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on February 11, 2014
I had been patiently waiting for this book to come out and Chrissy definitely did a fantastic job! The action and suspense is non-stop and each character development has been a joy to see. It's as if I am actually making this journey with Dean and the gang.. the storytelling is phenomenal! I've so enjoyed seeing each character develop over time in each book! And to think this all started with a free copy of Book One...I am so glad I downloaded it and began the journey of a lifetime. I highly recommend the entire series..full of action, excellent writing and characters that you will fall in love with and also some you will hate with a passion. I can honestly say my heart was pounding when Asia and Dean were on the frozen pond and also running through the zombie filled snowball! I keep thinking Chrissy can't top each book only to be happily surprised with the clever storylines she writes.
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on August 17, 2012
I've been a huge fan of this writer ever since reading Agartha's Castaway and this one didn't disappoint. It starts off pretty fast paced:
Dean is young man leaving in world infested by zombies, but it wasn't always like this. Before a virus claimed the world and most of its inhabitants, he led a sheltered life with his parents and brother, Nick. Nick is a pilot now, who risks his life on a daily basis to help those who haven't been infected yet by keeping them safe. Dean has always looked up to his brother. He's always wanted to be like him so when he meets Val, who's just been infected by the virus, Dean is hell bent on saving her. Without telling his brother, he steals a few vials of a new trial treatment against the virus and hides Val inside Nick's helicopter, then persuades him to fly them out of their safe fortress to the nearest city. His plan is to take Val away before she's being executed and then wait until the virus kicks in so he can administer the new treatment to save her. But when the helicopter crashes, leaving them in the middle of zombie-infested territory, and Nick discovers Val, all of Dean's plans are thrown overboard. Slowly but steadily, secrets are revealed and new allies and adversaries join the little crew on their way out of the danger zone.

This was a great, action packed book that kept me turning the pages late into the night. Nick is a great character, who matures as the story progresses. He's likeable and has a sharp mind and a strong will to survive. I really liked that about him. My favorite character was Lucas, who's a bit of a tech whizz, because he was funny and a great friend. The writing was at times funny, at times sad, but consistently filled with tension and drama. I can't wait to see where the story goes in the sequel.
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on May 15, 2017
I love this series for they book 7 using kindle unlimited I to read book 8 in the series and find out none of them are in kindle unlimited anymore. Wth! I read a lot to point it's all I do in my free time. Got my for unlimited cuz I can't afford my reading Addiction any other way. I really got into this series and now i can't read books 8-10 cuz I can't afford to buy the individually. Why were they taken off kindle unlimited?!! Soooooooo not happy right now. plus a 3.99 for a 364 page book. Nope not happening. I have read books 1-7 in like 3-4 days. I don't get it. I got book 7 this morning g on unlimited now none of them r on it. Better I lost a reader because of this. Tammy
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on June 12, 2013
Dean knows that his brother Nick, part of the Zombie fighting army and pilot, will never help him rescue an infected girl. He knows this for many reasons, but two of them being that Nick is a rules kind of guy and would never break those rules to help a soon to be zombie girl and secondly even if Nick would help Dean break rules he would never help him save a girl that Dean has only known a very short in just a day or so. Dean knows the girl's secret though and simply cannot allow her to be executed OR turned into a zombie. That's why Dean breaks her out of the execution holding area and why he steals vials of the liquid that scientists have been working on to cure the zombie breakout. The other catch to all this is that the cure can only be given after the zombie transformation has been completed, so Val (the girl Dean saves), has to die and come back as a zombie fully before Dean can cure her. Can he keep her alive long enough from his brother when he finds out what she is becoming to cure her? When Nick and Dean's helicopter goes down in Zombie Land they will now have to fight for their lives to make it to the safe island. Will they all make it to the island alive and not having been bitten or transformed into zombies in the meantime? Can they overcome the odds that are highly stacked against them? Will the cure even work for Val, or was it all for nothing anyway?

