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on November 6, 2012
This watch is really fantastic. It's a bit heavy but rests comfortably on the wrist and I quickly got used to it. I really enjoy the smooth silky finish of the stainless steel strap. The strap is easily adjustable with the simple tool I also bought from Amazon. In spite of its excellent design, it shows off in an unobtrusive way. I've been going through the instructions manual and so far, I've not experienced any hassles with setting it up. Setting up the time & alarm takes some getting used to, but it's interesting to watch the hand silently gliding to the expected positions. I set it up using the manual, but the included video even makes it easier to set up.

In my original review, I gave it 5 stars but that will tend to imply that the watch is perfect. Of course it is not. It is resting smuggly on my wrist right now. My only complaints are (1) the alarm is too quiet. The alarm definitely ough to be louder and the duration variable of alarm from just the 10 or so seconds preset (2) Only the hour and minute hands are illuminated at night. This makes it difficult to read at night. (3) The character for the small internal dials are not very bold. Well what do I expect?

I have no remorse buying this watch at all - just feeling good. This is my second Citizen Eco Drive watch and I am not disappointed at all. I'm giving 4 stars to Citizen and 5 stars to Amazon because, Amazon exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
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on April 5, 2014
I do strongly recommend you make very sure the watch is fully charged before doing anything. I kept mine under a florescent light for 24 hours about 2 feet away. The manual talks about charging and different lighting conditions so you will know. DO NOT try charging under a regular bulb up close as the heat will probably damage the watch.

I had to use the reset method as the hands were not lining up. The procedure is EXTREMELY complicated and I was wishing I had bought from a store here but the price diff was easily $100. So I struggled through the procedure multiple times until I finally got it right. If it is not right the watch will not work correctly. I could probably have called their tech support to help but I was stubborn.

I did finally call customer support about the bracelet being too tight, just slightly leaving lines in my wrist skin when I took the watch off. The lady was very nice and simply asked me how many and what type (half or full) links I needed. I ended up getting one each which was perfect. I did the linking myself using a watch band link remover tool I got on the internet for less than two bucks total, a SE Watch Link Remover with 5 Pins..

I have worn the watch now for a few weeks and it is not only very handsome but easy to read once you get used to all of the dials, and it just feels right, slightly heavy but not too much and it gets tons of compliments. A watch for everywhere, versatile, stylish, hardy. I highly recommend. NO MORE BATTERIES! I plan on leaving it to my son.
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on December 12, 2012
So far I am impressed with this watch, however I have only had it for a week so time will tell. I wanted a new watch that didn't require a yearly battery change (plus the added price of pressure testing a waterproof watch) so my options were either automatic mechanical or a Citizen eco-drive. The watch also had to be moderately waterproof (at least 100m) because it would be in the water all the time. After a year or so of research and browsing I decided the automatic mechanical watches I liked were out of my price range so I settled on this lovely blue chrono eco-drive.

Size: I am a woman and am accustomed to an over-sized woman's watch. As a men's watch, this watch doesn't seem too large for me, I am tall (5'11) and it doesn't look out of place on my arm at all. The case diameter is 39mm or so and about 1cm thick and it looks good. It doesn't impede my movement in any way.

Look: The face is busy but not too hard to read, however when I have my contacts in for some reason I have a hard time seeing some of the smaller dials? haha bizarre. I like the different dials especially the 24 hour one as I do shift work and sometimes I don't know whether it's day or night. Having the day and date calendar helps with that too! The band looks great, it is subtle two tones of polished stainless. I have already gotten compliments on it, it can look dressy and sporty.

Feel: It is a bit of a heavy watch but once it's on I don't notice it. I never take my watches off. I wear them when I sleep, shower, in the pool, etc. It hasn't become bothersome yet. The band is nice and smooth on my arm, it doesn't pinch or catch on any hair or fabric between the articulations.

Operating: At first I thought this watch looked scary to operate with the different dials and buttons. I watched a 5 minute video on youtube and figured it out. It is actually REALLY simple to operate. And the alarm function has come in handy for me on a daily basis. The watch mechanism is also very very quite. The only thing I notice is the glow-in the dark luminescence on the hands doesn't last very long at night.

