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on October 16, 2014
A truly excellent timepiece. After spending hours researching and reading reviews, I ended up choosing this watch due to its quality construction, great looks, and superb feature set. The is the first watch I've purchased in more than 10 years. An anniversary present, I wanted to get the "right" one and I did just that.

I also wanted to pass along some information to those reading reviews like I did as some of the older reviews I read were incorrect on certain "cons".

Pros that mattered to me:
- Sapphire glass - If your going to spend a few hundred on a watch it is a must have. Don't settle for mineral glass.
- 200M WR - You can actually wash your hands, do the dishes, etc. and not fear ruining your watch. Anything less than 100M you risk it.
- Perpetual calendar - You don't have to worry about resetting the date every month
- Display showed information that truly mattered to me - The time, the day of the week, the date, etc.
- Flexible look - you can dress up or down with this watch and doesn't appear out of place.

Cons you shouldn't worry about -
-The bracelet can be adjusted by a 1/2 link. Read this time and time again. The one I received does have full and 1/2 links that can be removed for sizing.
- The watch has a zero set up feature to zero in every dial on the watch. I read reviews that said the hands didn't align properly. Read the directions, you can adjust them, mine are perfect.
- Radio signal - night time is definitely best for reception. I live in Ohio, left it in the kitchen overnight the first night I had it, synched up with medium signal strength just like it is supposed to. I tried to manually synch up the watch during the day in my office building and it wouldn't work. Don't freak out if you can't synch up the watch the moment it arrives. It automatically does it at 0200 and it works just fine.
- Alarm volume - It's not an alarm clock, don't expect it to be as loud if you need it to wake you up in the morning. The alarm is sufficiently loud enough to remind you about an appointment during the day or other need when you're already awake.
- Chrono function - it's fine. Read that it is hard to use and I don't agree with that. You pull the dial out one click, move it to chrono, and use it. When our done you pull out the dial, move it back to your time zone, and your done. If you need a chrono that your going to use on a daily basis this isn't the watch for you. I would suggest a stop watch.
- Luminescent - Fine, nothing to write home about. It does not fade as quick as I the reviews I read. It just depends on the lighting the watch was exposed to prior to darkness.

The only thing I can nit-pick is the weight. I'm a big guy and the weight doesn't bother me at all. That being said, if your not used to a somewhat heavy watch, or don't want one, you might want to try it on at a department store before buying. I think its perfect but I can see how some might have an issue with it.

The last comment I'll leave you with is to watch the price on Amazon. Over the course of 36 hours I saw the watch drop $125 and back up again. Luckily I saw it on the low end when I bought it. Add it to your wish list and check on it daily. If it gets below $350 jump on it. Most certified Citizen stores sell this watch at $430 not counting sales. Macy's had it on sale for $375 around the time I bought it. Amazon was still lower and I like Amazon better anyway. Don't forget to use Amazon "Smile" and support your local charity.

Hope this helps. Good luck in your search.
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on May 23, 2017
The looks of the watch are stunning and I am hopeful the functionality is as advertised, however I purchased it used (listed as in very good condition) and certified by the Amazon Warehouse and upon arrival it did not work. Thinking it had not been charged in quite sometime I tried leaving it in direct sunlight for two days and even tried leaving it under a fluorescent light overnight in the hope it would charge up. After that did not work I figured maybe the capacitor (battery) was in need of replacement so I opened the back to get the proper number only to find that there was not a cell in the watch!
I would indeed recommend this time piece and any EcoDrive for that matter, but I would caution buyers to beware of the warehouse.
review image
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on April 18, 2017
The watch is great, BUT.
The watch band is not great. The gold on the band is VERY soft. I wore the first watch three weeks before I noticed the gold had rubbed off on the portion of the band that contacted anything when my hand was on a table or chair. Sent the first one back and got a replacement right away. The second watch was brand new and still had all the protection plastic attached. I looked the band over very closely and it was perfect. I wore the watch for three days and was very conscious of were I placed my hand. I started seeing the same wear spots as the first watch. I returned the second watch and ordered a model with a total silver face and band.
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on February 11, 2015
Nice watch. Good looking, and a moderate size -- larger than my watch that it replaced (~6 year old Seiko), which seems to be the current style, but not so enormous that it gets in the way or looks like I'm wearing a farm implement on my wrist. The automatic time setting works perfectly in SE Michigan, with a strong received signal (as indicated by the watch).

