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Chrono Trigger
Price:$37.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 4, 2017
One of the best games ever made. I'm just happy I was able to grab a copy after recently getting a 3DS. I enjoyed it more now than I did when I first played it on the SNES when I was younger. The themes are mature and the music is absolutely incredible, one of the best video game soundtracks alongside Chrono Cross (both created by composer Yoshinori Mitsuda). It's a great introduction for anyone that wants to experience what is regarded as arguably the best example of a perfect JRPG from the 16-bit era.
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on July 30, 2015
Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest video game RPGs of all time - perhaps one of the greatest video games of all time, period. It features incredible art, incredible music, a great story, great characters, and oh - it's really fun too. (It also has time travel, which I personally always consider a plus.)

The DS version of the game is in my opinion the best version of the game so far. It includes all of the cinema scenes created for the Playstation version, without the slow-down when entering the menus that the Playstation version suffered from. It also has several new areas to keep things interesting for us Chrono Trigger veterans (though those new areas aren't nearly as good as the original material), a couple of which answer some of the questions left by Chrono Trigger's very confusing sequel, Chrono Cross.

Also, for us English speakers, there is a new translation which not only reads better than the old translation but is more accurate to the original Japanese.
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Enthusiast: Campingon September 3, 2016
Really fantastic port of one of the best turn based RPGs ever made. This is more or less a straight port of the SNES version of the game with the PS1 version cutscenes added in. It's really a best-of-both-worlds kind of setup, and if you're looking for a good version of the original game on a more modern platform, this is the one to get. If you've never played Chrono Trigger before, and are looking for a great handheld time-killer, look no further. There are few games I can unequivocally recommend to people from all walks of life, but this is definitely one of them.
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on October 19, 2017
Bought as a gift for my g/f on her birthday. She had played the hell out of this game when it was on the SNES and wanted to play through it again. We've both since either misplaced or lost our SNES systems and games, so this was the next best thing.

She tells me that this is everything the original was and much more. If you want to ride the nostalgia train and/or enjoy a classic RPG then this is most definitely the game you need to get.
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on November 8, 2015
Chrono Trigger is a true classic that is regarded by many as one of the best RPGs of all time. It is my personal favorite, and I still consider it to be the greatest RPG ever made. It is the RPG by which all other RPGs should be judged by, in terms of gameplay, story, sound, and overall quality.

[If you do not want to read through the ENTIRE review, you can read the last paragraph where i briefly summarize some of the higher merits of the game]

[You may skip this first paragraph if you want to get to the review proper]

The Premise of the story and plot is centered around the concept of time. It is the year 1000 A.D. You play the role of Chrono, a spiky-haired teen who lives with his mom and cat in the kingdom of Guardia. At Guardia's Millennial Fair, he meets Marle, the king's tomboyish daughter. Together, they go to see Crono's friend Lucca's new invention, which is a transportation device that will beam someone from one pod to the other. Marle offers to try it out, but the mysterious pendant she wears reacts to the machine's energy, and she is pulled through a portal opened up by the pendant. Crono goes through the portal to try to bring her back, and ends up 400 years in the past! Thus begins a long journey to stabilize the time stream and put the universe back in its working order before the day of the apocalypse.

If that does not sound interesting to you already then rpgs just may not be your cup of tea. This is merely just the prologue of the story. The main party of characters will grow as you travel across many time periods, and even alternate time lines in an attempt to save the future from the past. The plot becomes very rich and deep, which makes it very easy to get into and create a truly immense world for the gamer to delve in to.

The gameplay in Chrono Trigger is some of the best in any RPG. Ever. Being an RPG, it has the same basic formula of other games in the genre during the SNES era. There are two parties, and you take turns attacking each other. That’s pretty much where the similarities end. Like some other RPGs, the battles are not random. Instead, you see the enemies on your screen before battle, and you can avoid them if you please (Grandia, Secret of Mana, and others use similar systems). When you begin a battle in Chrono Trigger, the first thing you will notice is that the parties aren’t lined up in straight lines across the field like in so many other RPGs. During the fight, your characters will move all around the field, which makes for a more realistic experience and even adds to the strategy. The next thing you will notice is the bar below each of your character’s names. This is what is referred to as an ACT bar. When a character’s ACT bar is fully filled, they can perform an action. In Chrono Trigger, the three actions are Attack, Tech, and Item. Choosing attack will have your character unleash a standard attack on an enemy of your choice. Item will have them use an item. Now that the obvious is out of the way, let’s move our focus to the Tech option, and the real innovation of Chrono Trigger. This is one feature that really sets this game apart from anything else out there. The Tech option opens a list of special attacks (all character specific) that can be used by your character. You can wait until your other characters have filled their ACT bars and unleash a bigger Tech attack. Combinations of different characters have different Tech attacks, and each attack has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, Crono and Frog can perform the X Slash attack together after they have both learned certain Techs, while Marle and Crono can perform Aura Whirl together. As each character learns new Techs and the game progresses, new Dual Techs and even Triple Techs will be added to the list. This adds a lot of strategy to the game and makes the battles very intense. Although the amount of 3d animation effects will not live up to games like Final fantasy VII or Final fantasy IX, obviously because these are from the 16 bit era. But during their time, I can’t stress enough that Final Fantasy VI and chrono trigger are two games that really pushed the power and the boundaries of the SNES in regards to graphics.

