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on June 5, 2017
I knew from EveryMac that some Cisco/Broadcom cards could be used in Macs, being seen as Airport/Airport Extreme by the OS. Looked here and saw a review that said it could be used with a Powerbook G4 using 10.4.11, so I decided to try it on a Powerbook G3 with 10.4.11.

Worked beautifully. Immediately popped up in the upper right corner, was recognized as an AirPort card and got me access (I had to use WPA Personal instead of WPA2, but hey, it works).
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on September 6, 2011
The Cisco-Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G Notebook Adapter was purchased to add networking capability and internet access for an old Toshiba Satellite 2105CDS Laptop. The install was easy and the enclosed CD drivers worked out of the box without getting the latest updated drivers from the Cisco-Linksys website, although I did download them and archived them in case I need them should I run into a problem later. The upgrades done on this laptop were 128 MB more memory, a larger and faster 120 GB PATA hard drive, and this wireless-G adapter. This is an OLD, OLD laptop, 400 MHz AMD-K6 processor, 64 MB RAM (now w/ 160 MB), S-3 VIRGE MX w/ 2 MB Video RAM, 24X CD-ROM and a 4.3 GB Toshiba Hard Drive ...State-of-the-Art for 1999 running Windows 98 SE. This is a "Kicks-n-Giggles" project just see if I could get the poor old tired thing to work well enough to sit on my sofa instead of behind one of two other desktops and read my email. After receiving this card I tested it on the original Windows 98 SE install with the old hard drive and just adding the 128 MB memory chip. NO GO, could not get the CD drivers to work, (the issue was the video drivers needed updating). Installed the new 120 GB hard drive and set up Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000 PRO SP4 in dual boot configuration after partitioning and formatting then completed the OS installs. BIOS update, latest drivers updates, and all MS Updates installed then put in the driver CD under both OSes and it installed and connected with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. Adapter has good connection signal, speed and range. I intend to reconfigure this system as a dual boot with Windows 2000 and Linux. I have not tested Linux yet.
MORAL: If you are having install problems, update all your system drivers, check MS Update for latest OS updates, and go to Cisco-Linksys website for latest adapter driver updates then give the install another try.
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on July 6, 2013
Ordered this for a very old IBM ThinkPad that has been sitting around the house unused for the past 8 years. Finally decided to get it working and give it to the grandkids to play with. This was the critical starting point for updating and upgrading as access to our WiFi was necessary to update the operating system. Checked locally for an adapter and only found a few ant there were no bargains even checking online most retailers priced it where it was worth more than an older computer.

This was offered by the seller as new and unopened in the original box for a very competitive price. Within three or four days received it and it was everything advertised. Once installed it immediately identified our network and once the password was entered it promptly connected. For the price it was a real bargain as plus it was new. Will continue to use this site to find and purchase old computer parts and equipment. It is things like this that keep customers happy.
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on January 31, 2011
I purchased this item because it claimed it worked with Windows 2000. I have an old Win 2000 laptop with software I need, but don't need to (nor can afford to) upgrade. I just purchased a new Lexmark wireless printer (Pinnacle Pro901 All-in-One Printer - great printer BTW!). I needed to be able to print from the Win 2000 machine to the printer - so I thought I'd found my answer in this product as it claimed it worked with the Win 2000 OS.

I installed and reinstalled the software about 4 times. I also worked with their useless online support team over a period of about 5 days. On several occasions, the connection was severed. I can't be positive - but I think they just cut me off!

Well - I finally gave up and sent it back. BUT - I did find an adapter that worked! It's the AirLink101 AWLL6075 Wireless N Mini USB Adapter. It's small - but mighty!

When I installed it - the installation took awhile. I thought at first it had crashed and was just about to give up and restart when the software finished. If I remember correctly - it took about 15 minutes. FYI - my Win 2000 computer is old and slow - so the installation may go faster on your system. After it was finished, the computer found the wireless connection. I then installed the printer software (which also claimed to work on Win 2000 machines) and lo and behold - it worked!

Needless to say, I'll never purchase another Cisco-Linksys product again!!
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on September 4, 2017
Worked great at getting an old Compaq laptop running Windows 98se to connect to my network.
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on November 10, 2010
I purchased this wireless adapter to use in a Sony laptop. Chose Linksys because that is the brand of our Router and because we use a larger Linksys USB wireless adapters in the desktop computers on our Network.

