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on April 26, 2006
I upgraded to the eco-drive from a watch that recharged by wrist motion. So far I'm a lot happier with the eco-drive. It holds a charge a lot longer, so it's not a problem to leave it unworn for a day or two. I didn't like the green military style band on this one, but it was easy to swap for a leather 20mm band. The stock band was a tad small for my wrist. I would expect a lot of men would need to swap it. The numbers look big in the picture, and they're big on the watch. I like the big numbers, others might not.

May 2008 Update:
I still like this watch as much as the day it arrived! It works perfectly, never runs out of battery and looks good. For those of you who haven't paid for a decent watch, you might not realize you're missing out on a good quality glass / crystal face. Mine still is scratch free. The watch looks pretty much brand new, even though I wear it every day.
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on July 31, 2007
This is my 2nd Eco-Drive Watch. Eco-Drive is by far my favorite watch brand. My other Eco-Drive is a moon-phase Calibre that I wear to work everyday. I wanted another watch that was less dressy, and was happy when I found this watch at a low price. However, this watch looks very nice, despite its price. Some reviewers don't like the watchband. I agree that a leather band would make it look more expensive, but this is a military watch and the band is quite appropriate. Although the description calls this a canvas strap, the inside is coated so that it does not absorb sweat. Also, I have small wrists and Eco-Drives are the only watches that I can wear without modifying the strap. It's VERY easy to set. It is more like a traditional watch; you only need to adjust the main crown. The other two buttons north and south of the crown control the chronograph. Seconds tick by on this watch on the small dial located just above the "6" on the watch face. The large second hand that you normally associate with the sweep second hand is part of the chronograph. By the way, the chronograph is EXTREMELY easy to operate. One of my favorite features of this watch are the extremely large, easy-to-read numbers on the dial. Only downside is that the three small dials on the face are smaller and more difficult to read, but I think that is an unavoidable consequence of the design. Overall, this is a great watch!!
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on March 1, 2008
If you, like me, are considering this watch because it is simple, has a rugged appearance to it, happens to be a Citizen Eco-Drive model, and is reasonably priced, then you may want to know the following.

Pros: This watch is easy to set up and holds time well. It can be dragged across brick surfaces and airplane exteriors without blemishing. It can be taken in the shower and swimming pool without leaking, and the watch band dries before getting a chance to leave wet spots on your trousers while you drive to work. The fit is comfortable and the watch is not heavy or bulky. The chronograph is incredibly easy to use after looking at the instructions once. The hour and minute hands have a nice, subtle glow sufficient for telling time in dark places.

Cons: The chronograph maxes out at 60 minutes and then turns off. And I once turned it off accidentally when the back of my hand pushed against the watch. So be careful if you're timing anything serious--like a ninja mission.

Notes on fit: I'm 5'9", 170 pounds, and a fitness nut. This watch JUST fits my wrist. So as other reviewers have said, if your wrists have a little padding, plan on replacing the watch band--which is an industry-standard size and easy to replace.

Notes on the Eco-Drive battery life: I have done nothing beyond my normal routine to keep this watch exposed to light. I don't avoid wearing long-sleeved shirts or hold my arm out the window while driving home. And so far I have had no issues with the charge. From the time I took this watch out of the box, it has just kept on telling time and taking abuse.

