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on December 25, 2014
Great watch, crummy band.

The watch itself is fabulous. I was comparing this to the Skyhawk, and I'm really glad I went with this one. First, it's closer to a reasonable size. 43mm vs. 45mm makes a lot of difference. The face is less busy and more classic, and most importantly this watch has a sapphire crystal. I cannot emphasize how important that can be if you plan to wear this often.

I love the atomic time and the time zone support. It's fantastic to know the watch is always accurate. I live in the suburbs in NC, a long way away from the station in Denver, and it updates most every night. It's not every single night, but it's more than frequent enough to stay accurate (6 nights out of 7).

If I can give you one piece if advice... Stop looking at this one and get the version with the stainless steel bracelet. The band is utter crap. I've never seen a watch where the buckle has sharp edges on the inside, but now I've seen it all. Your options with this band are to wear it so loose that the watch constantly rotates around your wrist, or suffer the sharp edges of the buckle digging into your inner wrist. Those are your options.

Get this watch. It's great. But get the version with the bracelet like I should have.

Update 3JAN15:

I couldn't stand the stock band any longer, so I replaced it. For those of you that are curious, Hadley-Roma makes a blue 24MM silicone strap that fits perfectly, matches and is incredibly comfortable. Amazon sells it for less than $20 and it makes this watch perfect. It baffles me why Citizen would make such a great watch with such an uncomfortable watch/buckle, but it's easily remedied and you end up with a really great watch. The watch does have a 23MM lug width, but the spring bars are curved and a flexible 24MM band fits well and looks great.
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on October 9, 2017
I just gave my husband this watch Saturday as a surprise anniversary gift. He loves it and I'm extremely pleased with the quality. My only disappointment thus far has been with how detailed the intricate mechanics of the watch are. My husband has been watching you-tube videos in order to program it. It is amazing how many functions this watch has. Definitely not a watch for someone who is looking to set the time and go! I definitely recommend this watch if you are experienced with Citizen watches. The seller was pristine with shipping and packaging! A true delight!
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on January 28, 2014
This watch was almost a five star. Easy to set - yes it is true! The instruction book matches the watch buttons and the buttons do what they are supposed to. Easy to set date, time, day of the week. I have not used the radio control function as I am not 'in range' but I will test this function on a trip to Japan soon. It did work happily in Japan, too.

The markings on the face are high quality and the second hand hits each mark precisely. This is a good sign of quality. The yellow and blue looks good with the highly polished steel case. The band looks a little paler than shown in the photos so it does not look quite as good as it ought (in my opinion) to match the quality of the case and face. Overall though it seemed to be an excellent watch.

Unfortunately in April 2015 the watch started to randomly gain or lose time and even the date. This was completely random and not related to the setting of the watch. It was sent to Citizen in Australia for assessment and repair. Citizen advised today that they are unable to repair the watch. The consultant could not tell me exactly what the watchmaker had said but apparently the necessary parts to repair this watch are unavailable - this may be a problem peculiar to Australia. Anyway, a day later Citizen advised they could fix it after all and I can have it back on Monday....
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on March 15, 2017
This is a beautiful watch and my favorite of the 3 citizens I own (others are a JY8035-04E and a Blue Angels Skyhawk with Titanium band). Very easy to set and operate. The Bezel is blue on the face with a thin yellow line tracing around the circumference. The band is stiff at first, but from what I here it softens over time. There is no back light, but the lume on the hands and the hour marks is beautiful, almost a blue green, I haven't seen that before and thought it was unique and striking. I would definitely recommend this watch to anyone, collector or everyday wearer.
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on August 13, 2016
Love it. Band didn't fit perfect on my wrist. Had to punch a new hole for proper fitment. Not sure about the long term life of the band. Overall very pleased with this. Had to refer to the instructions a few times to learn how to set it. Also, had to leave in direct sunlight for a few hours to bring it back to life. After that, the battery level hasn't budged with daily wear.
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on February 27, 2014
This is a well designed zero maintenance timepiece.
No winding - check.
No batteries - check
No batteries ever - check
The time is always correct - check
The time is always correct no matter where you travel - check
The date is always correct - check.

This watch looks good and is not too heavy or bulky on my wrist.
This is an update of prior Blue Angel versions and drops the LCD displays in favor of better features such as radio time setting.
It is a bit complex to operate the fancy features and the slide rule calculator is beyond my comprehension but even if you touch nothing, the watch keeps time without needing to set it and stays powered up forever as long as it gets a dose of sunlight every week or so.
It has many features but none of them particularly useful to me. Mainly they are just fun to show other people. I do occasionally need to squint hard to read the day. It is shown by a tiny pointer and with tiny print.
The watch seems very well made and I expect to have no problems with it ever.
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on February 20, 2014
I was drawn to this watch when I saw it online but it looks better in person than it does in the pictures. The blue tone of the dial looks fantastic in the light and the touches of yellow inside the strap and around the bezel really add to the overall look of this watch.

When the watch arrived it was dead but after a couple of hours of sunlight it was working just fine. I did have to reset the watch to the zero positions which was a little tedious but very easy to do if you follow the instructions provided or go to the website for a youtube video that you can follow along with.

Once the watch was set up everything else has been a breeze. The radio control is great and my watch re-syncs itself nightly while I sleep so that it is always keeping perfect time. If you travel frequently you'll love the fact that it is extremely easy to reset the time to virtually any time zone world wide. Just pull out the crown, select the time zone, pop the crown back in and the watch adjusts itself.

Fit and finish is great. This watch is well constructed and has a nice solid feel to it. The water resistance of the watch is sufficient for diving although the band might not enjoy the experience. The band itself is a great compliment to the watch and is very well constructed. It feels good around the wrist and holds it's shape without being too stiff like some other leather bands I've had in the past.

This watch might not appeal to everyone but if you like the color scheme this watch is an absolute steal at $350-450 depending on when you buy. Why not buy a watch that looks great, keeps perfect time, never needs a battery and requires zero maintenance?
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on February 6, 2015
Great watch. Opened the box, the hands/dials started to spin and it went right to the current time (in Los Angeles.) Checked the manual, did one adjustment to NYC (east coast) and it was set. That was it. Manual is easy to read. Bought it on Amazon but did not get the mini CD that comes with it, only the paper book/manual. Keeps great time and looks good. Love the band so far. Will wait to see if the complaints about the band are true but for now very comfortable
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on January 6, 2016
Excellent purchase.

The leather strap is the fav. part. I know some reviewers have mentioned that it's cheap leather and all but j honestly don't believe that 100%, I agree it could have been marginally better but by no means it's cheap.

I have owned it for 1 month now and wearing for daily usage, the watch looks gorgeous and functions perfectly accurate. All features are awesome, best part it's Eco drive and radio controlled.

I already own Tissot T Touch but these days this watch is my favourite.

If you like this watch, look no further, pick up eyes closed. It's excellent!
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on October 24, 2017
Having previously acquired a few Eco-Drive watches from Citizen, I was expecting this watch to be yet another good price-to-value piece. This watch meets & exceeds ALL my expectations. Movement is crisp and reliable, while the radio-sync has worked perfectly (had to place watch outside for initial sync). The band did not start out supple & soft (as noted by many other reviewiers); however, three days of constant use has found it to be quite comfortable after the initial break-in. Given the price paid, this watch is as ‘eye-turning’ as a number of my Tags/Raymond Weils...but at an absolute fraction of a cost. This watch will likely be my ‘daily’ wear watch moving forward.
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