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on February 20, 2017
Manufacturer recommended distance to the eyes is 12-16 inches. My lux meter shows 1,000 lux at 12 inches on the highest setting. The meter shows 10,000 lux at 2 inches. So the only way to get the recommended (and advertised) dose is to strap this to your head.
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on September 8, 2016
My doctor recommended another Light Therapy brand but after reading the reviews, I did not like that the company was offering a free product for a 5 star review. That does not feel right to me. I am so glad that I ordered this one. I use it 10-15 minutes in the morning while putting on my makeup and I am surprised how much better I feel even though it isn't winter yet. I love how compact it is. I was easily able to put it in to a suitcase this past weekend. I have not had any problems using it on just the battery as some of the previous review stated. I've been using it for 10 days and I am still on my original charge without any dimming of the light.
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on December 14, 2016
This lamp isn't bright enough to be a real S.A.D. lamp and it is a real disappointment. Yes, we charged it for 6 hours and had it on the highest setting. I also bought a highly recommended SAD lamp made by Northern Lights at the same time, and there is no comparison in brightness. The Northern Lights one feels like you are out in the sun, and this just feels like a slightly brighter desk lamp. I suspect the company is posting misleading advertising, which should steer you away from this product. Other readers should correct if this is wrong, but I have read that 10,000 LUX isn't a true brightness measure of the lamp output like lumens is, but rather a measure of brightness at the place the light falls. So to say 10,000LUX is useless unless you say how far away from the light that reading is. Other responsible lamp makers say 10,000LUX at 2 feet or 18", but this maker doesn't specify a distance, which is concerning, and in comparing, this lamp is only a fraction of the brightness of the more expensive SAD one. Its too bad, because I like the nice compact design, and possibility for using it as a regular lamp.
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on May 30, 2016
I wish in the description it would list: charge lamp for 6hrs before first use.

This was only a minor inconvenience. I was excited when the package arrived and I packed the light in my bag so that I could try it out the next day at work. When I arrived at work I unpacked the light and found the slip of paper that strongly urged 6hrs of charge time before first turning on the light. I followed the directions and when I did turn on the light it gave off a pleasant but strong glow without any glare.

I work on a metal work surface and the light was still pleasant. I appreciate the smooth design and rotating parts. It appears to be of very sturdy quality and I like the use of USB for power.

I have two different sleep disorders and struggle with an irregular circadian rhythm. My doctor wants me to have at least 20min of sunlight exposure upon waking, but that isn't possible for me at 4:45am since I am up before the sun. I hope that using this at my work desk will give me the proper exposure early in the morning. We also don't have any windows in the office so I'm sure it will benefit with its broad spectrum.

I am happy with this purchase and really can't find anything I would change about the design.
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on June 28, 2017
I’ve bought three of these lamps so far, and so long as they are affordable I might eventually buy a couple more. The most recent one, I bought to give as a gift and the recipient is delighted with it. Really... she’s very De’LIGHT-ed!

Anyways... I do really like this lamp, even if mostly because of its innovative design. For light therapy use this does require I sit in very close range to it, but that’s easily done when also using my notebook pc – such as right now. I appreciate that I can plug it into my notebook’s USB port for maximum power toward full brightness needed for light therapy. The lesser brightness settings, and cordless option to power it with its’ built in rechargeable battery, are IMO great bonuses for basic – though very portable – task light use.

About portability, the first thing to notice about this lamp’s design is its’ compactness while completely folded. It would slip easily into a travel bag. Then when in use, it can be unfolded and parts of it pivoted for configurability in how to position and direct its light output.

For close range light therapy and highly portable task lamp use I recommend this compact lamp. A final detail to appreciate is due to its’ LED technology. Compared to lamps that get very hot and emit heat from utilization of CFL bulbs, the CO Lumos stays very cool throughout use. All in all, it’s very cool indeed.
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on December 13, 2016
Price for product is good.
But after just 2 weeks of use, the light intermittently now flashes rapidly instead of just staying solidly lit, which is irritating.
Suggestions: Base could be more stable so it does not tip so easily. Four foot cord could be longer, as it is recommended that it be plugged in while using it.
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on November 25, 2016
This light is everything I need and more. I have only had it for a little over a week and wanted to wait a while before offering a review so I could write about all it's features and beneficial effects with confidence, however they really seem to want the reviews posted immediately. So here it is. I strongly recommend this light. I've never had one before but my doc and several others recommended it to help with SAD and fibromyalgia issues. A friend who has had several different kinds of these lights saw it this week and was thrilled with it; she'd never seen this kind before. She agreed completely that the lightweight, compact size along with its outstanding LUX and other great features makes it ideal. As for the effects relative to how I feel, so far there is a definite improvement in my energy level and more level mood. It's early yet, as I said earlier, but so far I am very pleased with this light. It is expensive, but if it continues to work well and reliably for a long while, I will report that it is well worth it. I'll update my post after a while of use.
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on June 17, 2017
I bought this item in the summertime, and so I can't quite testify to its efficacy at improving mood. The truth is that nothing can truly replace real sunlight.

Anyways, I have the item now in summer and I've unboxed it.

I have for comparison the Carex light box, which is the top-rated on sweethome. It was an interesting device, but mine got so hot that it actually melted the plastic on the back of it. And of course I've also tried out simply using daylight CFL and LED bulbs.

So on to this device. It is well-made and designed. It is quite portable so you can take it to the office. It is fairly discrete as well. It has a built-in battery. It charges via a pin connector, which then plugs into USB. It doesn't have a micro-USB port or anything. It comes with a USB power adaptor. It has a capacitive power button with three levels of brightness.

On battery power it is basically a desk light. On the highest level on battery you can feel something.. Plugged into your computer's USB it has 500-1000 mAH and connected to the AC power adaptor it gets 2000 mAH. Obviously it gets brightest on 2000mAH.

I'm not entirely sure why they built in a lithium battery into this thing. It is sort of a way to dim the device, but other than that, since it dims when taken off of power that reduces the effectiveness. I suppose like a night reading light or something.

So plugged in, it does get bright. It isn't overwhelming like the Carex device, which I think is a good thing. I can feel something physically shining it at full power at my face. You do have to directly shine it on you, because using it like a lamp it is just like any other device. You should also have it within a foot and a half of your face to really notice anything.

Overall, I like it. I'm keeping it. It is significantly cheaper than Carex devices, uses less power, is more portable, and appears more durable and better built.
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on February 27, 2017
This light is absolutely fantastic. It's a great daily treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it also doubles as effective task lighting on my desk. The product is well-designed for travel, and easy to tuck in my bag to take to work or for travel. This light was definitely a good buy, and I'd recommend it to anyone who struggles with SAD.
review image review image
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on May 28, 2017
Has tiny light area, so if you want to use this as a therapy light you need to be sitting in the exact right spot and not move your head an inch. You also have to get quite close to it (around 6 inches or less) to get the right amount of brightness even when on high and plugged in. Started acting funky (not turning on low, so "high" was only medium brightness and turning itself off after only a few seconds when not plugged in) and finally died (won't turn on at all, even after recharging all night in less than a month's time. Contacted the company but still waiting to hear back from them. Would not buy this light again.

Edited to add: Company is sending a replacement product. Hoping the first one I got was just a dud and that the new one will last longer.
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