Customer Reviews: Citizen Men's BM6400-00E "Eco-Drive" Stainless Steel and Canvas Watch
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on February 22, 2008
I am slowly converting my watch collection from a mix of self-winding automatic and a few quartz to all Citizen Eco-Drives. This is the latest addition and I am delighted with it. The watch is a "beater" will be perfect for weekends, travel and whenever you want a watch that can take anything. The stainless steel case and bezel have a satin finish and the screw-down crown is knurled. The dial is an oil black, not a flat black as you might expect in a "military" watch. The large numbers and markers have a ton of luminous material and glow like beacons in a dark environment -- perfect for night viewing. The second hand is precisely registered with the second markings on the chapter ring. The crystal is a flat, hardened mineral crystal with an anti-reflective coating (presumably on the interior of the crystal) so there is very little reflection. This is a large 42mm diameter watch -- not including the crown {which is guarded with shoulders]. It is not clear if the woven, fabric band is nylon or some other material; it is well made and the holes for the clasp are reinforced with stainless steel rivets. I really like this watch and ... at a mere $105 ... this is a great buy.

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on April 5, 2008
This watch is more impressive in person than in the photos I've seen. My first impression was that it is big or at least not too small. It has a certain heft to it that I like. It doesn't have a cheap feel.

The watch case is about 40mm in diameter (without the setting crown) and about 11mm in thickness. The lug width seemed to be about 21mm. The case has a brushed metal finish; although the screw on case back is bright and shiny. It could probably be used for signaling in an emergency. The only other shiny surface is a narrow ring around the base of the bezel; however, this is virtually unnoticeable. The edges of the case have been smoothed which helps with the day to day comfort of wearing the watch. The canvas strap is comfortable and has 7 metal eyelets (holes) for fastening to the wrist. My wrist is nearly 7.25" and I fasten it in the 5th hole (3rd from the end). The strap has two keepers and one of them is metal and the other is canvas. The metal keeper is strong with a bit more thickness than you might expect. I casually tried to bend it with some finger pressure, and it would not give. The buckle is also a little beefy and has the same level of smoothness as the case along with the same brushed metal finish. It nicely complements the rest of the watch and feels well made.

The large numerals provide a lot of surface area for the luminescence, and it's obvious this watch was designed to be easily read at night. I can still read the time throughout the night even after most of the glow intensity has gone. The dial is very black and contrasts well with the hands and numerals so it is also very easy to read in bright sunlight.

The 200m water resistance (WR) rating is a nice bonus. I'm not sure this is technically a dive watch since there is no rotating bezel so a 100m rating would have been sufficient, but 200m makes this watch even more versatile.

This watch is very basic but has a lot of practical appeal. I use it for a weekend or casual watch. Overall I strongly recommend it -- especially to an outdoor explorer or adventurer.
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on December 17, 2008
I was unable to decide between this model and the #BM8180-03E, which is a more utilitarian looking model. So I ordered both, but am keeping this. My impressions:

- The BM6400-00E is more substantial. I'm a medium-build guy, and I thought the BM8180-03E looked small for my wrist size.

- This is a better looking model than the BM8180-00E. I'm very picky when it comes to watch styles, and I really like the way this looks. This is more 'dressy' yet is not too fancy looking as an everyday watch. It will look much nicer with a suit than the BM8180, which is much cheaper looking

- I was worried about the date display being too small. I think it looks smaller than it is because of the oversize numbers on the dial, but it is still totally readable.

- The band on the BM6400 is longer than the band on the 8180, and the black looks much better than the green. I find the band to be comfortable, and am not in any rush to go swap it out for another.

- I prefer the 'screw-down' crown on the BM6400 - less worries about water getting into the case. The BM8180 has a two-notch crown that doesn't screw down.

