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on June 7, 2012
I telecommute and require exceptionally strong signal when working from home. I use several Wi-fi enabled devices for my day to day operations. Unfortunately, in my dedicated office space, I receive poor Wi-fi reception from a D-Link DIR825 router setup two stores above. I can generally pull in no more than 2 bars and my speed is about 25% of what a wireless or even hard wired device would receive on a higher floor. In an effort to rectify this problem, I invested in the Linksys (Cisco) RE-1000.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! Setup was simple; just pop in the CD into a wi-fi enabled computer, plug the RE-1000 into an electrical outlet close to the router and you should be ready to go in no time. The automated setup prompts you to enter the login credentials for your wireless network and it then configures the RE-1000 to work well with your settings. When that has completed, you are free to move the RE-1000 to a location that will serve your needs. (I chose a location where I had about halfway decent signal and speeds.) Then, I went to the home office which was previously essentially a dead zone for Wi-fi and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a full strength connection and was receiving about 90% of the speed my ISP advertised!

Connection seems to be stable. I haven't had the connection drop. I tried unplugging the Range Extender and then plugged it back in. The settings that were programmed in stayed and the connection resumed in less than a minute. Once I logged into the web portal for the Range Extender, I realized that the firmware that was installed was outdated. Updates can be found on the manufacturer's site. Also, if you aren't using any gaming devices or require any fancy QoS settings, disable the feature on the Range Extender and perhaps your router. You should notice a minimal, yet welcome speed boost.

For a larger home, or even a smaller home with a lot of wi-fi obstacles or a small office, the Cisco RE-1000 is an ideal solution for boosting your wireless range and even speeds.
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on July 30, 2013
I bought 2 RE1000's. They have a big problem, someone else mentioned also. They slow your internet speed. Linksys admits they will slow by 50%, i.e. half speed. If you use a second one they say it will slow another 50%. However, my experience was worse. I normally got 15-20 Mbps on my computer from the router. With the RE1000 connected I got .5-1.5. A 10 to 20 times slowdown. Intolerable. It was easy to check this. Unplug the RE1000 and I get 15-20Mbps. Plug it in and I get .5-1.5Mbps. I spent quite a while with Linksys tech support trying to fix this with no success.

I would like for people to know how Linksys tech support works. It is quite a scam. There is a legit part too, but you need to know how it works. I had a problem with my Linksys router so I'll explain how it worked with that. The experience was the same with the RE1000.

I was having problems setting up my new HP printer for wi-fi. HP thought the router might be blocking the required ports. I called Linksys to find out how to check. This is the way Linksys works:
If the product is under warranty, they are supposed to help you. However, they offer to "help you better" by using remote access. For this they charge $10 (not bad). If it is out of warranty, i.e. more than 90 days like mine, they offer to charge you $40. They don't offer access to any manuals and suggest that only their skilled technician can help. Then they offer to sell you a new router, which they explain is much better than the one you have now and will solve all your problems. They offered me routers from $220 to about $100 and they point out that these come with the warranty tech support. This is tempting because it isn't much more than the cost of the technical assistance to make your current router work, which you now know is "inferior", and it includes more "free" support. I bought a couple of new devices from Linksys due to this come on. Incidentally, when you hesitate they generally offer a "special discount". If you hesitate more they say this is a "limited time" offer. However, I've discovered that this "limited time" offer has been standard for quite a long time now.
On this occasion I decided to try to solve the problem myself, hence my question on the forum. But in the meantime HP got back to me (extremely good support) and with some experimentation we got the printer working. I didn't need a new router or even help setting up this one. Something I couldn't have guessed from what Linksys support told me. I saved $100-$220.
Some used car salesman has figured out how to turn Linksys "free support" into a profit center. It might not be so bad if they were a bit more upfront about the whole angle they are using but as it is it's a tricky sales scheme.
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on January 16, 2013
I work from home and have our Linksys EA3500 router set up near my desk in our study. Our kids Xbox and Apple TV is set up on the second floor on the opposite side of the house. We don't have a large abode by any means, so I was annoyed initially that my router wasn't powerful enough to get a strong signal up to the media room. This resulted in intermittent streaming of audio and video over the Apple TV.

