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on November 11, 2011
I completely do NOT understand the nay-sayers and their nagging critiques of this Citizen Eco-Drive.

"The band is too tight (or too short.)"
"The sweep second hand doesn't hit the marks within an atom's width."
"The flat crystal is too easily scratched."
"The luminosity isn't a neon sign like Indiglo!"
"It's too ugly to wear in the Boardroom."
"Why can't I set the day/date anytime I want?"
"The dial face is so small it makes me look gay."

I own a Hamilton Moon Watch, a Tudor Chronograph, and a Rolex Explorer II GMT. I bought the Rolex as a reward for myself in 1992 when I made Chief in the seagoing service and was still taking position star sights with a sextant. It has been my "daily driver" every day since ... except every three-to-four years when accuracy becomes erratic and I have to send it away to Rolex Dallas for a month for $750 service oiling, upkeep, and rehab maintenance. Now in the drawer waiting until I have funny funds for yet another service.

Once I received this Eco-Drive with two-day Amazon+ free delivery I put it on my wrist in direct sunlight for a few hours, set the time, and away we went. Set the day and date within seconds once I was outside the 9PM - 4AM window specified by the manual. Never take it off now. For a watch in this price range you can't engineer a set of switching gears for day/date change that can also handle an owner messing around with the settings by pulling out the crown at the same time. So wait until morning to do it. What's the big deal?

The luminous hands glow brightest just after you turn out the lights, which is perfect because at that time your eyes are still burnt out from staring at the LCD screen all night surfing Amazon reviews. When I wake up at 3:23:19 AM and my eyes have dark adapted again I can still see the hands including the sweep second hand. The Citizen canvas band is stiff until you wear it enough to break it in to the shape of your very own wrist, and then it sits very well when you wear it in Real Life® rolling your ulna and radius reaching for another beer. Just try to find the right-size jeweler's screwdriver to remove links from the Rolex diver's band to fit your wrist! (Even the damn band is multi-hundred$)

I am not NFL lineman big, but 6'1" @ 200 lbs. and nobody has made whimpering noises at me for wearing this watch. This is the kind of tough, no-nonsense, utilitarian looking time utensil that Abercrombie & Fitch made back in the day when Hemingway was finding leopards on Kilimanjaro or pulling in bluefin off the Finca before they sold out and began outfitting punkers and 1%ers on Wall Street. The Explorer II crystal hangs out enough MMs from the stainless case that it had a noticeable chip out of it before a year was out and I learned how it catches every steel rail or rock outcrop in sight. The 24-hour bezel paint flakes off EVERY YEAR wearing it in salt water or just your shower. The Citizen fits close, feels light, and catches nothing.

I am not sure of the press-fit crown and WR 100 meter rating, this is not an Oyster case and screw-down crown, but this is also not a $5,000 timepiece. I have not been swimming or diving with the Citizen. The quality of the rest of the watch is enough to give me confidence it will perform as advertised, and if it should not, I can buy another <$100.

This budget watch is thousands of miles and light years and many dollars ahead of any of its' true competition. I don't want a rubberbound button-filled busy ultramarathon Ironman digital display gizmo. I want a tough good-looking analogue watch that keeps excellent time, and I believe the promise that the Eco-Drive will keep it going, and going, and going ... while the rest of the stable appreciate in value on their way to or back from service.

I want a watch to tell me precise time, and maybe the day and date while it is at it. Not jewelry. Seriously, buy this watch.
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on February 28, 2017
initial impressions

- Light weight, doesn't feel bulky or huge on the wrist. I can hardly notice it's there at times when I’m wearing it.

- Classic utilitarian design with the olive green strap, has a clean minimalistic dial and straight to the point-day/date complication. There’s no extra fuss or unnecessary bling on this watch. Which I personally like, gives it a very classy understatement. Also makes it a very wearable watch with a-lot different outfits and situations.

-Lume is decent and legible but not exactly the best. For the price you really can’t complain. I usually shine it with my 300 lumen flashlight for a couple of seconds before going to bed and it seems to do the trick, gives off a nice shine in the dark!

-Strap is a bit stiff at first, but I can feel it breaking in and becoming more flexible after just the very first week of wearing it, so this shouldn’t be much of an issue in the long run.

-The Japanese Quartz movement is reliable and a practical enough for my time keeping needs. I’m not some NASA scientist at JPL who needs atomic timekeeping down to the very planck-time, I’m just your average joe.

-The fact that I don’t need to worry about changing batteries is what really sold me on the watch, second besides the design of course. This idea of having a perpetual running watch on my wrist powered by light is not only practical but also adds a very cool factor to the watch .

