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on November 11, 2011
I completely do NOT understand the nay-sayers and their nagging critiques of this Citizen Eco-Drive.

"The band is too tight (or too short.)"
"The sweep second hand doesn't hit the marks within an atom's width."
"The flat crystal is too easily scratched."
"The luminosity isn't a neon sign like Indiglo!"
"It's too ugly to wear in the Boardroom."
"Why can't I set the day/date anytime I want?"
"The dial face is so small it makes me look gay."

I own a Hamilton Moon Watch, a Tudor Chronograph, and a Rolex Explorer II GMT. I bought the Rolex as a reward for myself in 1992 when I made Chief in the seagoing service and was still taking position star sights with a sextant. It has been my "daily driver" every day since ... except every three-to-four years when accuracy becomes erratic and I have to send it away to Rolex Dallas for a month for $750 service oiling, upkeep, and rehab maintenance. Now in the drawer waiting until I have funny funds for yet another service.

Once I received this Eco-Drive with two-day Amazon+ free delivery I put it on my wrist in direct sunlight for a few hours, set the time, and away we went. Set the day and date within seconds once I was outside the 9PM - 4AM window specified by the manual. Never take it off now. For a watch in this price range you can't engineer a set of switching gears for day/date change that can also handle an owner messing around with the settings by pulling out the crown at the same time. So wait until morning to do it. What's the big deal?

The luminous hands glow brightest just after you turn out the lights, which is perfect because at that time your eyes are still burnt out from staring at the LCD screen all night surfing Amazon reviews. When I wake up at 3:23:19 AM and my eyes have dark adapted again I can still see the hands including the sweep second hand. The Citizen canvas band is stiff until you wear it enough to break it in to the shape of your very own wrist, and then it sits very well when you wear it in Real Life® rolling your ulna and radius reaching for another beer. Just try to find the right-size jeweler's screwdriver to remove links from the Rolex diver's band to fit your wrist! (Even the damn band is multi-hundred$)

I am not NFL lineman big, but 6'1" @ 200 lbs. and nobody has made whimpering noises at me for wearing this watch. This is the kind of tough, no-nonsense, utilitarian looking time utensil that Abercrombie & Fitch made back in the day when Hemingway was finding leopards on Kilimanjaro or pulling in bluefin off the Finca before they sold out and began outfitting punkers and 1%ers on Wall Street. The Explorer II crystal hangs out enough MMs from the stainless case that it had a noticeable chip out of it before a year was out and I learned how it catches every steel rail or rock outcrop in sight. The 24-hour bezel paint flakes off EVERY YEAR wearing it in salt water or just your shower. The Citizen fits close, feels light, and catches nothing.

I am not sure of the press-fit crown and WR 100 meter rating, this is not an Oyster case and screw-down crown, but this is also not a $5,000 timepiece. I have not been swimming or diving with the Citizen. The quality of the rest of the watch is enough to give me confidence it will perform as advertised, and if it should not, I can buy another <$100.

This budget watch is thousands of miles and light years and many dollars ahead of any of its' true competition. I don't want a rubberbound button-filled busy ultramarathon Ironman digital display gizmo. I want a tough good-looking analogue watch that keeps excellent time, and I believe the promise that the Eco-Drive will keep it going, and going, and going ... while the rest of the stable appreciate in value on their way to or back from service.

I want a watch to tell me precise time, and maybe the day and date while it is at it. Not jewelry. Seriously, buy this watch.
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on September 18, 2017
Love this watch. It holds time well, the date is always right. I've had no problems. The date takes a few hours to change over but it's from about 12am-4am. Won't bother most people, I only notice because I work night shift. The band is super comfortable once it's worn into your wrist and is easily removable. MY ONLY REAL GRIPE is that they use the word "Luminosity" to describe the hands glowing. These are not tritium or anything like that. You have to expose the watch face to a very bright light for a few minutes or a dull light for a few hours to get these hands to be at all illuminated in the dark. It'll be bright for ten minutes and then fade to unreadability.
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on June 16, 2015
Haven't had the watch long enough to comment about long term accuracy of timekeeping, but it seems that it will be as good as advertized. I have found that flashing the dial for about 5 seconds with an UV flashlight (illuminats scorpions, blood, DNA, etc.) makes the luminous markers stay bright for a couple of hours, and readable all night. As other reviews have pointed out, the second hand does not stop "on the minute marks", but just before them. The strap is comfortable, dries quickly, and the wide retainer band that can be slid to the end of the excess strap when buckled, keeps that end from getting loose all day. The watch is very light on the wrist. I wear it inside the wrist most of the time, but turn it to the top of my wrist when on my tractor to make sure it gets a lot of sunlight. Otherwise, I "juice" it with a small IKEA USB powered LED lamp positioned over the keyboard of my laptop.
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on December 2, 2016
I bought this watch as a replacement for my Wenger which lasted about 25 years and I am not disappointed. I wanted an accurate watch that was durable having gone thru several watch bands and batteries with the Wenger. I do not mind the canvas band at all, it is not as comfortable as other types and does not look as good either but it looks fine and wearing it doesn't bother me. I have a 7 inch wrist and the band fits snug in the fourth hole which is in the middle of the adjustment range. The initial setting of the watch was not that difficult. The instructions have you advance the time forward until you get a date roll over which is probably important to get the day and date to increment together. The second hand registration is right on the marks. The accuracy is quite good, The watch has lost less than a second in the past month. Initially it was loosing more and that may have been due to not having the battery fully charged? Bottom line is that this watch is better looking and more accurate than my Wenger and I do not have to change the battery.
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on May 1, 2017
This is a nice watch. Clear dial markings that glow in the dark a long time, day & date indicators and is light weight. The strap is canvas with grommets which is a little stiff but Okay once in place. It keeps accurate time however, one time I notice that it lost a few minutes and not sure why. Lately it has kept on time. The big selling point for me is its solar power battery. Never have to change the battery out and can power the watch in the dark for up to 6 months (as per the user manual). Have not tried the water test but assume it will keep on ticking. Recommended.
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on June 30, 2015
I bought this watch at Amazon for $85.00 a month ago because I like EcoDrive technology. My previous watch (BM6560-54) was titanium but the bracelet started to fell apart after 3 years of everyday use - a common problem of that watch, as I learned later from the reviews.

