Customer Reviews: MOTA Classic Holiday Christmas Train Set with Real Smoke - Authentic Lights, and Sounds - A Full Set with Locomotive Engine, Cargo Cars, Tracks and Christmas Spirit
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on December 1, 2014
 Video: The train under my tree with the smoke, sounds and lights on (circle shape track).

This was my first train set so I just wanted something under $50, that will stay on its tracks and add some fun to the Christmas tree. This set surpassed my expectations. As someone already mentioned you can create a circle (50 in X 50 in) or oval (50 in x 70 in) shape with the train tracks. As long as your tracks click into place when you attach them and you line up the wheels of the train correctly, you shouldn't have any derailment issues. For those concerned about the smoke, there's a separate switch so you can have it on or off. Note, the smoke smell is not lovely but my husband liked it. He said it reminded him of his childhood train set. There's also a separate switch for the sounds and lights. If you choose you can have the train go around with no sound or smoke. Finally, the train comes with three empty carts that you can fill with whatever you want. My carts are currently filled with a miscellaneous Christmas items. Overall, excellent first train set I have no complaints.
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on December 28, 2014
Love,love,love this train! I spent day's researching online for a train for my 2 year old grandson. Finally realized I needed one that made noise, had lights, was bigger than your average trains and he could turn on without using a remote! I did not realize how hard it would be to find such a train until I found this one and the reviews really helped! Three things:
1. The box says recommended for ages 14 and up? My grandson and granddaughter ages 2 & 3 loved this train!
2. Some may think that the train has problems staying on the track but it's how you put the front wheels on then it runs perfectly!
3. In some reviews I read people did not like the smoke that came out of the engine. On the set we got they added a feature where there is a button and you can just turn it off.
The train was beautiful more than we expected and the only set that even ran on carpet!
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on August 28, 2016
The package arrived quickly and with nice protective padding. The train set was larger than expected, which is a good thing! I was impressed by the colorful and clear box displaying the train set in all its glory. Everything was neatly laid out and the box can also serve as a storage box. I held the train engine in my hand and although light, it was a great size and had wonderful detail with gold and silver accents. The other parts consisted of three cabooses and the train tracks. The caboose is also fairly large and can certainly transport some light items.

I arranged the track in an oval and inserted AA batteries in the engine. Then it all came to life! The lights, the sounds, and the smoke were one of a kind. I watched it go round and round, and my daughter was so fixated on it! You can toggle the smoke and sound functions with a switch. I'm definitely going to set it up around the base of my Christmas tree this year!

My run down on the MOTA Classic Toy Train with Real Smoke:

* True classic train styling and colors
* Easy to set up with choice of oval or round track
* Larger than expected, which is good!
* Authentic sounds, lights, smoke, and motion around the track
* Fun for kids and adds elegance to a Christmas tree

The few cons are that the smoke can be a little smelly and the safety factor is up in the air (pun unintended). I would recommend this to anyone wanting a simple train set that is easy to set up and is instantly recognizable as a classic train. Choo choo!

I received this product from MOTA at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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on March 24, 2016
We LOVE this train! Wonderful price! Perfect for beginners. It works best on hard, flat floors, such as wood or tile, rather than carpet, where it tends to derail... The rails need to be connected carefully, but we had no problems with it on the hard floor. It works great, the sounds are awesome.
The smoke does stink, and I think it is unnecessary, but it does have a switch to easily turn it off. I would definitely buy this again.
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on January 4, 2016
WONDERFUL Christmas tree train! Our granddaughter was trilled with this train and all the sounds it makes...
very realistic and VERY loud (that is the only issue we have with it). Perfect around the Christmas tree and Kids can put all sorts of things in the empty cars. Very lightweight and easy to set up and take down. We love it and highly recommend it.
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on December 30, 2015
Absolutely loved this train set for under my tree. My tree was Harry Potter themed this year. I spray painted my train and had no issues with it. Train ran smoothly and did not derail. It came with a lot of track. I didn't use all the track provided.
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on December 4, 2015
Our Son loves it and he's 4. It's a pretty train. It is light weight and it is plastic but for the price I hope you wouldn't expect dicast.
1. Our train stays on the track and still pulls when our 4 year old loads the carts up with toys (Legos, toy dragons, ext)
2. It has an ON switch. OFF switch and a no lights or sounds option which I love.
3. Lights are bright, train sounds are clear, smoke is smelly. Lol. So I wouldn't leave it on for long as it will smell a room up.
4. The track that came with it fit around our 12 foot tree with room to spare.
5. The button to turn the smoke off is on the opposite side of the on/off switch. I saw someone who didn't know where it was.
6. The train is sensitive however on the track. A slight bump will derail it. However when our 4 year old was eating dinner the train ran for over an hour without any problems at all.