Great value for the money.
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on December 4, 2016
This is a great watch that I've had for a few months now and it works perfectly. A few minutes in some decent sunlight and the second hand [bottom circle above six] will start to tick. The watch has a nice weight on the wrist, not to heavy not to light. At first the strap is a little stiff, but once broken in it is comfortable. The watch features a chronograph [timer] that counts up to an hour and it also has a 24 hour display on the right side. Chrono pusher has a solid click to activate the timer and has a softer push to pause. The reset pusher also has a firm yet satisfying click. There are 12 dots above the numbers that glow along with the hands and chrono second hand. The glow lasts for a decent amount of time and ls easy to read, it also looks cool. The ring around the face is very shiny, but is more prone to little scratches so be careful. My only complaint would have to be, and it's a nitpick is that the crystal protecting the dial is a mineral and not sapphire but so far I've had no scratches on it. I'm not to sure if the strap can be changed as I don't see any pins to pop out however I'm sure someone with more knowledge about these style of watches can clarify. Over all a great buy and I absolutely love it. I wear it everytime I leave the house.
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on September 9, 2013
I'm a fan of Citizen Eco-drive Chronographs. What can I say, they are just GREAT watches! This is my 3rd (NOT a replacement. All are still working). I was looking for a "field watch" to wear when out kayaking, camping, hiking, etc, instead of wearing my other two which are dress-type watches. I even purchased an inexpensive CASIO Forester for the task. However, I'm just so used to the quality and durability of the Eco-Drive Chronographs, I said "To heck with it" and treated myself to this jewel! My oldest Eco is 7yrs old, next is 2 yrs old, plus this new one. All run great and I've never had to replace or repair one, and believe me, I am ROUGH on watches. I never take them off unless I'm swapping one watch for another. I didn't really care for the band, but it wasn't really an issue since I knew I was going to replace it with a self made band, immediately (see pic). I have other nice watches such as Seiko Kinetics, but they just stay in the watch case.....
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on May 26, 2014
I like almost everything about this watch except how fragile it is. I've had it for over a year, and I wear it every day. My biggest issue is that the face of it is all scratched up (only 1 year in). I'm not overly rough on it, I don't work in a rock quarry or something. But I'm also not overly protective. I bought this because it was supposed to be made to use. It's not as rugged as I would have hoped.

- Looks great, easy to read day or night
- Glows enough - if your eyes have adjusted to the dark, you can see it. I hang it in the top of my tent and can read it in the middle of the night while lying down.
- Water hasn't been a problem, and I've worn it a lot in the water.
- Solar powered, no battery. I didn't trust this idea at first, but it works great.

- Face scratches easily. I have lots of scratches in it, and I've only had it for a year. This was disappointing.
- As with most chronograph watches, the hands block the chronograph. It's pretty useless for several hours of the day.
- The chronograph second hand (the red one) will get knocked out of alignment every few months. It's easy to fix, but I can never remember the steps and have to look it up every time.
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on September 29, 2014
I bought this watch Dec of 2013 and have worn it everyday since. It's been banged on doorknobs and dropped several times and is still ticking. It was with me as I paddled 1200 miles down the Mississippi River this summer, were it was submerged several times daily. You will be fine swimming and showering with it on. I swapped the canvas strap for a black rubber strap. I've never made a conscious effort to charge it and it has been working fine, even during the winter months. It keeps very accurate time. The face is easy to read while telling time or looking at the date, but the sub-dial that shows elapsed minutes is tricky to read accurately, I don't use the chrono very often though. I personally find the 24-hour sub-dial pointless. You'll probably pick up some scratches on the crystal if you are working in it and coming into contact with things often. All-in-all, I really like this watch, it's a good size, durable, low maintenance, not flashy and worth the money. Go ahead and get it.
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on April 11, 2017
This is my second Citizen Eco-drive watch. I have this watch's little brother BM8180-03E, that looks almost identical, but doesn't have the chronograph dials, but has the weekday along with the date widow. I have had that watch for over 5 years, and it still runs and looks like a champ today. I love both of these watches. They keep great time, never need winding or a new battery, and look great in casual or more dressy occasions. You can't go wrong with this watch if you want a nice classic watch. This is a guys watch, not to fancy or covered in weird symbols for things you will never use.
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on March 19, 2017
I've had this watch for about 6 years now. I've had to replace the band (actually, I've gone through a couple - but I'm really not easy on them), and the chronograph is a little out of alignment, but other than that it still looks great and works perfectly.

I wear this watch often in daily settings, but also when I go camping, hiking, kayaking, etc. and it has held up beautifully. I still get compliments on it, and it i's really nice to never change a battery!
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on November 25, 2015
I wanted a chronograph watch that was low maintenance, durable, good water resistance, and relatively thin. Price was also important. This Citizen's watch fit the bill. The strap was very stiff when received, but it has softened up a bit.
The watch is reasonably thin for a chronograph.
As mentioned in another review, the date is hard to read. The numbers are in a very thin font, and the date is far enough below the surface that it is usually in shadow. See my photo. If you look at it from arm's length, you will get an idea of the readability.
The chronograph function is somewhat limited, in that you can only get whole seconds of time. No fractions of a second. For my purposes this is sufficient.
I like the 24-hour indicator.
The luminosity of the hands and the numbers is fairly short lived for reading the time in the dark. The hands stay illuminated longer than the numbers.
For a general wear-around watch, this is a sweet deal.
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