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on January 2, 2011
APPEARANCE: Very attractive. ECO-DRIVE: Full charge within 24 hours; has remained fully charged since. TIMEKEEPING: +5 seconds/month. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: (1) The bezel is brightly polished and is susceptible to scratching with even occasional casual-dress wear. (2) While I realize that many watch wearers prefer a watch with significant "heft," I believe other reviewers have been quite tolerant about the weight of the watch. I'm 5'10", 175 lbs. with decent muscle mass and I don't find this watch particularly comfortable to wear for hours at a time because of its weight. The 22mm strap helps distribute the weight, but the relatively small footprint (wristprint?) of the watch and the thickness of the watch tend to yield a significant ounces-per-square-inch of wrist contact factor.

That having been said, this is an extremely attractive, accurate, Citizen Eco-Drive. That will be the deal-maker for those who choose to live with the weight of the watch.

And one suggestion: This model is in abundant supply in the United States. If one will shop carefully he will find deep discounts on this watch. With regards to all other Citizen-lovers, --Ron

UPDATE 02-04-2011: I've tried several bands and bracelets on this watch and have settled on a Hadley-Roma jubilee-style solid-link bracelet. The watch is still heavy, but now it's "comfortably heavy," if I can get anyone to buy into that description. --Ron
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on June 9, 2016
Good watch. The size and weight is perfect, and the dial is beautiful. Haven't had any issues with the eco-drive movement - seems to keep accurate time and charging is easy. It's got a rotating bezel for timing, a chronograph, and a tachymeter.

Speaking of which, some of the reviews are complaining that the large second hand doesn't move and that a subdial tells seconds instead. People, this is an INTENDED feature that allows you to actually use the tachymeter to measure either speed or distance. For speed, start the chronograph on a mile marker, stop it at the next mile marker, and the numbers where the large seconds hand falls tell you your average speed. For distance, keep a constant speed and hit the chronograph. When the tachymeter number hits your current speed you've gone a mile. Neat, huh?

The band has a nice feel to it, although the outer leather feels a bit plastic-y. Some people say they have quick wear and tear, but I haven't experienced that. I usually hate croc-embossed straps, but it's very minimal on this watch and you only notice it if you look closely. It's also not super glossy like many croc-embossed straps, which again is good.

The watch does have a few flaws: 1) there is no dot or arrow at the top of the rotating bezel, so it's a bit harder to dial in the exact point to start timing (some very similar citizen watches have the dot, why not this one?) 2) the crown is not screw-down, which is a feature on most watches at this price point and helps with water resistance 3) bezel is a bit too wide and polished for my tastes, but some may like it.
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on April 23, 2015
Good looking, quality sports watch at a nice price. This is my second Eco-Drive watch and will vouch for Citizen quality. My first, purchased over 10 years ago and worn almost daily, looks and works as good as day 1. Not having to ever worry about a battery is a huge plus. My first is a full titanium model slanted more towards business/ formal wear, this will fit the more casual use. Started up right out of the box. Nice size, not too big. Time and date easy to set (I will likely never use the other functions, this was bought for looks). Quality leather strap, you'd have to be plenty beefy for it not to fit your wrist.
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on February 23, 2014
I bought this watch because it resembles the classic "aviator's watches" of the 1960's. I've had it for a year now and it's still going strong!

.Very Stylish-This watch screams "I'm a Pilot!" while sitting on your wrist.
.Eco-Drive-I have yet to have any issues with the battery on this watch. I do live in Texas though so I don't have to worry about lack of sunlight. Charges with artificial light just as well though.
.Both A Rotating Bezel And A Chronograph-Yes, I am a dork who occasionally needs to use both a rotating bezel and a chronograph to time two different things.

.Weight-Somewhat heavy and bulky
.Chronograph-I wish for the price this watch would have a better chronograph. It only times up to one hour and seems kind of flimsy.
.24 Hour Dial Cannot Be Adjusted-I wish the 24 hour dial could be independently adjusted so one could display dual time (i.e. local and zulu time).

