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on September 10, 2017
I've owned this watch for over a month at the time of this review, and it's much better than I'd though it'd be when I ordered it. Let me add some fairly important information that's missing from the product info page;

• At full charge (2-3 days exposed to bright sunlight from empty) the watch battery is rated to run for 1.5 years in a drawer (it enters low-power mode automatically in the dark) and for 10 months getting an inadequate charge (under a sleeve).

• The black top-ring is ion plated titanium, not paint.

• The spring bars are actually mounted fairly close to the case. I was able to fit a leather NATO strap in only with great difficulty causing surface damage to the strap. Nylon NATO straps should not have any problem fitting through.

• The atomic radio feature works if the watch is hanging vertically, you don't have to keep it horizontal. I receive a high signal every night with it hanging from a wall hook and I live about 1,600 miles from the Denver radio transmitter.

• Eco-Drive type watches are equipped with a special titanium-lithium-ion secondary battery charged by photocells located behind the sub-dials. According to Citizen Europe, laboratory tests showed that after 20 years the secondary battery retains a power storage capacity of 80% of its initial capacity!

• The titanium case has gone through Citizen's proprietary hardening process (known as Duratect) which gives it a Mohs hardness of ~7 and a Vickers hardness of ~1100 and is trademarked by them as "Super Titanium". This is important information because while Ti is stronger than stainless steel and half the weight, it is actually less "hard" as far as scratching goes. After their hardening process it becomes significantly more scratch resistant than standard stainless steel. This are good qualities to have as Ti has the additional benefits of being hypo-allergenic (no contact dermatitis) and non-magnetic. For reference, the sapphire window has a Mohs of 9 and a Vickers of ~2200. Keep in mind that scratch resistant does not mean scratch proof and it certainly doesn't mean dent proof. Hit the case hard enough against something solid and you will damage it.

I've attached reference pictures comparing the size and finish of the watch to my Citizen Men's BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Analog Japanese Quartz Green Watch. I've also replace the metal bracelet with a EULIT Germany 24mm Black Riveted Cuff Buffalo-Grain Leather Mens Watch Strap.
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on April 24, 2017
I've got a variety of watches ranging from Rolex to Grand Seiko to Orient. For some time I've been compelled to buy a technologically advanced watch but had spent all my time researching G-Shocks. I could not warm up to their resin construction and huge size. I'm not sure why I never stumbled upon a Citizen Eco Drive before, but really glad I came across this. When I saw it was radio controlled, solar powered, titanium, good looking AND only 42mm, I was sold. Most of these satellite/radio controlled watches tend to be much bigger, not looking like a 'normal' watch. The watch arrived with no power, so I let it set in the sunlight for 3 hours and the solar capacitor charged half-way, which could be as much as 3 months of use without additional charging. I was trying to force a radio sync downstairs, but it was not working... low signal. I took the watch to the top floor in my house, set it on a window sill, hit the force sync button and 6 minutes later my watch is telling atomic time. If I understand things correctly, I'll never have to set it again... it will adjust itself for DST, for leap years and when hopping past less than 31 day months. I've been doing lots of research on Eco Drives... some people say they are only good for 10 years but there are plenty of examples of watches still in service running over 20 years without ever being serviced and no need for a battery and still going strong. Unbelievable. I also learned this of proprietary Super Titanium made exclusively by Citizen that is 5-times stronger and 40% lighter than steel. All in all a great watch at a great price. Now what am I gonna do with all my other watches?
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on January 7, 2018
This is my fourth eco-drive Citizen watch, and certainly now my favorite!
First, it looks absolutely beautiful. Very clean style, with just enough pizaaz to draw your eye, but not so much bling to make others think you are trying too hard...
The watch face is a tad busy, but in a good way. the dark face background helps to keep the hands more readily distinguishable. The second hand actually moves with time (something that one of my other Citizens does not do, as it stayed put on the noon-hour).
The watch came out of the box 3/4 charged (as there is a power meter feature) and set to the correct time (thank you atomic clock feature).
The hands have a medium amount of glow to them. I am contrasting this to my other Citizen watches, with the NightHawk on the absolute low (and useless) end of the spectrum, and my B620-R005774 on the high end. The only thing keeping these hands from scoring higher marks on illumination, is that fact that the hands are narrower than some of the other watch offerings, and there simply is not enough surface area to paint more glowing stuff on it. -At 4am in a dark room I can still make out the time, but it can take some squinting if I wasn't in any direct sunlight that day.