I'd say it's a great buy for those first time, non collector people who would just love a train for their tree or for the holidays. Wouldn't recommend it at all for playing with.
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on December 27, 2012
Mota Toys Premium Classical Train Set

What you will Need to operate
1 x Small Phillips Screw drive
4 x AA batteries
Large flat surface

First of all I was very impressed by the packaging., The box has clear plastic windows on one side that show the train and the cars for the set. Outside of the box lets you know that you need 4AA batteries to run this which is nice to know before unpacking it if giving to someone as a gift.. The box is good looking and shows 14+ on the outside which I assume is an age guideline. Personally I think a child of age 10 or younger could handle assembly without an issue or limited help.

O.k. Now I opened the box and everything is in place held in by a large plastic cover that slides right off the top of the plastic tray that is holding everything. From there it is really simple. Pull out the Train engine and flip it upside down to place the four AA batteries in it. You will need a small philllips head screw driver to remove the screw on the bottom of the engine to place the four batteries in their place. The battery slots are clearly marked as to which way they need to be placed. (which is the standard way + battery terminal to flat part of receiver socket and - side of battery to spring) Just look at the picture in the socket. Anyway, Now that you have the locomotive ready to go you should assemble the tracks.

Track Assembly
There are 4 straight pieces of track and 12 curved sections. If you want a circle just use all the curved sections. These go together very easily the easiest way I found was to place them on the flat surface and put the flat backsides of the hooks on the end of the tracks back to back and slide them together. This will make more sense once you have them in front if you. They push together with very little force, you can also just visually align the rails and press each piece into each other. So for the full circle just repeat putting them together and you will form a circle. If you have the space and want to make an oval just add the straight track pieces on opposite ends of your circle and you will now have an oval. If you make the circle the inside diameter is about 3 feet 6 inches which is pretty good size. If you make the oval you can get the inside to about 5 feet 2 inches inside diameter at the widest section in the middle.

Placing the train on the tracks.
I found it easiest to line up the Locomotive with the front "steering" axle on the tracks first to make sure it is lined up and double checking that the rear drive wheels of the locomotive are placed on the rail as well. Then to add the cars it is super simple just place the next car on the track behind the locomotive and line up the guide pin that is on the rear of the locomotive facing upwards into the large hole on the car. Again this step makes total sense when looking at it. The next car you place under the pin in the hole of the car in front, once again when looking at it this will make more sense.

All that is left is to turn the locomotive on with the switch located on the Left side of the locomotive under the train sticker and slide it forward. Now your train should be moving along the track at a pretty good speed with headlights and train noises. In addition to that after a few laps if you look closely you will see the smoke coming out of the smoke stack which is pretty cool.

Overall I think this is a good simple train set that will look great under next year's Christmas tree and can be easily stored in the box that it came in which is a huge plus. The only negative I would say is I don't know how to turn off the train sounds which get on my nerves a little bit because I am not a fun child, but a lame adult. This train set is great for the price and can be used by many ages of Children with supervision. The Locomotive looks good with the gold and at a glance you would think I spent some pretty good money on it when in reality it was a great deal. Kids love it and I think you should buy one.
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on December 31, 2012
Great quality toy. The real steam is a very cool feature and makes it fun for everyone. My son loved this train!
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on October 19, 2015
Full disclosure: I received this train for free in exchange for an honest review.

I received this train set and it looks NICE. When I took it out of the box I was impressed with the look of it. I put the tracks together and put batteries in and I was ready to go. The train is definitely NOT for children. The tracks and trains feel fragile so they must be handled carefully. The box states "Ages 14+" and I would agree with that.

Positives: as I said above, it looks really nice. Not a standard train by any means, appearance wise.

It has a real light, not a dim cheap light but a light that you can actually see at the front of the train.

The smoke is a pretty cool affect. It does start to smell from the oil that's used but it's bearable.

Negatives: it's LOUD. There's an option to turn it off but not lower the volume. Also, when you turn off the sound, the light goes off too. Would like to leave the light on with no sound but that's ok.

Feels a little fragile. It's not a toy so don't think your younger ones will have a great time with it. It will break.

Smoke smells after a little bit but it's bearable.

Not powerful. Put a few things in the trailers and it slows down. But hey, it's not meant for that.

It's a little difficult to get the wheels of all the items (train, 3 cars) on the track at the same time but once you do it never derails.

Overall: I do like it. My son (4 years old) really enjoys watching the train go around the tracks and enjoys the light, sounds and smoke. He just can't play with it especially since he broke a connector on the track the first night. But it still works and connects. Again, adhere to the 14+ recommendation. It's a fun train to have running beneath the Christmas tree, but not to be used as a toy.
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