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on March 29, 2013
The router was actually easy to set up and worked fine out of the box. Somewhere in the 4-6 month range, it started dropping the internet and required a reboot. It would happen maybe 1-2 times a week at first, but continually escalated until it was dropping internet connectivity within minutes (if not seconds).

I went through all the trouble shooting steps myself (including updating to the newest firmware AND returning to the original firmware and settings and everything in between). After hours spent doing this, I called customer service (as I was still well within the 1 year warranty). They made me do everything all over again, and none of it worked.

They then had me try using a static IP instead of a dynamic IP. This worked, but I told them that I didn't want to use a static IP (for multiple reasons). The told me static was better! Ha! Who cares if they think it is better, it isn't what I wanted, and the product is advertised as allowing for static AND dynamic IP allocation.

They also suggested there might be issues with my ISP. I proved these false when I borrowed a relatives router (the exact same E4200 model and it worked just fine on static and dynamic settings).

Eventually, after a couple more months, it started dropping even on static IP. Now I have a paper weight that Cisco customer service REFUSED to let me return under the 1 year warranty. I had only purchased Linksys hubs and routers up until now, now I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from them ever again. Atrocious.

SUMMARY: router started dropping connection under dynamic IP setting. Customer support REFUSED to fix it and told me static IP allocation was "better" and I should be happy with it. Router is completely dead now. DO NOT buy anything from this company, if it fails you are completely out of luck and on your own. THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTIES.
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on April 2, 2014
So, this is not the Linksys E4200 that I had before. Not only is the hardware different (and thus not DD-WRT supported) the firmware it does have is completely broken.

The firmware's parental controls are unusable. First, you can not just enter a MAC address for the device - you can only select devices the router has seen (so you can not preemptively enter them) and you have to hope that the router can figure out the name of the device as otherwise it just shows "Network device" (I have 8 of those - some are sure to be iPod Touch devices that my kids have)

Setting the time limits is all or nothing - the older firmware allowed you to make different groups, such as for my younger daughter vs the older one - different time ranges to allow, etc.

Linksys is completely unresponsive to this. They claim that the new UI is much better (when in reality it is completely worse)

I really want to return this but my prior device has failed and I need something for my family to be able to get on the net. Can't have everyone off-line for a few days to return and get a different device.
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on February 22, 2013
Ever since Cisco started installing the firmware on Linksys wireless router, they have went to straight crap!! Router was not "simultaneous" dualband as advertised. Router would only allow for a a device to connect to either the 2.4Ghz band or the 5Ghz band one at a time, not both simultaneously. First router sent to me i could connect to but the very second i would make call on skype, i would lose internet connection immediately on both wireless and even on wired devices. I would have to completely unplug the router and plug it back in to get a signal. i updated to the current firmware & even port forwarded the port i was using for skype along with setting a static ip address for skype. Tried to make several more calls on skype and same thing happened every single time. Also was never able to connect to xbox live for gaming wired or wirelessly.
I thought maybe it was this specific router so i returned it to amazon for another one. When i received router #2, same make and model. I could never even get a connection wired or wirelessly to the router. DNS could not be resolved, ergo there was no DHCP. So this router was simply just an expensive paper weight. I instantly returned this product and bought the "ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U)" & couldn't be happier, this router has worked FLAWLESSLY since i bought it and the "simultaneous dual-band" actually works on it!!

On a side note, i was very happy with Amazons customer service in replacing the first product and then when i returned the replacement as well. They were very polite and shipping to and from was very fast & i received a full refund promptly. I just will not be buying "LINKSYS" Routers again for a very long time due to very poor firmware quality on Cisco's behalf!
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on December 30, 2014
This router was purchased to replace our aging WRT-54G which had given us over three years of solid use (It was purchased at Salvation army for $5!! and still handled everything we threw at it). But we were looking to enter 2014 and join the N revolution.

The router worked flawlessly for about a month. Shortly afterwards, the router began randomly restarting. After cruising through a number of support forums, websites, and adjusting numerous settings (including a call to Linksys) the problems persisted. We moved the router to a well ventilated area which helped, but didn't outright fix the problem.

Finally I disabled UPnP, disconnected the external drive from the router, and the Dual-Band feature and dropped back to only a G network (So much for our 2014 visions of the future). This improved stability as long as fewer than 4 devices were on the network.

After two months, the router would not break free of the restart sequence. After trying various resetting procedures and a few other remedies (including putting the router in the freezer for an hour) I deemed the router dead.

It was disappointing to go from a history of rock solid routers (I've owed 3 different WRT-54G routers without any issues) to a router that was fraught with problems. With this router it seems Linksys (and Cisco) had bitten off more than they could chew.

