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on June 27, 2014
The stupidest war ever, WWI, was doubly stupid for Americans to enter, but Wilson wanted to be important. In those days that meant being important in Europe, where influence was measured in battalions and battleships: So he got us into a war. Lots of great info here in a well-researched book about how the Great Game turned into the first chapter of the Death of the West.
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on February 23, 2014
husband loves this book, he says its good reading, would recommend to anyone who wants a good read. buy it soon.
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on August 4, 2008
After reading this book, you'll probably realize that everything you ever knew about World War II was wrong. Controversial, to be sure, but it's well documented and presented in a credible and highly readable manner.

Highly recommended.
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on July 26, 2008
Mr. Buchanan doesn't surmise why Hitler chose to declare war on the United States. Did it give Hitler more legal rights and freedom to act?
Or was it only to honor his ally, Japan?
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on March 6, 2016
I learned so much from this book. Everyone interested in the machinations leading to WW-1` and WW-2 should read it.
Surprise, Churchill was responsible for both world wars.
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on March 9, 2015
A more accurate title for this book would be something along the lines of, "Causes and Consequences of WWII, as Derived from Other Histories." In writing this book the author has taken the historical writings of about 200 different historical tomes and synthesized them into a single volume of a mere 420 pages (principle text only, and not including 75 pages of notes and bibliography). The book is an easy read, which is remarkable given the large number of references (sometimes conflicting) used by the author.

Here's why I love this book:

1. The writing is superb - I found the book easy to read, and hard to put down.

2. Mr. Buchanan lays blame for WWII (as well as WWI) where he believes blame should be laid, as very well supported by his numerous citations and quotations. Accordingly, Mr. Buchanan's conclusions are well supported.

3. Mr. Buchanan raises questions that any observant reader should also be raising, and then provides essentially immediate answers to the questions.

4. The writing is about as unbiased as possible. Mr. Buchanan offers alternative explanations for the actions of individuals, and lets the reader decide what is the best explanation.

This book should be read by anyone pondering the question of how and why WWII came about. It is not the end-all definitive tome on answering that question, but it does provide a critical piece to the puzzle, and perhaps more importantly, provides the reader with links (via the bibliography) for further study. (I purchased 9 books cited in the bibliography for my own further study.)

Notwithstanding the title and forward in this book, it is not just a rant against Churchill - it is also an excellent history of the motivations and events that lead up to WWII. This book should be read along with "Freedom Betrayed" (by Herbert Hoover, re WWII and FDR). If you read "Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War" and "Freedom Betrayed", you will be enlightened as to the so-called "Good War". WWII was not a war against the alleged tyranny of Nazi Germany. Rather, the European part of the war was brought about primarily by the personalities of Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, Hitler and Beck (the Polish leader in 1939). Stalin merely facilitated the European part of the war. To make it a truly World war, FDR did everything he could to antagonize Germany and Japan into attacking the U.S., with successful results (and the loss of 400,000 American lives). If you have any thoughts about WWII being the "good war", ask yourself these two questions: (i) If the British objective of WWII was to fight German aggression, why did they turn a blind eye towards similar Soviet aggression?; (ii) If the U.S. objective of WWII was to fight Japanese and German threats to the U.S., what was the real threat to the U.S. from Germany and Japan in June 1941? If you look for answers to these questions, you will find that WWII was not a war against tyranny, but rather a war of personalities.

I am a bit of an amateur historian, and have thus far primarily placed my study of the casus belli of WWII on investigating why FDR drug the U.S. into WWII (and to a lesser extent, why Britain gave Poland a guarantee in 1939 - but with no real satisfactory answer as to the latter question). This book provides at least one satisfactory answer as to why Britain decided to drag itself into WWII.

As I've always contended, the more one can read on a subject, the better one will be facilitated in forming a reasoned opinion thereon. This book should be part of any study on the casus belli of WWII.
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on June 23, 2008
Most reviews of this book are quite lengthy, so I will be brief.
For years, perhaps a decade or more, I have felt there surely must be another side to the Allied version of WWI and II. This book provides that in my mind. I find it well reseached. It highlights the most relevant points and shows quite clearly that we, the west, put both Japan and Germany in a box, with the Treaty of Versailles and subsequent deals, as well as the humiliating limitations put upon the Japanese in Washington in 1925. It becomes much more clear now.
Great job, Pat Buchanan.
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on November 25, 2016
A very important book for those who wish to know the truth about the first and second world wars and who really initiated them. Guess what, it wasn't the Germans. That alone means that this book is compulsory reading. Hopefully Buchanan's work with kick start a fresh objective study of these two periods which shaped the modern sociopolitical world. If readers wish to fully understand the reasons for the present state of decay in the West, this book must be part of the reading list.

The book opens with this captivating and accurate statement:

ALL ABOUT US we can see clearly now that the West is passing
away. In a single century, all the great houses of continental Europe
fell. All the empires that ruled the world have vanished. Not one
European nation, save Muslim Albania, has a birthrate that will enable
it to survive through the century. As a share of world population, peoples
of European ancestry have been shrinking for three generations. The
character of every Western nation is being irremediably altered as each
undergoes an unresisted invasion from the Third World. We are slowly
disappearing from the Earth.

Be sure to see Buchanan's interviews on this book on ytube.
For more information on this topic, log on to germanophobia.net
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on November 23, 2016
The more one travels internationally, the more sense Buchanan makes. We are all so steeped in Wilsonian-Kissingerian globalonyism that it's hard to break free and accept a more realistic view of the Great Wars.
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on May 2, 2017
History is written by the victors and that's definitely true for both World Wars. But this book will enlighten the reader because it presents a different narrative than we were taught in school and is reinforced by our media and entertainment industry. It will anger the thoughtful reader to learn of the stupidity and arrogance of Europe's leaders and US presidents in taking the world into a war in 1914 which they could have avoided; could have stopped even after it started; and after it was over, laid the groundwork for the Second World War. What's astonishing is that WW2 also could have been avoided, but once again, stupid and arrogant leaders took the world down the path to death and destruction. This book is a must read for the scholar and the amateur historian, for liberals and conservatives alike.
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