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on October 27, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this watch. It feels good on my wrist, and it looks beautiful. Other reviewers have said it best: The pictures don't do it justice. It looks even better in person than in the photos. I find myself just sitting and looking at it more often than I'd like to admit. Not having to set the time or date again is awesome. The numbers don't glow in the dark as brightly as I would like, but I don't need that very often anyway. The hands and numbers can be seen; they're just a little faint.

Be warned: The watch will not work right out of the box because it's powered by light, and it's been sitting in a closed box for a period of time. I set in direct sunlight for four or five hours, and then I was able to set the time zone and all was good.

Also, the band is pretty big, so you will probably have to take it to a jeweler (I took mine to Kohl's and they sized it for free) to get it sized properly. I have what I consider to be normal-sized wrists, and it fits perfectly (see attached pictures). I could not be happier with my purchase. The only downside is that I didn't buy it sooner.
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on August 13, 2016
You're going to need to read all the instructions if you want to take advantage of all the features this incredibly attractive watch.

I travel across multiple timezones frequently, and one of the cool features is the radio control feature which will automatically adjust the time as you move from timezone to timezone. I wear a Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller every day, but this is my go-top travel watch.

The dial is full of information, but it remains on the good side of cluttered.

There is a wonderful gold accents around the bezel which is difficult to see in a photo looking directly at the face, and it's a wonderful detail. The pushers and story dial all have a blue accent as well. You can see Citizen paid attention to the detail.

Eco-Drive on this quartz piece is wonderful, and both sunlight as well as indoor lighting provide more than enough reserve power that you won't be wondering if your timepiece is giving you accurate time.

I chose the stainless steel bracelet, and I'd LOVE a chance to review the leather strap that comes as an option. Citizen did a really good job with their bracelet. It's brushed finish is consistent and compliments the polished & brushed case very nicely. There are polished accents on the bracelet that clearly tell me Citizen matched the watch with the bracelet.

The clasp is a butterfly and operates securely and smoothly. One downside is the ability to make only one incremental adjustment on the buckle, and it's 4mm one way. If that doesn't work, you're forced to add or remove a link. The links are NOT screw links, so you'll be making a stop at your jeweler to have the adjustment done properly. The bracelet is very comfortable and quiet.

I have a relatively thin, 7.25" wrist, so take a look at my photo (my watch on my wrist) so you can get a sense how it'll compliment yours.

Overall, I love this watch and would recommend it to any watch enthusiast.
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on May 14, 2015
Last year I bought my husband the Skyhawk A - T eco drive, and when women started wearing the "boyfriend watch" I looked around but could not find any that I loved. One day I borrowed his own and fell in love. Sadly the watch itself was a little too thick for my tiny wrists. This watch is thinner and lighter than his and fits me beautifully. I love the Citizen brand so it was a no brainer for me. The blue and yellow combination attracted me to it, and I have received so many compliments even though it is obviously a man's watch. The band in my view could have been like the A - T skyhawk, but since it was not intended for me, I guess I ought not complain. Amazon's price was so much lower than my local jewelry store which made the decision so much easier for me. Wish Citizen would take a hint and make something similar for us ladies.
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Enthusiast: Watcheson December 23, 2014
The world of watches is obviously subjective -- highly subjective, in fact -- and many will argue brands and features and prices to no end, when really much of it amounts to mere personal opinion, versus true knowledge or industry expertise.

The fact of the matter is asking yourself what you want your watch to do, what you want it to look like while accomplishing those functions, and how much you are willing to pay, to get what you want.

I was looking for a watch specifically for travel that can instantly change to different time zones. I wanted good water resistance, solid lume for display in the dark, a chronograph and at least a date feature, if not date with day as well. A bonus would be a sapphire crystal. I wanted it to look stylish, have some distinction to it, and not cost an arm and a leg.

That may all seem a tall order, but not for this Citizen.

Widely regarded as a "best choice" selection, and with appearances on more than a few "top watch" lists, this World Time Chronograph is nothing short of brilliant. Not only did it give me all, and even, more than what I wanted, but has the added bonus of being an Eco-Drive watch, one of those with the proprietary Citizen tech of being powered by light. So, no battery to worry about, but not the hassle of an automatic that needs a watch winder when not in use.

Photos do not do this watch justice, and it wasn't until seeing some YT videos of it, and reading/watching various reviews, that I was really sold as this being the one that I wanted. I was hesitant at first only because, shortly before they really went big with the Eco-Drive technology, I did own a Blue Angels Navihawk, battery powered, that died after not much use, so I was a bit put off of the brand, but it seems things have improved (or maybe I just got a lemon back in those days) since general feedback on Citizen is very good. Like Seiko, they offer some truly world leading features.

It's not a Swiss time piece, obviously, so it doesn't come with bragging rights for those who care about such things, relative to what matters to them, but, as I say, I was looking for specific functions, and world time that changes on the fly (or at the push of a button) is not something a lot of Swiss or even luxe brands care much about, outside of having a GMT (sometimes UTC, especially on a German piece) feature. You can spend half a million dollars on a watch, literally, and still not have the convenience this watch provides (as do other models from Citizen, and as do other watch makers, such as Seiko) where you just twist an indicator over to a city, push a button and, presto, new time is displayed.