This book had my absolute attention from page one! The plot was great and very well thought out and executed. The characters were just amazing in my opinion and so well developed and had so much personality come through the pages and writing, that I could have sworn they were real people. Also, this book's detail was so great that I could just see the scenes playing out in my head and it was great! The flow of the book helped in this too because there were no lulls or long pauses of useless or non-related information in this book. It kept right on plugging along from the start page to the end page and more. I say and more because the ending leaves you wanting to jump right into the next book in the set to see things develop and happen even more. Normally zombie books can be hit or miss for me because they have been done so many times, but this one is a winner in my opinion and well worth the read for anyone of any age that wants a great book adventure. This book seemed so real at some points because of the writing style and descriptiveness and characters that I found myself wondering if, I too, would one day see a zombie apocalypse before I die. I just loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! Try it out and see what the rave is about, you won't be sorry. And you best read it before the zombies come and you wish you would have read it to be prepared. Wink Wink.

5/5 Stars!!
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on August 6, 2013
You know, I've been sort of harsh with my ratings on zombie books lately. Maybe because there are so many to read, maybe because I have actually read so many, or maybe it's just because it is still one of my favorite genres but I have read so many lately that I am starting to get bored!

So, it was with an ample amount of trepidation that I set out to read this. When I found it I was excited but that excitement bailed on me before I could even open to page one!! Fortunately for me, and for many zombie lovers out there, this is not just about the zombies, this is about what we would do to save someone we love. And for that, I love this book!

Firstly the premise is pretty understanding, Val was bitten and Dean would do anything to save her. Now, this does also have some fun zombie stuff like...

"chainsaws weigh around ten pounds, compared to two-pound weapons like machetes, crowbars, trench spikes, or baseball bats. Remember, we're looking ofr anythign that can crush or decapitate a skull in one blow. If it can't, there's no use lugging it around."

And then you have the people... All of them are very different but we meet Claire and Jackie, well, they are just clueless! How can two people be SO clueless in a zombie apocalypse! It just killed me. But at the same time made me realize that people handle situations in different ways...

"Claire rolled her eyes. "I'm really not into violence."

"I don't care what you're into. It's all about survival now," Val said. "`Cause those things will tear you apart. They'll munch on your flesh-gnawing, biting, and chewing-all while you're still alive watching."

Jackie threw a couch pillow at Val, "C'mon! That's gross!"

All in all Zombie Chronicles has my favorite parts of zombie books. This is why I still hold a huge obsession with them, it's crazy and horrific but at the same time, it's dramatic and moving, and above all it's just plain fun! Which describes this book exactly!
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on March 30, 2015
Yes, I'll admit, I love zombie books. However, this is not your typical, "I want to eat your brains" type of story, although there is plenty of that to go around. The plot grabs ahold of you and will not release you until you finish. Every time you think you are at a good "stopping point for the night" something else happens that you know will keep you awake until you see how it ends! Great read with some new twists and turns!
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on November 16, 2016
The author did not develop the characters enough for me to latch onto any of them. At this point, if any of them were bitten and turned I would not shed a tear. The plot is pretty good, but the dialogue was more of a young adult novel and not a zombie action thriller. The author needs to provide more detail of the zombies, how they attack, how they act at night, etc. Give the reader a detailed account of what they are going through. Kind of disappointed because this is my genre of reading. Sleeping over-night in an airfield tower is not he best option and to not protect the one thing that could save your sister - come on! The overall plot is good, but the author just didn't provide enough details to me, or yet to become enthralled in the story. How did the virus, how could they build safe cities with so many turned, etc. I know how hard it is to write, so I'll give the author credit for taking this story to the 9th book in the series. I'm going to read book 2 because I like where the story is heading, but if the action and dialogue doesn't change I'll find it hard to press on with more books in the series.
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on September 2, 2013
While there aren't tons of egregious mistakes in grammar and spelling, there is a serious lack of character development and believability. It reads like a first effort by a pre-teen who doesn't know how people actually talk and didn't bother to do any research except reading other mediocre zombie stories. Note to author: read at least one psychology book, google stories about real soldiers and the size of different helicopters likely to be used, and look up some basic virology protocols. You really can do better than this.

Zombie books, at least the good ones, are about how people adjust to their new environment and survive as well as those who don't or can't cope and die. In this story, the incredibly stupid and inept survive and thrive. Dean, talks a soldier/friend into rescuing a girl who has been bitten by zombies and smuggles her onto a military helicopter piloted by his soldier/brother, Nick. Dean has also stolen vials of an untested cure for zombism (my new word) to be used later on the girl who is also his long-lost half-sister. Well, thank goodness the vials weren't important or valuable enough to safeguard them by locking them up!! And the use of untested cures on family members should always be recommended in CDC testing protocols! Dean crows, "my plan was bold, daring, and sneaky, as a proper rescue mission should always be." This underlines how bad the dialogue is throughout the book and reveals Dean's essentially immature nature. Which might have been ok if he had learned anything or grown as a person. Sadly, he didn't.

