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on January 12, 2005
"New Dimension" is an excellent, high quality fitness video that really works you out and is endorsed by 24 Hour Fitness. Kathy Kaehler, celebrity fitness instructor, is wonderful and easy to listen to - no shouting here. The music has a good beat while being soothing and calming. Of course, Cindy Crawford is as beautiful as ever and enjoyable to watch. I love the creative way this video will go from the studio to living room and then cut away to the beach all during one exercise and not miss a beat.

"New Dimension" has three workouts: "A", "B", and "C". You can tailor the workouts anyway you want. Currently, I am doing "A" and "B" together which is a good workout for a beginner. Workout "C" is for when you have more time and want to do some serious exercising.

If you want a safe, effective and enjoyable workout, this video is for you!
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on December 1, 2005
I took a lot of time researching work out videos. I had read an article about Cindy Crawford having her baby completely natuarl with a midwife. I was intrigued. Then I saw a special on models on VH1. Again I was intrigued. A friend recommended this video saying her roommate did it faithfully and got a great body.

Basically the video has three segments. One 10 minute, one 20 minute and then one 40 minute. It incorporates simple lunges and squats with some aerobic cardio and weights. Cindy and Kathy and very upbeat, but not in a cheesy way. Cindy is way impressive since she just had a baby. You might think you would pass on this video since it is for post natal exercise, but I am telling you to keep it. It works!

I worked out with the video a couple of times this week and I love it. It was beautifully shot and had pleasant music. The workout wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy. I woke up the next morning completely sore and unable to barely sit down. This work out definitely sneaks up on you. I am going to incorporate this video with running a few times a week and I can't wait to see the changes!!!

Buy this video!
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on October 13, 2003
I made a vow to myself over a year ago that I had to work out every day no matter what. Now that is a hard commitment to keep when you are exhausted, your days are overburdened as it is, or you are just plain lazy. Yet, I have managed to keep that promise and then some. This workout is divided into three sections: 12 minutes, 16 minutes and 41 minutes.

So, if I come home from work exhausted, the 12 minute section is perfect. It includes a lot of stretching (great after a hard day), but also plie squats, lunges, Kegel exercises, ab work and pelvic lifts as well as a good cool down. So, even though it is only 12 minutes, I have gotten in some exercise (and kept my vow). Now on the days where I am just plain lazy, I tell myself I can spare 12 minutes. But after that is over, I get on a roll and go for the second workout which is only 16 minutes. It starts with a nice warm-up, includes weight work with 3 pounds, a short cardio section, lunges and squats (with playing cards), push-ups, abs, kegels, pelvic lifts and a longer cool-down than in Section One. I have just gotten a great 28 minute workout but here is where the beauty of this tape really works:

Because of the visuals (Cindy exercising by the ocean, in an exercise room, in a beautiful blue spare room overlooking the water), the music, and Kathy and Cindy's rapport, I oftentimes go right into Section Three. This is a complete workout and includes Cardio sections, a great weight workout, tough push-ups and tougher abs, as well as a challenging butt workout. It also includes kegel exercises (important to all women, whether you've had a baby or not). So, I start off not wanting to work out and end up working out 69 minutes (when I have the time) and feel great.