I do not recommend this router to anyone due to reliability issues and after scouring the web for a fix, it seems there is a huge population suffering from problems as well.
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on November 27, 2012
I bought this router on Nov 6th and as of today Nov 27th it has stopped working.

initially there were minor problems
1. the wireless signal would drop intermittently and then come back up
2. the wireless N signal is very weak, i would lose about 45% signal by just moving to another room while on wireless N, wireless G however worked fine.
3. all ports on the router would become inactive and the white cisco light would start flashing, only a reboot would bring it back up.
4. as of the 27th Nov the white cisco light is on solid and none of the ports lights are on and wireless is not functioning.

I tried resetting the router but the only thing that happens is the cisco light would come back on and no ports lights or wireless signal. On paper this router really looks like a good deal with the features eg dual wireless antenna and usb access but practical application is far from

I really wished I could ship this product back but living in the caribbean would see me paying for twice as much to replace it and still end up with an inferior product.
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on December 11, 2012
If I could give 0 stars I would. This thing doesn't even deserve one! I bought the router about six months ago. Had problems from the start with losing connection and not being able to reconnect. Then finally had like a two month streak where whenever I turned on the computer I had an internet connection. Thought the problem cured itself. Yesterday there was no connection. Tried resetting, unplugging, etc, etc. Nothing worked. It detected the routers serial number while setting up, but after that it said it could not detect the router. Contacted customer "support" and they wanted to slap me with a $30 charge just to tell me how I might be able to fix it. So much for that 1 year warranty they claim to give. They said that is only for hardware issues. Sounds like a joke to me. The router is completely useless. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this brand. I will never buy Cisco again unless the person from Cisco who sometimes responds on this site contacts me and makes this right. I should not have to pay for repairs of something they are unable to do right.
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on August 18, 2013
As others have mentioned, it started losing connections - even wired. Was about 8 months old. The router was still alive, and I could get to the admin panel. If I clicked the REBOOT button on the admin interface, it all worked again. But after a few minutes, it again lost all connections.

When I called customer service, expecting some troubleshooting advice, I was told 8 months was out of warranty and that to troubleshoot it would cost about $40. Heck, the E4500 is on Amazon for only $109 right now, and since when does advice on troubleshooting, driver or firmware downloads, cost hefty sums of money. I expected some time on hold and some silly/scripted questions. I never expected to be told that I had to pay for tech support.

Avoid Cisco/LinkSys at all costs!!! I understand limited time hardware warranty, but I can't believe that they have limited-time free technical support.
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on January 20, 2013
I bought this router because it was said to be simple to install, but my two year old Mac was not a supported software Lion 10.8.2. So I chatted wit support to set up manually, problem was however the unit I had was so old that the customer support was out of date. After CONSIDERABLE discussion I was offered a one-time help for manual configuration, instructions were emailed. However to access the email address it would be a requirement to remove all firewalls and shut down the security. I sent it back. It is hard to believe that a new item would not have customer support but apparently they have a date like a jug of milk, so be vert, very careful.

Also, in cross examining the customer support, they are behind by 4 years on support software for Mac, and many more recent routers are already fully supported which leads me to believe the old ones will never be fully supported. This unit has to be manually configured for Windows 7 & 8 as well. Be very careful and check the support expiration date.
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on January 8, 2013
I installed this in September. It replaced a D-Link DIR-825. The first thing I noticed is that the wireless connection to my iMac dropped from 300 Mbps to 166 Mbps. The iMac is in line of sight to the router about 20 feet away. I purchased a wireless USB adapter for a laptop and it connected 300 Mbps to the D-Link and 150 Mbps to the Cisco. On 4 separate occasions I lost Internet access completely and blamed my cable company the 1st three times. The 4th time I simply removed the Ethernet cable from the Cisco and fired up my D-Link and plugged the Ethernet cable into the D-Link and my internet worked fine. The only way to resolve the issue on the previous 3 incidents was to reset the Cisco multiple times before the Internet would come back online. Subsequently, I searched the Internet for E4200 wireless problems and naturally found many people having the same issue. So, back to my 4 year old D-Link that I never had a problem with and I'll never buy a Cisco/Linksys again.
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on November 7, 2012
i read the review that said worst costumer service ever and should have paid attention. i could not get the system running, and spent a few hours on it, including with their chat only tech support. since i could not get it running i could not stay connected to chat AND try to get the system working. chat was slow and the guy tried to make me pay for his support till i lightly threatened him by saying i had just ordered it and would leave negative feedback if he could not help me. (he had told me it was past its 90 day free support window). after trying to follow his directions which were not accurate, and having it not work, i gave up and returned the item. NOT worth it. i plugged my old slow router back in and it is working fine without hassle.
i am disappointed in this company. if the product set up had been smooth i may have been a happy costumer, but this was sort of a nightmare and a true waste of my time. next time i will get a different brand!
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