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on December 1, 2014
 Video: The train under my tree with the smoke, sounds and lights on (circle shape track).

This was my first train set so I just wanted something under $50, that will stay on its tracks and add some fun to the Christmas tree. This set surpassed my expectations. As someone already mentioned you can create a circle (50 in X 50 in) or oval (50 in x 70 in) shape with the train tracks. As long as your tracks click into place when you attach them and you line up the wheels of the train correctly, you shouldn't have any derailment issues. For those concerned about the smoke, there's a separate switch so you can have it on or off. Note, the smoke smell is not lovely but my husband liked it. He said it reminded him of his childhood train set. There's also a separate switch for the sounds and lights. If you choose you can have the train go around with no sound or smoke. Finally, the train comes with three empty carts that you can fill with whatever you want. My carts are currently filled with a miscellaneous Christmas items. Overall, excellent first train set I have no complaints.
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on March 24, 2016
We LOVE this train! Wonderful price! Perfect for beginners. It works best on hard, flat floors, such as wood or tile, rather than carpet, where it tends to derail... The rails need to be connected carefully, but we had no problems with it on the hard floor. It works great, the sounds are awesome.
The smoke does stink, and I think it is unnecessary, but it does have a switch to easily turn it off. I would definitely buy this again.
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on December 1, 2016
Bought this on 10/19/16 as a surprise for my kids when we put up our Christmas tree. Set it up 11/25 and it doesn't work. Can't return it (30 day return window) and MOTA apparently doesn't own a phone. They require you to submit support tickets on their website. A week later and I've received zero response. Don't buy this brand!
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on December 28, 2016
I purchased this set for Christmas for my 2-1/2 year old daughter, knowing that I would assemble it and she would be able to watch it. She loves choo choo trains and since it only runs on AA batteries, there was little danger for her. First, it came with no instructions, so I'm not sure how the smoke is supposed to work. I figured out how to assemble it myself. The first time I put it together it was on the living room carpet. THE TRAIN WOULD NOT MAKE IT AROUND THE TRACK EVEN ONCE WITHOUT DERAILING I figured it must not be level somewhere and even put a couple Mickey Mouse figurines in it to weigh down the cars. With very little extra weight, the front of the engine would now lift and derail, instead of the cars. The hitch mechanisms kept uncoupling and would leave cars behind. I then assembled it on the linoleum kitchen floor and the exact same problem. It would not make it even once without derailing. Imagine my daughter's disappointment as she sat on my lap excited to watch the train, and her brand new choo choo did not work. Extremely disappointed in this garbage.
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on December 4, 2015
I just recently purchased this train for Christmas of 2015, and have had a few days to play around with it.

I thought I would address a few of the common questions, likes/dislikes that I have noticed people asking about.

Common Questions:

-Does the train Emit Smoke / Light Up / Make Sounds? Yes, out of the box it does emit smoke (albeit rather wispy thin puffs), The front headlights do light up, and it makes several distinct sounds on a 20 second loop. (Train whistle, train chugging on tracks, crossing bell)

-Are there different settings for the train? Yes, there are actually switches for that on both sides of the train. One has a switch to turn the smoke function on and off, and then a three setting switch for movement with sound and lights, just movement, and then completely off.

-Does the smoke really smell that bad? Well, it IS burning mineral oil, so it doesn't exactly smell like sunshine and rainbows...However, sitting right next to it after running it for 15 to 20 minutes didn't "Smell up the entire room" as most would claim. But honestly, for the tiny puffs of smoke you actually get, it really isn't worth running with the smoke switch on. I leave it turned off to have the batteries last longer and so I don't have to worry about burning the house down.

-Is the train a decent size, or is it really small? For the money you pay, it is actually bigger than I thought it would be. Engine it about 10 to 11 inches tall, and the attachable cars are each 6 to 8 inches tall. However, as they are fairly large for the relatively cheap price you paid that means that the materials used are likely rather flimsy. Not disappointingly so, as it looks rather nice and doesn't feel too cheap, but it would certainly not survive a drop or a rough play session.

Likes / Dislikes:

I really like the overall size and quality for the fairly cheap price that I paid. Is it a train that will last more than a few years? likely not, but it will provide me amusement until I upgrade to a higher quality model.

I am pleased that the train has a silent running mode, and a no-smoke mode. I just wish the silent mode ran with lights still, rather than turning off both lights AND sound.

MOTA provided a fair amount of track to use with this model, and should cover a standard circle around any Christmas tree, or a fairly large oval when using the included straight run track pieces. Just be careful to place the track on a hard surface or reasonably firm carpet. The track is rather fragile and would not survive being stepped on. It would not bend, it would simply snap in half.

My cat is very amused by this train. He slowly follows behind it, for hours, as it goes around and around the tree. Sometimes he waits in ambush for it, only to lose his nerve as the headlights round the corner. I have also caught him cuddling the train engine when it is turned off at night. I am sure their wedding will be soon.

The train circles the track rather slowly, taking a full 23 seconds to circle the entirety of my tree. While I am pleased with the train, my wife literally said "does it have a faster setting?"