This adapter picks up our wireless signal at only about one-half the strength at which the Linksys wireless adapter in our desktops receives the wireless signal. When the larger desktop adapter is connected to the laptop signal strength increases significantly. That tells me the problem is most likely related to this "slide-in" wireless Linksys adapter WPC54G.

A second problem is with the wireless adapter software. It causes a "dll not registered" error message to be shown every time we boot up the laptop. The various fixes mentioned on the Internet didn't fix it for us. After struggling with the problem for hours we simply gave up on it and now live with it. But it is still annoying.

Attempts to use the Windows Wireless Connection program with the adapter failed. We could see our router and could even connect to it, but could not receive data from it when we used that instead of the program on the install CD. Eventually we went back to the supplied CD's program with the "dll not registered" error and are finally on the Internet, albeit with a lesser signal strength.

It works, but it is not all that we'd hoped for given our previous good experiences with Linksys wireless products.

This item was purchased through Amazon. Shipping took longer than expected. There was a USPS deliver confirmation number we were told to check to see the progress of our package, but no information showed up on it on the USPS webpage other than a message that a label had been printed.
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on July 8, 2017
Worked as intended on an old laptop.
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on May 16, 2009
I bought this to replace my original Linksys WPC54G adapter that gave up the ghost. I thought it would be just a simple matter of taking the old WPC54G card out of the PCMCIA slot and slapping this one in... not so.

Original card was version 1.3, this one is version 3.2 and the newer driver has to be used, I found that a complete uninstall of the old card and Linksys monitor software & driver needed to be done and a "ground up" install of the new card performed to get it properly installed.

For reasons yet unknown, occasionally after booting up, my wireless connection does not connect with my Linksys WRT54G wireless router, which is a version 2.1, upgraded to the latest firmware v41.1.

Error message is " Cannot associate with the access point". Whenever this happens, I discovered that other PC's (laptop & desktop) in the household with Linksys wireless adapters also would not connect with the router on boot up or if they were up while my laptop booted up, their connections would drop.

Long story short, after sloughing through the Linksys support web page and not finding an answer, I decided to try a power off/on reset of the WRT54G wireless router. All adapter cards were then able to establish an association with the router and access the internet.

Each time that this has happened, the fix has been to reset the WRT54G router, and it looks like it intermittently gets hung when the newer version WPC54G tries to connect.

No other firmware updates are available for the version of the WRT54G wireless router that I have, and I'm contemplating replacing it with a newer version, but as long as the old one works after doing the reset, we'll see how things go... but it's an annoyance I'd rather not have.

Oh, and I'm running windows XP Professional SP2 and I have not found any XP fixes on the MS Update web page that matches this problem.

Bottom line, the adapter works fine whenever it connects, but I occasionally still need to reset the router.
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on January 21, 2008
I bought this card for my mom's laptop. As far as the product itself, it does the job exactly as intended and was a flawless setup with her new Linksys router. If you read the directions and follow them exactly, you won't have a problem. Take your time, and re-read each step to insure you don't over look or skip something and you'll do fine.

The product should get 5 stars from me, but this review was lowered to 3 stars for how my order was delivered. To my fault of not paying attention to a vender of Amazon, I mistakenly bought this (through amazon) from a store called AOnSale. I bought this on a saturday night a week and a half before the Christmas holiday along with the Linksys router from Amazon itself. I decided to upgrade my shipping to "Expedited" to insure that the order was received in a timely matter in that coming week. Monday, I get an email verification saying my order had been shipped and I soon got tracking info for the items. The router from Amazon was sent UPS, and this Adapter from AOnSale was sent USPS. Since I had upgraded my shipping, I was looking forward to having these products together by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. My router from Amazon arrived promptly in perfect packing through UPS early on Wednesday, but I've yet to get any updated tracking information through USPS for this Adapter. Thursday came and went, as did friday. Still no word on the location of my order. I don't trust my neighborhood so I have all my orders delivered to work which is more secure and convenient for me. We work a typical Monday through Friday work week, so I was disappointed that my "EXPEDITED" package did not arrive Friday. Saturday, I get an update through USPS tracking telling me my package was delivered...? what? Work is closed on saturday? How did this happen? Apparently the item was small enough and dropped off in the outside drop box at work early saturday afternoon. This time of year isn't exactly warm here in the midwest and rain showers were predicted for the weekend. I'm not happy! Overnight temps did drop into the teens and the afternoons were damp with a steady rain as the temperatures raised barely into the 30's. Monday finally came along and the boss collected my package from the drop box that apparently leaks. ... Great... Luckily for me, Linksys wraps their product in sealed plastic so only the shipping box got soaked. I was sure to allow a day or so to allow the product to "thaw". I don't know if it was necessary, but I did want to chance it.