The watch is around half of the weight as my other three watches, as the Titanium is amazingly light weight. I will note, however, that titanium DOES SCRATCH fairly easily. I also have a titanium wedding ring, and this is just a fact of life for titanium. I have only had the watch for a week, and some scratches are already visible on the lower band area where my arm rests on tables, etc. (see attached photo).

The Saphire face/crystal is glorius, and so far un-scratchable. This is a huge deal, as I always scratch my watches due to being active (and a clutz). My brother has a 2.5 year old applewatch with the upgraded saphire face, and it also is completely scratch free to date.

Would I purchase again? Absolutely!
Fantastic watch!
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on November 29, 2015
After 1 full year of wearing the AT4010-50E daily, I can honestly say that this is by far the best value purchase that I have ever made. This is not the cheapest watch, but the highest quality that you can buy per dollar spent. There are several reasons that I rank this to be the best value.

1. Perfect accuracy and day-light savings time automatic adjustment means zero-maintenance once you set the watch to your timezone.
2. Solar powered eco-drive watch never requires a battery. I've never had problems keeping the charge level at 4/4 bars.
3. The sapphire crystal and black bezel are extremely scratch resistant. I've had rough accidental contact with the front of the watch and not a single scratch is visible under close examination of the bezel and crystal.
4. The build quality of this watch looks better than some Rolex watches costing thousands of dollars more.
5. The watch is extremely comfortable and light weight when worn on your wrist.
6. The titanium band does not scratch as much as people think. It is more scratch resistant than my stainless steel Seiko watch band. After 1-year of daily wear, there are a few minor scratches on the titanium band under close examination compared to my Seiko watch band which has far more obvious scratches after exactly 1 year of daily wear. I wore both watches for one year and compared scratch resistance of the band, and the Citizen titanium band is far better in terms of scratch resistance.

I am an extremely picky person when it comes to purchases and I can honestly say I have no problems whatsoever with this watch. I purchased it on amazon last year on black friday for a super low price of $249 new. Look at the pics below when new and after 1-year of daily wear. The left pic is brand-new with the citizen tag. The right pic is after 1-year of daily wear. I can't see it aging.
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on April 25, 2017
I just received Citizen AT4010-50E Eco Drive Titanium watch. This is my third Citizen Eco Drive watch. My watch collection includes Tag Heuer, Raymond Weil, Seiko, Casio G-Shock, and Luminox. I stay away from Invicta (I have a friend who is a jeweler for the last 30 plus years and he tells me that they are junk and stay away from them, even their so called Swiss made watches). My usual EDC are the Citizen and Casio G-Shock watches because they are light weight and fairly inexpensive if I bang them up or break them. I saw this watch and liked the features on it. It had most of the things I wanted like the radio controlled atomic watch, Eco Drive (solar) system, and of course the sapphire crystal. I was debating between this and a comparable Seiko with the same features minus the sapphire crystal. I went with the citizen. I went with the Titanium because I wanted a more grey, dull look to it (I have too many shiny, stainless steel watches). This is my first titanium watch.
When I received it, my first impression on the watch was that it’s a pretty nice looking watch (better looking in person than in a picture, as always). It was also set to the correct time, date, time zone, ect. (except for the DST was off). The battery was also low, most likely from being stored in the box without any light source (second hand was moving every 2 seconds and the power indicator pointed to low). I removed some of the links to size the band and charged it up under a lamp for several hours. Initially it was indicating that it had no radio signal. After a while it found a signal and I was able to manually sync it with the atomic clock. Using the features is somewhat quirky (like using the chronograph takes several steps before you can actually use it, unlike other watches where you just push the start and stop without going through extra steps).
The watch is very light, in terms or weight. I hardly notice that I have it on and it is very comfortable for a metal band. Though the titanium band looks decent like any other metal band when you look at it, it feels somewhat cheap because of the light weight, almost like cheap base metal (I guess that’s just the titanium). The paperwork states that the watch is made in Japan (though the band is stamped “Base Titanium Made in China”). I ordered some NATO style nylon bands to change up the band style every now and then (more of a casual look than dressy).
Overall, I’m impressed with the watch even though I just got it. It has almost every feature you want in a watch, even though most of us will probably never use most of them anyway. I guess time will tell if it last.
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on August 16, 2017
This watch is terrific! Light on the wrist. Striking in appearance and flawless in function. The ECO Drive solar charging is remarkable as is the reserve power capacity. Once fully charged the power indicator does not move from full charge indication and with daily wear. Sun light charges initially faster than indoor ambient and artificial light, but with my use primarily indoors after intial full charge, I still see full capacity in reserve power which can run the watch for months in complete darkness. The time sync works very well in most locations. I typically see medium reception at home and when traveling I have seen low and missed sync rarely. Manual sync from a location near a window has always worked when a sync was missed. Overall this is a terrific watch and I highly recommend!
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on January 13, 2018
Citizen Eco-Drive Men's AT4010-50E Titanium Perpetual Chrono A-T Watch
I was lucky to be able to pick this up new for a great price on Amazon. I have the stainless steel version and absolutely loved it. I also have another citizen eco drive that is titanium and really liked how light it felt. I was highly interested in getting this version in titanium because of the how much lighter it was versus the stainless steel version. I must say that I am impressed. It is significantly lighter yet still feels very sturdy. The stainless version uses red highlights on the face and around the pushers while this titanium version uses blue highlights. I like both colors and enjoy that they are different. My favorite features of both versions are:
1- Sapphire glass. I am rough on my watches and have scratched mineral crystals very quickly. These sapphire crystals have held up well and show no signs of scratching
2- Atomic timekeeping. I never worry about setting the time or being concerned with whether the date is correct. The watch connects each night and adjusts to the exact time every time.
3- Eco-drive quartz movement. Normally I prefer automatic watches to quartz movements. However, this watch charges with light and never needs a battery. Coupled with the atomic time keeping feature, this does make this a truly worry-free watch.
4- Easy adjustment of time zones. It is simple to adjust to a different time zone when traveling. I love making the adjustment and then watching the hands rotate around to the correct time.
5- Both are beautiful. I love the three sub dials, the slight color accents, the color and texture of the face as the silver color of the case and band. It really is an attractive watch that feels at home in both a rugged environment as well as in a business suit in my opinion
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on January 17, 2018
I've had high end Omega watches, low end Tissot, and all the cheaper entry level watches. This Citizen watch is a perfect everyday watch for me because I can always rely on the time being correct and I do not need to worry about battery replacement.

