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on June 22, 2011
After losing the WRT300N to power surge, switched to a Comcast provided Netgear WRN1000 which was absolutely a nightmare with drop signals. After two days, I researched and bought this top of the line Linksys. It's a dream to use. We have a large house and signal to our downstair masters is normally 1 bar, and required a range extender. Download speed was at best 2Mbps, now with E4200, it's nearly 20Mbps!!! And this speed is retained throughout the house! It's amazing consider the router is upstairs inside a room. The plug in speed at Comcast modem is 26Mbps down and 4Mbps up. E4200 retains about 20Mbps/3Mbps throughout the 6000SF house, even in the back patio. This is absolutely the best router out there. I am donating the range extenders tomorrow, as I won't ever need them again. It felt so good to have high speed WIFI, instead of trying to point my laptop for the best signal strength. Great to have my time back from waiting for things to load.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 18, 2011
I've set up many wireless routers over the years at both home and work settings. Generally, long and sometimes tedious efforts paid off, and the wireless network was made to work. Sometimes it needed teasing, sometimes finessing, and sometimes, just brute determination to see the task through, but most -- eventually -- got set up.

So, when my old reliable Linksys 150N unit had a failure (most likely caused by A/C current fluctuations on the power line), I looked forward to my next new wireless router installation with dread. After reading a number of reviews on the different available units, however, I thought I would give this somewhat pricey router a try.

Am I ever pleased that I did. I received the router and literally had it up and running within a ten minute time span, and that includes connecting network cables, power, and so on. Yes, it helped a lot that I knew some of the most important items in configuring my DSL modem and a wireless router. But I've never had a wireless router up so quickly, and with so little trouble. I did not even use the installation routine on the enclosed CD-ROM, but rather just manually put in the data, and "bing!," it worked immediately.

I set up a secured WPA2 network, and within minutes had all the home computers connected, including my MacBook Pro, a desktop HP machine running windows 7, and two notebooks (a Sony and an HP), both running Windows 7.

It is worth every penny when something that can potentially suck so much of your time and effort works right away, on the first try. Performance seems very good thus far, and signal strength is excellent throughout this somewhat large home (full strength everywhere in the house).

Congratulations, Cisco. It looks like you may have finally gotten this right. Five stars.
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on May 4, 2011
Real world decent N-speeds on wireless (260MB+ peek, 162MB consistently on 5 GHz band)
Can set up separate and differing SSID names and security criteria for each frequency band (one for 2.4 Ghz and another for 5.0 Ghz)
VPN work like a charm

None with the router so far really. Rarely, wireless speed will drop to 6MB for less than 1 second.

This is the router I've been waiting for. For years I've wanted to upgrade my home network from solely G speeds to N. Problem has always been my own home networking adapters have always been slightly more "advanced" or "less backward" shall we say than the one in the laptop the corporation I work for gives me for my job. Since my work machine cannot accommodated WPA2 Security (yup, your heard that correctly) it must use WPA for its security setting. Trouble with that is the use of WPA limits you to wireless G speeds for anything on the network using that security setting. (A fact that the E4200 automatically reminded me of with a warning message during the advanced setup. Nice little touch). The beauty of the E4200 is that both the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands run simultaneously and each can be setup differently from each other with regard to security settings. So to accommodate my backwards work laptop, I set up one unique SSID name on the 2.4GHz band and applied WPA security to it while outfitting the 5Ghz band with a second and different SSID name and applied WPA2 security to it. So now all of my various equipment (backwards and otherwise) is contently running at their own maximum speeds and unique security requirements.

I have to say the N-speed on the router is much better than I had expected. Real world speeds never get up to the full speed specs on the boxes of these routers, but the E4200 seems to come pretty darn close. I consistently have a speed of around 162MB with upward peeks of 260MB+. At this point, I do not have any network adapters that can take advantage of the E4200's 450MB boosted speed. So I think hitting 260MB+ vs. the stated 300MB normal max is pretty darn good for this router. I should state that rarely the wireless speed will drop to 6MB for less than 1 second. It doesn't interfere with normal operations though as it's not really perceivable during normal use.

