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on November 8, 2016
Got this in April right after I got a 4 month old kitten. I removed his catbox and used only Citikitty, and by October he was fully trained.

Starting with the fully intact training tray full of clumping catlitter, I'd praise him every single time he was up there with that same words over & over, "Good kitty! Kitty go potty!" I had the family do the same thing. Very quickly, he learned that if I said, "Kitty go potty" it was time to go potty.

You can tell by his body language when he has to go. He zips around the house with his ears back and meows. I'd pick him up, put him on the potty, and say those words, "Kitty go potty! Gooooood kitty!!" He really loved the attention. Very quickly he got to the point where he'd hop up there if I said it, even if he was across the house.

We are a family of five with two bathrooms and one Citikitty. Training the cat involved lots of patience on the part of my kids and husband. Every time you need to use the guest potty you'd have to remove the training material. I had to keep reminding the family that a couple months of inconvenience was worth a lifetime of no smelly catbox.

When we had guests, we moved the training tray to the master bathroom, showed the cat, and he'd use it there. I took the training process very slowly. About every month you cut out one of the rings, making the hole wider and wider. "Leveling up" was an occasion for he whole family! And we leveled him up around every 5 or 6 weeks.

Each time we removed a ring, he'd start going potty in the shower. Very very gently I'd tell him, "Bad kitty, no no!" He'd catch on again after a couple days of missteps. Now he's fully trained!!

I love this setup and I highly recommend it. The cat will catch on fast; it's the rest of the family that you'll have to work with. COMPLETELY worth it!!
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on April 8, 2017
works great and they give you a second tray in case your cat regresses, which happens - there are other products where instead of one tray you get 3 or 4 trays for each different size hole. We toilet train kittens so i'll have to purchase this again or get the other product. It holds in the toilet well, kittens have fallen in just because they are small, they just get out and try again. I started training them at 12 weeks which is young, so I stayed on the first hole for almost a month until they got a little bigger. They have no issues using the toilet now that they are about 3 months old and on their last ring.
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on December 10, 2014
Used it with my 3-4 month old kitten - and yes he did spill cat litter everywhere , every time he used it - I started the first week of November 2014- and he was completely trained using the bathroom by the end of the month - the only problem I have now is he splashes water everywhere before very time he uses the toliet .im thinking he may or may not stop this in the future - he does the same thing with his water bowl too We made sure to give him treats after every use - I think this is a great product - just might not work with every cat - I
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on January 30, 2016
With 2 kitties, the litter box was in constant use and my floors were pretty trashed with grit, so I took a chance and bought the kit.

At first, one kitty took to using it right away, but the other was reluctant and pooped in a few dark corners of the house. However Kitty 1 seemd to enjoy using it in front of me, and got heaps of praise - making the other a little jealous. He soon began using it and both got lots of kudos and treats.

What's really interesting as the opening got larger, Kitty 1 figured out that hitting the hole was preferable to using the litter part of the rings. When Kitty 2 wasn't lined up right, #1 used his paw to push the other's but directly over the hole. Teamwork!
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on August 27, 2016
Citikitty arrived Aug 15. I started using it with my 3 month old kitten the next day. I left her litter box in the area for 2 days. She is now on ring 4. She was holding on to her poop but I started giving her about a tablespoon of canned cat food every day. Now she is going every day.
The cons the first few days was litter everywhere so keep a swiffer or broom close by. For the last 2 weeks I have decreased the litter every day. Yesterday she pooped in the water or so I thought. Today I was watching her and while she is "covering" up her poop she is pushing it in the water.
My suggestion is start training them in their litter box decreasing the amount of litter, putting them on the toilet seat and changing up litter if you are not using flushable litter now. I did have to change flushable litter but add a bit of the first flushable litter. She is a kitten not afraid of the flushing noise because I started her younger and about a month before I decided to try Citikity.
Please feel free to ask any questions because I as super excited to be litter box free after only having her for 6 weeks.
Thanks Citikitty and Amazon
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on August 14, 2015
Great idea but only one of my cats will do it .
Pumpkin got it on the first day (male)
Marine (female) just jumps on and lays in the litter and goes to sleep. They currently use the Litter Robot which is a high tec covered, automatic, dome litter box. They are too spoiled I think. I will try this again when we move to our new house and I will completely remove the Litter Robot.
Pumpkin & Marine on Instagram!
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on November 3, 2014
Because we already knew that we would be picking up a 2-month-old male kitty in about a week, I started an Internet search for a toilet training system and decided to get the CitiKitty system.

After viewing the CitiKitty website, I knew that I would need to dedicate our hallway bathroom to our cat for feeding and toilet use. Because the CitiKitty system had not arrived by the time we got our cat, I put his litter in a tray by the toilet for the first two days. When the CitiKitty system arrived, I put a small stool next to the toilet so our new kitty could get up to the toilet seat. I also ordered 4 terry-cloth toilet seat covers so that he would have a surface that made it easier to keep from slipping into the water which might have been a deal-breaker.

I completed his toilet training when he was 7-months-old and never had to use the second tray that came with the system. I took my time and let him tell me when he was ready to progress to the next level and only had a few mistakes which were limited to the bathroom tub and the bathroom sink. He has been using the toilet without the CitiKitty system for over 2 years and I'm happy to not have the smell and cost associated with using a litter box.

I keep a notepad and pen on a shelf next to the toilet and write down the day and time so that I can keep track of his toilet use. Our cat cannot eat dry food because he can develop a Struvite crystal problem if he doesn't eat enough wet food and doesn't urinate enough. Cats get a majority of their water from wet cat food and not from drinking water so; in general, dry cat food is not good for a cat.
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on December 22, 2014
I started training my 6 year old cat, Walter, in October and now, two months later, he is completely Toilet trained! This is the greatest small investment I have ever made, it even makes me want another cat! When we first started he was slightly hesitant, but each step he got more and more comfortable with the process. The kit comes with a toilet training seat insert and an extra training insert, just in case you move too fast for your cat, which can be very very useful. When I punched out the first hole Walter was a little afraid of the water, so I set a single square of toilet paper over the hole until he realized it was nothing to be scared of. During the entire training process I took him into the bathroom often and showed him the training insert and the water while praising him so he would see the toilet and bathroom as a good place to be. I am very happy with this product and now I will never have to use litter or clean cat 'business' out of a smelly, dusty box again! Also, Walter is a very large lazy kitty and the training seat held his weight with now issues at all.
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on January 26, 2017
Works really well. We still have two more layers to go. We slowed down because they are kittens and they need to get a tad bigger. The black kitty below (Sagwa) goes completely in the toilet every time. Autumn is a tad slower and still likes trying to poo on the rim itself. She is also half a pound lighter hence us slowing down to her pace. The litter makes a mess but over time they get the hang of it. They kittens love that there is water underneath. That's a game in itself. Look forward to no more litter!!
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on March 16, 2017
I am very happy with this product. I like that they included two pans and that the rings are very easy to cut out as you move through the stages. The hardest stage for my boys is when I cut the second ring. They saw down into the toilet for the first time and had to pass that fascination stage as well as the "where do i put my feet" stage. I had one that took to it no issues, the other struggled on this stage a bit but I kept encouraging him and talking lovingly to him plus it helped that he could watch his brother do it. After a few months they were good to go. Now I only have two rings left and they are still doing good. IT TAKES PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE! I was determined not to go back to a nasty litter box though and my patience has paid off in spades! Don't let set backs get you down, your kitty will master it in time!! For those that wondered if it will hold an adult cat yes it will! Ive had both my boys on it at once and it didn't falter! I also suggest watching peoples vids for further guidance.
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