The graphics in CT are absolutely wonderful, perhaps only being passed by those found in Seiken Densetsu 3 for the title of best looking SNES game. Everything is gorgeous. The character designs done by Akira Toriyama give the characters an anime look and feel to them. The environments in the game look very detailed, colorful, and extremely fitting to the atmosphere. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself gazing at the rich 2D world in awe. This is what 2D games should look like. Chrono Trigger sets a benchmark for all SNES games, and all 2D games in general. Every single person, house, enemy, and blade of grass has its own touch to it. It brings the story to life in a way that can’t be matched.

Chrono Trigger is also relatively short, which helps when playing through multiple times. There are many side quests in the game. I guess you can say that’s one flaw if I had to put any complaint at all on this title, is it’s a bit short, in comparison to most Final fantasy Games like IV, VI, VII, VIII, and IX. Most of them aren't necessary to finish the game, but you can get some very valuable items if you take the time to complete them. But being a little on the shorter end gives you more of an incentive to want to replay the game multiple times to unlock all that extra content.

Speaking of extra content, Chrono trigger has an immense amount of extra stuff you can do either during game or post end game. There are so many extra side quests an stuff to accomplish, probably not as much as Final fantasy XII but still very close to it. Each little extra scenario also comes with its own plot threads that help resolve some character background story and adds to the plot, it’s not just a bunch of typical fetch quests, or hunting monsters.

Chrono Trigger shines in all aspects, but one area where it really shines is music. Famed Composers, Yasunori Mitsuda who also worked on Chrono Cross by himself and Nobuo Uematsu come together to bring you the best music of any game and of any generation that will live on in your memory for years to come.

Out of all my years of playing video games, I've never played a game with better music than Chrono Trigger with the exception of Final fantasy VI. [See my review] Comparing and contrasting musical scores from both games is just extremely difficult for me. Both of them are absolutely stellar, any fan can tell you this rather they knock the game because their a western audience fanbase and they think all jrpgs fall into niche cliché category, lots of little minor faults that people point out all the time in video games, especially a small niche genre like jrpgs are accustomed to a lot of hate and debate. There is no denying MUSIC is absolutely both of these games strongest aspects If anyone tells you different or is argumentative and debates this matter, from my personal point of view most likely they are trolling. Every song in the game is well-done, and many of them are simply masterpieces. There are a large variety of musical styles in the game, and each song fits perfectly with its situation, conveying the feeling that it is supposed to just like the phenomenal scores used in Final fantasy VI and other games from the “Black Mages”

Magus's theme is dark and foreboding, perfect for his character. The song playing while in Guardia Castle is one of my favorites, with a triumphant feel to it. The music playing during major boss battles conveys a sense of awe, importance, and urgency. The imfamous Frog theme during the opening of his characters and the poetic lines of dialogue he uses gives you a sense of a strong personalized character with great leadership qualities much like Cyan's theme in Final fantasy VI. (I do want to stress for those that are probably wondering, the frog dialogue has been changed in the DS version of this game. It no longer has that poetic ancient eastern fantasy dialect that the original had) The regular battle music is catchy, like many of the songs. The over world map themes are actually some of the best in the game, better than most other games. The music is so good that I actually have the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, and I highly recommend getting it if you can.

Chrono Trigger's replay value is another thing that i absolutly can't forget to mention, for a number of reasons. There are about 12 possible endings you can get, depending on what you do during the game. Playing repeatedly again just to get all the endings alone is worth it. A great feature that adds to the replay value is “New Game +” This feature at the time was a very unique idea only implemented in a very few selection of games, in fact im not entirely sure if chrono trigger was the first game to implement this feature, it very well could have been but it became so popular that now a days it’s pretty much used in almost any mainstream title of this generation and last generation and has diverted into various other genre’s of video gaming. This makes playing through again and getting all of the endings a lot easier. Same with Chrono cross for the playstation. This is also necessary in order to get some of the endings, which I won’t spoil.

