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on April 15, 2014
I love this watch. It looks great. It is VERY accurate. Easy to set the various time zones. Yes, it really is waterproof (tested many times).

So, why only two stars? The band is TERRIBLE. Like others who complained about the band, mine broke too. It has a weak spot on the joints that attach to the watch. If I had been wearing that watch while skiing (when the band decided to fall apart) , I would have lost it for sure.

I started scouring Amazon and the internet for a compatible band. Why replace a bad band with another bad band I thought? Well, good luck with that. You can find bands that will attach to the watch, but it won't have that clean look that the original band has. The original band is meant to curve into the watch seamlessly.

Okay, so I found a few genuine Citizen watch bands at various internet sites but they ALL cost over $100.00. Some sites wanted $150.00!!!!

Well, I called Citizen directly (you can't order this online... you MUST call someone) and paid $100.40. Now folks, if you look online you will see that NO company offers rubber replacement watch bands for this much money. This is a genuine rip-off. The watch band is proprietary and Citizen knows it SO, they milk as much dinero from you as they can. The replacement band is almost 1/3 of the price of the watch new? What?

Been two weeks since I ordered the band. Still not arrived. My watch sits useless on the table. I guess they are in no hurry. You would think for this kind of money, they would overnight the band!

I for one won't buy another Citizen watch because I don't like being treated with such disrespect as a customer.

Thank you.
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on April 18, 2012
Overall this watch has grown on me alot since owning. My primary reasons
for purchasing it were because of the great set of features that were
highly desirable and all present in this watch: sapphire crystal, rubber
strap, fold-over clasp, radio set, no battery (yea!), large hands.

Also perfect weight - not too heavy, big enough to read, not too
light in weight either. Not too annoying in warmer weather,
which is a key thing for me. Was easy to adjust band size -
do it carefully using a very sharp kitchen knife.

As another said, watch is fairly easy to set once you watch the online
tutorial or use the DVD that comes with it. Has been set by radio
signal every night for me. No complaints at all, highly recommended.
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on June 10, 2016
I bought this as I was attracted to the idea of having a watch that could automatically change to the correct time, as well as adjust to daylight savings time changes, and this watch does so very well. In terms of its mechanical function, I've never had an issue. It's well built (watch, not band) is from a very reputable manufacturer, and looks good.

What I HATE is the pos band. Not only is it a massive pain to get it adjusted upon arrival, the band wears out rather quickly. Soft silicone that looks pretty good, but doesn't hold up for crap. In fact, I'm so angry at Citizen, I'm inclined to never by a Citizen watch again. I pay $400 for a watch, and then have to pay $100.00 for a band multiple times. In addition, now the watch is discontinued, the instructions for adjusting the band are gone, and it's not like everyone is a watch dealer, ready to whip out the tools to get those stupid, stubborn pins out of their holes in order to make adjustments. I actually damaged the new band trying to remove the pegs, so now I have an expensive band that will likely break in a couple months.

Very disappointed in Citizen. I expected better and luckily there are other brands that don't put these horrible crap straps on their expensive watches. I've got better things to do than repeated by expensive bands that suck.

So, if you're thinking about a watch like this with a similar band attachment, then go with the steel links...Had they made the stainless available in black, I would have gladly bought that. Instead.....well, you know...I've said it a dozen times already....As I said, the build and workings of the watch are excellent, and I'm not going to give it a low rating because of the accuracy and convenience. I will, however, take off a point for the inconvenience and expense of the horrible strap.
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on January 31, 2014
Well, I should add, I purchased the very last one available from Amazon Prime. The seller actually had the watch on their site for less with free shipping but, had no more watches. So, I paid the extra $40 and got the watch in 2 days. Plus, I totally trust Amazon. What an awesome retailer.

About the watch, it's awesome. I had purchased a Citizen Aqualand BJ2115-07E for a great price. When the dive watch arrived, which is what I thought I wanted, it was just too huge for everyday wear for me. The dive watch is very cool looking but, it's over 1/2" thick and very bulky. I opted to return it and purchase the AT4008-01E.

While this AT is a discontinued model by Citizen, I'm really glad I got one before they are completely gone. As others have said, its a better looking watch in person than the pics indicate. Further, it is truly a set it and forget it type watch with extreme accuracy given the atomic sync. The sapphire crystal, perpetual calendar, and multi-time zone features make this a great value. These features are normally reserved for higher end watches.

The watch is certainly big enough in diameter and height to be a man's watch but, still slides under a shirt sleeve. The watch is light and comfortable. I've been wearing it daily since I received it. I have a variety of watches and some other nice Citizen models. This one is definitely my new daily wear favorite.

I will add to what others have mentioned about being cautious when adjusting the band size. The increments are quite large and since you are cutting them off, there is no going back. I probably should have left one more on. The watch isn't too tight but, there isn't any room around it either. It may have been even more comfortable with one extra segment left on. Oh well. I can buy a replacement band for around $75 if it ever starts to bug me and would do so in a heartbeat to keep this watch on my wrist.

I highly recommend Citizen in general, I've had nothing but good luck. And, if you want to wear them daily, they aren't expensive.