Overall I’m pleased that I made the decision to purchase the watch. Probably one of the best field watches you can buy for the money at this price point. I’m planning on using it as my daily driver for the long haul and I’m sure it will hold up to whatever I throw at it. Lets see how she does!
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on February 15, 2017
Overall this is a great watch. It keeps time nearly perfectly with less than a second deviation from the atomic time online over a period of a week. With it being winter, I do have to charge it for about a minute once a week with a flashlight since my long sleeves prevent it from solar charging from ambient light. It lets you know when it's low by ticking only once for every two seconds.

Like many other reviewers. I'm not crazy about the band. I tried it out, but I didn't care for the riveted holes. The steel hardware on the band also doesn't quite seem to match the steel case of the watch, with slightly heavier brushing on the band clasp. I knew that this may be the case when buying though, and planned on getting a NATO strap which I did.

Some of the other user pictures shown here also had me thinking that this watch was a little bigger than it is. It looks smaller on my wrist. This is okay since I would rather have a watch be slightly too small, than it being a little too big. A lot of big modern watches make guys look like kids wearing their dad's watch. For reference, I'm posting pictures of what this watch looks like on my wrist, which is exactly 7". If I had a 7 1/2" wrist or larger, I would be looking for a bigger watch.
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on January 1, 2015
After three weeks this watch had held up nicely. I took the advise of other reviewers and ordered multiple watches in order to be sure I got the best possible watch. This extra process was worth it. I added a different 18 mm band which makes this watch perfect for my use. The function of this watch had been spot on thus far. It has kept time +/- 2 seconds a day. It is light on the wrist and perfect for an everyday watch. Due to the inconsistency watch to watch I can't give 5 stars. I will update later if my opinion changes. However, I hope that it does not because my experience with Eco has been good in the past and I am excited to enjoy this watch for years to come.
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on June 9, 2014
Owned this watch for 1-1/2 years now. Its getting a little boring to look at but it is to date, the absolute most reliable & accurate watch i`ve ever owned. Every couple months I advance the date to 1. Other than that it stays on and always does what it was designed to do; shows the time. I use it for work (electrical/construction) every day and has been beaten, banged, dropped, sweated on and submerged in water and other liquids. Its scratched a little, and I`m on my 3rd band but works perfectly. I have since purchased another Eco Drive and will likely get more. No nonsense, low maintenance time keeper.
And, If you have issues or questions about with you masculinity, then get you one of those wrist-clocks that has "Navy Seal" or something stamped on it. Otherwise, this will do fine.
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on September 12, 2016
I love this watch more than is healthy. It's simple and best of all, completely silent. No ticking at all. My wrists aren't exactly gigantic either, so it's nice not to look like I'm wearing a dinner plate on my arm. I did swap out the band with a Barton band (which I'd suggest) not only for the looks, but also because the band that it came with was extremely stiff and uncomfortable. But this is a review of the watch, not the band.
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on May 24, 2017
Wonderful watch, & suitable for years of use. I live a VERY active life: hiking trails through states, climbing, snorkeling & diving, working with knives & cutlery, mechanic bays, etc. Quite varied & this watch has taken all of the abuse. Excellent craftsmanship by Citizen. With all of the abuse I gave this watch in my 20's, only some scratches on the Quartz face tell the story. The band is just about disintegrated (after 4 years of full use). Overall, this is definitely a watch I would wear in the field, & in casual environments. I additionally like the option of Spanish days for the day calendar. A sound Timekeeper.
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on January 16, 2017
I bought this watch mostly for its luminous dial. I wanted a watch that would stay luminous through the night and it works as promised. Without more than ordinary daytime exposure, the hands still remain clearly visible after 8 hours in the dark. The numbers are no so clear, being somewhat faded by morning. But that is good enough for me. It keeps time well and the days of the week can be in Spanish or English. The band is not my style and I bought an 18mm wide replacement.
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on January 15, 2016
I was going to get a dive watch but after wearing my Dad's old Omega I got used to a smaller lighter watch so decided to go with a non bezel. Once I saw this one I knew it was the ticket. Small, only 37mm (Omega was 35) and easy to read and of course I liked the looks of it. I wear it in the pool to time my swims and the second hand is very easy to see. I needed a waterproof watch and this fits the requirement well although I probably won't take it freediving. Love that I do not have to change a battery, ever! I ended up trying a couple bands but did not like having a clasp or buckle so I got a Speidel twist o flex. Put the band on myself and adjusted the length by removing links using the instructions from Speidel. Very easy. Really like the look now, and feel. For me an analog watch works much better. Date and Day is a nice bonus. Keeping time and have not had to reset it yet. Thumbs up all the way.
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on April 17, 2016
Shortly after getting it I replaced the strap with a nice medium brown leather one. That instantly transformed it from commando watch to dress casual watch. The Eco Drive movement (power source) works splendidly and has never failed me. It keeps time far more accurately than my 30 year old Rolex GMT Master (and doesn't require those periodic $400 service and cleanings). After seven years of wearing it daily the crystal is still clean and scratch free. Happy camper here.
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