For the price, I feel like I got my money's worth and then some. This watch is replacing a quartz diver I purchased almost 15 years ago, I rarely took it off and it is beaten and scraped to bits! If I get half the use out of this watch as I did my old one I will be happy.
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on February 27, 2013
I don't know much about watches, but my fiance had been talking about this for a long time now. His birthday came up so I decided to order it for him. It arrived a week earlier than it was suppose to which is awesome and I couldn't wait to give it to him so I gave it to him early. He opened it and all I heard for the next 5 minutes was "Oh my god, it's so sexy. Oh my god, it's so sexy." Haha. I am very happy I purchased this watch. He hasn't even taken it out of the house yet, but had to call his mom and brag about it! Haha.

The watch itself is a little complicated, but thank god they send a step by step DVD disc that explains how to set everything. Also the links on the watch were extra big, but no big deal. Were gonna bring it to our jeweler to get that fixed so he can wear it this weekend. :)
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on November 7, 2014
My wife bought me this watch for my birthday, and I love it so far. I bit heavier than the watches I have worn before, but it doesn't bother me at all. The date window is larger than on some of the other Citizen watches, which makes it easier to glance at and read the date. The operation of the different functions takes a bit of getting used to, but after a bit, you get the hang of it. I've had a few people tell me that it is a beautiful watch, and I agree. I really like the fact that once you get the calendar and time set, you will only have to adjust it twice per year for Daylight Savings time. It automatically accounts for the month and leap years in displaying the day and date. Additionally, I don't have to take it in for battery changes. I found out with my Seiko, that unless you send it to the factory or a dealer certified repair center, you void the warranty when you replace the battery. I would definitely buy it again.
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on February 8, 2017
Love the watch. Got this watch to replace an older eco drive watch I've had for 18 years. (MAKE SURE YOU GET THE WATCH'S SEALS REPLACE ABOUT EVER 5 YEARS) My old watch. I was cleaning the band with watch. Moisture got into the inter workings of the watch and ruined it. Sent it in to citizens they could not replace it because they didn't make the time piece anymore.
I love this watch alot of stuff on it but for the price I said what the hell. People complain about the face color. I love the face color. It's darker than the picture shows. Very nice watch. I very much recommend this to anyone.
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on March 25, 2015
Very nice, you will never use all the features it has. But it is a very good looking watch and quite reliable. i give it 4 stars becaus as described in other comments: the blue face of the watch is not as in the image (is much, much darker... almost black).
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on December 7, 2014
I was so hesitant to spend this much for a watch, but now that I own a precision timepiece, I will never go back to a value brand. I LOVE being able to trust the date. No more wondering if I fixed it since the last 30 day month! I love the feel of the knob, and the precision with which the hands snap to line up with the tick marks exactly. In my first 6 months of use, I had less than a second variance from my atomic clock.

And, this is my first 'water resistant' watch to actually survive being submersed without clouding. Never having to open it to replace a batter will hopefully keep it that way for a long time.

One word of warning, the alarm takes a long time to set. Unless you keep the alarm set at the same time all the time, you will not use it (as I don't). It's easy enough to switch on and off.
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on November 1, 2013
Nice looking watch. I get a lot of compliments on it. Took a little while to set it but once I got it set it works beautifully. Get someone to read the instructions to you as you set the watch. If you follow the directions exactly, it will work. Had it for like two months now and not one problem. The band is real handsome. I had to have two links removed ($15 at Kay).

The watch is very comfortable and keeps exact time. I keep it in calendar mode so that the second hand just points to the current month. I think this conserves the battery life although I don't think you will have any problems keeping the watch charged in time mode. As long as your not sitting a dark closet for 6 months the watch will stay charged.

The only thing I would improve on this device is the ability to read the dial in the dark. The hands only glow for a short time when you are in the dark and the numbers on the dial do not glow at all. Its not that important to me but would be a nice upgrade. Other than that I am very happy with the purchase and wear it every day.
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on July 20, 2016
I have only had the watch for a short time but it meets all my expectations for a quality watch. I have seen reviews about how hard it is to setup but I have not had any problems just following the instructions in the manual. Frankly it came pretty much setup from the factory. It is a smaller size than many watches out there but I don't have any problem with viewing all the information on the dial but someone with poorer eyesight might find it difficult. For a perpetual watch which is what I wanted it meets all my needs.
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