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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 11, 2014
Let me get one thing out of the way first. I'm not a huge fan of the strap. It's not bad but it's not great and even though there is an attempt at style, I would prefer more plain and practical instead when it comes to this watch. However, despite my lack of excitement over the strap, my 5 star review reflects my initial impressions of the watch itself which is so far very impressive.

I own two citizen watches and my girlfriend owns one. My oldest BM6400 is my EDC beater watch that I've had for around 5 years. The battery has held up fine in that time despite me letting it die once when I didn't wear if for a few months after getting my second Citizen watch. Needless to say, I'm a fan of Citizen watches and their eco-drive technology.

When it comes to this watch, it's about what you pay. At roughly $160, you get a great looking watch that keeps excellent time and is able to change many forms of light into usable energy. This watch is for my dad and what he was looking for was a nice watch that could be casual or somewhat classy, good time keeping, solar powered, easy to read, and high quality.

The watch is a great casual watch that can match a variety of bands. While it isn't maybe ideal for some of the classiest of occasions, it has enough style to wear to most events. Being a Citizen I expect it to be pretty accurate and by that I mean losing or gaining no more than maybe 20 seconds a month. My other citizens gain roughly 5-8 seconds a month. In the time that I've used eco-drive I've always been satisfied and I don't expect this watch to let me down but I will add to this review should this watch have any issues. One of the main things for my older father was a watch that was easy to read. The watch has a large face at about 43mm, large numbers, large hands, great lume for the dark, and a great contrast between the black dial and the white numbers, minute markers, and hands. Again, it is very easy to read.

Finally the quality in general is high as usual and the seconds hand lines up well with the markers. You will have to take care not to bang it against anything too hard as it only uses mineral crystal glass which will scratch and I have no doubt that you will see the stainless steel beneath the black coating if it is scratched hard enough. If you were paying over $200 I might hope for sapphire crystal and more features but its priced nicely in my opinion.

Something that might concern others is what I have seen others mention. The date window is a little small and can be harder to read than other watches as well as being blocked by the hands completely when the hands cover the window. The seconds dial and hand can also be blocked by the minute and hour hand but for me and my dad, it is worth the trade-off for having large easily readable hands. If these two things concerned me personally more, I might have rated it 4 stars instead of 5.

In the end it has met all expectations so far and I'm even considering buying another one for myself. This review is based off my initial impressions with the watch but I will add to this review if I find anything else that I like or dislike about the watch. If you are considering this watch as a basic but stylish and easily readable watch for a reasonable price, I cannot recommend this watch enough.
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on October 4, 2012
Full Disclosure: I purchased this watch after a two year old Wenger wristwatch of mine broke.

The Good:
- The watch's face is extremely visible, day and night.
- The band is made out of durable leather-lined nylon that does a great job of not attracting moisture and odor, and metal eyelets that prevent tearing at the closure.
- The size of the watch face is roughly what I would consider to be standard, and the band can easily accommodate those with very skinny (or very wide) wrists.
- From what I can tell, the watch is fairly accurate, with a negligible monthly change as compared to my radio-controlled clock at home.
- I love the look of this watch; obviously, looks are up to the individual, but this is certainly a contender.
- Internal mechanisms are completely silent
- Extremely clear, solid glass face
- Water resistant

The Bad (which I am going to preface by saying that there really is nothing I dislike about this watch):
- Minor gripe #1: The small second hand dial and the date window are not illuminated.
- Minor gripe #2: The minute hand is large enough to occasionally obstruct the second hand.

The Unknown:
- I haven't been able to determine what a reliable test for luminescence of the hands and numbers might be.
- My watch gets plenty of sun exposure, so I have no way to verify Citizen's "6 months without recharging" claim.

- This is an excellent timepiece for anyone who wants both quality and simplicity. I'm sure that (barring a total fluke) this will be a five-star product for others as it was for me.

If you have any questions about this product or this review that I did not cover here, feel free to comment and I will respond shortly.
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on November 23, 2013
I started looking at watches on Amazon to replace my Wenger (which I really liked). The Wenger was starting to get battery issues and even after changing the battery it would slow down (or stop) regularly. After a discussion with a watch repairer, who said I may need to replace contacts etc for about $200 - I decided to look around for another watch. I still wanted to stay with a Swiss mechanism as I am sick of cheaper watches only lasting a short while.

After a career in Law Enforcement, where I was really tough on watches - I still look for something that will go the distance. I have had a succession of GShocks etc, but have always been underwhelmed by them. I went back to an analogue face a few years ago for everyday wear and have a Timex Ironman for running and workouts.

For me, the test of a watch is you put it on and it just becomes part of your daily routine - in other words you don't notice it until you need to tell the time. When the Citizen BV1085-06E arrived, I took it straight out of the box, put it on and it felt comfortable straight away and I have worn it daily since.

OK, so down to the nitty- gritty. Here my observations on this watch.