I have only owned this watch for about a month, so I can't speak to its durability. So far I have just a couple of minor gripes:

- Difficult to read in the dark. The luminescent paint on the face and hands is not very bright to start with, and seems to lose its intensity relatively quickly.
- Compared to my old Seiko, activating the chrono function or setting the alarm take more steps and more time. For example, to set the alarm you have to pull out the crown half-way, turn the crown to get into Alarm setting mode, pull the crown out the rest of the way, wait for the hands to move to the previously set alarm time (which can take an annoyingly long time because you can't interrupt this step, and the hands move relatively slowly), manipulate the crown to set the new alarm time (the hands don't move very fast when doing this either), press a button to turn on the alarm, push the crown back in half-way, turn the crown to go back to time mode, and push the crown in all the way. That's about eight steps each time you want to change the Alarm time, two of which can take a minute or two to accomplish. Surely Citizen could make it simpler and faster to set the alarm.
- The push-button clasp on the band is new for me. It seems to work well, but it relies on hidden springs to stay latched, and I have to wonder how long it will last before those springs wear out.

Overall I would definitely recommend this watch, unless you need to frequently set the Alarm for different times of the day.
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on February 15, 2018
I don't collect watches. I generally have one watch that i wear all the time, so when my Seiko kinetic wore down this watch ticked several boxes for me. When I bought my Seiko I bought it under the impression that it had a sapphire crystal (so specified in the description). It was actually Hardlex but I kept it and it has served admirably for 10 years, just recently acquiring a small chip and a slight scratch. Nevertheless I wanted the sapphire crystal on this watch and it is the primary reason I bought it. The alarm is better than Seiko's, being a 24 rather than 12 hour. The chronograph works like every chronograph. I like that the second hand is designed to revolve all the time, not just when timing. The tiny auxiliary second hand on many Seikos and Pulsar chronographs has never been a favorite of mine. That said, the switch to chrono or alarm necessarily passes through several time zones, sending the watch hands through paroxysms of motion trying to sync up and back These are just nit picks, I love the watch and it is gorgeous. Everything works very smoothly and accurately as designed.
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on August 29, 2017
My buddies and I pitched in to get this watch for a friend who was getting married. He was totally ecstatic, couldn't stop talking about how much he loved the thing. For an Eco-Drive that will last basically forever and a perpetual clock (automatically sets itself and adjusts for time zones, leap years, etc), it is hard to beat this deal. With all the gizmos and features though there is a learning curve - kind of complicated to figure out, even with the instructions. Once it's set up though it is essentially maintenance free.
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on March 5, 2016
Mar 05, 2016
This watch is absolutely beautiful and honestly a better looking then some rolexs. Get a lot of compliments and nothing negative really

UPDATE Sept 20 2017

The watch has kept good time. However, the gold on the bracelet has been going off from normal use only. I have not gone swimming but i have gone under shower with it. Also, to my surprise, the black writings on the bezel have been fading off as well. I'm not sure if the warranty applies to these issues.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on October 29, 2016
The watch is really nice looking, although a bit busy on the face! My watch came with the solar cell completely DEAD. I initially thought the watch was defective but placed it under a light, and the watch began "waking" up. At that point I couldn't set it, so I waited until the next morning. I did a manual connection with the radio signal in Colorado and like magic, the watch properly adjusted the time, the date, and the day! IMPRESSIVE!!! This watch connects every day at 2am and corrects every incorrection so that the watch keeps perfect time ALWAYS.

I like things to work properly. This watch works properly and does what it is supposed to do, love it!!
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on December 3, 2016
It's a bit large. But works like a charm. Never have to worry about changing the time with the switch over. In fact recently when the clock moved back 1 hour, did not have do anything. The only thing is don't keep it a lot of metal around it. I leave it on window ledge. Would recommend this to anyone. I am thinking of buying the one with the GPS which keeps time in 27 cities around the world as I travel often.
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on September 16, 2015
The watch is great. Read about all the details the watch has to offer, with all of the exquisite design and looks, and then make the purchase. Once you receive it, like I have, you will agree that it was well worth it. I am a very satisfied customer. You will receive the watch already set, and working, with no necessary adjustment needed; just be sure it's in your correct time zone; if not, then with a push of the button you set the dial to your certain State, and the watch will quickly adjust to the time accordingly on its own. The watch adjusts to daylight savings time automatically. So basically, buy the watch and get your wrist band adjusted to fit; enjoy!
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