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on July 7, 2014
Hey guys,

Check out my video review! Hopefully you find it useful when purchasing this light. It's a great light for a great deal. You won't be disappointed. One note I'd like to make is that it is plastic (but still good quality plastic), so it's not indestructible. However, assuming you take good care of your camera, there's no reason that you can't take good care of the light as well. Definitely worth all 5 stars.
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on October 21, 2012
I had recently bought a NEEWER 160 LED light that I gave away, and found this light with the same number of LEDs at an even lower price. The price wasn't my concern, and I had hoped for a little better mounting bracket this time around.

The differences between these two lights is almost negligible, but I discovered that the Chromo light seems to put out the same brightness that the NEEWER light does. It has the same number of LEDs. Instead of having the dimmer on the side, it has it on the back. The button to check for battery life does the same job as the one on the NEEWER light, except that on the Chromo light the light has to be "on" first to test the battery. No problem. There are the same selection of colored gels like the NEEWER light, except that you don't get the plastic sleeve to put them in. Small issue. The light is a bit bulky, mostly because of its dual battery design / Sony or AA batteries. I would recommend not using AA batteries since you need six of them, and it makes the light much heavier and is more expensive to be using disposable AA's than one NP-550. Of course, if you wish to use rechargeable AAs that's another choice, but using just the one Sony battery is a lot easier in my opinion. The Chromo doesn't come with a battery, but NP-550's aren't expensive and neither are the chargers for them.

The mount for the Chromo, in my opinion, was a lot better than the NEEWER mount. The light itself has a threaded hole on the bottom, so you could screw in your own mount if you like -- something that the NEEWER light can't do since its mount uses four tiny screws into the light's frame. The hot shoe mount that comes with the Chromo light is much like others I've seen that come with other brands of LED camera lights. It is a screw-in swivel with a thumbscrew to set the angle you wish to hold the light. It's cheap, but seems to be effective -- a combination of metal and plastic parts -- not just plastic. Mine actually had some rust on the ball joint, something that I was able to easily scrape off and spray with some parts cleaner. These products from China remind me of the old days when we'd get the same type of quality from Japan. However, in general, I'm giving this light 4 stars since so far it seems like it will do the job and is a lot of light for the money. It's also less stressful on the job if this light breaks or gets dropped rather than having spent a lot of money on it like products from LightPanels, that make an obviously superior product but overcharge for what you're getting. We just did a shoot in the Mohave with the NEEWER light. It got rolled in the dust accidentally, but never stopped working and after a bit of cleanup, it still worked fine. These lights are great to use to fill in shadows even in daylight, but you have to get in close. At night, they are amazingly bright. Good also for lighting car interiors and for a quick emergency light when you have to get the shot. With the Chromo, you'll just have to find a place in your bag for the extra gels. Not a big deal.
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on August 22, 2014
Exactly as described, shipped quickly. This light is crazy cheap for what it does. No, it's not as bright as a professional flash or studio lights but for a continuous light source that runs off of AA batteries, it's amazing. (Amazon brand rechargeable batteries are a great deal and work well with this light.)

Warning, the battery compartment is not intuitive. With the open back, it looks like it's missing a part. And, AA batteries look like they should go right in but they don't until you remove the frame around the battery compartment. I'm sure there's a reason it's designed this way, possibly so that you can see if there are batteries installed, or maybe so that a larger battery can protrude past the frame.

The battery monitor on the back is very useful but I have no idea how long the batteries last. I've been playing around with this quite a bit and the batteries are still reading full. Darn it, I just looked straight at the light and I know have 160 dots in my vision. Mounted on a small tripod, this would also make a fantastic work light. (There is a tripod screw hole in the bottom of the hot shoe mount.)

There are some similar lights that offer additional features, including adjustable color temperature, an ac adapter, and include a battery pack. But, for the money, I prefer this one. Particularly if you're buying a bunch of them to light a whole setting.

That's a lot of LED's in a small package.