My options were to:

A) live with it and the crying from our 3 year old as "My Little Pony" stopped in the middle of the show for the 100th time
B) run Cat5 cables from my router through the walls and up to the media room or
C) find an extender and deal with the invariable headaches that come from configuring and maintaining a router.

After reading a few reviews about the ease of setup, I bought the RE1000 refurbished with every intention of bailing if it was too complicated or unreliable. Setup was a breeze (sub 5 minutes) and performance has been incredible. I actually fist-pumped when I plugged in the extender in the media room and saw the speed test results from my iPhone. The Apple TV now performs fantastic and as a bonus, our Blu Ray player is not connected to our network thanks to the RE1000s built in ethernet connection.

Now that "My Little Pony" races along, our eardrums are saved and I owe Cisco a debt of gratitude for not thinking about wireless strength once since installing it 2 months ago.
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on July 27, 2013
This repeater does work well and after two weeks I am still pleased with its performance. We now have signal all thru the house and outside on the patio and in the garage. It is paired with a Cisco wireless-n router.
The reason for three stars instead of five or even four stars was the total lack of documentation or instructions. I placed the setup cd in the drive of my windows xp sp3 laptop and followed step by step until I got to the end at which time I got an error message that I would need to contact the Cisco troubleshooting web page and or contact them directly for assistance. I should say that I am pretty capable when it comes to setting up devices programs software etc and most family members call me for help. That being said I was confused as to the error and what went wrong because no documentation or explanation. After a very very long and frustrating time trying to online chat with service about possible causes I went ahead and did what most of us do and searched the Internet for clues.
In my one time experience... I had to set it up manually which involved unplugging my router completely because the repeater setup webpage 192.68...... Is the same http as the router. The manual setup instructions kept referring to this setup page but impossible to get to when all that comes up is the router. Anyway, access your router first and write down all the info needed as outlined in the online manual setup instructions then disconnect router then access repeater setup page and continue setup. Also each time I attempted the setup it would wipe out my laptop connection for some reason which also very frustrating. When done with the repeater setup webpage go ahead and plug router back in etc then finish the setup because the repeater needs to see the router in order to finish the setup.
Basically you need to access router first for all the info on the type of wireless you are using and the security. Write it all down. Secondly disconnect router then access repeater setup webpage and enter all the router wireless info. Thirdly reconnect router then repeater which will finish the setup with the router.
A real pain in the a@@ and not something I should of had to do but it simply does not work out of the box with setup cd. This is why I purchased this Cisco product because of my existing Cisco hardware. Very disappointed with the time n effort it took to force a manual setup. My time is worth something.
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on June 3, 2014
I bought this and the Linskys router here on Amazon. I also bought the extended warranty. I didnt have a chance to unpack and set up for approximately 75 dsys. (Personal health reasons). I was having trouble and went to the webpage, to their "chat". They were rude before I could submit my answer to their first question, said 92 seconds was way too much time for them to wait for me. Then I was told I was out if warranty and I certainly wasn't entitled to any of their time for free. I reminded them of my warranty. They said they didn't care. So they rudely ended the chat after informing me to deal with Amazon. I cannot return it now, it doesn't work, I've spent $300 on a technician to help me make it work, it still doesn't. Yes, this is a mix of product and seller review I suppose. But my seller review was never published, to my knowledge. Now I'm stuck with an expensive defective item (s), a very, very rude seller, and even Amazon isn't doing anything! I had heard that Linskys products were top of the line, but they must have gotten there by kicking consumers out of the way. I feel a product and manufacture are basically one in the same. Defective product, extremely defective company. Sorry, Amazon. But you've sure dropped the ball on this one! I'm sure this is headed to the circular file, but maybe somebody might read it on its way there.
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on February 25, 2015
I had hoped to use this to extend the range of my Huawei wireless router to an apartment over the garage. Upon receiving it I discovered that you can only set it up if your computer is on a wireless network. I unhooked my desktop from the modem, enabled the wireless and the desktop received the internet fine. However, the extender would NEVER recognize the Huawei. I had a LinkSysE2500 wireless that I piggybacked to the Huawei and the extender recognized it but with a very weak signal - even in the same room. The first reply I had from the vendor was that if I had a viable wireless signal it should work. My computer, my iPad, my husband's Galaxy tablet and both of our Samsung phones recognized the Huawei. The Cisco RE1000 never did. I even tried to set it up as a 'hidden' network. No go. The second reply from the vendor was "I suggest that you retune it to Amazon." I'm doing so. Rarely have I had an Amazon vendor that offered so little support. Maybe if you had only Cisco products this might work but don't depend upon support form Electronica Direct. I'll look for another one.
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on March 2, 2013
Long story Short. Needed to get about 20 more ft of access from my Apple Time Machine Airport base station, so I bought this in hopes of making the jump. It did the job great after a little bit of trial and error on setup. Put the CD in before you plug in your box. Run the setup and plug it in when prompted. If you have trouble finding the device - you may need to grab a small object and hit the reset button to override the original settings. Mine was already coded for another hotspot and gave issues tryin to repeat the signal. If you are going to use this over a secured network, enter the password when prompted, and it will allow you to use your existing setup for wifi. My mac computers did not even ask to join another network, it joined the extended network as if it were the original. Not exactly sure how it locked on, but it basically copied over the DNS settings and flew. Not as fast as going directly through the time capsule, but it does the job great. Ordered a second one to use in the room to double bounce the signal and plug a 360 directly into the box. Should work, will update. 4 stars only because there are no included instructions, the device was not reset to factory condition, and the reduction of speed was noticeable on all devices.
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on December 15, 2012
This was absolutely the best network upgrade I have made in the last 10 years to my home. It is as simple to use as plug it in, log into the RE1000 Wireless Access Point, use the web interface to tell it the access point you want it to extend, and then click apply. The RE1000 access point disappears, and you have a repeater set up. Takes about 2 minutes once the product is out of the box.

