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on November 20, 2013
Bought this for my sponsored Child in need for Christmas. I love the size! Bigger than a touch screen phone yet smaller than an ipad and LIGHT! I Loaded it with music before wrapping and played with it a little to see how it worked. If your looking for an Ipad move on because for 50-60$ that's not what your getting. (Duh for those leaving poor reviews!) However it holds a decent amount of music and has an expandable storage! That is important because they are so cheep no (32 g for 30$). It was pretty speedy with internet and streaming movies on Netflix. Would highly recommend for a teenager or Child. Cute bright color options. Sound good without headphones! I really think this was a good deal. Works great as an MP3 Player that also has Wifi and good for basic searches and facebook.
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on July 23, 2016
I'm so disappointed in this product. The ONLY reason I gave it 5 stars was so my comment would pop up but I'd give it a 1 if that. Yes, my tablet arrives fairly fast which was nice but from the moment I started to use it the tablet ran VERY slow. I even deleted all the apps on it that I could and it was still slow. I've had the product for months and have only used it maybe four times and now it will turn on but it won't go any further but the android load of screen. I tried to get a replacement but I never got a response and it says the item isn't refundable. If someone from the company would get a hold of me and maybe work with me to help fix the one I have or something I would write a better review but so far nothing has happened. I would not recommend buying this tablet even for younger children because of how slow it runs.
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on October 14, 2013
I bought two of these tablets for my daughters (ages 9 & 11). Both of them are fairly tech savvy and have used iPods and my more expensive Android tablet in the past so I thought this would be helpful when doing their homework. Upon receiving the tables, both girls started downloading various games from the Google Play store. They had no problems installing apps and I showed them how to go into the settings and move the apps to the SD card memory, so they wouldn't run out of memory on the tablet as quickly (being that this has only 4GB of internal memory.) Both of them (and I was too) were impressed at how nicely the tablet worked. They also used the tablet to video Skype with their cousin in Colorado (we live in California) and had some issues with a constant squealing sound. They noticed it went away when they used headphones during the Skype call. They video was clear and very smooth and sound quality was excellent, when using the headphones. A few other issues I noticed:

1) When installing apps: Sometimes the tables doesn't recognize an app has been installed, even though it was correctly installed and used a few times. The icon appears on the app list, but when clicked on, it says "App Not Installed". So I had to go to the app store and re-install.

2) In the beginning, the battery seemed to run down pretty quickly (after 2-3 hours of light use). But I noticed that this got much better after I let it sit for almost 10 hours on the charger. Then, I got more like 5-6 hours of use from a full charge.

3) When I daughters first got their tablets, they immediately began personalizing each one for themselves. One big mistake was, they both set up security PIN numbers to access the tablets home screen (to keep the other one from using THEIR tablet). My younger daughter selected a random 4-digit number and an hour after doing so, forgot her PIN. So her tablet became a paper weight. I have looked everywhere on how to do a factory reset on one of these cheap Chinese-made tablets, unfortunately there is no help. So I will have to buy her another tablet and make a rule that "NO PIN NUMBERS on any of the tablets."
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on November 25, 2014
This tablet is difficult to set up. The "instruction book" does not have enough information to know how to get to the websites and get around in the tablet. I think they expect everyone to be a computer geek. I have had lots of experience with computers, but this is NOT user friendly at all. I am ver disappointed. Also the "instruction Book" has such small print, one needs a magnifying glass to read it. When I turn it on, the page that comes up has a lock on it and I can't get into it. It doesn't tell me when i can get in how to put something on the desktop. It is very hit and miss and then the battery needs to be charged. It is a frustrating little gadget for $50.
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on November 22, 2014
I bought this tablet as a gift for a 3 year old. I like Android apps, so I was specifically in the market for an Android tablet. I have only had this for 3 days so I haven't given it much time to "wow" me just yet.