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on September 10, 2015
The color of this LED light panel is horrible. The bare LEDs put off light at about 4900 Kelvin, and it is more of a greenish tint. With the orange gel in it it should be corrected to more of a 3200K tungsten color, but its comes out more around 4200K and is a yellow/green light and is just a very ugly color. When you white balance for the light itself all the color of the surrounding area is thrown off so badly massive color correction is needed. For example, today I was using the light indoors with primary light coming from the window lighting the room, my color balance was 5200K, normally any other LED I would use I could turn it on and be fine, when I turned this LED on and did a white balance for this LED the light coming from the windows now cast a rose colored hue to the room. Completely unacceptable for any type of professional application.
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on March 12, 2016
After reading reviews for a number of similar products, I chose the Chromo 160 LED because it seemed to be a decent quality lilght with the features I wanted -- a light that was dimmable for nighttime wildlife photography and could run on regchargeable batteries. I was really excited when I received it -- tried it out with alkaline batteries, and then went ahead and ordered the (not inexpensive) rechargeable batteries and charger. I found the adjustment knobs to be cheaply made and in frequent need of re-tightening, but was willing to accept the inconvenience given the modest price.

First expedition out was great, even with the camera hand-held instead of mounted on a tripod -- so much better than trying to use a flashlight to illuminate small creatures in the dark. Second time I used the camera on a tripod, and the light didn't provide much illumination at a distance of 6 to 10 feet, which was a little disappointing, but not surprising. Third time out, and suddently it wouoldn't switch on. I thought my battery was dead, but no, all 4 power lights lit up when I pressed the check-battery button. Just in case, tried it with a fully charged second batter, same result -- the light simply wouldn't turn on.

So back I'm sending it, and will probably replace it with a more expensive, hgiher quality LED light.
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on February 2, 2015
I needed a portable video light for my Canon 70D and choose the Chromo 160 LED CI-160. It's perfect for adding catchlights to eyes and reducing shadows on the face, especially in rooms with unflattering overhead lighting. Mount it on a Super Clamp or boom and it's an excellent hair light. The dimmer works well, allowing anything from gentle fill to a squint inducing blaze. There’s no video light flicker when the CI-160 is dialed down or dimmed. However, the CI-160 has strong greenish cast, so beware if mixing with other daylight balanced lights. I found using using the supplied magenta filter helped reduce the green cast considerably.

Direct LED lighting is harsh. After all, this is a tiny light source and compromises are expected in exchange for the portability of this unit. If I'm working close, I put the CI-160 on a stand and shine it through a white umbrella, tissue paper or bounce off a white panel for softer light.

This light is sold ala carte and doesn't include batteries or power brick. I recommend using Sony NP-F series battery clones: clones are inexpensive, readily available and power it for hours on a charge (DSTE 2x NP-F550 Li-ion Battery + DC01 Charger). I'm impressed with the multiple battery options but thus far have only used a STK NP-F550 clone. It yields nearly two hours of light at 100% power. It's a tight squeeze to install a NP-F550 and my finger often snags the AA battery springs. Also, battery pins are delicate so go easy on them.

The ABS case appears durable but will likely break if dropped on hard surfaces. The tripod socket on the bottom is big deal for me as it allows more flexibility than integral mounts, e.g., use of an arca quick release plate or the ability to mount directly on tripods or monopods. However, it is a metal socket set into plastic so treat it gently and don’t over tighten.

I own a similar light, the NEEWER CN-160. Initially I thought they were the same model but noticed minor differences: the Chromo is thinner, has an all-in-one battery compartment instead of plates, slide-in filters rather than clip-on, a tripod socket on the bottom and dimmer on the back rather than side. The Neewer is closer to 5600K and doesn’t have a green color cast. Instead, it’s slightly magenta. However, the smaller size of the CI-160 is preferable for hot shoe use and I really like the tripod socket.