Since this is a repeater, it does add a very minor amount of latency (since data has to make two hops), and it does cut the maximum data rate of the network, but in exchange for no signal in corners of the house to instead getting 60+ Mbps, this is totally worth it. The data connection is consistent, even when moving between areas covered by the RE1000 and my primary access point (rate & flow do suffer a bit when you move between the access points, but the connection remains and any video or data transfers do continue).

This is so much simpler than maintaining multiple wireless routers and is even simpler than the WRT54G open source repeater firmware (for one, you don't have to flash firmware on a router to make this solution work).

To get more network coverage around your house in a plug and play solution, this is it.
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on March 26, 2015
Wow!!! What a complete and utter piece of junk. I wasn't even able to set it just doesn't work. Followed instructions on CD exactly. Attempted to install from a laptop with a good wireless connection. The first time the install program told me it found the extender and asked for wifi password. I entered password and it said it was finishing installation. Then it said unable to complete, directed me to a help website that didn't exist...and that was that. No matter how many times I tried wireless or wired installation the extender no longer shows up...and yes I tried troubleshooting and resetting and blah blah blah. What a waste of my time and my money. Will definitely be returning this trash for a refund.
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on March 6, 2013
UPDATE: originally gave it 3 stars but because of the outstanding Customer support of Cisco that proactively noticed this topic and provided a solution, I feel the need to update my rating to a full 5 stars. Thanks Cisco!!!!

After returning a similar range extender (Netgear WN3000) because I thought it was defective, I've ended up with this one having the exact same behavior: once setup is completed it stops working. In particularly the connected device didn't get a proper IP address assigned.

After some research it turns out the problem has to do with MAC address filtering (i.e. a setting in the router to allow connections only from specified MAC address) and the way that these gadgets extend the range of the network (more technically they are proxy repeaters). Even when a device connects through the extender the network authentication and DHCP servers activities continue to be performed by your router with the extender simply intercepting traffic and bouncing it off to the router.

What happens in the process is that the range extender does not pass through the full MAC address of the device to the router, it actually creates a virtual MAC address. A MAC address is comprised of 6 groups hex characters and the virtual mac address for the connected device that is transmitted to the router has the first 3 of the physical MAC of range extender and the last 3 of the physical MAC of the device.

In essence if you'd like to continue to successfully use MAC filtering on your router, not only you need to register the physical MAC of the device and the physical MAC of the extender, but also the virtual MAC of each device when it connects to the extender... Which is basically quite cumbersome...

In summary: this works quite well with MAC filtering off, while with MAC filtering on it's just cumbersome to configure... I ended up turning MAC filtering off and just relying on hidden SSID and WPA2 to protect my network.
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