Go for it if you can still find one somewhere!
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on March 16, 2013
Hands down the best watch I've owned yet. I've always been intrigued by the touted accuracy of the many radio controlled watches out there, and have finally decided to try one for myself. Now I have to say that I am very much impressed. When I first received my watch, I checked the current reference position to see if it needed any adjustments, which it didn't, so I set it to the correct timezone and haven't had to mess with any of the settings since.

I live on the edge of the radio frequency, so when I first received the watch it would sync maybe three or four times a week. But my experiences with this watch has quickly shown me that it is not necessary for it to sync every single night. It still has the timelessly accurate and dependable quartz movement so it would take months of no syncing for just the seconds on the watch to be off. Now as we all know February only has 28 days, and four days before the 28th and a day after, my watch failed to sync but still correctly adjusted the date. Proving to me that it is certainly not necessary to sync every night for even the date counter to adjust itself properly at the end of the month.

I was intending to test out the same theory for the recently passed daylight saving time, but the watch has been syncing with the radio tower every night now since about the fourth or fifth day of March (currently the 16th at the time of this review). I have no idea how the sync patterns for my watch have changed in such a way, but I do believe that the watch would have correctly adjusted itself for that as well had it not synced that night. If not there is always manual sync available which you can try until you finally get the watch to sync. There was one day though where I must have tried to manually sync the watch around 12 times throughout the day and ended up failing every single one of them... For anyone wondering, daylight saving time is noted as SMT(summer time), on the watch.

The last thing I'd like to mention is just to make sure you are extra careful when adjusting the watch band. This probably goes without saying, but once you cut the band, that's it. Citizen does offer several different models of this watch, with aluminum and stainless steel watch bands as well if you're interested in those. Now if you do cut your band too short on this watch, Citizen also sells replacement bands, but the wait time to get them is a bit long.
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on July 11, 2013
I have been looking to replace my older timepiece that was showing its age. I am pretty fussy about my watches, and spent weeks searching for the right one. I settled on the Citizen Eco Drive A-T 4008 perpetual chrono. The watch is more impressive in real life, the pictures do not do it justice. It is quite a large piece. With all the smaller dials having multiple uses. At first light it may seem a little "complicated" but read the manual and watch the little video, and you will soon get it. I wanted a watch I did not have buy batteries for, and kept excellent time. The Citizen has all that and more. The rubber strap needs to be re-sized to the owner. Not that big a deal. There are four tiny stainless pins spreading from the clasp out. I got a large paperclip to push out the ones I did not need. Remove the spring pins like any other watch. Make sure you remember what way the clasp fits before taking it off. I cut off three "sections" with a sharp pair of scissors. I tried cutting with a sharp knife, but cut into the hole! Scissors give you more control. Also trim off as much of the strap you do not need close to the clasp, as this will affect how the clasp closes. Overall I am very pleased with the watch, and would certainly recommend it.
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on July 25, 2013
I really like watches and own a few, including some fairly expensive ones. This one has cool in spades. I have really wanted a watch with a rubber watch band and also wanted it to be a nice automatic. I wasn't familiar with Eco-Drive, the solar powered drive, that powers this watch and frankly wasn't familiar with Citizen. At around $375, I figured I could take a risk and if it didn't work out, I wouldn't be out that much.
It turns out that this watch is awesome. It sets itself based upon the national/global atomic clock thing and it has features galore, most of which I haven't bothered to use. It also has time zone settings which makes this watch extremely handy when travelling, as opposed to my former daily wearer that required an act of congress to set. It also has a clasp that makes for an easy on and easy off.
Bottom line: I am very impressed with this watch and definitely see another Citizen in my future. In fact, my days of "show-off" watches may be behind me. Function/Style/Value: this watch has it.
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on January 8, 2014
The watch is nice but the rubber band will break within a few months of light use. Mine only lasted 6 months! If you like the watch consider getting the steel band or be prepared to pay Citizen $100.40 plus shipping and tax for a replacement rubber band. Also, to order the replacement band be prepared to call Citizen on the phone as their support website doesn't allow ordering.
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on January 28, 2014
Another review stated the same thing. I bought the watch off Amazon August of 2013. January 2014 and the rubber strap broke. Wasn't lifting anything or didn't get it caught on anything that would have broke the strap and as I was taking it off I noticed that the strap was torn just above where it mounts to the watch. I called Citizen to get a replacement band. Now here's the crazy part... on a $375 watch the replacement band was going to cost me $100.40!!! Clearly they are gouging you on the strap that may only last 5 or 6 months.

I love citizen designs but after this ordeal, I will stick to other brands of watches.
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on December 1, 2013
I have been using this watch for around 7-8 months now and like the watch but suddenly few days back it stop working(it is fully charged) but completely unresponsive and very disappointed since did not expect a expensive watch like this not work after 7-8 months .

Moreover , Amazon refund window expired in April since it is valid only for 30 days but thankful to the Amazon customer service from who is kind enough to send me a refund label wherever this was sold by a different seller but I am disappointed with citizen eco drive . This is my second eco drive watch and now seriously think about the durability and longitivtiy of this watch ...Only reason to buy this watch is to not worry about any battery issue but seems like not completely true...
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