What I like about this watch:
1. Accuracy - ~ +1 second in two weeks (!!) - this is much better than my other watch from Citizen (~ +4 seconds in two weeks). To me, it is very impressive.
2. Design - one can read time at night or in daylight, hands are large, Date and Day are clearly visible. They claim that this watch is water-resistant to 100 meters - I did not have chance to test this yet.

What I do not like:
1. I wish this watch would have smother edges - I'm afraid I can scratch my baby when I carry her on my hands. This was not a problem with my previous watch from Citizen.
2. Watch band is strong and looks durable, but it is just not my style. Initially I was thinking of replacing it with a metal bracelet or a more stylish band. Once I saw it, I decided to keep it for some time. One thing that surprised me is that I have to use a hole in the middle to fasten it. I know that my wrists are thin. I can easily imagine that for some athletic guys this band will be too small.
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on September 16, 2015
Ordered mine back March 21, 2014 so I've had this watch for well over a year now and I just wanted to let you good folks know that it's been a solid watch with no issue whatsoever. I've since replaced the strap for a silicon one just to give it another look. The original strap is still in decent shape but I simply wanted to try a different look so I went ahead and replaced it with a black silicon strap, looks pretty good with it too. The mineral crystal has also held well over the year and surprisingly hardly a scratch to it despite the daily wear and outdoor adventures. It has proven itself to be rugged, durable, accurate and reliable. Along to my still alive solar powered atomic Casio G-Shock digital watch(20 years old) this Citizen watch has been a great performer, I'm still impressed with it's functionality, easy readout dial with date, and simple designed. I would not hesitate recommending this watch for anyone looking for a reliable solar powered watch in a simple yet highly functional design, all at a very reasonable price. A solid 5 star rating for me.
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on September 14, 2017
I wanted a simple inexpensive field watch that would free me from buying replacement batteries every 2 years or so.
This exceeded my expectations.
It is solar powered with up to a 6 month reserve once fully sharged.
I don't have big wrists so the diameter was just right.

The band is excellent. It has rivets in the holes so your usual hole that will be used for a long time won't be worn out. It is not leather so one's sweat won't discolor it and eventually break it down.

The contrast and lettering is such that it's easy to read.
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on August 25, 2017
I love the simplicity of this watch. It is quite difficult, or impossible, to find a watch with a normal diameter size that has day and date at this sort of price with this great quality. I tried the Seiko 5, but the brushed bezels didn't vibe with my taste, plus the mechanical watches have some degree of error to them. I would've enjoyed the error and resetting the time, but you can't complain about the precision you get with citizen. Many of my family members have owned citizen watches for 8-12 years so far, the quality and longevity is there.
The bezel is reflective and shiny with subtle hints of brushed metal, thus it can easily be dressed up or down. I thought I would replace the band but it's grown on me quite a bit, I refuse to wear other bands because this is so comfortable and easy to use. The band gives it a rugged look which hasn't been an issue when I dress up too, it doesn't look completely out of place. A $12 leather band is easy to put on for certain occasions but I miss the comfort of the original band. It did smell once, I took the straps off and put it in the a zippered pocket in some sweatpants and ran it through the wash, but not the dryer (I have no particular reason for air drying). Was like new after!
Highly recommend. No buyers remorse, I'd buy it again.
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on February 23, 2015
I have had this watch for a few days and am very happy with it. I don't seem to have any of the problems on mine that most other negative reviewers cited. The movement is precise and basically silent. I haven't had it long enough or worn it in adverse enough conditions to put any damage on it, so I can't speak strongly as to scratch resistance. If the watch's overall structure and workmanship is any indicator as to that, it will do quite well.
The band, by virtue of its materials, is a little stiff when it's new (mine is). I don't have too much trepidation about the material getting worn in and softening. Some reviews mentioned that the grommets on the band are spaced a bit far apart, which I tend to agree with. The watch is either rather tight, or a bit too loose when worn on either of the two notches most appropriate for my wrist. Water resistance and lum are very much up to snuff.
THIS WATCH IS INDEED BEST SUITED FOR PEOPLE WITH SMALL WRISTS. The face is pretty small (more so than I was inclined to think from looking at the pictures) and the band is slim and flat out won't fit a large wrist. Mine are quite small and there are only one or two grommets left free when I have it on. As far as the band goes (other reviews will echo this), those are pretty cheap and easy to switch out. Won't change the size of the face, obviously, but if the material doesn't work for you, the deal doesn't have to be broken by any means.

For the money, a great buy. Easy to use. Versatile enough looks to get you through the work day or used as a simple timekeeper on a run, in all honesty. Day/date does tend to sit a BIT low in the window, but for the price I'm not bothered (item ships free as well, and quickly, at that).
Read over the instruction book for 20 minutes or so if you haven't owned many watches or aren't familiar with the brand and you should never have any trouble with it, barring a manufacturing defect.
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