All in all, this model is more than worth the extra $25 dollars between the two, and is a great deal at this price.
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on May 5, 2008
This is my 2nd Citizen. The first was a promaster dive watch I beat up hauling steel as a truck driver (never had a problem with function). For cosmetic reasons, I let that one get away years ago. Have worn a variety of hodge podge battery powered disposable watches since, and have grown somewhat tired of looking for a new watch every couple of years.

Was intrigued by the eco-drive technology and never having to open the case and replace a battery. Which always risks the integrity of the watch without sending it back to the factory.

I'm a one watch kind of guy. That's why I chose this black model which will easily do double duty.

This is no puny watch. It's substantial. The build quality is excellent. The lined canvas (maybe cordura nylon) band is quite good and durably built, although uncommon and for some may take getting used too. But thanks to the lining it is quite comfortable. Nice thing, due to the build of the watch it is easily replaceable with any after market brand.

The date window is small but serves it's purpose quite well.

And no batteries to replace. It's a keeper, especially at this price. Kudos to Citizen.
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on November 10, 2010
I have had many watches over my 77 year life Including watches that cost almost $4000. I am a former military pilot and even today I like accuracy in a watch. Wish there were watches like this during my 20 years in the Air Force.

In a word the watch is suburb for my use. I like the heft, the large numbers and the lighted dial. At first I did not think I would like the metal holes on the watch band. After some use, I think they are great and the band is a great band. I would not think of changing it. I do not have big arms or hands and the watch still looks good and is so easy to read. I set the watch by the atomic watch in Denver so I can with confidence say it keeps excellent time. This watch would be to large for most ladies unless you are the outdoor, rock climbing type of lady. It has the heft of a Rolex Navigator and is similar in size but keeps better time and you never have to wind it or put a battery in it. The second hand also stops when you pull out the crown so you can set the watch to the second if you are that time conscious. The crown does have to be wound backwards before you can pull up the crown to set the time. A good feature.

I did a lot of research before I purchased this watch. Money was no factor. I wanted certain things such as an analog face with day only. I also wanted a black strap and a black face. I originally was searching for a watch that updated itself with the atomic watch in Denver. I was not familiar with the Eco-Drive. After reading about it I decided I had found the exact watch I wanted at an excellent price. I rate this watch Five Stars. If you are looking for a dressy watch you may want to change band to a solid black leather band and it would look as good as my former Rolex, in my opinion. For most people you will not go wrong when you purchase this watch. I have always been big into computers, electronics, watches and even at my age am still into these things.
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on February 19, 2010
Would just like to give my basic thoughts on this watch. I just received today and overall, think it's a great watch. I traded down, I suppose, from the Citizen Skyhawk black eagle. Which has an unforgiving rubber wristband. But this is about the Citizen Eco-Drive Canvas Watch #BM6400-00E.

First off, I love the visibility. The contrast of white on black with the large numbers make this watch very easy to read. The numbers are just a bit too large for my liking, but I knew that going into it and it's something that doesn't bother me too much. The ease of reading the watch at first glance more than makes up for the large numbers. The case is very solid and seems durable. It just has that quality feel without being too heavy. Another plus is the flat crystal. Much better than a convex crystal which are prone to glare. Even though I'm no diver, I really like the fact this watch is 200 meter water resistant and I love the screw down crown. This watch is outstanding at night. The numbers are very bright and easy to read. The canvas band is not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I have ordered a leather band and will probably get one of those Martac straps I've seen in many Citizen watch pictures. And of course the eco-drive is a huge plus. I doubt I will never own another watch other than a Citizen eco-drive.

I'm not going to be as picky as to try measuring the movement of the second hand and how they line up with the minutes. That's just not a concern of mine and it seems to work great in that regard. I only have a couple of complaints that, had I known, I may have considered a different watch.

First the crystal is raised slightly above the bezel. I anticipate some dings and scratches on the crystal from bumping into things. Second, after wearing the watch for nearly a day now, the hands seem too small for the numbers. I would have preferred this watch to have slightly larger hands (hour, minute and second). I think it would complement the watch much better.