The face and characters are really clear and it has good luminosity at night. As many reviewers have commented the only minor (and it is minor) annoyance is the minute hand sometimes blocking the second hand. Although I can't think of a time this has really been an issue. If you need chronograph functionality, then buy a chronograph.

For everyday use, I have found the face of this watch to be very clear and easy to read. I have biggish wrists and I like the size of the Citizen face. The only other issue is that the date can be hard to read at times as it is sunk lower than the face, but in all honesty I am using he calender on my phone so much that a date function on a watch is almost redundant.

The strap is fine, but I have also bought a 5-ring Nato strap as back up and because some reviewers on Amazon recommended it. I live in the tropics and the watch strap is subjected to a good amount of sweat each day, it has been fine so far. In fact I went through leather straps on my Wenger every 6-8mths as the sweat would eat up the leather.

With the Eco Drive - I won't have to worry about battery issues again. I like the assurance that this brings in my line of work, where you need to get timings right first time.

The big thing for this watch is the value for money, I was looking around for a while and had resolved myself to having to pay about $500 for what I wanted. When I saw this Citizen watch, I thought it must be too good to be true. I do not endorse products very often, but in my opinion I challenge anyone to find better value for money in a watch of this quality.

Citizen and have well and truly hit the sweet spot on this one.
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on December 25, 2012
I have skinny wrists and thought 42mm watch would be too big. It isn't. Its perfect! The face is large and clear, able to read at a quick glance. It has a nice cool blue glow that lasts all night without holding the watch up to a light source prior to lights out. The band is a little stiff out of the box, but it breaks in fairly quick. I bought a maratac mil-NATO band and I think it adds to the character. I'd say its a semi "militaristic" type watch. Plus it charges itself!
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on May 24, 2012
Unique and sharp looking watch. Very light although large dial face.
Very easy to read in day and night condition, even without glasses (For the elderly among us)
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on July 18, 2013
This watch has a distinctive look and a large and exceptionally readable face. No bells & whistles, just a simple, attractive, accurate quartz watch.

The date window is recessed well below the watch face - I think that's an accommodation for the solar-power surface of the face. Not having to ever worry about batteries is a plus. But, that also makes the date a skosh more difficult to read, so that's a (small) minus.

Not thrilled with the strap that came with it, so I replaced it with a 22mm black-on-black nylon military style one-piece strap ($19). That really improved the look of the watch, in my opinion.

Very happy with this watch!
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on February 21, 2013

- All-black style looks impressive (bezel is polished, case is brushed, face is flat black)
- Big, easy-to-read dial with large numeric markers and wide hands
- Relatively thin case
- Good blue lume on hands and numeric markers
- Big, distinctive, two-detent crown has a precision feel to it
- Second hand alignment is quite good (some others have complained about misalignment)
- Solar-charged battery, so no battery replacements needed
- Overall build quality seems very good


- Eyelets on band are too widely spaced (size adjustment not granular enough)
- Minute and hour hands can obscure the second hand
- Date window is too small, and is prone to shadowing


- My first sample of this watch had a faint, semicircular scratch on the flat black face that was quite
visible in bright light. The replacement watch has no such flaws.


- The watch is accurate (within about 1.25 seconds per week)
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on June 14, 2012
I was really looking for a watch I could wear casually and around the office. The all black (gloss bezel and matte case) color scheme is really clean and works great for all occasions. I like how simple this watch is. No timer or anything on the bezel not too complex looking. I also really like the large font used. It is very easy to read.

The nylon strap seemed a little stiff at first. After a week of it being on my wrist it has already started to loosen up and get more comfortable.

The crown is cool looking too. Its kinda big and knobby so its easy to grab and set the time/date.

It is completely silent. No ticking noise at all even if you are holding it right up to your ear.
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on February 26, 2012
This was a Valentine Day present that my wife gave me the option of choosing. It is a new favorite that goes with my 33 year old Citizen CQ watch that just had a new battery installed. Both Citizens elicit favorable comments from adults and the fashion conscious middle schoolers that I teach. I like the black band, black stainless steel case, and face. This is a watch that fits in at a formal gathering or outdoors on a hiking trail. Unless either watch fails, and my old favorite seems to suggest they will not, then I should have many years from a quality watch. As a 20 year old college kid in1979, I never thought I would get a new Citizen to compliment a 33 year old watch. Amazon reviews of newer Citizens seems to indicate quality still remains high, and these are lifetime watches.
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on May 17, 2012
Citizen Eco-Drive are great watchs, BV1058-06E is no exception. First there is no battery required. Second & more importantly it eliminate the risk of moisture penetration & seal damage. Unlike all of my Swiss made watches have moisture damage in 5 years including Sea Master & the second hand fell off on one of my Paneria, neither of them could keep time accurately. In my opinion, Eco-Drive quality surpass all the Swiss watches, I agree that they do not have the "designer" look, but they do not cost thousands of dallors either. The only complaint I have is the wrist band, it is too stiff, but I could change it out easily.
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