In the end, the product by Linksys is PERFECT. I've yet to have any problems with Linksys networking gear. I have them in my home, I've installed them in friends and families homes, and we use them at work. I'm very happy with the products Linksys makes and I have no problem recommending them to anyone. The directions are simple and very easy to follow. I can't see how these things can be any easier to install. ... Just be careful who is selling the product you are wanting to buy from here on Amazon. Amazon has never done me wrong, but I will never buy another item from AOnSale as long as they don't use a more reputable delivery service like UPS or FedEx. I was very disappointed in USPS.
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on January 27, 2004
I ordered the Linksys router WRT54G through Amazon, along with its sister PCMCIA card WPC54G for my Gateway Solo laptop. My goal was merely to broadcast the Comcast Digital Cable access throughout my 2,000 square feet home at the faster 802.11g speed. I wanted to surf the Web from the comfy couch in the TV room or a cozy chair in the living room...my choice -- no wires involved. I have never installed a network, so a lot of the literature, reviews on Amazon, and other sources of information were lost on me: I simply went with the big name brand at a reasonable price.
I installed the router in about 20 minutes using the accompanying CD. Lights were flashing, and the hard connection to my laptop recognized the router. Flipped up the 5 inch rabbit ears and seemed to be in business. All-in-all pretty seamless. I had high hopes that I'd be wirelessly surfing soon. This was pretty exciting to me, as I am still running on Windows 98SE, and worried that I might encounter difficulties.
The installation of the sister WPC54G PCMCIA card didn't go so well. Again, I ran it instruction-by-instruction from the installation CD, and while the Linksys software seemed to install OK, the procedure tripped up when attempting to install a program called 'Odyssey' from a firm called Funk Software, Inc. The program kept looking for drivers, requesting that I insert the Microsoft Windows 98SE disk in my drive. I don't have a Microsoft disk, but a Gateway OEM version that apparently has Microsoft Windows 98SE, but not the specific drivers that Odyssey needs. To sum up, I spent several hours, all told, surfing Microsoft, Linksys, and Funk Software knowledgebase pages, downloading stuff, booting and rebooting my laptop, before giving up and going to bed frustrated. Tried again in the morning, and somehow, I still don't know how, hit the right combination of set up protocols that suddenly energized the PCMCIA card. I went from zero to eighty in no time, and my profanities turned to whoops of joy.
The best online help came from Funk Software, where I found a customer service technician at the help desk who answered my emails. His solution: as I was running a simple home office network (not a corporate enterprise solution) and I didn't employ a RADIUS server (whatever that is?) I shouldn't need Odyssey, so gave me good instructions on how to eradicate it from my PC. Still not entirely sure what Odyssey purports to do, so perhaps I'm missing some benefit?
Nonetheless, the router and card in my laptop are communicating nicely throughout the house...no connections further than 3 walls and 150 feet. Speed is excellent. I stepped through the setup of what I suppose is a rudimentary firewall (clicked a box marked 'Firewall enabled') and turned on WEP 128. I hope to figure out WPA next, and I hope that Odyssey is not part of this set up, but in the final analysis I am pleased with the product, happy I didn't have to pay a consultant, and sending this report to Amazon wirelessly from my comfy chair!
Experience of user: None.
Total install time: 5 hours
Biggest problem: Firmware for WPC54G card missing drivers for Win98SE.
Observation: If TVs had come with this infernal alphabet soup of protocols (WEP, DHCP, DNS, IP, etc.) we'd all still be listening to family radio hours!
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