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on November 9, 2014
Awesome dive watch for the money, I converted stock band with aftermarket Citizilla lug adaptors and a 7 row brushed stainless band that matches case perfectly. I have many watches but I can't seem to wear anything else right now it's my favorite. Highly recommend for those who like a big heavy dive watch.
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on August 18, 2014
First just a bit of history, I am a Rescue Diver with PADI and have been since 1990. I have been a dive watch lover since I was a very young boy. I have and have had many, many dive watches, Seiko Pro DIvers, the first Citizen analog Aqualand with the depth gauge built in, several Luminox watches, many G-Shocks as well as some more expensive brands such as Breitling etc. This is stated only to allow you to know that I am not a novice to dive watches and dive watch design. I am a heavy equipment Salesman in Florida by trade and am constantly on, around and under machinery. I needed a watch that was reliable and fairly tough. I am not intentionally rough on watches but the environment I am in can be tough just by its nature.

After really researching my next watch purchase I kept coming back to this watch. As I am, sure you have read this watch is big. I am 6'2" and around 220-225. It fits me well. I do not know my wrist size. It sits tall on the arm, so much so that you have to adjust your movements of your watch arm as it can hit things, a week or so in and I was adjusted. There is a design feature that I think some folks don't quite understand regarding the crown. The crown of this watch is on the left hand side. Many reviews indicate that this was done for comfort. Rest assured this may be so but this would be a secondary reason. The crown is on the left as this watch was specifically designed to be a professional commercial divers watch and is ISO certified as such. This is a rough job, welding, working with large tools, hammering etc. all under water. The crown is on the left side specifically to keep it from being damaged during this type of work. Yes it also will keep it from digging into your hand as well. The watch is quite simply profoundly robust. I see some complain that this (the crown being on the left side of the watch) makes it tough to adjust and with it on I can see that being the case. All that you have to do is just slide it off and make the adjustment. In my opinion this is a small thing and should not really detract from the overall watch enjoyment.

Also as you might have read it has a very specific band and band attachment system that is not like any other. This design is an extremely stout band mounting system which falls in line with its build quality overall. It does represent an issue if you want to change bands however. Fortunately there are some adapters that can be bought to enable the use of other popular bands (a short visit to any dive watch forum and you can secure this information). I myself do not find the standard band that uncomfortable. I can see if you are between the sizing holes (one too lose and the next too tight) how it could be however. The band is extremely strong, it would take an enormous amount of force to cause this band to break.

One very important feature of any dive watch to me is the luminosity of the hands and markers and their ability to remain legible for long periods of time. This watch is still very easy to read in the morning when I wake up. And by this I mean all of it, I can even make out the second hand ticking away in the morning. Even the small dot in the bezel @ 12 is very legible. This is anywhere from 6-8 hours after I go to sleep, so it is really excellent in this regard. If you come from a bright day outside into an area that is darker, say like going into a restaurant, the watch looks almost radioactive as it glows super bright. The color of the lume is different than most other watches as it is a light aqua blue color. For me the ability to still read the time early in the morning is very important. Having this luminosity for diving, working at night etc. is a great feature. I wanted something that has a lot of contrast and that I could simply glance at and know the time. This watch delivers this in spades. The orange minute hand along with the white hour hand and the watch face make attaining the time instant upon giving it a glance. .

The watch is accurate to about 4 seconds a month which is excellent by any standard. This accuracy and the knowledge that the watch should give me between (at least) 15-20 years of service before it needs anything in the way of service (assuming nothing drastic happens obviously) are very reassuring due to the Eco-Drive system. I have several friends who have eco-Drives, some for over 12 years now, and none of them have ever had an issue. Be advised however that this watch nor any Eco-Drive watch should be stored in a dark area for any extended length of time. It would seem that most all who have had problems have had problems due to the watch being stored to the point where it loses its charge. Under normal circumstances all the watch should need is good light and to be re-set, but it does appear that sometimes they have to be sent in. One very neat feature of this watch is how it communicates its status to you. Once the charge level goes below a certain level the second hand will start to move in 2 second intervals. If it has gone dead it has another staggered pattern that it moves in that indicates that it knows it has lost time and needs to be re-set. None of this should be an issue for me as I intend on wearing this watch every day.

I had read before purchasing this watch that that it was possible and likely that the second hand would not line up exactly with each minute mark and mine is this way. It is a little off (just a touch) to the right but you really have to look closely to notice this. And the bezel does have a slight clacking sound if you give it a light rap with your fingers but it works very well and is 60 clicks per revolution. Sure it would be great to have the 120 click silky smooth action of the Seiko divers watches but for the excellent build quality of this watch I am fine with it as it is. If the watch was at a higher price point then this would be a little more of an issue. I think the majority of the money on this watch is spent on the case and movement. Most watches at this price point have some trade offs and I personally am fine with it the way it is. I was able to get the minute hand absolutely right on the minute marks when the second hand reaches 12 and this is much more important to me (it did take me a few times).

My decision came down to the Seiko Monster or the Ecozilla. In the end I went with the Ecozilla as many of the Seiko Monster owners report that the watches are not terribly accurate. This is not a knock on Seiko as I love Seiko and I think that the Monster represents an outstanding value. I am very particular about a watches accuracy, 4 seconds a month is much easier for me to deal with than minutes a month. Still I love the Seiko Monster and will eventually buy one as I love the automatic movement.

