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on April 19, 2017
Take well-written sci-fi, fuse in some fairy tale redux, set your story in a dystopian society, cast a deadly plague and aliens on the moon into the mix, add action, adventure, and romance, and bam! Cinder. I so enjoyed this book and am thrilled that there are several other novels and shorts in the series.
Cinder is living in New Beijing 126 years after World War IV has ended. She lives with her stepmother and stepsisters and is deemed an outcast to society based on her status as a Cyborg, which seems synonymous with being a heathen (although being a cyborg sounds pretty dang cool to me). Cinder can’t remember anything before the age of 11 and lives a simple life as a mechanic with Iko the android as her designated best friend.
Cinder’s life changes pretty dramatically after her sister contracts the deadly plague. Oh, and she meets a handsome prince who is about to become Emperor.
This is a must read!
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on June 12, 2014
Why, WHY did I wait so long to read CINDER???

Because I can't for the life of me figure it out!! Now, just knowing how amazing it was, and that I was denying myself the pleasure of this amazing book, just depress me!

I was enchanted by this book. I listened to almost the whole thing on audio, and believe me when I say, not only did the actual story amazed me, and the characters, and the plot line, but the narrator was amazinggggg, absolutely stunning!! She was so enticing, preforming like a painter, painting vivid visions in my mind with her alluring voice, and descriptive detail! Every character that came into the story took a new breath of life. She was able to preform and execute each character with their own voice that fitted with that character. And it allowed me to feel more attached to the characters (If it was even possible to become anymore attached then I already was) I just loved her story telling and audio performance, and I look forward to listening to SCARLET and CRESS from her voice on audio.

CINDER was just EPIC!!! Truly original and heart-throbbingly painful! It had parts where I was in awe in a hazy dream-scape of the sweet bliss and romance attempts. And parts where I wanted to bury my face in embarrassment, like the things happening to Cinder were happening to me. Like I was that connected to the book and the characters. Then there were parts where I wanted to scream!! Scream at some of the things that were happening. And I loved that I could see some of the original Cinderella story in CINDER. It was like a remix of Cinderella with plenty of original elements, but stuck to the roots of the original fairytale.


The world as we know it has changed. Scientific breakthroughs have gone through the roof with discoveries that have changed the world. Scientist have been able to do the unthinkable. They have been able to give seriously injured or near dead people a second chance at life. Only downfall? You're not all human, anymore...You'll become a, Cyborg!!!

Cinder is one of the lucky to have been given a second chance at life. Or cursed, depending on how you look at it. But either way she was given a second chance at life after a terrible incident occurred. She is now half-human & half machine. She is Cyborg!!!


Cinder lives her life shunned by society, looked-down upon for being a Cyborg, because of what she is, not who she is. And if that isn't enough, she has a terrible stepmother and stepsister that treat her like a floor-mat, stepped upon when they please. Luckily one of Cinder's two stepsisters is not like that. She treats Cinder like an equal, like a real sister should. And then there's Cinder's only real friend, and she's not even human either. She's an android. All machine programed to do what they're owner wants, but is still able to have a personality chip installed, and have some of the same characteristic traits as a human would. That is Cinder's family circle. A devil of a stepmother, a hater of stepsister, a stepsister who loves her, but won't speak up for her, and a android of a friend, Oh, and a stepfather who died. That's it, welcome to Cinder's world!

Cinder fills her days slaving as a mechanic in the New Beijing's market. Fixing androids and electrics to make money that she'll never see. Forced to immediately hand it over to her evil guardian. Well owner, because that's what she is. Her stepmother Adri owns Cinder, as does everyone else who has a Cyborg in they're home. Looked-down upon like they're an alien race. No good for nothing but serving their guardians. And that is what Cinder is, nothing! Worthless of anything... Until one day, it all changes...

Everything Cinder has ever known is about to be questioned. Out of nowhere the prince walks into her life and her heart. There's an evil queen from another plant called Luna, that's hell bent on ending their world. Killing them or turning them into mindless slaves to obtain power and control to become the ruler of their plant. And there's a plague that's sweeping through the kingdom, killing off the citizens and claiming lives no matter the cost. And on top of that, Cinder has to fight her undying affections she's feeling for the prince. Because if he ever knew what she was, he would be repulsed, disgusted by what she really is. More questions are arising then answers, but as Cinder starts to dig deeper, she starts to realize that she might just matter more then she thought, and she may be the last hope their world has, if only she can make it out, alive!

Overall, CINDER was an alluringly captivating, truly enchanting, massively impressive, mastermind of a book, that I will devour over and over again!
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on May 8, 2017
Cinder is an incredibly unique sci-fi retelling and I loved every minute of it.