Overall, I would say that wearing this watch is more useful as a statement that one is a pilot rather than an actual useful tool for pilots. It will still win you style points though!

-For a good "hack watch" that can be used in the cockpit check out the Timex Expedition (
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on September 22, 2015
Bezel scratches easily which is surprising considering the steel it uses. I've had the watch for about 7 months now with little use (I wore it maybe once or twice a week max) and when I stood up from the couch this week the rotating part of bezel & it's housing just fell straight off. Can't return it (wish I could) and not sure if I want to try Citizen repairs since I've read a good amount of bad experiences. Now I'll need to pay for a repair at a local shop and hopefully sell it as I am not impressed at all.
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on October 10, 2013
I've received a few watches that haven't looked like the picture when I saw it in real life so I have been hesitant on buying watches online recently. However, this one looks just like it does in the picture in real life. So far it's kept time efficiently, charged properly, and fit nicely on my wrist. The leather adjusts over time to the curvature of your wrist. I have just one question and it is definitely not a complaint, is the big second hand (the chronograph second hand) only used as a timer? Or does it also serve both as a time keeping secondhand and a timer secondhand?
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on March 11, 2014
I'm not a watch guy, I never wear a watch except for work and hunting. So I needed something reliable and tough and a bonus if it looked good. Well this watch fit the bill for me. Love not having to bother with batteries. And the simple design. The crystal is tough. I've banged it more than once on some steel at work and no scratches. The case is ss so not much to say there. Actually I think the watch might be a little too nice for work but its tough as nails. The only thing I wasn't too keen about was the band. It's a good looking band but its leather and after a few days in 90+ weather they usually smell like road kill strapped to your wrist. So I replaced it with a steel band. Hope this helps in your search.
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on June 2, 2017
Great purchase, runs great and easy to set. Looks good. The leather band is a little short but otherwise wonderful watch
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on February 25, 2014
Over the years I had seen expensive looking watches listed on Amazon and wondered how such a thing could be 80% off. I mostly window shopped at them, never planning to buy. Then, I bought this Citizen watch.

I wasn't in a hurry. I have a cell phone which has time. In fact, I had to think about what I wanted in a watch and why. This is a luxury item. I have something to tell time. Having worn this watch for a while, I understand better the purchase I made.

This watch is simple and well made, will never need a battery and still has features I might, but will rarely use. The leather band in fine is simple, drawing more attention to the watch itself. To look at it, this is a thing of quality, yet not decadent. It is practical and looks nice. I would cringe to be caught wearing something conspicuously lavish.

The dial has a rotating countdown bezel, which is great for remembering I have 30 minutes of air in my scuba tank, but I don't swim still, it looks great and works fine. Also the chronograph features essentially give you a stopwatch. It is easy to use and again, kinda fun to play with. The seconds are counted off on a sub dial, as is the 24 hour time, and the elapsed chronograph time.

Additionally there is a tachymeter built just below the bezel. It is Imperial measure, and works as advertised. Click and wait for something to move one mile, then stop. It tells you the speed.

This is a quartz movement that will recharge with whatever light is present. It ran when I opened the box, and has done so every day since. The mineral glass face seems to resist scratching well and looks great.

In general, this is well executed watch. Not lavish, it is quality and maybe not practical, but looks good and is fun to wear. It is not a chronometer, like the Rolex or Omega, but I couldn't justify such a thing for myself. This, for me, hit the middle space of quality, price, and aesthetic.
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on February 16, 2013
I actually find this to be a quite attractive watch. Suitable for wear with a suit or pair of jeans.The band could a little longer-but I find that problem on many factory leather bands. True, the case is highly polished, but that is a matter of personal taste. Some reviewer noted the large hand is not a second hand. True. As is the case wtih most chronos it is for the tachymeter function. Computing speed over a known distance. I have nicer chronos but they also cost more. I have many watches and consider this a nice addition to my collection. All in all- a nice watch for the price.
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