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on August 1, 2017
I love this show. I first watched it on Netflix about a year ago, but stopped after just a few episodes of S1 because I thought the plot was stupid. I decided to give it a 2nd try recently ... got hooked this time, have been binge-watching nonstop! Yes the plot has many holes, but the show is really enjoyable, IMO one of the best in its category. It is light-hearted, has a good mix of romance, action, drama, and plenty of laughs. Unlike some “comedy”, the laughs are not forced at all. All the actors (lead & supporting) chosen for this show are spot on, the screen chemistry is amazing, making you really like to believe the story is real and cheer for the characters – I guess this is why the weak plot doesn’t bother me anymore, in fact, the flaws in storyline has now become fun facts to watch.

At the beginning of season 3 I decided to buy the whole Blu-ray set, it is absolutely worth it. Now the Blu-ray quality has a lot to be desired: the picture is grainy in certain scenes, and sound in plain DTS rather than HDMA for the first 3 seasons. I don't think the Blu-ray quality is too much better than HD streaming of Netflix and Amazon (I have watched Chuck using both services), I guess this has something to do with the age of the show. But the bottom line is: NONE of this will bother you if you are a fan.

One question I do have is: WHY JUST 5 SEASONS?

Btw, I am watching the Blu-ray on my PS4 Pro, I can testify that all the Blu-ray functions are working correctly. It is very easy to choose episodes/add-ons, set up A/V, captions, pause/forward/skip, access root menu, etc., there is even an on-screen mapping of each button. The only small bug I found is that when you pause the show, the screen saver won’t be activated automatically. I see some reviews complaining about the Blu-ray features being non-existent, I guess there might be some compatibility issues with older systems, but it is not entirely fair to put all blame on this set.
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on August 1, 2016
Chuck was a series that was always on the Bubble, yet it was well-made with good plot lines. We were sorry to see the series end. We bought the set to watch the series over again from the beginning at our own pace. So far each disk plays well on all our sets (480i, 720p and 1080p). It would be nice to see a "Chuck" movie down the road, in the meantime we have the series on DVD.
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on August 15, 2013
I absolutely love the show Chuck and when I saw this Blu-ray combo pack on sale I had to snatch it up.

I have only watched season 1 so far but I have been very disappointed by the setup of the blu-ray. It is nearly impossible to get to an actual menu for episode selection. Instead it just wants to play them all in order without a true menu option. This would not be a problem if I was going to watch a marathon but is HIGHLY inconvenient when I only want to watch one episode a night before bed and am therefore forced to skip ahead 2-4 episodes to get to the current one I want to watch.
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on April 10, 2014
I love this show. It has everything in it, action, comedy, romance, gadgets.. Usual nerd who becomes an involuntary spy after a whole bunch of government secrets get into his hands. Sort of. How one unusual team is formed to deal with unusual problems as they arise. How the "usual guy" brings back the "human side" to hardened agents, who then start to look at things with a wider perspective. How unusual means solve seemingly impossible situations. And how the characters try to live their usual lives alongside their spy lives, where personal relations, friendships and family present at times more complicated situations then the arms dealers and international spies.

My only personal gripe is the final episode, would have wanted to see some sort of closure. Maybe the creators left it open so that a movie can one day pick up from that spot and then complete everything? We can hope. Because else it was just a bad ending.
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on March 20, 2016
We love this series.. fun! Without spoilers, season five I would skip... writers tried too hard to cram a bunch of stuff into the last few episodes and ruined the story in my opinion... Find a spot at the end of season 4, stop. I would say where, but that would lead to spoilers. Otherwise a great series.

And Firefly fans, you get Adam Baldwin (Jayne) playing almost the same character except smarter.. and you get a camio from River Tam (Summer Glau) in the series along with many other big name actors who are all fun to see....
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on June 23, 2015
Great series. Lots of extras. I'm not one of those folks who freaks out because the set is really just all the same individual season sets compiled into one package. I don't care. I loved the show ... there are lots of extras included ... the price was lower than buying all five individually ... I'm happy. I'm just glad I discovered Chuck on Netflix. I never watched it even once when it was on the air ... I had no idea it even existed. I saw it on Netflix, gave it a shot, and have a new favorite to add to my annual re-watching schedule (alongside BSG, Lost, season 1 of Heroes, and a few others).
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on January 10, 2017
We started watching Chuck on Netflix last year and were horribly disappointed to see it removed. I was so happy to find this set so we can continue our binge watching.

Chuck is a witty, silly, sometimes irreverent look into international espionage. Chuck is an innocent tech support guy at a place that is hilariously similar to a mobile tech team embedded in a well-known electronics store. Though they take pains to ensure they are not that store, it is obvious what store they are parodying.

The presentation is family friendly, though some of the humor is definitely appropriate for teen and above.

The story unfolds into a rich tapestry of history and reveals as the seasons progress.

I can't wait to see how seasons 4 and 5 turn out!
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on May 26, 2016
Chuck was one of the most entertaining TV programs that has aired on a regular (non-cable) network. It was an action – adventure; romantic, comedy romp that never fails to pull the viewer along and just have fun enjoyable time! The cast is fantastic, as are the production crew and the shows get better with each season. Visually, Chuck is a feast that the viewer can enjoy and still be entertained as each disc is played and completed. The viewer watches Chuck mature (seasons 1 – 5) and get the privilege to walk alongside the entire cast as they go through so many different life events and harrowing adventures. When the fifth and final season was over, it is almost a downer. Regardless, this is one of the best production programs that NBC ever aired. Kudos to all those who fought to help keep this program alive and on the air and all those who helped film and produce Chuck. GREAT JOB! Fantastic purchase, thanks and enjoy!
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on March 25, 2017
I did not watch the original series on TV. People kept telling me how funny the show was but I never had time. I bought it, watched it and found it well worth the money.
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on January 15, 2014
I watched almost every episode live (but missed the last two seasons) and I couldn't pass up this set when it went on sale. Hubby was skeptical when I first asked him to watch the show with me many years ago...but he was hooked after watching ep.1 and is now one of the biggest fans of "Chuck". He has stayed up late since this set arrived watching every ep again and then watching it with me once more when I have time to watch with him.
It's a funny show with endearing characters. It does NOT take itself, or the spy-genre, seriously which is really funny. It's full of Easter Eggs which I really enjoy, and all the nerdy/geeky references are really hilarious. I feel like if I knew "Chuck" and "Morgan" in RL, we'd be total buds. Also, "Captain Awesome" is pretty awesome...and inspirational. Great, uplifting show.
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