This is also a radio controlled watch, meaning that it will seek, once per day, to connect to one of five worldwide "atomic" clock signals at a specific time (or on demand, if you prefer) in order to adjust itself for accuracy, in order to be dead on true as an incredibly accurate time keeper. It should be noted that such is not always so simply accomplished however -- for example, when in the city, it may not be able to establish any connection, due to interference -- so it's not a feature that "works" unless there is very clear and unobstructed access to the atomic clock signal being broadcast.

In other words, don't expect the automatic radio controlled accuracy feature to work from inside an apartment building in the middle of a metropolitan area. If that's where you live, it's a bit of a useless feature then, given that, in order to access the signal in the USA, for example, you'd need to leave your apartment and go outside to where you can find an unobstructed signal zone, determine how to face the watch receiver toward Fort Collins, and do so at a time when the signal is strongest, for best results, such as at two in the morning. Not exactly a convenience, in that instance, having to head out to a field somewhere in your jammies in the middle of the night, hoping not to be mistaken for a weirdo...

Even so, the watch is certainly more than accurate enough for use, even without lining itself up to the atomic clock once per day. Mine has yet to be adjusted to "true" time, but, in checking in on the atomic clock, mine is within a quarter second of accuracy, so that's not bad. I certainly won't be late to any appointments, with accuracy on that level.

The looks, as I've said, are far better in person. It has a beautiful sense of "depth" to it, and the aircraft instrument styling is completely impressive. The "Blue Angels" edition I have is gorgeously detailed, with yellow accenting that spices up the look just enough to be noticed. Check out YT vids, or blog reviews, to see the watch from all angles, and you'll see what I mean. You can stare at this thing for hours, just to admire it.

If you're not a fan of the Blue Angels version, keep in mind it comes in other variations.

While some may think the dial is a bit busy, for all that is happening in a 43mm size space, it presents itself as a very clean look, and possibly it's just the inner slide rule bezel (operated beautifully by rotating the button at lower left) that seems to make it cluttered, but in person it's a very crisp and easy to read design, overall.

Keep in mind too it's delivering a lot of facts in that small area -- date, day of the week, radio signal reception indicator, 24 hour indicator, power reserve indicator, DST indicator, chronograph and world time features, etc.

There are, of course, plenty of watches with less going on, but then you have to minus those features from what you're getting, plus be stuck with a much less interesting watch. For this model, the richness of detail is part of what makes it stand out -- very nice to glance down at your wrist and see what looks like the instrument panel of a fighter jet.

Although this watch is also sold with a leather band, I opted for the stainless steel bracelet, to dress it up a little, since the leather, when combined with the already sporty dial, makes it seem more suited to a weekender watch, rather than something you could also wear to the office (depending on your office, of course, ahaha). The bracelet itself, in brushed stainless, is well made, comfortable, and was easily adjusted for perfect fit. It is a lightweight watch, easy to wear.

In terms of the Eco-Drive feature, this is my first Eco-Drive watch, and I was worried a bit from some complaints I've read that, without regular, focused charging periods, these watches may start to lose their juice, so to speak, but, thus far, simple routine wearing, even in this darker wintery weather, has been more than sufficient to keep the charge up, so no complaints at all with the technology there, which, as ubiquitous as it is within the Citizen brand, is, I'm sure, something they've perfected by now.

Even so, the manual did come with a range of disclaimers, and did suggest that it should be specifically charged on occasion, in full sunlight, for optimum performance, so keep that in mind, since that's a bit more fussing than a battery powered watch that just keeps on keeping on, whether being worn, or on a shelf. Seems more than worth it though, at least IMHO.

Overall, I think this is a stunning time keeper, and well worth the rave reviews and kudos of acclaim it has received.

Do be aware that prices here on Amazon tend to run less than other places, and I learned that Amazon is an Authorized Dealer, according to Citizen, so you still get the full warranty from Citizen, when buying on Amazon. Go Amazon, go!!!

In summary, while it may be less watch than other options (depending on feature set) when listed up at the six hundred dollar range, priced far less, as it was on Amazon, it was an exceptional buy and a huge amount of "watch for the buck" compared to any other offering. At any price, there just aren't a lot of watches with this range of features and certainly Citizen, as well as Seiko and some others, are the masters of this realm, but, at the price provided here, the feature set is nearly impossible to rival, with not only accurate time keeping, chronograph and perpetual calendar all on board, but also the "on the fly" world time adjustment, atomic time keeping (when possible) and all packaged under a true sapphire crystal in a case with full 200m Water Resistance.

Citizen really hit this one out of the park.

