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on December 1, 2014
 Video: The train under my tree with the smoke, sounds and lights on (circle shape track).

This was my first train set so I just wanted something under $50, that will stay on its tracks and add some fun to the Christmas tree. This set surpassed my expectations. As someone already mentioned you can create a circle (50 in X 50 in) or oval (50 in x 70 in) shape with the train tracks. As long as your tracks click into place when you attach them and you line up the wheels of the train correctly, you shouldn't have any derailment issues. For those concerned about the smoke, there's a separate switch so you can have it on or off. Note, the smoke smell is not lovely but my husband liked it. He said it reminded him of his childhood train set. There's also a separate switch for the sounds and lights. If you choose you can have the train go around with no sound or smoke. Finally, the train comes with three empty carts that you can fill with whatever you want. My carts are currently filled with a miscellaneous Christmas items. Overall, excellent first train set I have no complaints.
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on March 24, 2016
We LOVE this train! Wonderful price! Perfect for beginners. It works best on hard, flat floors, such as wood or tile, rather than carpet, where it tends to derail... The rails need to be connected carefully, but we had no problems with it on the hard floor. It works great, the sounds are awesome.
The smoke does stink, and I think it is unnecessary, but it does have a switch to easily turn it off. I would definitely buy this again.
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on February 18, 2016
We loved it!
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on December 20, 2015
Easy to assemble and looks great running round the Christmas tree, with two small modifications. First off for those worried about the sound and smoke other reviewers have complained about, there is an on off switch for each. You can run the train without sound and or without smoke without having to take it apart. The train will derail if the tracks aren't on a level surface. I'm running it on a table top over a table cloth. That works great. Press down on each track connection to hear it snap into place and you will be good to go. The cars want to come unhitched. I put a 1 inch piece of electrical tape over the engine's hitch (any tape should work). I put a finishing nail through the hitch connection for the other cars (it just slides through the hole and makes the connection longer, no puncturing needed). That one piece of tape and two finishing nails are all that it takes and the cars stay attached. It runs like a dream and adds that extra bit of magic to the Christmas tree. Don't hesitate to buy this train. I've never played with a model train before, I'm not particularly mechanical, and I had no problems setting up and running this train set. I filled the cars with candy and I'm so happy with my purchase! It's so cute!
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on December 10, 2017
My wife bought this set a couple of years ago (much to my delight!) for our grand kids to watch around the tree. This is a great little train set. I'm watching it now, in its 3rd season, making its laps around the tree. The little flat cars are loaded with candy canes and chocolate drops. I was trying to find some additional track sections for it and was reading some of the reviews. It seams that most of the negative reviews were from those who failed to read the instructions included with the set! Here's what I've found from MANY hours of operation after first reading and following the mfgr's recommendations.
This really isn't a play toy for little kids. 8yrs and up is recommended. If you let very young kids play with this thing there will be many issues with derailments, uncouplings, track separation as well as broken parts. The smoke on our unit worked fine but I only used a FEW drops of oil at a time. Operation with sound, lights AND smoke will run the batteries down in a few hours. I put fresh batteries in it on New Years the first season with the smoke and sound off and it ran for 15 hours and 40 something minutes CONTINUOUSLY with a load of candy canes and the old bows from packages. I found the best track layout for a tree is 3 curved sections on each corner of a large square using one of the remaining 4 straight sections on each side. My only criticism of this thing is that to turn it off you have to carefully trap and stall it with one hand and flip the switch with the other, I find it best to let it run clockwise around the tree to have better access to the on/off switch. For the money I feel this is an extraordinary set that should last years. Now, if I can find some extra track for next year....
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on January 1, 2018
I purchased a MOTA Premium Classic Train Set and this was my 2nd Christmas taking it out - it is used sparingly and carefully. The first Christmas the smokestack broke off pretty quickly but the train still ran.
This year when we took it out, the engine won't even pull the cars around the track even with new batteries - it is too weak, then a light broke off, and then the connector on the engine broke off so it won't connect to other cars.
Additionally, the cars have always been super difficult to put on the tracks. My sons can't do it and I have to get on the floor so I am eye level with the tracks to line the wheels up. A little bump and they are off the tracks again. Also, the smoke smells really strong and really bad - we only used it once and then never again!
