got it, but I wasn't too keen on the tune they put to the words, so I just improvised, which was lots of fun for both of us.

This book is one of the reasons my son knew the alphabet at a very early age; it made letters so "alive," and so much fun. The hours you put into repeating books like this will pay off in memories and in academic success. And there is a reason this book is a classic -- it's really friendly to look at, simple to read, and easy for parent and child to have fun with.
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on August 26, 2004
As a parent of a two year old boy who loves this story...I read it a lot and never get tired of it. And considering how many times I have been required to read it to him...we always manage to make it fun. So fun, that he has started to "read" pages to himself. I believe he's got the word association thing going for him by now. And his favorite part is to say boom boom....after mommy says chicka chicka. Plus since this is a repeat read story it's easy to recite a repetative part when things get "difficult" in the grocery store or the car and change that "frustration fit" into a memory lesson!! Great story, fun illustrations and the sing song form of this story makes it easy to encorporate the lyrics into daily conversations.
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Yes, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom might be helpful for reading readiness. But maybe just importantly- at least for me- is that this is a book you won't get tired of reading to kids. They'll learn to recite along with you, and they'll laugh and giggle, and you won't mind reading this book with them over and over. I have great memories of reading this book to my nephews again and again.
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