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on October 27, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this watch. It feels good on my wrist, and it looks beautiful. Other reviewers have said it best: The pictures don't do it justice. It looks even better in person than in the photos. I find myself just sitting and looking at it more often than I'd like to admit. Not having to set the time or date again is awesome. The numbers don't glow in the dark as brightly as I would like, but I don't need that very often anyway. The hands and numbers can be seen; they're just a little faint.

Be warned: The watch will not work right out of the box because it's powered by light, and it's been sitting in a closed box for a period of time. I set in direct sunlight for four or five hours, and then I was able to set the time zone and all was good.

Also, the band is pretty big, so you will probably have to take it to a jeweler (I took mine to Kohl's and they sized it for free) to get it sized properly. I have what I consider to be normal-sized wrists, and it fits perfectly (see attached pictures). I could not be happier with my purchase. The only downside is that I didn't buy it sooner.
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on May 16, 2017
Arrived this morning quickly thanks to Prime Shipping. Being a Marine Corps veteran I had the pleasure to see the Blue Angels in action at air shows on several occasions throughout my 15 years of service so the Blue Angels theme seemed nostalgic and classic hence why I selected it. As others have stated the photos do no do justice to this timepiece. The watch was adequately charged and with a couple of adjustments, i.e. time zone, daylight savings time, and a manual sync to atomic time I was up and running in perfect time (pun intended)! This is my third Citizen in my lifetime and all of them have been superb and this one is no exception. My only second thought was maybe I should have spent the extra and went with the Titanium model. To say that I am satisfied with my purchase is an under statement. If you think you will like this watch, you are right!
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on September 23, 2017
I haven't purchased a watch with a quartz movement for many years but I really wanted this one. I think mechanical movements (particularly self-winding automatics) are much more elegant and represent true craftsmanship; however I wanted to have a chronograph and, a mechanical one, due to its complexity, is too expensive for me; they typically cost well over $1000 for the least expensive decent one. I have viewed many, many quartz chronographs over the past month or so and I like the looks of this one the best, and bonus, I'm a US Navy veteran.

Besides the great looks, I really like the solar powered movement (who wants to replace batteries?), perpetual calendar (a mechanical watch with a perpetual calendar would cost over $15K easy), and the automatic synchronized time features. My watch won't synchronize unless I stick it by a window but so what? It's a quartz movement and will be only off by a couple seconds in a months time before I sync it again. The power reserve indicator, automatic daylight savings time adjustment, and the ability to switch to any other time zone are also nice. Also, I really like sapphire crystals like the one on this watch because you don't have to worry about scratches. Quite frankly I don't really need many of the other features of this watch, including the chronograph function (if I did need it, I might mind the lack of capability to measure split times). I don't really see the usefulness of the 24 hour sub dial as I usually know whether it's day or night, but it does balance the main dial out nicely.

Now the slide rule function, i.e. the two scales on the outer circumference of the dial is really superfluous today, although many chronographs do have them. You can do calculations by rotating the outer bezel of the slide rule using the button/wheel on the case at the 8 hour marker. I find it funny that the instruction manual doesn't even mention the slide rule I used one back in the late 60's in engineering school (they were straight like regular rulers rather than circular like on a watch), and back then the "bigger your stick" the cooler you were (there were nerds in the 60's too). Pilots used watches with slide rules to do flight-related calculations before there were tablets, calculators, and flight computers etc. Since there's really no good reason to use one now, I guess it's there because hey, it looks cool, and if you want to find out how it works, you can look it up on line!

