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on March 15, 2012
This product worked well for me, however the directions that come with the tin are wrong. It says to add 1/4 cup of water and stir for the first tin. It should say add 1/8 cup water and stir! The first tin is so tiny, 1/4 cup of water turns the plaster into soup! I ended up having to take some plaster powder from the 2nd year tin in order to get it the right consistency! The finished product turned out well though and overall I'm happy with it.

A tip: Wipe some Pam cooking spray on your child's hand before pressing it into the plaster. It really helps!!

Good luck!
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on February 10, 2014
I was very nervous about getting this product because of all the negative reviews but i really wanted to capture my sons handprint at the age of one. I read all the reviews posted on Amazon and even did my own research on other sites to find out how i could get the best results and this is what i can share (for use with the one year old tin)
1. One year old tin is small so best to do it when your child has just turned one or as close to their 1st birthday...kids grow fast and you want their hand to fit.
2. Use really cold water from the fridge (i read that using cold water gives you more work time and the mixture will not harden as fast.
3. Pour a little less than 1/4 water in a bowl and then add powder mix.
4. Stir mix really well until you get a tooth paste consistency.
5. Test the mixture a couple of times using your finger..tap on the counter to level back out.
6. Press your child's handprint into the mixture....remember to hold down each finger for a few seconds to be sure you get a good print.
I got great results and I'm glad i didn't let the negative reviews deter me from purchasing this product.
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on November 12, 2014
I received one of these as a gift for my first born and we really loved the idea of hand prints as a keepsake! The first year was a little tough with a one year-old but by year two, we were pros. We did find that you had to be pretty fast between putting the plaster in the tin and getting the print done. It seemed if you didn't pay attention at the right second, you'd just about miss your opportunity before the plaster hardened. Knowing that, we were always prepared after the first year to be quick.

Anyway, we bought two more sets when my twin boys were born and it was a tiring production. For whatever reason, the plaster took forever to get firm enough to make a proper impression and we sat around with two antsy, squirmy, annoyed babies for over 15 minutes because we didn't want to miss the perfect window of time and have it get too hard. I have no idea if they changed their plaster recipe or it has to do with temperature/humidity factors or what--but I got so frustrated that I almost wanted to give up on getting prints for my twins! I suppose when you're multiplying an already frustrating experience by two, it just gets worse. I'm hoping all the years to come between my three kids will be smooth sailing. There is a bit of a learning curve, so if you're anything like us, your first year print might be pretty pathetic looking and they only get neater from there!

Still, overall, I think it's a nice little keepsake/birthday activity for the first five years.

Edit: Well, I wanted to look back on my boys' first year handprints when year two rolled around and rust spots spread into the plaster (see my photo). We left the tins sitting out for days before they felt really hardened and when they finally felt firm enough, we closed them up and put them away. Not really sure how this happened, but considering the difficulty we had with both of their kits vs. the experience with the first kit we received, I'd say that was to blame. Now we have two really ugly rust-stained mementos of their first year and it's not like we can really go back and fix them. Pretty frustrating.
review image
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on August 11, 2015
Had a similar product for my first child, but couldn't find the same brand again so bought this one instead. Year One the plaster hardened within 30 seconds so I could not get the hand print. Year Two we got the hand print but the print cracked on drying. Would not purchase again, waste of money.
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on September 12, 2017
Great gift for those expecting! Add a new handprint for the first several years of life, in their birthday or whenever you remember. Carve in the date and your own special message if there's room.
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on August 30, 2013
My first Child to Cherish Handprints was a gift. After using it for my daughter's first birthday, I fell in love with it. Such a tiny handprint to always hold on to. When my son was born, the two gifts I made sure to have in his baby box was a baby book and this handprint set. We just did his first hand print and I feel the same way I did when we imprinted my daughter's hand into her mold.

The only thing I would make easier is for a replacement mold if one of them doesn't turn out. They give instructions on how to order new plaster (which I was thankful for) but we didn't get our plaster out of the tin fast enough. So now we can't reorder new plaster to fill it. I wish they would let us replace the whole tin. It's an okay handprint...but my son had fun squishing his fingers into the bottom. :)

Many times people struggle to find gifts for a new baby, especially if it's a second, third, fourth child (and so on) in a family. Every child will want to have this to look at when they grow up. I highly recommend it!
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on August 24, 2013
I just finished year 4 with my first born. The quality is very good. Tins nice and plaster looks like plaster of paris. I messed up the first year but that was my fault. Husband had to chip the plaster out and I used some of year-five plaster to redo it. (Guess I will buy more plaster for year five, or ditch it outright. They say you can get more plaster from them but I cannot see a reason for going through them.) Looks bad. And baby moved a lot so it looks like he has six fingers. But really, I think of that as an experience and kind of a funny story to tell. By year four, my son knew what to do and was all for it. Got a good impression this year. My main problem is that I realized that displaying them is hard and takes space I do not have. It would be better if it were hung on the wall. Five independent tins just do not work for display. I did not buy them for my second kid. We just do the salt-flour baked dough hand prints. Cheaper and they help make the dough. Much better.
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on June 6, 2017
These make a great gift for the new parent. I have purchased three and they were great gifts.
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on April 16, 2015
I think as long as you are not a perfectionist, this product is a nice keepsake. The water to powder ratio is completely wrong in the one-year-old kit. It sat on our countertop for half an hour it was still runny. Some of the other reviewers had suggested to use some of the powder from the other kits to thicken up the one-year-old handprint kit. So that is what we did and the process was improved. However, it took my wife and I both to try and hold our one-year-old's hand to obtain a handprint while she screamed incessantly. The results looked more like a raccoon handprint than that of a human baby. Either way, we got a memory!
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on February 25, 2013
It's probably user error but my husband and I can't get this to work at all! We were attempting to get a hand print at daughters celebration dinner and all our family was there video taping the process. Needless to say it was a complete failure but on the plus side, we have lots of bloopers for the video. I all the other reviews before ordering this and knew it was a slight gamble since there seem to be a number of people who couldn't get it to work well either. We had trouble getting the clay the right consistency. We added water using a measuring glass but it was still super runny so will not hold a print. Then it dries so quickly there is not much time for re-dos. This was a complete fail for us.
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