My only other complaint is the date. Unlike another review I read, I do not think the date is easier to read 'in person'. In fact, I struggle a bit to read the date. This is a huge problem indoors or in low light because the date is sunken down considerably and the face casts a shadow making it that much more difficult to read. Design-wise, I would have preferred the entire '3' spot being taken up by a slightly larger date. The date is the only reason I did not give this watch 5 stars.

For my tastes, I would like to see the BM8180-03E and this watch (BM6400-00E) merge into a style that has the case diameter and band width of the BM6400-00E and the face of the BM8180-03E. I did not purchase the BM8180-03E because I prefer a wider band and a slightly larger case diameter.
review image review image review image
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on May 8, 2008
I bought the japanese version of this watch. The difference is the sapphire glass. It is really robust. The case is made of solid steel and the glass is thick. However, despite of its sturdiness, it is an elegant watch. Not a dress one, but not too sporty that you cannot wear it with a suit. I have changed the band for a silicon one with double clasp (very stylish), and now it looks awesome. What appealed to me when I decided to buy it was the black dial and big numbers. Not that I have a visual problem (I am a radiologist!), but I needed a watch that could provide accurate information in a glance. When I received it, I could notice that the black dial is actually made of some sort of darkened glass, and the cells are visible through it. I found it exquisite. If you look at it directly, it is black, but if you angle it, you can see the cells.
The watch has an appearance that matches much more expensive models and the finishing is flawless.
It is not heavy nor oversized. My wrist is thin and it doesn't look weird when I wear it.
The canvas strap is confortable and the buckle's steel matches the case's finishing.
Great buy!!!
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on November 2, 2012
As an avid watch collector,I want to give an informed, simple review. I will not complain about what the watch does not have, nor what I would want to see the watch have. It is very annoying when you are looking for a watch, to have all of the useless drivel reviews from some of the people about how the watch does not compare with a watch that cost as much as some people's automobiles,(how could it??), or how many hundreds of watches one owns,(so what!, who cares!), most humans have only two arms, and subsequently only two wrists!!
I want to say that this watch is breathtaking in design and function. It is very easy to read and it is accurate, very accurate. If you follow the instruction booklet from Citizen you realize that they have one of the most innovative watch designs available. This is my first ECO-Drive. I have had it for three weeks. I would like to get another style of ECO-Drive for variety to my collection of different types, and manufacturers of watches.

Finally, when I was reviewing the different models of Eco-Drive watches, I read so much negativity about the watchband on this watch. First of all watchbands are a personal preference like shoes or a hat. If one does not like the watchband, remove it and by another one that is more to your taste and preference. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this watchband, it is a matter of choice, no two people are going to be pleased with the exact same thing no matter what it is. The watchband is well made like the watch. Citizen did an excellent job with the entire watch and band.

I apologize for being annoyed at the watch reviews, but all I want to know is, is the watch accurate? attractive in appearance? and is it easy to read the time? And how reliable is the watch?
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on August 10, 2013
2. UPDATE: After one year, the watch continues to be slow by 4 seconds every month. I set it every month to be 2 seconds fast, so it's never more than 2 seconds off. Secondly, I experienced the same issue others have reported, with the leather/canvas wristband soaking up water in the shower and picking up an unpleasant smell. Initially I'd soak the entire watch in alcohol for an hour and let it dry in the sun afterwards. That works, but it's a hassle. Finally I replaced the wristband with this one:Mens Rubbertech Silicone Rubber Watchband Stainless Steel Buckle 22mm Wide Buckle - by JP Leatherworks. It's a perfect fit and only $13. The silicone doesn't absorb water and is easily cleaned. Problem solved. Still love the watch.