Also as a side note the VPN on this router worked perfectly out of the box. I've had other routers in the past which were terrible in this regard (D-Link comes to mind). The E4200 didn't even require any special setup at all to get this feature working properly. This was a BIG plus for me. I have not really tested the router's range as I am in a medium sized apartment. It does cover my place well though.

All in all, the E4200 is a great router so far and I've found it well worth buying.
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on March 29, 2013
The router was actually easy to set up and worked fine out of the box. Somewhere in the 4-6 month range, it started dropping the internet and required a reboot. It would happen maybe 1-2 times a week at first, but continually escalated until it was dropping internet connectivity within minutes (if not seconds).

I went through all the trouble shooting steps myself (including updating to the newest firmware AND returning to the original firmware and settings and everything in between). After hours spent doing this, I called customer service (as I was still well within the 1 year warranty). They made me do everything all over again, and none of it worked.

They then had me try using a static IP instead of a dynamic IP. This worked, but I told them that I didn't want to use a static IP (for multiple reasons). The told me static was better! Ha! Who cares if they think it is better, it isn't what I wanted, and the product is advertised as allowing for static AND dynamic IP allocation.

They also suggested there might be issues with my ISP. I proved these false when I borrowed a relatives router (the exact same E4200 model and it worked just fine on static and dynamic settings).

Eventually, after a couple more months, it started dropping even on static IP. Now I have a paper weight that Cisco customer service REFUSED to let me return under the 1 year warranty. I had only purchased Linksys hubs and routers up until now, now I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from them ever again. Atrocious.

SUMMARY: router started dropping connection under dynamic IP setting. Customer support REFUSED to fix it and told me static IP allocation was "better" and I should be happy with it. Router is completely dead now. DO NOT buy anything from this company, if it fails you are completely out of luck and on your own. THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTIES.
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on April 2, 2014
So, this is not the Linksys E4200 that I had before. Not only is the hardware different (and thus not DD-WRT supported) the firmware it does have is completely broken.

The firmware's parental controls are unusable. First, you can not just enter a MAC address for the device - you can only select devices the router has seen (so you can not preemptively enter them) and you have to hope that the router can figure out the name of the device as otherwise it just shows "Network device" (I have 8 of those - some are sure to be iPod Touch devices that my kids have)

Setting the time limits is all or nothing - the older firmware allowed you to make different groups, such as for my younger daughter vs the older one - different time ranges to allow, etc.

Linksys is completely unresponsive to this. They claim that the new UI is much better (when in reality it is completely worse)

I really want to return this but my prior device has failed and I need something for my family to be able to get on the net. Can't have everyone off-line for a few days to return and get a different device.
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on March 25, 2014
After my first wonderful experience with a refurbished Linksys router, I bought this, eager to upgrade cheaply once again. My face fell when my E4200 v.1 produced about two minutes of wired joy when connected to my trusty cable modem, followed by a dropped connection and an endless series of resets at the modem. Long service calls to Comcast only confirmed that my ISP was performing, and the modem (tested with two older routers of different makes and models) and two other confirmed-working LAN cables were not to blame. The story was the same with updated stock and DD-WRT software. I was about to pack it up when I tried another cable from the closet and…ROCK STEADY CONNECTION! I figured it was a bad fit situation and decided to keep the E4200 for its gigabit Ethernet.

One day past the expiration of my return window, I received a shipment of Cat6 cables I’d bought since the point of this purchase was to implement gigabit service throughout my house. All of these cables performed interchangeably well on computers and wireless bridges throughout my house, but none of them would work with the connection to the cable modem. All brought on the same dropped connection followed by endless router resets. I then took each Cat 5e cable I had replaced with this five pack of cables and tried each one…all failed. All worked fine elsewhere. ALL DOZEN CABLES. Thinking it was a loose connection, I held the heads in firmly at each end during attempted connections. No luck. Then I held my own head when I realized the return date had slipped.

So, with no indication on Google of anyone ever having had a similar experience, I now own a router which seemingly only accepts one LAN cable in the entire universe that will connect it to a WAN…or at least none of the other dozen cables around my home office. I’m sure that was the hidden goose egg that led this turkey to Refurb Land in the first place.