To date, I have not been able to find or download the "Watch Disney Junior" app from the Google Play store. I have been able to find it and download the app on both of my Android phones, so I am not sure why I can't do the same with the Google Play store on this tablet. This is the main reason I purchased this be able to stream Disney Junior TV shows. To make up for this, I went ahead and downloaded my cable provider's app, which allows me to stream any show On Demand that I have access to at home. I'm glad to report that the tablet does stream the TV shows through my cable provider app, however, every 3-4 seconds, the screen read "video buffering" or "waiting for internet connection". I find this extremely annoying. I have this tablet sitting right next to my laptop and I don't understand why the connection would be an issue on the tablet when the laptop's connection is fine (I know the memory and RAM are completely different, but still). The actual quality of the streaming video itself looks great.

The only other comment is that the web camera quality is poor (moves/calibrates slow, the on-screen is dark, and fuzzy).

Because I bought this tablet primarily for video streaming, I'm not impressed so far. I will update this review if that changes in the next few days. Otherwise, I will be returning this item. If the streaming was smooth and I could find the Watch Disney Jr app in the play store, then I would possibly keep it.

I will say that this is my first time using Amazon's Same-Day Shipping option ($8.95 if ordered by a certain time and if the product is in a certain zip code). I ordered in the morning and the box was at my house that evening. How cool was that?!? 5 stars to amazon and the company for shipping it so quickly! I will also say that the item itself is a great size for a child or adult who wants something purse-sized, easy to navigate too.
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on August 27, 2016
I originally bought a similar tablet (a couple of years ago) because it was the absolute cheapest 7" tablet I could find and I wanted to see if it was usable. I have been surprised that it was actually usable even though it is no substitute for a higher end tablet. Now the old one is pretty beat up, so I bought this CHROMO tablet as it appears to be the same model.
The tablet fits well in the hand, the case finish is smooth but not slick, which I prefer. It boots reasonably fast but do not expect blazing performance from it, particularly if you have several apps open. I installed Google Chrome, but I eventually took it off as it seems to be taxing the processor and memory too much. The native browser is adequate.
I was surprised how well it plays YouTube videos. The display quality is not overwhelming, and the view angle is quite limited, but the videos play smoothly and the sound is adequate.
It came loaded with Android 4.4.2, which is OK. It also had a "utility" (DU Speed Booster) which annoyingly kept popping up on the screen at inopportune times. It cannot be removed, but I disabled it and it seems to be quiet for now. That seems to be the only offensive addon. It also came with a file explorer which is convenient. I am not sure if that it a native Android 4.4 utility or an addon.
Interestingly, there are a couple of utilities that may be of interest to developers, like the ApkInstaller and the DevTools app.
In addition, there are more mainstream apps like Netflix, Skype and MovieStudio that are pre-installed.
The microSD card socket is a plus, particularly to me since I want to use this as a remote control, running an app that I am developing, so I can load software through the SD card without having to enter my info in the Play Store.

In summary, while the little tablet that could won't blow you away in any way other than with how inexpensive it is, the fact that it pretty much does everything it is supposed to do without fuss and without getting in its own way is remarkable.
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on August 23, 2016
I'm addicted to lightning deals and this caught my eye while scrolling through the various items. I was excited to receive it because I've never owned one and thought it would be nice to have something smaller and more portable than my laptop. I used it mostly to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other TV streaming apps. I grew tired of trying to watch on it because the sound and video quality isn't very good and it would heat up pretty quickly.

The tablet itself is very light and somewhat flimsy. The camera quality reminds me of my first cellphone. Mind you that was quite some years ago--snake was the hit game back then. Being the fact that this tablet didn't quite live up to my expectations for my personal use, I handed it down to my daughter. At the time she was but a baby so it was enough for her. She is now 2 and continues to use it. It has survived numerous drops so I would say it's pretty durable. Though she is just 3 ft from the ground.

I have not added any extra storage because she has just a few apps to entertain her momentarily. The battery life is so-so. For my use it lasted a day or two give or take. My daughter on the other hand uses it sparingly so it lasts 3 days at the least 5 tops (If I remember to turn it off).