Chrono Trigger excels in all areas; its gameplay, its story line, its character, personality, graphics and sounds. If that weren't enough, there are twelve different endings you can watch, so there will be a lot of replay value to look forward to and a ton of end game content that make sup for the rather shorter main story. There's very few flaws in this game, that I would go as far as saying it's flawless. The game feels so comfortable, that it molds into you. And the battle system feels so polished; comparing from a visual point of view from many other games on the snes it’s clear which game has the better graphical quality. you'll never get bored of it. The beautiful cast in Chrono Trigger is unforgettable, and when departing with them, you'll feel kind of sad that the game finally ends.
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on February 10, 2011
This is an amazing game, and the DS version even moreso. I played the SNES version and it was great even then, but my SNES copy was beginning to get old and not work very well, so I purchased the PS version and was sadly disappointed by the poor loading times. I still played it, since it actually worked, but the loading times were awful. I did enjoy the little "extras" they added to the PS version. The DS version must take all the cake though. Better loading times, amazing sound quality, and MORE STORYLINE if thats possible. There are also better weapons, and the translation is better. I just loved the DS version. I'm so glad I ordered it. As soon as I got my Nintendo DS (Birthday present) I logged into Amazon and picked one-day shipping so I'd have CT the next day. I must say, I'm glad I did. This game cannot be beat. I am a huge World of Warcraft addict, but let me tell you, I'd drop WoW in a heartbeat if they made a CT MMO. I already neglected WoW for a whole day just to immerse myself in this wonderful world once again.

The only thing I disliked about the DS version was the Schala thing (will not go into it, for fear of spoilers). It was more storyline and thats always great to see, but I always liked to pretend Chrono Cross never happened and the fate of Schala was similar to that of Magus (with less evil and demons). Schala has always been a favorite character of mine, and her storyline and the way it ended saddened me, especially what she did to Magus. He IS my favorite character.
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on March 14, 2013
What an easy video game to write a review for! Honestly, what can be said about Chrono Trigger that hasn't already been said countless times before? When Squaresoft recruited Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy series), Yuji Horii (creator of the Dragon Quest series), and Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball), internally dubbed "The Dream Team," to work on this title, I doubt they understood at the time the immeasurable level of majesty and perfection this game would attain. I have been playing games for the majority of the 22 years I have lived on this earth, and I consider it my favorite past time. Having just played this game for the first time a few months ago on virtual console, and now this version, I feel like my life wasn't complete before I undertook the amazing journey Chrono Trigger has to offer.

Name any aspect you can think of about RPGs or just games in general, any at all. Chrono Trigger executes it perfectly. Incredibly unique, wonderfully well-written (and beautifully localized) story involving time travel that develops at an immaculate pace, with exceptionally developed and lovable characters, as well as over a dozen different possible endings? Check. An Akira Toriyama inspired graphical style that is delightfully colorful and full of life, that still looks fantastic today? Check. One of the greatest soundtracks for the SNES, and indeed of all video games in its entire history? Check. This game has single-handedly made Yasunori Mitsuda one of my biggest musical inspirations, and to think this was just the first of a long-line of jaw-dropping game soundtracks from him. An awesome battle system that feels dynamic, action-packed, and organic? Check. How about RPG mechanics so tight you could bounce a quarter off of them and get loose change? Check. A genuine sense of growth and progression as you play? Check. Plenty of genuinely unique, memorable side-quests that actually feel like meaningful additions that enrich the story and your experience? Check. Several mini-games that are super fun to break-up the epicness the game has to offer? Check. I could go on all day. In every regard possible, Chrono Trigger just screams top-of-the-line quality. Whether it's the big picture stuff, like story, characters, gameplay mechanics, graphics, all the way down to the tiniest details that add atmosphere or new depths to your experience, this game really nails it in every way. The game has a delightful balance between levity and gravity that makes the whole experience feel so fresh, even 17 years after it first released. This is a timeless masterpiece and one of the greatest gems in the entire history of the medium, full stop.

I could go on, obviously, for hours about what makes Chrono Trigger so fantastic, but there are some new additions to this DS version that makes it the most complete one available. For one thing, this version contains some full motion video cutscenes that Akira Toriyama did for the Playstation rerelease of this game from way back when, which is really cool. They may not expand the story to newer heights, but they do depict some of the most exciting moments in the story in exciting and dynamic ways, which is awesome. In fact, this has all of the additions the Playstation rerelease had, which is great. Unique to this DS version is a new secret final boss and a new ending that helps connect Chrono Trigger to its direct(ish) sequel Chrono Cross, which is neat. There are also new control schemes and even new screen options that take advantage of the DS dual-screen capabilities.