My fancy Omega had to be wound otherwise the time would be wrong and I'd have to set it... not an issue with this citizen since it's battery powered and always running. The date on my Omega needed to be adjusted every other month... kind of strange to think about since it's a watch that literally costs $thousands can't get the date perfectly yet this Citizen that costs $400 is pinpoint accurate.

The only bad things are: It's kind of a pain to learn. The controls aren't really intuitive and you need the manual to set it properly. Also, it won't impress any gold diggers so if you want a watch like a Rolex/Omega to impress a gold digger, this Citizen isn't the watch for you. I thankfully grew up a bit and don't care to impress women in that gaudy way anymore so this Citizen is perfect for me.
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on November 20, 2017
I am no stranger to Citizen watches. I was given one as a gift in 1973, and ever since I have come to the conclusion that they are the best watches on the planet. I now own four, two of which are eco-drive radio controlled. In fact my other radio controlled watch looks exactly like this one except that it is the stainless steel version The stainless steel version is 6.2 ounces while this version is 3.8 . I know that doesn't seem like much difference, but you would have to wear them to realize that is a lot of difference. I really love this watch design or I would have purchased a different model . I like the fact that I never have to change batteries, or reset anything, it even resets itself for daylight savings time. It has features that I never used on my other watch and will never use on this watch. I just like the way it look, and it is good for any occasion. Also like that it seems to be impossible to scratch or mar, or break the crystal. I should add that my older eco drive , radio controlled watch is still running strong after 6 years... I was lucky to catch this on sale for $284.22 including the tax!
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on July 10, 2017
Great watch. I've had this watch in titanium version for 9 months now. I wear it daily. No matter what I do I do not see a single scratch on it. I bought a link removal tool from amazon. If your wrists are on the smaller side then order a link removal tool. Something like this . It makes it VERY simple t remove links. I did notice that the charging indicator never reaches the max line. I don't think it matters though, just a quirk. My watch has never stopped. If there is a drawback to having watches like these it would be all the other indicators on the watch face but the time hands. They are very hard to read. Maybe because I wear glasses. It is not a big issue for me.It is no different than any other watch in this style. The time is very easy to read. This watch goes great with my suits, especially my black suit. Beautiful watch. The price is usually a bit on the high side for an average watch.I do not think of this as an average watch though. This is a great quality top notch watch . This puts it at a good price for such style, comfort and quality. The watch does sell from Amazon directly for high $300's quite often. That is the price point I waited for. I used to buy Seiko but I find myself eyeing Citizen before any other brands since this purchase.
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