With DD-WRT, this thing works fine. Wireless is just acceptable compared to my old DD-WRT-graced Linksys N160, but wired connections are where it really shines. And yes, it is a version 1 which accepts most third party firmwares. But when I lose that cable in a move or some such mishap, I’ll be one disconnected cheapskate. You may get lucky, but for me it was buyer beware.
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on November 26, 2013
It worked nicely for one year, 4 months. That's 4 months longer than the warranty. I expected more service life out of this. During that time, we've had to reset the router multiple times by cycling the power in order to reestablish our internet connection.

The smart wifi GUI is a good idea, but could use a little polish. It wasn't all that intuitive and not as reliable as connecting directly to your router by typing in your browser like I've done in the past.

I'll be trying one of the other brands next. This is my 4th Linksys in about 8 years. Three of them were replaced because of failures like this.
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on January 21, 2017
I typically only like to review things on Amazon after I've had them awhile to truly give them my experience with the product. I have been a fan of Linksys over the years and have bought many of their products. I also know that Cisco makes quality stuff. Based on this and the reviews, I purchased this model in 2011, and now it is 2017. I still have it and it is still working great for my entire house. I've moved 3 times since this was purchased, and it has worked great throughout the house. There may be better options (faster, more coverage area) out now since technology is always evolving -- I don't know--, but this has been a rock solid unit for my money and would recommend to anyone looking for a good router.
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on January 2, 2014
I've had my router for a little over a year now and it's been a great router, however it really didn't meet up with my expectations when I bought this thing for $170. It runs quite hot all the time and the range isn't better than my ATT u-verse router. It's actual worth than the G router that came with my internet service for FREE. A few weeks ago I ended up putting DDWRT on my router and that has turned it into a MUCH better router meaning that CISCO really held the router back with the firmware. So if you do end up buying this router instead of one of the newer AC routers, put DD-WRT on it and you'll have a decent router on your hands. Although I would recommend spending the money and getting an AC router to future proof your network.
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on February 22, 2012
I've had a Linksys WRT54GL for years now (running Tomato firmware) and it's been rock solid for me, but a little slow (100Mb/s switch, only 802.11g, slow CPU).

I decided it was time to upgrade and had read nothing but positive reviews of the Linksys E4200. It was supposed to be extremely fast, had a 4-port GigE switch, and dual-band 801.22n! I was hoping this would let me push data around my network faster than my trusty WRT54GL.

I was looking at the E4200 as well as the Asus RT-N56U (ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U)). Both had really positive reviews, few cons, and had the features I wanted. I've been a Linksys user for years, so I knew what to expect there; Asus was an unknown quantity for me, but was about twenty bucks cheaper.

I really wanted to run Tomato firmware and some Googling revealed that there were builds of Tomato for the E4200! That was the deciding factor for me. I whipped my credit card out and added-to-cart.

Once it arrived I spent some time playing with the delivered web interface and then got ready to load Tomato. I kept getting an "invalid firmware" message. After more time on Google, I found out that there are TWO versions of this router; a V1 (the original) which plays well with Tomato and a V2 which uses a different chipset and does not work with ANY 3rd-party firmware (Tomato, DD-WRT, etc.).

I flipped my unit upside down and sure enough, there was a "V2" on the sticker. No Tomato firmware for me.

Not really faulting Amazon because they don't specify if this is a V1 or V2 router. But as of 2/19/2011 they shipped me a V2.

I thought about returning it for the Asus to try something different (no 3rd-party support for the Asus either), but after using it for a few days it's meeting my needs just as well as I would expect, plus it's much faster. I'm comfortable with Cisco/Linksys as a brand too. So it was a tossup for me and I decided to keep this instead of exchanging it for the Asus router.

What I'm missing out on are the nice features that make life pleasant, but aren't necessarily deal-breakers: Bandwidth monitoring, unlimited port forwarding, telnet & ssh services, etc. Very nice to have, but as long as it's pushing packets and working well with WiFi I guess I can compromise.

In conclusion; this is a great router if you are PRIMARILY concerned with routing data very quickly. If you want to tweak it and use 3rd-party firmwares and nothing else will do, you'll have to get a V1 version of this router or go with another brand/model entirely.
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