I wish the train audio only had the train whistle and track chugga-chugga sounds. The crossing alarm portion of it is rather loud. It is actually much louder than the other sections of the audio and will slowly drive you crazy if you leave it on for too long. (The whole audio repeats every 20 seconds) I would have loved to read a book on a nearby couch, with the soft train whistle and chugga-chugga in the background...Instead I show the train off to people, or entertain the cat with it, and then turn it on silent mode for the rest of the time.

The train is fairly easy to derail, and needs to be weighed down slightly to compensate. I put several small little action figures or plastic statues on the back cars to help weigh the cars down. Nothing too heavy as the train will not actually run with too much weight, but heavy enough to maintain contact with the rails. Properly weighted the train stays on it's tracks with no issues. However, you will de-track your engine car 50% of the time you try to turn the switches on and off. (That's the nature of a cheaper train set, there are no rail clamps or any mechanism to keep the train on the track other than gravity)

For the smell that it makes, I was hoping for larger puffs of smoke to happen. I have seen better results with the trains that puff water vapor instead of smoke. I usually run the train with the smoke settings turned off.


Nice little train for the price you pay, but will not last you more than a couple years. (Even less if you have pets or kids who are too rough with it)
If you want a train for your tree, but are unwilling to spend 100 dollars+ to get a premium train, this is definitely one of your better choices. At this price range, there really aren't many better options.
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on December 25, 2016
Thought my 2 year old would love this set for Christmas. At first glance, it looked really nice and I thought I had totally scored. But then I assembled it andtried to play with it. Here's the problems:

1 - there are no instructions, which okay yea, it's self-explanatory how to set it up, but I still think a little instruction booklet for troubleshooting, etc. would be helpful
2 - the TRAIN WILL NOT STAY ON THE TRACKS. Any slight bump and the whole thing de-rails and it's hard to get it back on
3 - The motor is unpredictable and I couldn't get it to work - only worked once then just made a bunch of noise and wouldn't go around anymore
4 - The "smoke" coming out has to be carcinogenic, as it smells like burnt plastic
5 - The noise/sound is SUPER LOUD and I couldn't figure out a way to turn it off.

After about 20 minutes of dinking around and getting super frustrated, we decided to just return it (partially because it didn't work) and partially because it was just not user friendly...especially for a young boy whom this is meant for.
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on February 11, 2017
I could not believe how poor this product was. It could not pull the weight of the cars that came with it. We put multiple sets of new batteries in thinking that was the reason but it still struggled with one empty car and would not move at all with two or three cars. Like most trains the train comes off the track easily, however, this struggled to stay on the track without any external interference (kids). And we did of course make sure the track was installed properly on a hard surface.
This was a Christmas morning disappointment.
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on March 25, 2017
I read the reviews and went with this train because some other folks said it would work on carpet. We bought it to go around the xmas tree for our 3 year old son. It was a neat train, but wouldn't stay on the track. Didn't even make it around the tree once. It was hard to get the train lined up correctly on the track. After we took our tree down, we set the train up on our large dining room table. It worked much better, but was still difficult to place on the tracks properly. The smoke is a neat effect but it was pretty smelly. Still looking for a train like this that will work on carpet.
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on December 4, 2016
Save your money, this product is awful! My kids were so excited to get this, and the train doesn't even move like it should. It keeps stopping around the track. Very cheap, and not well made. Extremely disappointed.
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on December 12, 2016
This is absolutely the worst product I have EVER purchased EVER EVER EVER. I had been watching it for a while in my cart to see if the price would lower, and it did on Thanksgiving. I jumped at the chance to buy it for less than $50 (I actually got it for $21). This is the worst piece of junk I have ever bought in my life. (which I guess for the price, duh. But still...there were some good reviews so I thought maaaayyybeee this would work). And honestly, I am only writing this review to help you out, because I pondered forever if I should buy this, but seeing as my son LOVES trains, I thought this would be an awesome surprise under the tree one day. It would be our "special Christmas train" (not to mention that is absolutely has NOTHING to do with Christmas, nothing that it would indicate it was a holiday train.) Anyway, it is made of super cheap plastic, the wheels DO NOT stay on the track, and I have listened to my 3 year old ask me twenty million times to help him with his train. And on another note, it takes 4 AA batteries....welp, that was wasted, since the train isn't even powered by them enough to go around 5 times. It went around a couple times and that was it. And no, this is not a defective train like they will tell me it is. OH, and....let me just say that I am only talking about the ENGINE. I didn't even attempt to put the cars on, cause the train couldn't even pull them (not enough power) AND they wouldn't stay on the track for the life of me. Heck, I can't even get just the engine to stay on the track, so why would I think 3 cars would stay on behind it? Thankfully my son didn't see those or it would have been bad bad bad.
This is absolutely ridiculous, and no I am not a bitter Amazon buyer...I have bought plenty of stuff and I know I won't get my money back or anything like that, don't even want it, I just want to make sure no one else buys this piece of junk. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! Seriously, if you can't just stand throw $20 out the window, don't do it. Thankfully, my son is still happy with it cause he says it's SO COOL, but I guess if a train just sitting there is cool to him, then rock on. (and do not get me started on the HORRIBLE sound it makes...jeez. didn't even attempt the smoke)
I also filled out a ticket with Amazon happiness whatever it's called on MOTA, and haven't heard back and probably never will. So whatever. Just save yourself and don't buy this. Seriously. You will be so mad.
Merry Christmas!
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