All in all, it's not too shabby. I would recommend buying it for a child who doesn't care about good audio quality or screen resolution or it feeling "cheap" so to speak. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, hope it helps!
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on December 31, 2014
These are reconditioned. We bought 6 in our first order to distribute to business associates where we had to have our website linked on it. One had a broken screen, most (all?) appear to be reconditioned. Some arrive charged, some are not. Some can connect to internet; some cannot. Each one has different configuration, because they were not all manufactured/handled/owned by same, so there is no uniformity, and they have different email addresses on there that likely should have been scrubbed, etc. . After working on it for hours, we got just 2 of the 6 to work, so 4 are definitely going back. These are not new and will not work as great as the better brands you purchase new. FYI: I purchased blue tablets sold by different vendor for same price on Amazon and did the same order of 6 tablets... In the other brand, all 6 worked and we had to make zero returns. So recommend the other product over this one. I wanted to give it 1.5 stars since 2 did work and the price is great, but if more than half don't work, they really can't even get 2 stars.
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on December 25, 2014
It's a low end tablet, definitely. I bought it because of the low price, and often carry it around as a mobile notebook without care I'll break or lose it. It has some major drawbacks that would make me not recommend it if you want a tablet for heavy media usage to carry around, or would like to use this as a primary computing device. However, if you're just like me and need a way to access wi-fi internet and other basic needs like spreadsheets and documents , this may be worth its while. I mostly run about a dozen games and a few more random apps on the thing, and use it to browse the web, check email, store documents, and sometimes the occasional picture when I'm not home or too lazy to reach my PC. So I don't really need much.

The wifi for this device is probably the best thing about it. I regularly connect to several different wireless networks, and it always does so instantly, and I don't recall it ever losing the connection; downloads are very steady.

The touchscreen is pretty so-so, sometimes it seems to not be sensitive at times.

The device doesn't have much space (4gb) and with system apps and stuff included, you're really only working with 2 gb. Fortunately, I don't use much that takes up space, and a microSD card pretty much solves any issues with media. You can always use that for when you buy a better device, too.

It can run several programs simultaneously, more than that and it will really start to bog down.

What will be a dealbreaker for many is that the battery life is pretty pitiful. At first, I found it to be about 2 hours if you are not using many apps so that's sort of a problem if you hang out in a place where you can't charge it. Recently, after disabling sync functions with Google and updates (that really drains the battery apparently) it's been quite a bit better if I just browse and work with spreadsheets/documents. Playing games will still drain the battery fast, though. Also, the camera is completely useless.If for some reason you don't need the internet and just play games that don't need a connection you could disable the wifi-- and then the battery lasts a lot longer. Good if you're just using it while riding in a car.

So in the end, is this a good tablet? No. It's mostly saved by its low pricing and mostly for people who just want basic functions and don't feel like using a smartphone. With a MicroSD card this can also double as a low end music player, so it gets the job done and works for me. If you have extra money to spare, I would recommend to not be stingy and just get a higher quality product. It'll be worth it-- and LOOK for battery life as a main concern unlike me here.
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on January 13, 2016
Tablet came nicely packaged and looks nice... and then you try to use it. We weren't expecting a lot, it was purchased for a teen to use as a first tablet/ device, but this doesn't have any kind of word processing application on it, she was hoping for draw or paint or similar, but again, nothing... no games, either. Anything and everything it seems requires an internet connection. Call me old school, but I don't want my kids having 24/7 unsupervised internet access. We bought this with the thought that she could play games, put her writing on it, and maybe play around with some artsy things.... not happening on this device.
We tried downloading apps for those things, but nothing would download (another teen in our house has a tablet and downloading apps has not been at all difficult, so we suspect the device rather than user issues to be the biggest setback here).
The instructions that come with the tablet are in nearly microscopic print, but you can google and find a readable copy - not that it was much help... turning the thing on, charging the battery, etc is all pretty self explanatory. It doesn't get far beyond those very basic issues.
We're disappointed - I've already requested a return/ refund from amazon, printed the mailing label, and it goes back tomorrow.
My other teen bought an iRulu tablet with windows installed and everyone is anxious to have a turn to play with it (Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers - it's been fun to fiddle with and does what we were looking for it to do for only about $20 more in price. ) I'd never heard of Chromo or iRulu before helping my teens place their orders... Chromo definitely is not what we were expecting.
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