Was hoping for a Christmas Train we could get out and enjoy each season but this was not worth the $50 I paid for a train that barely lasted with minimal use and careful storage in the original packaging during the year. They don't make toys like they used to...
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on December 11, 2016
  Bought this with my own money ( not discounted or free as some reviews), would like to buy extension cars but cant find the option for it. This is the second year that we are using this train set under our Christmas tree. I waited another year before posting a review for this since I want to see how it would work after 2 years of use. The train is still working great and the rails are still in fine condition. I have read some reviews here that says that the tracks need to be on a perfectly even surface and even then the train would still derail often. I have not experienced this even with this being our second year of using it and both years on different carpets. Last year we placed lots of candies on the 3 train cars and it was even better. The video I have included here is still empty since I havent bought any candies yet so my husband doesnt ransack it like last year :P. My daughter loves it specially the realistic sound and smoke that comes from it! She comes running from the bedroom in the morning and says 'choo choo' and thats my que to turn it on for her. The only thing I think they can improve on this is the option to buy more train car extensions separately. I would really like the train to be longer but cant seem to find the option to buy separate cars for it. Other than that though this is the best train set I have ever bought and worth every penny. Cheap buy for great quality. Hope this helps someone undecided in buying this
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on December 7, 2017
Purchased for a little over $25 on Dec 3, arrived on Dec 6. As of Dec 7, it lists for over $31.
Main reason for purchase: My son loves trains and this is a cool tryout decoration under the tree. I like it so far. It made my son's face light up! Do yourself a favor and order a small pack of batteries and not depend on knowing you have some available. This needs 4 AA's and your rechargeable batteries will not last long because they are not the right type of AA's. The train goes around the Christmas tree as it should. I'm not sure about the smoke yet (just that unpleasant plastic smell lol). Everything seems to be working and I have no prior experience in train sets. There's a lot of plastic. I also suggest planning for how you will store this after the holidays. Make sure you have the right small tool to unscrew the plastic cover to insert your batteries. Enjoy it. If you get a good batch, you will most likely be very satisfied with this.
1) budget
2) delivery
3) sound (and smoke?)
4) size
5) style

1) tracks: some of the curved tracks weren't perfectly flat on the ground. I tried to assembly them flat on the ground and added a little pressure to help flatten them out.
2) some of the paint is sprayed on and isn't perfect on small details. Its what you kind of should expect when purchasing 'cheap' plastic toys made in china. (the flea market stuff)
3) The MOTA sticker is a little crooked
4) The sound - it can be pretty loud and fill a room especially near walls
5) Smoke? Do I need to add oil myself? I don't know yet. The instructions aren't very helpful in that area.
6) instructions says that when turning on the switch, there is a small delay before it takes off. In my experience, the button is on the side and not visible unless you are on the ground staring at it or you already familiarized yourself with the placement of your hand and fingers on the slider.
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on December 14, 2016
My boyfriend had a train when he was younger and adored it. He told me recently how much he wanted one again, even though he felt silly admitting it, he said he felt there was something magical about it under the Christmas tree. I looked up reviews about this train set and saw nothing but wonderful words about it. Santa brought it to his doorstep early this year to reward his holiday spirit and he turned into a kid again. He was so happy and it brought me so much joy to see him put it together and bring it to life. This is a wonderful train with a big track and sound and lights (and even smoke if you like:)) that works like a charm. I have one very happy boyfriend this Christmas. Thanks for the magic!
review image
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on December 28, 2016
I purchased this set for Christmas for my 2-1/2 year old daughter, knowing that I would assemble it and she would be able to watch it. She loves choo choo trains and since it only runs on AA batteries, there was little danger for her. First, it came with no instructions, so I'm not sure how the smoke is supposed to work. I figured out how to assemble it myself. The first time I put it together it was on the living room carpet. THE TRAIN WOULD NOT MAKE IT AROUND THE TRACK EVEN ONCE WITHOUT DERAILING I figured it must not be level somewhere and even put a couple Mickey Mouse figurines in it to weigh down the cars. With very little extra weight, the front of the engine would now lift and derail, instead of the cars. The hitch mechanisms kept uncoupling and would leave cars behind. I then assembled it on the linoleum kitchen floor and the exact same problem. It would not make it even once without derailing. Imagine my daughter's disappointment as she sat on my lap excited to watch the train, and her brand new choo choo did not work. Extremely disappointed in this garbage.
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