This is truly an exceptional value watch. The build quality in this price range, in my opinion, is unmatched. You get a watch depth rated to 984 feet (round it off to 1000 to be a simple figure), a 6 mm crystal, outstanding lume and accuracy, and one of the more rugged watch cases around. I know it is not for everyone and I myself don't think it is a "Beautiful" watch. What I do know is that I have a watch that is extremely robust in its build quality, extremely accurate, that I can dive with, work with and read early in the morning, that should provide me with years of service.

All in all I really like it.
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on May 6, 2016
I jut received a "New" Eco-Zilla" this week and I am disappointed in what I received. It appears the watch came to close to a grinder when the watch was being made. There is a visible difference in finish where this happened and the is a quarter inch gouge in the spot where this happened. The watch did not look new as it was scuffed and dirty. The box did not look fresh. It looked as if it had been previously opened and everything just thrown back together to send it to poor me.
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on October 28, 2016
I have been buying and using Citizen dive watches since I was 18. I am not going to tell you how many years it has been now as that is not pertinent to this review but let's just say that it has been quite a number of years. I have never had any issues with these watches. They have always performed and looked great! This will be my second Eco-Drive watch and I have to say I was mightily impressed when, after less that 5 minutes of being out of the box and subjected to indoor lighting it started to work. I am looking at it now, just got it, and the minute hand is moving. My first Eco-Drive, purchased over 7 years ago, took a wee bit longer but obviously the technology has improved. I love the hefty, rugged feel of this watch. I know, and accept, that it will not be looking this pristine for long as my dive watches are used regularly and in all sorts of rough conditions but what I do know is that they will always work well and consistently.
I did like the SCUBA tank these dive watches came in but the Pelican style case this one came in looks great.
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on December 30, 2017
Awesome watch!!! Came in a little pelican case. I live in Guam and most of the time my packages are damaged when I get them so the case helped. This watch is made for men with big wrists. It would look funny on a small wrist! Because of the face size. Instructions are super easy to follow. I recommend you register it online for the additional 1 year warranty.
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on March 30, 2017
this watch is not so big size but thick and heavy! just what i want. it is a well made watch.if you want a big size,go for a diesel band.
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on March 30, 2018
Quality control issues ruin an otherwise decent watch. I purchased this directly from Amazon for $210 (230 after tax) and it simply is not worth it at that price. There is a large scuff mark on the side of the case. As other reviews mention similar issues, this seems to be a recurring problem.Other reviews also mention a loose bezel. My watch has that problem, too. It rattles if you tap it. I've never seen that on a watch before this. If you are in the market for this watch, I suggest buying it from a brick-and-mortar store, so you can make sure that yours does not have these issues.
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on November 26, 2013
Firstly part of the charm of this watch was lost when the one I received from Amazon had a loose minute hand (the minute hand shifted with gravity as I rotated the watch).

Secondly it sits quite "tall" off the skin on the watch.

I didn't like that the ring that has the engraved "professional diver's 300m" screwed off easily.

I didn't like the 60 click bezel, especially because it didn't line up with the minute markers correctly.

I have a couple of citizen Eco drives, and I felt the quality of this one sub par, given the more hefty price tag.
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on March 17, 2018
First and foremost, this is a really nice watch. It seems to be of outstanding quality and although large, wears very nicely. It has that appearance of being machined from a solid piece of stainless steel (it’s mutiple components actually) that really caught my eye when I first saw it. Although I’ve seen some complaints about the strap, I like it (I may pick up some lug adapters if I get bored with it, just to have the option to switch bands).
My only complaint was the packaging situation from the supplier. This is actually the second one I’ve received in the last couple of days. The first was received in a plastic Pelican-like case that was not latched. Inside, everything was present and appeared new except the manual. The front cover was heavily creased, as if someone had been reading it for years. There was an issue also with the date adjustment feature. I’m not sure if this was a recycled return or what. I shipped it back on Friday and was credited back AND received another one on Saturday! (Amazon is amazing!!). The new one came in a black cardboard Citizen box with the black Pelican-like case inside. Everything was there and appeared new except the manual was missing and the strap on the watch was open and not secured around the foam as it appeared it should. Nevertheless, it looks perfect and works perfect, so I’m happy.

After a day of examining this watch, I noticed a consistent rattle coming from the bezel. I did not notice it at first, so I don’t know if it loosened up more after turning the bezel a few times. The bezel turns easily, which is fine, since the bezel has a somewhat unique recessed or shrouded design that would typically prevent accidentally turning, but the rattle is more indicative of a poor tolerance. It maybe just this watch and another one of tbe same model might be better, but this one is going back. I yanked a star due to two watches now with minor issues.
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on March 27, 2017
Awesome watch, albeit it's an old model. It's water depth capacity at this price was such a bargain not to buy. I love the satin nickel finish on the chamber. It appears reinforced and solid. It looks like such a bully. The lens has a magnifying effect which makes for easy read of the dial and I love the radiant glow at night. Great watch that you can take with you anywhere and not have to worry about water damage. Highly recommend for swimmers and all types of diving.
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