In this story, wish fulfillment works as a survival strategy, because Dean encounters zero difficulty in pulling off these unlikely series of events. His military friend is ok with all of this too, because the girl is cute. Well, yes, we must save the cute ones! Let's put that in the zombie survival guide as tip #1.

Nick flies the helicopter without a checklist of any kind, hasn't flown often enough to know how his 'copter maneuvers with three people on board versus two, and doesn't see the girl-sized lump of the almost-zombie his brother has hidden behind him. Btw, it never occurs to anyone to restrain Val, until she is nearly zombified and leads them into a store where they barely avoid becoming a buffet for the Eternally Hungry.

Dean lies to Nick about why he wants to join him on a "real" mission, because his brother is just too concerned with Following The Rules. Go figure, a military guy during an apocalypse wanting to follow the rules that ensure the safety of the survivors. At this point I really want Nick to put a gun to Dean's empty head and shoot him until the clip is empty. I keep reading because I hope it gets better and Nick has the potential to carry the story.

After the helicopter crashes, (totally unforeseeable plot twist) the brothers save two girls who are being chased by the undead. The girls are dressed in designer heels and short dresses and manage to outrun and evade a bunch of zombies in a forest. ( Note to author: stop playing zombie computer games in your basement and try running on a hiking trail in high heels and a silk dress.) These ladies want to be saved but won't help themselves. How can they possibly have survived the past nine months? See previous survival tip #1 in the new zombie survival guide. The whiny girly twosome are cowardly, selfish and unbelievably moronic. Thank goodness they're pretty or they'd really be in trouble. Fortunately, the intrepid brothers are able to turn the cute girls into heroic sharpshooting commandos within a few hours of meeting them. No need for Seal Team Six when you have this foursome to fall back on!

Of course, Dean keeps screwing up every situation and needs to be saved by everyone else while remaining under the delusion that he is The Hero and smarter than everyone else. That idea could have been made into a running joke throughout the book and made all the improbable events funny. It could have been a 3 star book with some good editing.
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on January 12, 2015
What can I say about this. to be frank i'm still wondering if I wish to get the last couple of books in this series. I was hoping for a bit more, but at the same time I was not too surprised. I have read up to book five and seeing the reviews for the next book i'm not too sure if I want to get it. I normally don't add cost into why I choose not to read a series, but I have a few ups and downs about the series so far.

Book on is a great pull in. Their is a reason why this book has such a high head count and star ranking. It's a good book. I love the energy of it. I am always seeing books that have a rush and a thrill of danger in it. Even the whole issue the characters are dealing with I find interesting, at the time. Overall yes, I would recommend this book for people to read. And yes the book does leave on a spot that wants you to pick up book two. For its price I would say pick up book two.

After that however I have a bit of issue with the way the books are set up. I understand that you have to find other issues for the characters to deal with and this is really one of the only reason why I wish to see the series out.
On that note I kind of have one big issue for me, its the main character. I'm not sure what it is, but he gets on my nerves. I hate how he acts how he responds and just about everything he chooses to do Maybe its a good thing, is it how most people his age acts. If it does then yes they are doing a good job on how to show this character, for me I hate him. He gets on my nerves. I wish there was another chaster to use to tell this story. His brother is not too bad, but again not someone who I like. Now that that I think of it most of the main cast I don't care for and maybe that is why i'm having an issue with going on. The story is great what needs to be done is interesting, the characters bother me and just come off strange and not in a good way..

So I must say this first book is great to read. I can go back to it and have a good read. After that yes I have some issues and yes I do hate the fact that book two is so short, but i'm not too bummed out by how much I had to pay. If I had to pay more then three dollars for book two then yes I would give this a lower rating, but I know that authors have to try and make a living and while amazon is doing a great job sucking their profits. I try my best to support any books that deal with this genre so I will think about getting the last two book out right now, but for someone looking for a bit more developed main cast and a main character that you want to shut up I would not recommend this book series for you.
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on May 17, 2017
Parts of it were good but quite a few things just don't work like saying the Harley tires were squealing on loose sand! Swimming with all their clothes and things across a lake. Lots of the action was accompanied by poor decision making and to me just didn't work.
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