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on May 16, 2017
Arrived this morning quickly thanks to Prime Shipping. Being a Marine Corps veteran I had the pleasure to see the Blue Angels in action at air shows on several occasions throughout my 15 years of service so the Blue Angels theme seemed nostalgic and classic hence why I selected it. As others have stated the photos do no do justice to this timepiece. The watch was adequately charged and with a couple of adjustments, i.e. time zone, daylight savings time, and a manual sync to atomic time I was up and running in perfect time (pun intended)! This is my third Citizen in my lifetime and all of them have been superb and this one is no exception. My only second thought was maybe I should have spent the extra and went with the Titanium model. To say that I am satisfied with my purchase is an under statement. If you think you will like this watch, you are right!
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on March 8, 2017
I was a little apprehensive when I ordered the Citizen Blue Angels watch (stainless bracelet) in "Like New" condition to save a chunk of cash, but after a few tense days of wear, so far, so good!

The watch arrived a day earlier than expected, which is always a bonus! The watch itself looks fantastic and, after being sized, fits like a charm. The blue and yellow accents are clean, catching the eye, but not too distracting. The blue is really deep and metallic so it can still be paired with a wide variety of dress. It has a great weight and is not too oversized or gaudy looking on the wrist.

I'll admit some of my apprehensions increased when I opened up the watch box; the protective plastics were barely hanging on, a small hair was jammed in the casing (I'll definitely be avoiding testing its water-resistance until I can get that checked), and the watch was 100% DOA.

Overall the watch took 4 days of off and on sunny/overcast weather to reach and stay at a full charge. The only other issue for now is that I have not been able to receive any radio signals for the automatic time-keeping, so I've set the watch manually. Instructions took a bit to sort out and comprehend, but have had no issues since the manual set.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase!

Hope to keep this post updated with continued positive reports on the watch's performance.

1 Month Update:
I have now had the watch for just over a month.

I'm happy to say that the watch has auto-adjusted through the nighttime radio control a few times and will adjust on-demand at any time of day as long as the antenna is pointed eastward (I'm on the west coast). I figured out that it was finicky simply because of my windows and the watch's placement.

The watch charge has held excellently after the first week. It has never gone below the highest charge marker since.

I did notice during the second week of wear that my second hand suffers from misalignment for about 40 out of 60 seconds. It's a little annoying as at its worst, the hand is about 1/3 of a second off the mark.

Also I've noticed that with daily wear (moderately active lifestyle) and cleaning, the watch band and casing are a little disappointingly easy to scratch and ding (the sapphire is holding up like a pro so far). I realize I should not expect titanium performance, but for having a $90ish difference in price over the leather band style, I guess I expected a little better.

Still have not tested water resistance.
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on March 22, 2017
Excellent watch. It takes time to make the first adjustment but afther that you don't need to touch it anymore. The sync. works well in Madrid, where I live. Also in the south of Spain. Also in other countries in Europe and in USA. You don't need to use it everyday. The charge last very, very much. Just to highlight something that I don't like is that the city names (to adjust time zones) are reallly small.
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on March 3, 2017
I absolutely love the watch. I saw the watch at local jewelry stores so I knew what I was getting. It is a very impressive watch and the on line pictures don't do it justice. It started right up out of the box. The battery charge was just below 50% so I put it in sunlight for several hours on two consecutive days and it went to nearly full charge. I placed it overnight near a window with the nine o'clock position of the watch facing toward the signal source in Colorado so it would be updated per the manual. I live in Florida and I wasn't sure how well the signal would be transmitted. It received the signal overnight. After that I just placed it on the nightstand without regard to orientation and it also successfully received the radio signal. So it doesn't seem to be that sensitive to mileage from the signal source. It keeps perfect time. You literally just set it and forget it. The slide rule and conversion factors are neat features. As others have reported the numbers and symbols are very small but I can use it using reading glasses. The stopwatch works well and I'm sure it will come in handy at some point. I like the size. The quality is also impressive. I have only had it for a few weeks so I can't comment on longevity. However my wife has owned a Citizen watch with EcoDrive for many years and it is bulletproof so I expect it to last. The watch arrived from Amazon in two days as promised.
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Enthusiast: Watcheson December 8, 2016
A great Citizen pilots watch for those who like this type of watch. I like the sapphire crystal and the band is a high quality band with a brushed and polished combination finish. It is easily readable and the radio controlled time keeping is accurate and works all the time. With Eco Drive technology you never have to worry and fuss with batteries which is a very good thing. The watch is not too big and fits my average wrist just fine. Sizing the band was easily done by me and anyone can do this or take it to your jeweler of course..
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on September 2, 2014
This is my second Citizen and was replacing one that I lost when it fell out of a bag while on my Harley. I spent about six months trying to decide which model I wanted and I'm very happy with my choice. I work in IT and I'm usually hard on watches because I'm always having my hands inside server racks. I've scratched or broken crystals on just about every watch I've owned. This one has a sapphire crystal, which is the hardest out there and it's one of the reasons I selected this specific version of the Blue Angels line.

While the different functions of the watch, like radio controlled time synchronization, will prove useful in the future, I REALLY like the way the watch looks. It looks really cool and the pictures don't do it justice. The only thing that I don't like about is the watch band. Most of my other watches (Seiko and Citizen) had a fold over clasp to keep it from popping open, but his one doesn't. It hasn't been an issue yet. I'm praying that if it ever does pop open I don't lose the watch.
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