The biggest difference, however, is an all-new translation to the game. It has been said that this translation is much closer to the original Japanese script than the original SNES release, with its incredibly famous Ted Woosley rendition. Frog no longer speaks in a Shakespearean accent and more closely resembles the Japanese version. Chrono's power is no longer "lightning," but "Light" instead (it's actually "Heaven" in Japanese). These sorts of changes abound and they may offend some people who are die-hard devotees to unwavering preservation with games they have nostalgia for, but I find the this translation gives new life to a classic gem. New nuances and details emerge about the characters that weren't there before, and if you've played the SNES original many times, hopefully you'll find the new script to be a refreshing aspect. Tom Slattery did the translation on this version, and as one who found his work on the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV to be, hands-down, the best Final Fantasy IV translation available of any version, I really enjoyed his work here. He did a great job.

It's hard to really define what this release is. It's not a remake. Chrono Trigger's perfection needs no touch-ups or "enhancements," it's already so good. The new additions to the game itself, new features tailored to the Dual Screens of the DS that can (if you so choose to use them) streamline the experience, the lovely new translation that adds new dimensions to old friends and their amazing tales, and the fact that this is the most complete, comprehensive version of one of gaming's highest pinnacles, makes buying this an absolute no-brainer. I actually didn't play this gem until later in life, and even today, it is a game that can leave a lasting impact on your life and further define your tastes and values for the rest of your days. For those who didn't have the fortune of playing this back when it first came out, or for younguns who weren't around when this game first released, now is a wonderful time to experience it. Personally, I recommend playing the virtual console version of the SNES original at least once in your life (that's how I first experienced this game, a few month ago), because the Ted Woosley translation is worth playing it alone for, but this version is definitely the most comprehensive, faithful version of Chrono Trigger. When you get a chance to experience the most complete version of a masterpiece like Chrono Trigger, one that is the most faithful to the creator's original vision, you take it. So buy this game, forge unbreakable bonds of friendship with unlikely heroes across time, and travel across the ages to save the world, in one of the greatest epochs of all time.
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on March 10, 2017
Obviously it gets 5 stars it's chrono trigger, took me 4 hours to put this game down when it came in today, got here in about a day and a half so that was cool exactly how I wanted my Friday to go really but anyone who knows what chrono trigger is knows why it gets 5 stars, if you don't know what it is get it because it has a ton of replay value and it's not overly complicated or anything the only thing I will say is the battle mechanics can take some getting use to if you're use to stand still turn base combat, other than that it's a perfect game in my opinion
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on July 16, 2016
This game is amazing. I had heard about this video game on a YouTube video that listed some of the best games of the 90s. I became interested because I had heard that this came was created by the "dream team", a very talented group of individuals. After playing it through twice ( because it has more than a dozen endings) I realize that the creators truly put their heart and souls into the game. All of the characters were endearing and likeable, the game play was awesome (particular the techinques), the story was incredibly interesting and made me want to play the game again! The game arrived quickly and was factor sealed as it was stated. Buy it quickly before it becomes rare like the SNES version!
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 23, 2015
By 1995, the 16 bit wars were long over with Nintendo coming out on top the winner. The reason for this was their ability to give gamers an experience that they could never forget. Sega was making RPGs too, but While Sega concentrated on just the action, Nintendo concentrated on everything - Music, Story, Art, action, and most of all, Fun. that's the main reason Chrono trigger, has so much staying power. Even years later, gamers young and old have extended conversations about it.

My experience with Chrono Trigger dates back to September of 2012. I walked into a thrift store and just happened to come across a complete copy on display (Box, Cart, Manual, maps, even the original receipt from 1995) and only for 4$. If only they knew what they had. A typical copy of Chrono Trigger goes for nearly 100$ on the internet, and a complete copy can go for even more. So I bought it, and I was going to play it on a SNES I had recently acquired that I was going to donate to the church. I started playing the game, and got sucked in so quickly it wasn't funny. For a good week & a half, I spent hours just going through the game, with the help of a walkthrough, I eventually got to the end.

In Chrono trigger, you play as Crono, a young man who lives in the peaceful kingdom of Guardia, along with your best friend, a young lady named Lucca. This year, Lucca has spent countless days building a machine that can teleport things and people. She's showcasing it at the local fair. so what begins as a day at the fair turns into an adventure that will take you hours to finish, but every minute is worth it.
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