The characters are my favorite part of this book (as well as the rest of the series). The author has created such interesting characters that are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Cinder is a cyborg, rescued after a hover accident as a child and adopted by a family from New Beijing. The fact that Cinder is a cyborg is something that sets her apart from the rest of her family and society in general. In this world, cyborgs are looked down upon and considered second class citizens. Cinder therefore has no control over her life and is subject to the orders of her adopted mother. Despite all of this, Cinder is an incredibly strong individual and cares deeply for those important to her. Also, I love that she’s the best mechanic in all of New Beijing; it was definitely a unique profession to give her.

Prince Kai is dealing with a ton of responsibility being thrust upon him very early in life after his father falls ill with Leumotosis, a sickness slowly infecting all corners of the planet. Due to his new responsibilities, Kai also must deal with Queen Levana of Luna in her quest for an alliance with the Eastern Commonwealth (and the Earthen Union in general). Even under all of the stress of becoming ruler much earlier than anticipated, Kai still manages to have a sense of humor and find time for small joys in life.

As to the side characters, Iko is my absolute favorite of the bunch. Everyone but Cinder believes Iko has a faulty personality chip as she is completely unique and has aspects to her personality that other androids do not, such as a sense of humor, her use of sarcasm and a great love of shoes. Iko is there for Cinder through everything and is an incredible friend to her. As to the other characters, Queen Levana and her entourage of Lunars are particularly evil and easy villains to hate. Cinder’s family, with the exception of her sister Peony, is horrible to her and it’s hard to feel anything for them other than distaste. Peony however is incredibly sweet and very easy to love. I was never sure what Doctor Erland's motives were, but he did bring about interesting developments in the plot. I adored the small introduction to Cress that we got in this book (she’s my favorite character of the series).

The world building is pretty good, although we don’t learn a lot about the other countries on Earth. I found the blending of cultures (and the explanation for them) to be very interesting. Also, anything to do with Luna was fascinating and I love getting to learn about this whole other planet the author created. The plot is fast-paced and held my interest throughout the book. I enjoyed getting to know more and more about Cinder and how she’s connected to everything as the story went on.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Cinder if you’re looking for a fun series with incredible characters.
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on April 16, 2017
Love. Apparently this year I'm going through books that have been on my TBR Kindle shelf wayyyyy too long, and loving each and every one! This series was recommended by one of my husband's students! She knows I am stuck on YA, as it is my all time favorite genre, and now that I have read Cinder, Marissa Meyer is my new favorite author. If you can't tell by the cover, this is loosely based on the Cinderella story, but our heroine just happens to be a cyborg mechanic! This was unique and refreshing and I loved it! Such a great story, fantastic characters, loved the take on Cinderella, and a huge cliffhanger! Love, love. Can't wait to continue Cinder's story in Scarlet. Highly recommended!
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on June 8, 2017
4 ½ ★
I’ve been wanting to read this series for a long time. I actually own all four books already and was just waiting to get the time to start it.
I’m so glad that I finally got the time to start with Cinder. I really loved this book and everything about it.
Loved the twist of a retelling of a fairytale, the characters, the world building and the writing style.
I really enjoyed Cinder, she had a hard life already but she is making the best of it. And despite all the things happening to her and around her she still has a sense of humor and I love her sarcasm. I like that she is smart and thinks through stuff before she acts in it. Well most of the time anyways.
Though I did figure out pretty quickly what is so special about Cinder but had to wait for conformation almost at the end of the book. But it was still great.
I also enjoyed Kai and his humor. He was easy to get a along with and it was also easy to see that he wants change for the better but is put in a hard spot. I also felt bad for him a few times.
The only thing that bothered me about him was his reaction at the end, but then again it was kind of understandable.
I really liked both Peony and Iko. And that Cinder at least had a few people in her corner. Though not everything turns out great and we witness some heartbreak.
Dr. Erland was pretty much out source for information and confirmation. While I enjoyed him I thought he held too much back yet and I really not sure if he can be trusted. I think we will see more of him later on in the series.
I really disliked Adri and Pearl of course and hope they will get what they deserve in the end.
And last but not least Queen Levina. She is truly evil and I think there is much more to her motives then we let to believe in this book and I can’t wait to see what it is. While she is purely evil I also kind of enjoyed her.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, it had action, some light romance, while some was easy to guess other things came by surprise. We also get some humor all in a wonderful written world. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
I rate this book 4 ½ ★
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on October 22, 2016
The lunar chronicles is a very popular series, so many people had recommended it to me that I bought three of the four books before I had even thought about trying it. I don't usually do that with series I haven't tried yet or looked into more, I at least like to read the kindle samples. But I finally read the first book, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Cinder has all the world building that you would expect from a first book in the series, but I could have used more character development. Cinder is developed pretty well, and the supporting characters are good too, but Prince Kai is a different story. He felt like just a hollow plot device, simply used to move the political elements of the story forward while doubling as a weak love interest for the heroine. I definitely wanted to see more of him and more stuff from his POV, when we do get stuff from his POV it's just not enough, a few pages at a time, all about his duty and how he's planning to save his people while not marrying Levana. It's all that his character is there for, he doesn't do anything else. He and Cinder don't even have much of a connection, he doesn't even think about her, if I didn't know better I'd say he didn't even know she existed. Overall even though I had my problems with it, I liked it okay, maybe I'll like the second book more.
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on June 3, 2017
This has become one of my favorite book series of all time. I am in my 30s and loved it so much that I bought the books for my collection even though I have read them already. This is the first book in the series. I am sure if you read the reviews of others you know what the story is so I will not go over that. This is a book that if you have been a book worm, but are in a reading slump where its difficult to get into a new book, this will renew the love of reading. Refresh yourself from a period of picking bad or slow moving books that made your fire die out a bit. I have a small lot of books that I recommend to people and this made the list out of many, many books that I have read.
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on April 9, 2016
Cinder is a cyborg, which basically means she is a second class citizen, in New Beijing. This is a futuristic retelling of Cinderella. People have colonized the moon. Cyborgs exist. And everyone has hovercrafts.