For a Jackson and change, the Chromo 160 LED CI-160 is an excellent small video light. Be aware of the green cast and use a magenta filter or be prepared for extra work color correcting in post production.
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on January 26, 2014
I’m award winning special effects filmmaker so I generally wouldn’t consider buying a light this cheap unless I was going to put it in harms way. In my opinion the Chromo CI-160 is the best inexpensive on-camera motion picture (video) light that money can buy right now. The Chromo CI-160 has a metal hot shoe adapter and the Neewer CN-160 has a plastic one. Needless to say plastic hot shoes tend to break even when you accidentally bump the light into something. The Chromo has a lot more options then the Neewer for attaching the light to a camera, a camera bracket or light stand. If your camcorder has a mini hot shoe you’ll need a mini hot shoe to a full size hot shoe adapter with either of these lights. The Chromo is thinner and has the light switch on the back opposed to the Neewer which is about 1” thicker and has the light switch is on the side. I prefer having the light adjustment on the back so you can make adjustments as you're filming. In contrary of another review on here the battery checker on the Chromo also works when the light is switched off.

I don’t recommend using either of these lights as your main light for taking pictures. Built-in camera flash units produce a significant amount more light. For you geeks the incident light meter was set at ISO 400 and shutter speed set at 1/60 of a second. The incident light measurement was taken 3-feet away from the lights in a dark room = f 2.0 respectively.
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Powerful for a small light-source! So far, I've just experimented with it, but I like it well enough to order more to create portable light banks to use in soft boxes with one reservation. It does kind of sputter when you start powering it up. After the power is set, it seems to settle down, so, we'll see.

One thing I really like about this unit compared to the others I own of various sizes is that it has a fitting for a small ball head. The one that comes with it is not very sturdy, but I have several inexpensive ones that I can use instead if I decide to use it and others on location shoots. With the pink filter on it, it balances fairly well to daylight, but I still have to tweak it in Light Room before I import into Photoshop. Not a biggie. Also, with the filter, it diffuses fairly well, so, with others placed strategically I can use it for some situations without bulky soft boxes or umbrellas.

I really hope the sputtering doesn't lead to anything. To have a nice, studio-worthy light-source for less than $50.00, including the rechargeable Sony battery is really nice. I do some pet photography, and they seldom enjoy the pop of flashes. Also, continuous light-sources give total control without a lot of experimenting when photos depend on lighting as much as content and composition.
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on October 11, 2016
Very impressed with the light from this. In a smaller size than the Neewer version of this 216 LED light (according to Amazon and reviewers), this pumps out tons of bright white light. I needed it to be mounted on a camera on a handheld stabilizer, so I appreciate the following:

1- Very bright reliable light;
2- Comes with a tilt-able ball-head to bounce at angle (to white ceiling);
3- Casts a very even, WIDE light with excellent "throw" of approx 20 feet (guessing);
4- Smallest and lowest height (and happens to cheapest) 216 LED light I can find - needed for camera mount on stabilizer;
5- Brighter and lighter (with battery) than my 300 lumen "Lumenator" round diffuse light.
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on November 25, 2014
This works as promised. Video results are "good."It's (can be) bright as heck. I recommend this for the price and features / performance. At time of my purchase, price and specs / reviews pointed me to this. I am pleased with this purchase for my "amateur video" Nikon D-7000 setup. It does have a metal ball (versus plastic of some competitors' - like Neweer, as pointed out by previous reviewers -- maybe plastic is better? -see following), *but* the "floppy D-Ring" tightening mechanism is *still* inadequate and a poor design in my opinion. The threads on the D-Ring stud and ball housing appear to be too coarse to get an effective "lockup" simply by hand (at least my 60+yr-old hand), requiring pliers (no kidding) to effectively secure the mass of the unit (negligible) *and* 6 "AA" batteries (not so negligible) on an appx. 1/2" too-polished ball. In a word: floppy, if only hand-tightened. The batteries *do* stare out at you from back of unit (see pic). Good for heat dissipation. Time will tell if having to use, in essence, a "cheater bar" on the ball mechanism to secure the light will destroy, or be a part of this product's life. Luckily this light doesn't require frequent re-direction. I use rechargeable NiMH batteries, am loaded with Dollar-Store alkalines in photo just to see how long they last...
The color / temperature, brightness range are all within discernible, stated spec. ranges according to my post-processing. A GOOD light for the price !
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