It's a really great looking watch with a lot of excellent features that you can set and then won't have to mess with at all in order have the time, day, and date kept accurately for years to come. One bit of warning, the pictures of the watch show detail on the dial that's much harder to see on the actual watch so you might consider passing this watch up if you have any difficulty reading very small print, otherwise I don't believe you'd regret buying one, especially for the price on Amazon that I paid for it. I only buy from authorized dealers and I couldn't beat this price with anything I found online elsewhere. If you buy it from an authorized dealer (there's a list on the Citizen web site), not only do you get a 5 year warranty, they'll also give you another year if you register the watch with them. Enjoy!
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on March 22, 2017
Excellent watch. It takes time to make the first adjustment but afther that you don't need to touch it anymore. The sync. works well in Madrid, where I live. Also in the south of Spain. Also in other countries in Europe and in USA. You don't need to use it everyday. The charge last very, very much. Just to highlight something that I don't like is that the city names (to adjust time zones) are reallly small.
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on September 13, 2017
Beautiful looking watch. If you care enough to read watch reviews, you probably already know enough about Citizen. Quality. well-considered brand. If you're like me, a member of the I-really-like-watches-and-will-spend-a-little-money-but-will-never-own-an-omega-or-rolex club, this is a great addition to your collection. Great brand. Eco-drive. Beautiful design. It hits all the marks. I struggled briefly with whether to get this or the leather banded one. The other is attractive too, but worried about how the leather might wear or fade and pictured the inside yellow part getting dirty. I'm sure either is a great watch.

One thing to note. As others have said, it's a darker blue than may appear on the pictures here on Amazon. Still lovely looking, just darker. It doesn't "pop" as much as you might expect from the picture here. Still, the yellow accents on the dark blue looks great. Hope the thoughts here were helpful. Enjoy your watch if you get it!
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Enthusiast: Watcheson December 8, 2016
A great Citizen pilots watch for those who like this type of watch. I like the sapphire crystal and the band is a high quality band with a brushed and polished combination finish. It is easily readable and the radio controlled time keeping is accurate and works all the time. With Eco Drive technology you never have to worry and fuss with batteries which is a very good thing. The watch is not too big and fits my average wrist just fine. Sizing the band was easily done by me and anyone can do this or take it to your jeweler of course..
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on September 2, 2014
This is my second Citizen and was replacing one that I lost when it fell out of a bag while on my Harley. I spent about six months trying to decide which model I wanted and I'm very happy with my choice. I work in IT and I'm usually hard on watches because I'm always having my hands inside server racks. I've scratched or broken crystals on just about every watch I've owned. This one has a sapphire crystal, which is the hardest out there and it's one of the reasons I selected this specific version of the Blue Angels line.

While the different functions of the watch, like radio controlled time synchronization, will prove useful in the future, I REALLY like the way the watch looks. It looks really cool and the pictures don't do it justice. The only thing that I don't like about is the watch band. Most of my other watches (Seiko and Citizen) had a fold over clasp to keep it from popping open, but his one doesn't. It hasn't been an issue yet. I'm praying that if it ever does pop open I don't lose the watch.
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on May 12, 2014
This watch will not disappoint you. Sapphire crystal, Eco-Drive, Radio Controlled, Chronograph, Perpetual calendar, 200 m water resist... It is a first class watch. The deep blue dial color plus the yellow accented hands(seconds hand and little ones) are a great combination and make the watch really handsome. The back side has the Blue Angels insignia of high quality.

It is not too big, so you do not need to be a giant to wear it. But also, it is not small. I had no trouble fixing the hour or calendar. I read the manual from start to end and for me it is enough to learn all the functions. But also there is a video the can help.

This was not an issue for me, but for big people maybe. The band can be a little short. I removed 1 piece, but usually for other watches (Citizen included) I removed 2. I know you can find some extension parts in jewelries to solve the problem. This is not a serious problem to put down 4 stars.
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on November 24, 2016
I love this watch. Its my favorite one from my collection of about 10 watches. Everyone is asking me about it and when they find out about the Radio Controlled feature they cant belive it. Just perfect for special occasions or casual use.
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on August 27, 2016
This watch is magnificent! I was surprised that a few customers returned the watch because of setting/radio update issues. I would like to pass on some update advice. 1) make sure the watch is fully charged. 2) make sure the 24 hour clock dial is properly set (most important). 2 AM is the update time. If the 24 hour clock is pointed to 14:00 this is 2 PM. The update will not occur. Manually change the 24 hour clock time. Once I did this the update worked perfectly. Thank you again, Citizen.
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