1. UPDATE: After letting the watch run without adjustment for exactly one month, it was off by 5 seconds. That's a bit more than I was hoping for, but still ok. The crystal remains in perfect, scratch-free condition, despite my general carelessness.
Below is the original review:

No watch is perfect for everyone. The right choice depends on what you're looking for, and how much you're willing to pay for it. With that in mind, here's what I was looking for:
1. I need my watch to be highly accurate and reliable. So far, I have only had the watch for 3 weeks and a trip has forced me to adjust the watch twice for time zone changes. So I cannot offer a final opinion on the accuracy, yet, but I remain hopeful that the watch drifts no more than 3 seconds per month. As for reliability: Time will tell. But this watch is offered with a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is not ironclad, but it is a far cry better than what is available for watches that cost multiples more, here on Amazon.

2. I need my watch to be water resistant, since I don't take it off. Ever. And I dive. I have repeatedly taken this watch to a water depth of over 60ft, without problems.

3. Since I want the water resistance to last for years with minimal fuss, I was not interested in any watch that has plastic parts, or any buttons on the outside, or has its back secured by screws that penetrate into the case. In my experience, these are all potential points of failure that will eventually compromise the water resistance of the watch. This watch doesn't feature any of that, plus its crown is of the screw-down variety. To me, this makes the claims about 200m water resistance credible.

4. Restoring a watch to its original water resistant status after opening it (e.g. to replace the battery) is expensive and takes time. So I want to minimize these events. Seiko Kinetics and Citizen Eco-Drives immediately went to the top of the list, since the battery should last longer than the periodic service intervals for cleaning and gasket replacements.

5. I need a highly readable display. I don't want to study my watch, I want to glance at it and know the time. Also, while I don't ever take my watch off, I do take off my glasses at night. And I still would like to be able to read the time. This watch delivers wonderfully, with one exception: The reviewers who complain that the date display is too small are correct. There's a way to fix this -- get a glass date magnifier and UV-glue it to the face. I think I will go that route, But, why didn't Citizen do it for me?

6. Lastly, I was looking for a sapphire crystal. This watch doesn't have it. So far, I haven't managed to scratch the glass, but I am sure it will happen with time.

So, I take one star off for the small date display and the lack of sapphire crystal. Other than that, it's perfect for me.
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on September 12, 2013
**UPDATE** - Well it is now about 1 ½ years and this has become my daily go-to watch for business and pleasure. Just as accurate as I could have hoped for and still looking like new. The strap has held up as well, no curling, no fraying and no fading. It is true that the stainless reinforced eyelets on the strap could have been placed closer together for a more customizable fit, but that's it. This watch is a no frills workhorse. No chronograph, no clutter. In fact, the Eco-Drive and not having to change batteries, the screw-down crown, the weep second hand, the incredible luminosity and the 200M water resistance are all the frills I need. This is just plain...awesome.

**Original Post - no edits**
I really did not know what to expect for this price and wow, I am impressed. I have owned another inexpensive Eco-Drive for the past 6-years and have not had a single problem with it. I am hoping for the same here. This watch borders on masterful simplicity. I hate cluttered faces. Yes, the numbers are larger than normal, but they are easy to read and give you incredible lume at night, even after it fades. What you cannot make out from the web-page pics is that the numerals have almost a mother of pearl inlay appearance and each numeral is framed/outlined in stainless to compliment the brushed stainless case and the eyelets on the canvas strap. 200M resistance and a screw-down this price? Yes! Very comfortable and both classy/dressy and sporty at the same time. Whoever designed this model should be given a promotion. The second-hand is spot-on and the accuracy, when compared to that of my iPhone, has not skipped a beat so far. I can understand where the spacing of the eyelets could cause some amount of play on the wrist for some, but it has not been a problem for me. Heck. for this price, if you are having a problem with the band, replace it. With the efficiency and care-free enjoyment of owning a Citizen Eco-Drive, you should not be buying this for the strap anyway. However, I love the strap. It is rugged, durable and every bit as nice, if not classier, than any Nato or Zulu strap. Get this one...because you will not find a better watch at this price.
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