Honestly, I didn't think I'd like this book as much as I did. It has been on my TBR list, untouched since it was published.

Cinder is different enough from the original Cinderella to keep readers interested. Obvious differences include: cinder being a cyborg, cinder being a mechanic, there is no fairy godmother (sorry), she actually has a step sister who likes her, people have colonized the moon, and there is an evil Lunar queen that wants to marry the prince and kill cinder (maybe this one isn't SO different from the original story, but if you read the book, you'll discover why I added it ). Of course you are going to find several parts predictable (step mother, step sisters, and princes are all included within this book), but keep in mind that this is intentional. Also keep in mind that this book is part of a series where several fairytales are woven together. Therefore, as the fairytales are layered on top of each other, you'll find more and more unfamiliar elements to the story.
I am excited to read the rest of this series to see how the story plays out!
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From the very first page, I was enraptured with Cinder’s world. Cinder isn’t just a girl, she’s a gifted mechanic…and a cyborg with a hidden past. Living under the oppression of her stepmother, Adri, Cinder’s life is filled with chores until one day Prince Kai comes to her booth in need of her help with his personal android. From there, Cinder’s life begins to change though for better or for worse, it’s unclear.

I give this book 5/5 stars but if there is ever a way to rate it higher, I would gladly do this. This is the best twist on the Cinderella fairytale that I have ever read. When I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it back down until I was finished reading and now I’m sad that it’s finished but glad that I’ve stumbled across the start of such an amazing series. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE!
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on January 11, 2012
When I heard this was a Cinderella re-telling with a cyborg sci-fi twist I thought the idea was weird. However, when I started reading it, I went from scratching my head at the idea of it to being awed by her creativity. It was like Cinderella meets Star Wars (the high-quality originals, not the prequels). Let's be honest - the mixing of traditional and sci-fi is what made Star Wars great and Cinder does just that by mixing fairy tales with a futuristic world. The Cinderella elements are very loose making the story unpredictable because just when I thought I knew what was going to happen something crazy would happen instead. And just when I thought we had left the path of Cinderella, she would unexpectedly bring the fairy tale elements back. And then when you think it can't get any better, she layers it with end-of-the-world type stuff and a mutated human race. MIND BLOWN. The world she created was unique and even though it was sci-fi, it wasn't to the Star Trek extreme. The futuristic world had a lot in common with our world which I loved. This was one of those books where I was still reading it at 2 am with bloodshot eyes even though my kids would be awake in four hours - but I couldn't stop reading! Despite Cinder being a cyborg, she was incredibly easy to relate to. And the love story with the Prince felt like a real relationship and not mooning over the cutest guy in town. Even if you don't like sci-fi, pick up this book and watch the pages fly by - you won't be able to stop turning them.

I had a hard time rating this book. I kept going back and forth between four and five stars. I loved the whole book but the very ending kind of fizzled out in a "To be continued..." way that reminded me of that one Jerry Seinfeld joke. HECK YES I'll be reading the next one to find out what happens next, but I wish the ending had more closure to it.
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