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on July 12, 2012
I bought this watch 6 years ago (and again later as a gift). Now after these many years, I can say with some confidence that if you're looking for what I was looking for, this is as good as it gets for the money.

1. Eco-drive. (Of course.) So far, no hiccup whatsoever. I do wear it everyday so the battery never got a chance to discharge. I hate to drive to the mall and wait for half an hour just to get your battery swapped. And the new battery (which often cost a bundle) inevitably lasts much shorter than the original battery. That's why I stopped using my previous watch (which is a pretty good Victorinox).

2. Dual calendar. To me it's a must. I look at my watch to find the date to sign/date (and I do that quite often). During summer time when I'm not teaching, I can lose track of what day it is, so that's must for me too.

3. Reasonably clean face. How difficult it is to get a really simple, classic design: large numerals, black on white or white on black? It turns out: quick difficult. The numerals are too narrow for my liking. I'd go with the Timex watches if they had life-long batteries. On the balance, the design is good enough.

4. Price. For less than $100, it's got a very good value-to-price ratio. (I didn't find anything better 6 years ago, which is why I bought this one.)

CONS: (quite minor)
1. (This isn't their fault as much as mine.) Leather strap. I liked the classy look. The black leather definitely got that. But unfortunately, genuine leather doesn't like water (being a guy, that wasn't something I know as women seem to very early on). So what good is a water-resistant watch with water-phobic straps. After some contact with water and just sweating in ball games, the back side of the leather is in ugly shape. I suppose I can change the strap, but the point is you still have to worry about it if the new strap is still leather.

2. No glowing-in-the-dark hands. No matter how shiny the hands look like, you can't tell time in the dark. The thing that bugs me is how difficult is that.

3. You need to be careful pulling out the crown for date adjustment (which happens a few times a year, itself a nuisance). If you pull too hard, it'll get into the outer gear and you might accidentally change the time a little bit. (It happens to most watches that have dual calendar without perpetual calendar.) And I want my watch to be accurate -- it's not a piece of jewelry to me.

1. Cover is not scratch resistant, but doesn't appear to scratch super easily.

It's been a good watch, especially considering the price. Since I'm in engineering, getting even minor issues addressed carries psychological satisfaction. So I'm getting a new watch that has atomic synchronization, perpetual calendar, eco-drive, and it's going to have stainless steel straps so in theory I don't need to worry about anything again. But that watch is setting me back $380.
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on October 24, 2016
Excellent value for a versatile watch. I was looking for something that would dress up or down, moving from workplace to dinner, without looking pretentious. This fit the bill perfectly. It goes as well with a pair of jeans and a dress shirt as it does with a suit.

The movement of the timepiece itself is great, and once I got it set I haven't had any issues at all. Setting it was a bit trickier than I expected; make sure you take your time because the crown pulls out to different levels to set the hour and minute hands. I gave it a full day of charging, as was reccomended, and haven't explicitly charged it except as it's been out and about while being worn.

The only drawback is that the band isn't really the highest quality. At this low price point, it's to be expected, but it did crease very quickly - especially on the bottom band where the holes are. I think this is why they chose the "cracked" leather instead of a smooth style, so it doesn't stand out quite so much. While it's being worn a person would have to be looking for it to notice it, though. You could change the band if you wanted, and I will when/if it becomes necessary, but it's actually quite comfortable. The entire watch it nice and light and wears really well.

This watch is perfect if you're looking for a nicer looking daily driver watch, that can also dress up as the occasion requires it. The watch looks exactly as shown by the manufacturer.
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on May 26, 2016
Overall, this is a great watch, and a steal for less than $200.

The good: it's beautiful, classier than any other options I could find at this level, while still providing full quality utility. Works with my suit, works with my hiking gear. The eco-drive is a dream.

The bad: the strap. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, it's kind of the weak point: not the most stylish imo, and seems like it's a few sweaty jobs from falling apart. But straps are easy to replace. I kinda welcome the opportunity to customize.