I alternate this workout with other videos that use heavier weights (The Firm and FitPrime) so I never have to worry about overtraining. Kathy is a great instructor and their are some innovative exercises in this video. Because of both the aesthetics and the workout itself, in the three years I have used this video, I have never gotten bored and I have kept my everyday workout promise. I wish Kathy and Cindy would collaborate on another video because this is one of the best. Thanks Cindy!
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on November 6, 2002
I am just getting past the morning sickness phase and decided to purchase several pregnancy workout videos. Most of them are so dated and are overly perky and cheerful; I just feel stupid doing them. I read a previous reviewer's comments about how she used Cindy's video during pregnancy and decided to try it. I absolutely love it. I have only used Workout C (the long version) so far but can imagine days when I'll only be able to do the shorter workouts individually or combine the two shorter ones. The moves are very simple and take no concentration to master. She concentrates heavily on toning, but there are two cardio sections as well (I would suggest supplementing this video with walking or some other type of cardio). The music is music that you would actually listen to outside of working out. There is an intense ab workout section, and ACOG recommends that after the first trimester you do not lay on your back to exercise. I simply do pregnancy-safe ab exercises during this section. I can see how helpful Cindy/Kathy's ab exercises will be post-birth/labor though. This is definitely a great, well-shot, well thought out video, and I highly recommend it.
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on April 10, 2003
I've been working out using Cindy's videos from 5 years. My favorite one is the "Next Challenge" tape. Anyway.. I bought the "The New Dimension" 2 weeks ago. I was curious to see what the new workout would be. Workout A and B are way too short and easy for me, but part C had some really new and challenging parts such as the push-ups. The cardio part is fun - aerobics. There are not enough exercises for your legs though. It seems that they focus more on the arms. Also, I don't think the stretching at the beginning and the end is enough. So, if you are advanced in your work out, this tape might be way too easy for you. On the other hand, if you are tired of the same routine and the same excercises you do over and over again, it might be fun to workout along with the "New dimension". What I do to keep me focused, motivated, and definitely excited about working out is that every day i work out I use one of the Cindy's videos. In this way I'm not getting bored doing the same tape and exercises. Buy this video if you want something easy and fun.
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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2003
While I think her "next challenge" workout tape is the BEST I've ever used, I love this one, too. This is the perfect tape for days when you're feeling a little crampy, or just want to take it a little easier on yourself. The 10 minute, 26 min, 45 minute workouts give you options, and they can also be all put together for a really strong workout. I have all ready recommended this to friends who are pregnant, and I actually think it would be very good for older folks who want to start with something gentle. This one is very good about giving you some options to make the moves less hard on the body, too... except those darn deep knee lunges, which are just hard on the knees. Cindy is really confident on this one, and it is also nice to see her trainer (a more realistic body goal) who is also post-pregnancy & they mention different ways they do certain excercises because of their build, and the differences in their pregnancys. I strongly recommend this & say it would be a GREAT gift for a friend who is about to have a baby!!!
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on July 7, 2003
I began doing workout C in my 10th week of pregnancy (after morning sickness began to subside) and continued doing it 5-6 times per week until my 39th week (after that, with contractions 5 minutes apart for an entire week I had to quit!) Doing Cindy's workout throughout my pregnancy coupled with eating right, I gained 23 pounds and delivered a healthy 8 lb. 10 oz. baby. Within 2 weeks after delivery, I began easing back into working out with Workouts A & B, and now 5 weeks after am back with Workout C. I have lost all but 2 lb. of my pregnancy weight gain, though I have still have some toning to do. This workout is an excellent, healthy way to stay in shape during your pregnancy and to help you get back in shape afterward. The music is low key and pleasant, the exercises are not complicated, Kathy and Cindy are neither perky nor annoying--overall, I found it to be an extremely effective way to work out during my pregnancy/childbirth experience...I highly recommend it!
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on January 16, 2003
after having my 2nd child i wanted to get back to my prepregnancy weight before the kids. i also wanted to lower my cholesterol level by incorperating excersise and diet into my life. i want to be around for my kids. i found this video while browsing one late nite and bought it. i figured i had tried everything else why not this. Well it is the best of cindy and kathy kaehler is the best trainer. being a mother herself, she takes you step by step into each session with a calm demeanor yet she makes you feel that you can do it. This video is divided into a 12 min, 16 min and 40 min workout. Use it as much possible together or alone. the 40 min workout is a tough one but 2x a week is all it takes to make you firm. i am happy to back in the best shape even better than before i had my kids, thanks to this video. i now have a love for working out and staying healthy and use this video along with several others i also do now. thank you cindy and kathy !!
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on August 12, 2014
This DVD got me through post-baby months and got my body back into shape. I have revisited it ever since because of the quick segements that focus on flexibility as much as toning and slow, steady weight loss. I was never a "Cindy fan" but I did gain some respect for her through this video - it provides glimpses into her world post-baby with husband, friend/fitness pro, and her quest to get back to shape without appearing unrealistic. She says in quite candid manner that she knows that bringing a baby into the world clearly changes your attitudes, body, emotions, etc. and that her intention with this video is to share her methods for focusing a little on self for the good of herself and her relationship as a role model to her baby. Kudos to Cindy for making this DVD. I have bought it as gifts for new mom's several times since first buying it. CINDY: PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO LIKE THIS FOR BUSY MOMS WHO ARE 40+ AND FACING NEXT STAGE OF LIFE CHANGES!
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on December 20, 2016
Love all of her videos, her second video is still my favorite but this was great. I used this after I had my kids whenever. Did not lose dramatic weight but I felt better, stronger and had more energy.
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