The ugly: impossible to view in the dark, and the weekday doesn't change over at midnight. These, unfortunately, cannot be remedied. It astounds me that the designers could fashion such a sophisticated work of art, yet leave out such a basic thing as to allow its use at night! Or to do all the work of the date complication alongside accurate timekeeping, but not bother to ensure a precise transition at an accurate time! Ridiculous. With items entirely built for precision, accuracy, and detail, those details are of paramount importance. Its very closeness to perfection makes these blatantly ignored and simple details all the more abhorrent.
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on July 27, 2017
This is a fine watch. The biggest issue with it is the smooth knob for setting the time and date. It is difficult to turn properly, luckily it doesn't need to be changed that often, as this watch does an excellent job in staying charged on the light in the house and outside. The main issue is changing the date, as months with fewer than 31 days require it, as expected. I am happy that the watch band is replaceable, as my former citizen watch had a permanent irreplaceable watch band, at least that's what the jewelers told me. It had begun to corrode after nearly 15 years of constant wear, so no real problem, but being able to replace it would have been nice.
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on May 23, 2017
I had a Citizen Eco-Drive watch for years, but it finally died so I decided to try another one. I didn't want a large, fat watch, like so many men's watches seem to be. This is a nice size dial, not too large and not too small. I like having the day and date on it and it has a look that works for formal or casual use.

A couple of minor complaints are that the numbers and hands don't glow at night, or at least not enough to read it. The crown on this is also smooth, not knurled. As a result it is hard to set the time and day/date because it doesn't turn that easily. If the crown hard knurls on it I would have given it 5 starts rather than 4.
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on July 9, 2015
Having tried a smart watch, and deciding I never want to wear a phone on my wrist again, I went looking for a classic watch that didn't need a battery every year. I even considered a wind up watch, but they are hard to find. I ran across the Citizen on Amazon and was impressed by the style, the simplicity of the design, and the technology that charges the battery. As far as today's watches go, this one has a fairly small case, only 38mm, harkening back to the designs of the late 50's. It looks good enough to wear to dinner, yet rugged enough to wear every day. I would gladly recommend this watch to anyone.
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on April 24, 2015
Very light and attractive watch. I've had it a year now with no issues to report as it doesn't miss a minute and it always spot on with my clock that synchs with the atomic clock daily. I've banged the crystal a few times fully expecting to see a damage or a big crack, but it too the beating without even a scratch. My only minor complaint is that it is difficult to adjust the date when a month doesn't have 31 days. The stem is short and hard to grasp with my old, fat fingers. That isn't hard to deal with though and isn't a problem worthy of any downgraded review. The wasn't sure the leather band would hold up, but so far it's doing fine. If I worked outside sweating all day it probably would be suffering a lot more, but then again if that were the case I'd be wearing a Casio with a metal band. I like this watch a lot.
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on May 11, 2016
Overall it's a very nice watch. It looks classy, not flashy, and considering it's solar powered, it's very thin and light. The face is what I consider to be a more normal size than a lot of the hubcaps that pass for watches today. I've worn this watch off-and-on, and truth be told, it's been in the box more than on my wrist but the charge seems to hold between wearings.

Two reasons, I didn't give it 5 stars; a) the band is a bit short. I don't think my wrist is overly large but I can only wear the watch on the last hole on the band. It's not tight, but it's definitely at the limit. b) the crown is smooth, meaning no ridges to help give me grip when I have to reset the time or date. Both of these are minor quibbles, so if you're on the fence, I'd recommend buying it.
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on April 5, 2018
I like this watch. It is good quality. However, the day-of-the-week thing needs to be re-set at the end of every month that is not 31 days. I expect that with an actual tic-tic watch with gears. What I do not expect is that the crown is so touchy finding the right spot to adjust the calendar, rather than re-setting the time, is a bit frustrating. I wish they had made the crown capable of pulling out a bit farther so the sweet spot would be easier to find. This is a minor issue. If it actually never needs to have a battery replaced, I will be ecstatic!
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on January 27, 2017
Sleek, chic, and classy. After a few days of wearing it the leather worn in a bit to really fit my wrist. I wanted a men's watch opposed to a female watch because I wanted a more clean basic look with little frills. I wear so much jewelry I didn't want my watch to stand out to much. I wear a lot of black and silver, but I also wear gold rings on everyone one of my fingers and I would say that for me and my style it fits me well and goes with everything. This is my second Citizen watch and I WILL ONLY EVER BUY CITIZEN ECO DRIVE WATCHS due to the fact that I will never have to replace the battery.
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